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Stephen "Spling" Aspeling has over 10 years experience as a film critic, with a background in copywriting and social media management (LinkedIn). Regarded by many as an authority on film, Spling has made movies an integral part of his life... watching, reviewing, promoting, assessing, interviewing, judging, speaking, writing and discussing what has become a lifelong pursuit.

On his journey with Spling Movies CC, better known as "SPL!NG", he's watched thousands of films and garnered a wealth of experience, special insights and knowledge on the film world. Companies such as Ster-Kinekor, Times Media, Loot.co.za and film schools like AFDA have come to trust his reliable expertise, special skill set and unique position within the South African film industry.

Leveraging SPL!NG's niche following and brand reputation, these companies have been able to craft engaging marketing content, run promotional campaigns, activate film releases, launch giveaways and facilitate movie events - reaching up to 100,000 people per month via SPL!NG channels.

On a personal level, Spling has been commissioned to: write compelling expert synopsis copy, host screenings, provide invaluable feedback on scripts, assess first drafts, write opinion pieces, partner with brands, serve as a resident film critic and judge at film festivals.

Get in touch if you're looking to promote your film or brand through SPL!NG's channels via custom social media campaigns or greater online presence. SPL!NG can tailor an online campaign to help you reach and connect with a niche audience of movie lovers, whether you're ramping up attendance for a local film release on a limited budget or planning on driving a more involved and intensive awareness campaign for your film or brand. With the continued support of 5k fans on Facebook and 1.5k followers on Twitter, SPL!NG has been able to generate great interaction levels and impressive measured results with a reach of up to 100,000 per month. Contact SPL!NG for our rate card.

Film-makers respect Spling's opinion and have found his reviews to be helpful in terms of constructive criticism. Spling has assisted screenwriters with notes on their scripts, directors with feedback on their first edits and is available to consult in this capacity. If you're looking to hire Spling's specialised services as a film critic, creative consultant, guest speaker, host, judge, voice artist or copywriter... contact Spling directly (https://www.linkedin.com/in/spling) with your requirements for a quotation.

What's been said about Spling?


"Thought leader." - AFDA, Africa's leading Film, TV and Performance School

"Spling movie reviews are anyone in the know's first choice when it comes to movie reviews in South Africa. He tells it like it is, and he is not swayed by big studios, which is all too common in this industry. He gets a Timeless 10 out of 10!" - Seth Rotherham, Founder & CEO, 2Oceansvibe Media

"Finally someone who's opinion I can trust and learn from." - Henk Pretorius, Director

"Spling is our go-to man for fresh movie reviews. He knows his stuff and we trust his reviews enough to go and spend money on the films he likes." - Mike Joubert, Editor TechSmart.co.za

"Spling is my favourite film critic." - Kevin Kriedemann, Writer/Publicist

"Spling always has something intelligently relevant and current to say and covers the important independent films and filmmakers and not just the obvious blockbusters." - Stelio Savante, Actor

"...South Africa's best movie critic, Spling." - Angelique Pretorius, Actress

"Spling is a friendly fountain of film knowledge and the best guy to debate, which out of Zoolander and Anchorman is the greater comedy... It's Zoolander." "Our generation's Barry Ronge!" - Dylan & Simon, The Brothers Streep

"I am impressed with [Spling's] ability to distill the essence of a film." - Matthew Kalil, Author The Three Wells of Screenwriting