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Top Ten Movies with... Lee-Anne Summers


Lee-Anne Summers is a South African actress and producer best known for her role as triplets in Big Fellas. She was picked for a Walt Disney World TV advert at age 5 and appeared in several classic school productions before graduating with a Psychology degree from UCT. Summers moved to New York to study acting full-time at the New York Film Academy and received a gold diploma from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in 2010.

Since then Lee-Anne has appeared in several TV series including: Binnelanders, Rhythm City and SABC 3’s mini-series Stellenbosch. Her international roles include: BBC’s To Be First and the German movie The Secret of the Whales (Geheiminis Der Wale) with Christopher Lambert.

Lee-Anne's theatre credits in South Africa include playing the lead role of Abby Prescott in Neil Labute’s The Mercy Seat in Cape Town and most recently in the supporting role of Jeannie in the Labute play Fat Pig opposite Colin Moss. The up-and-coming South African actress has also featured in FHM and posed for Marie Claire's Naked Issue.

Lee-Anne Summers is an ambitious, beautiful, lively and industrious individual, a star-in-the-making and the subject of our latest Top Ten Movies feature. You can catch Lee-Anne starring alongside Colin Moss in Neil LaBute's play Fat Pig at Theatre on the Square in Sandton, Johannesburg until 10 May.

"Betty White (would play me), but there
might be a slight problem with the age difference."

I can't watch movies without...

- ...good friends and a glass of wine. I have a bunch of friends that are all in the film industry, and every Monday night when I'm in town, we do a movie night at my house. Generally, we like to watch old movies from our childhood or some world cinema obscurities.

Which famous people share your birthday?

- King George I, Rudy Guliani, Gladys Knight, Kylie Minogue, Ian Fleming, Jesse Bradford and Nick Manning (the porn star). (28 May)

What is the first film you remember watching?

- Nightmare on Elm St. - I don't remember much about it, but I remember the experience. I was with older kids and they made me watch it. I was way too young, terrified and haven't been able to watch horror movies ever since.

What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

- Down in The Valley with Edward Norton. The movie was really boring and very disappointing, especially since I'm a big Ed Norton fan. Primal Fear is one of my favorite old movies.

Which movies have made you tearful?

- I recently watched the Richard Gere movie, Hachiko, based on a true story about a dog that goes to the train station every day for 10 years after his master dies, waiting for him to get off the train and walk home as he did everyday with his dog while he was alive. I truly sobbed my eyes out during this movie, the story was so touching that I was affected by it for weeks.

Who is the most famous movie star you've ever met?

- I've met a couple. I was lucky enough to chat to Leonardo Di Caprio at the Golden Globes cocktail party at the Beverly Hills Hotel in L.A., I had a drink with Hugh Grant and some friends the last time I was in London and I hung out with Gerard Butler when he was filming in South Africa. I've also met Jacquiline Bissett, Tom Selleck, Peter Weller (Robocop), Bridget Moynahan, Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

What's your favourite movie line?

- At the moment it's the speech from Midnight in Paris... "I believe that love that is true and real creates a respite from death. All cowardice comes from not loving or not loving well, which is the same thing. And when the man that is brave and true looks death squarely in the face, like some rhino hunters I know, or Belmonte who is truly brave, it is because they love with sufficient passion to push death out of their minds. Until it returns, as it does to all men, and then you must make really good love again. Think about it."

I think this is the best way I've ever heard anyone describe love - except for the Rhino hunting part, I am so avidly opposed to rhino hunting and think that we all need to do more to raise awareness about the huge problem we are facing with poaching at the moment!

Who would you choose to play you in your biopic?

- Betty White, but there might be a slight problem with the age difference. Naomi Watts has always been a favorite of mine and I do love Jennifer Aniston, but only if my life turns into a romcom.

If you could produce a movie, what would it be about?

- I produced a movie a few years ago, but if I could choose any subject matter, I would love to produce a movie based on the Daisy De Melka story. She was a South African woman who was hung for murdering her family. I think I'm taking a little breather from producing for a while, I'm currently producing and acting in a theatre show called Fat Pig at the Old Mutual Theatre on the Square and I'll need a break at the end of this run.

Finally, your top ten movies of all-time...

The Goonies ...this is one of my favorite movies from when I was a child, so it definitely earns a spot in the Top Ten.

The Notebook
...as far as love stories go, Nick Cassavetes made a real winner with this one. I love that he directed his mom in it as well. When I watch this movie now, I start crying when I see the birds flying over the water in the opening sequence because I know what's coming.

...this one deserves a spot because it's hilariously funny and so seldom in movies do they have so many strong female roles. I find it very inspiring.

The Protector
...this martial arts film has some of the best fight sequences I have ever seen. There's one continuous shot of a fight that happens over four floors in a building and lasts over 2 minutes. It's amazing!

...of Tarantino's films, this is one of my favorites. I love the old-school stunts that they do and the anachronistic way in which it is shot.

Midnight in Paris
...Woody Allen knocked it out the park for me on this one. I just love the story, the acting and I thought the message was really powerful.

On the Waterfront
...I love Marlon Brando and even though he never really respected film as much as theatre, I loved him in this. The moment where he picks her glove up off the floor is such a memorable moment in film history for me. Especially since she dropped it by mistake and he picked it up for her in the moment.

Natural Born Killers
...I think Oliver Stone did something groundbreaking with this movie. I remember sneaking into the cinema with friends just to see it.

...I absolutely love this movie and it gets better each time I watch it. You notice new things and the story takes on a deeper meaning. But then hey, maybe someone just planted that opinion in my head!

Basketball Diaries
...it's another Leo DiCaprio movie about drugs. He's such a strong performer and I really enjoyed him in this.

(Stand By Me, but that makes it top 11 so I'm sneaking it in here.)

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