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Crime The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
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The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
Genre Crime

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day features the same cast and the same writer-director that made The Boondock Saints famous. It would seem natural for the progression to mirror the original cult classic, however that is not the case in this sequel. Instead of counterbalancing the Saints with an agent like Smecker (Dafoe), Duffy decides to incorporate a Jodie Foster type character with a Southern drawl called Bloom (Benz). While Julie Benz (Dexter) is a stunning redhead with a bit of spunk, its difficult to buy into her character and she softens the edge of the first installation, despite her character's dirty mouth.

Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus reprise their roles as the MacManus brothers, however the whole production seems to have lost its seriousness. Strong influences from Tarantino, CSI, The Godfather, Guy Ritchie, Shoot 'Em Up and even The Matrix attempt to keep the show in the same league of cool, but one gets the impression that they're trying too hard. Add a distinct B-movie feel, dull the novelty and you've got a tongue-in-cheek actioner, which panders more to camp comedy than sticking to its dark roots. Boondock Saints 2 is still violent and the dark comedy follows on from the original, but if you can't take the characters seriously... the whole premise loses its grip.

Hardened avengers of evil on a holy crusade turn into vengeful tourists with a penchant for buggery in The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. The first thirty minutes of the film are laden with references to sodomy, so much so, that you could swear there was some homoerotic subtext at play. The legend of The Boondock Saints is what carries them through this sequel with fans giving the Saints full credit for their previous efforts so indelibly marked on their minds from repetitive viewings.

Duffy's direction is more playful and the script doesn't have the same flair as Part 1. The dialogue seems like its trying too hard to be street smart and cool, rendering each character's lingo over-the-top and almost laughable in-between all the bad language. The tone of Boondock Saints 2 is like an overcooked spoof of the original or something a few shades light of Shoot 'Em Up. Duffy doesn't fully commit to the farce leaving it a half-baked actioner instead. The narrative simply blends a few crime threads together in the hopes of giving the MacManus brothers a reason to come out of hiding and the copycat premise is simply a hook to stage Part 2 back in Boston, peetering out as the pointless violence ensues...

Throwing in a Mexican sidekick in for comedy, a trooper-mouthed beauty for eye candy, a Sacha Baron Cohen "Taxi Driver" dwarf terrorist and the MacManus brothers back in Boston for Round 2 does not add up to a solid sequel. While it has plenty of potential on paper, it was the hard edge, novelty, street smarts and darkness that made The Boondock Saints a cult hit. The sequel is just trying to rustle up a few pop culture references and comes off as a tongue-in-cheek attempt at a Guy Ritchie flick.

Fans will sacrifice sound judgement so as not to obscure their faith in the legend of The Boondock Saints. This sequel, however, does not do itself justice and even has the cheek to set up for yet another sequel. Perhaps Troy Duffy should've translated The Boondock Saints into a TV series, that way he would've had to fill the script with sense instead of swearing and could've focussed on 42 minutes of entertainment at a time, instead of nearly 2 hours.

The bottom line: Lacking. 


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