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Skin Movie Review: Apartheid's Legacy Personified
Written by Spling   
Friday, 22 January 2010 13:55

Skin is the extraordinary true story of Sandra Laing, a "coloured" girl, born to white parents in 1950s Apartheid South Africa. It's a fascinating story about a woman trying to forge her way into South African culture, going against the grain because of her skin colour and racial classification. This has got to be one of the most interesting lives to have lived during the struggle, as Sandra essentially bridged the divide between white and black South Africans. She spent her childhood, being teased behind her back and was discriminated against by her peers and teachers. Growing up wasn't any easier, as the rebellious young Sandra fell in love with one of her father's fresh produce suppliers, opting for a life of love rather than comfort... trying to find solace in the township with her new husband.

Sophie Okonedo (The Secret Lives of Bees) adopts the character of Sandra as a teenager and young adult, making an easy transition from the ages of 16 to her 40s. Her performance shows a willful young woman, undeterred by her father's shame, resilient against perception and determined to live life to the full. Sam Neill plays Abraham Laing with a good understanding of the old South Africa and enough vindication to play the complex hard-hearted man. Both international stars manage to get a grasp on the South African accent, without tripping over it. Homegrown talent, Alice Krige owns the part of Sannie Laing, balancing ...continued.

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