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Top Ten Movies with... Marlon Parker

Marlon Parker Photo: Casey Crafford | SPLING 2010Marlon Parker is a social entrepreneur, an IT lecturer, web and mobile enthusiast, who is busy completing his PhD at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Marlon has also produced several research papers, supervises post-grad students, speaks around the world on ICT for Community Empowerment and co-authored a book called The Social and Economical Impacts of E-commerce. As a judge for the 2008 E-commerce Awards and one of the Mail & Guardian's Top Young South Africans in 2009/2010, it's easy to see how Marlon's leading South Africa.

His passion for community development has influenced his research interests and he's currently working on a project Using ICT as a change agent to empower citizens in a Community in Tension (CiT). Marlon's also the founder of JamiiX and the Drug Advice Support Network serving more than 100,000 people with social-related issues across the country - making him a true agent of change in South Africa.

I can't watch movies without...

- ...having access to the internet to read more about the background to the movie and getting a detailed view on the cast and of course my beautiful wife René when it's playing at the cinema.

Which famous people share your birthday?

- Sophia Loren who just starred in the musical romance Nine, which I incidentally watched while visiting the UK and Gary Cole, the dad in the Brady Bunch Movie. (20 September)

"Unfortunately, I never had the chance to
show Van Damme my roundhouse kick."

What is the first film you remember watching?

- The first movie I watched at a cinema was a double feature at Cine 400 in Athlone, Cape Town. I remember there was an air of excitement as I went to the cinema and having to queue for my tickets and the popcorn. I watched a 1988 action flick Action Jackson and then a new release, The Hitman, with the great Chuck Norris. The first movie I watched on Betamax (days before the VHS) was a seventies horror, The Frogs. I can’t remember much about the movie other than the title and how scared I was while watching it.

Marlon Parker Photo: Casey Crafford | SPLING 2010

What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

- So many but the worst has to go to The Piano Teacher.

Which movies have made you tearful?

- The most tears I’ve shed in a movie were during the Passion of the Christ. Each time I've watched that movie I've cried and it just gave me renewed faith.

Who is the most famous movie star you've ever met?

- I haven't had the chance of meeting a movie star in person but I accidentally drove onto a set of one of Jean Claude Van Damme’s movie sets (Wake of Death I think) while they had a car chase. I was immediately chased down but unfortunately, I never had the chance to show Van Damme my roundhouse kick.

What's your favourite movie line?

- So many lines but who can forget that inspiring line by Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, to his men on the battlefield in the movie Gladiator (2000)  “Brothers, what we do in life... echoes in eternity.”

Who would you choose to play you in your biopic?

- I would definitely give the role to Keanu Reeves for his quirkiness at times.

If you could produce a movie... what would it be about?

- I wrote a short film about 10 years ago that I would like to shoot. It's a coming of age story titled The Journey, so who knows I could be back here talking about that movie pretty soon.

Finally, your Top Ten movies of all-time...

- This is a tough one but here they are in no particular order:

The MatrixThe Matrix (1999) ...for pushing the boundaries in film-making and special effects. Although I fell asleep the first 5 times trying to watch this movie at the cinema I actually enjoyed it so much and it has a special place in my movie collection.

The Usual Suspects (1995) ...an amazing story and award-winning performance by Kevin Spacey. No wonder they won two Academy awards for best original screenplay and best supporting actor.

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2003) ...I enjoyed the whole trilogy but the Return of the King deserves a special mention for going way beyond my expectations.

Ben-Hur (1959) ...a classic that I always enjoy watching, which fully deserves to be on any top 10 list of favourite movies.

Passion of the Christ (2004) ...is one of the movies that really changed my life and although I'm not a fan of Mel Gibson as a director, he definitely did astonishing work in this movie.

Avatar (2009) ...this special effects spectacle is a must-see and an experience worth repeating.

The Godfather (1972) ...well not only was my namesake in the movie (Marlon Brando) but this is one of the best gangster movies of all-time. Then again who would want to argue with Don Vito Corleone?!

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) ...is one of the Star Wars franchise movies that would make most lists and my all-time favourite from all the Star Wars movies.

The Wizard of Oz (1939) ...a definite must-see and who can forget Judy Garland with her angelic voice singing Over the Rainbow. Can’t get the tune out of my head now and I still try to sing-along when watching this classic.

Tsotsi (2005) ...this is my South African choice for my top ten list. I was really proud watching this movie while abroad, especially since it won an Academy Award.

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