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Top Ten Movies with... Richard Hardiman

Richard Hardiman is a natural, blessed with the gift of the gab and good looks making him one of South Africa's most sought after radio DJs and MCs, whose talents extend to stand-up comedy, voice-over and scriptwriting! Rich earned the nickname "The Partyman", after he took over the afternoon drive show on weekdays at "the Cape's no. 1 radio station" 94.5 Kfm.

The dynamic radio man has MCed for Sting, Bryan Adams and Simply Red, posed for Cosmopolitan's sexiest man calendar and traveled the United States as an Executive VIP Host in Las Vegas. His pioneering spirit led him to become the voice behind South Africa's first mainstream internet radio station, 2OceansVibe Radio.

Rich has thrown his star power behind 2OV.fm, a new division of the award-winning blog-turn-news site, 2OceansVibe.com. The brand new online radio station, powered by MWEB and based at Cape Town's Cape Quarter, has already established itself as a firm favourite with a growing international following. 2OV.fm is the future of online radio in South Africa, catering to tech-savvy listeners with online, in-car and high-end mobile devices.

Hardiman has partnered with the author of "the vibe", Seth Rotherham, and taken over the morning drive show in the station's first few months "on air". We were lucky enough to catch up with Richard and find out what sort of movies have made his final cut.

"...it wasn't an epic tale, or a heart-wrenching war movie.
It was The Notebook. God forgive me but it was tearjerker!"

I can't watch movies without...

- ...my Apple TV. I am now an addict of digital watching. DVDs are now very, very foreign!

Which famous people share your birthday?

- Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix and Caroline Kennedy. So I have kick-ass moves, amazing riffs and was at one time ruler of the free world. Not bad going! (27 November)

What is the first film you remember watching?

- Star Wars. As a kid in England, some kids down the road from me had an actual video recorder with an actual video contract at our local store. I was hooked!

What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

- Diary of a Wimpy Kid comes a very close second to Gigli. I watched Gigli to see if it was as bad as every critic said it was. Sometimes you uncover a gem of a movie you may have missed otherwise. This was a time when the critics actually under-panned a film.

Which movies have made you tearful?

- Oddly enough, it wasn't an epic tale, or a heart-wrenching war movie. It was The Notebook. God forgive me but it was tearjerker!

Who is the most famous movie star you've ever met?

- Oddly, being in music radio I have only ever dealt with musicians... I could name a ton of them! Movie stars not so much - Rob Van Vuuren is about as good as it gets... and he is huge!

What's your favourite movie line?

- "Heres looking at you, kid" (Casablanca) and "Say hello to my little friend!" (Scarface) - both very useful!

Who would you choose to play you in your biopic?

- George Clooney crossed with John Cusack... and his sister.

If you could produce a movie, what would it be about?

- I'm into heartrending stuff, I like the emotional tug-and-pull in a movie. It would have to be a very simple story with a lot of emphatic emotion the audience could feel and relate to. I enjoy complicated and visually epic movies but simple stories like Closer, Amelie and Lost in Translation are far more telling of the human condition - I guess it'ld be more indie than Avatar.

Finally, your top ten movies of all-time...

Lost In Translation

- The Jazz Singer ...I grew up listening to Neil Diamond courtesy of my folks - when I heard he had a movie I rented it on video - then I found out Sir Lawrence Olivier was in it! It had Diamond and acting credibility to boot. I was sold and still am. Although now I have it in digital format.

- Lost In Translation ...I'm a huge fan of this movie and how it was made. Bill Murray's performance is muted and quiet yet absolutely sublime. Scarlett Johansonn was a perfect foil for this mismatched couple and beautiful story.

- When Harry Met Sally ...I love New York movies. I can't remember, which actor said that the city is one of the best cast members in any movie but it's true. Meg Ryan is funny and cute without being pop and commercial. Billy Crystal's typical male with that touch of over-analysis is still one of my favourite characters to watch. And Carrie Fisher's in it - which I enjoyed as she was married to Paul Simon, my favourite musician at the time I saw it. It's small facts like that, that make me enjoy a movie more... weird but true.

- Sideways ...Nappa Valle, Paul Giamatti and that guy from Wings! Hell it's a great movie! Responsible for single-handedly driving down sales in Merlot because of Giamatti's distaste for the grape - it's a very good study of human thinking.

- Amelie ...the French abandon the usual Hollywood paint by numbers technique and this is a perfect example. The story unravels with such ease that I'd recommend it to anyone.

- About A Boy ...I love Hugh Grant - the story is about me as a child. Sad but true. For this it makes me laugh!

- Closer ...if a movie can make me sit and want to turn it off because of the intensity of a scene emotionally then I know it's a winner. I struggled to watch this one without stopping and taking a break. Honesty is its key and sometimes that's just too much to get through in one sitting. Great cast and awesome story line - it was originally a stage play and synchs beautifully into film.

- Wedding Crashers ...it's an all-time favourite! The perfect and as yet unreplicated pairing of Wilson and Vaughn play off amazingly against Christopher Walken and a then relatively unknown Bradley Cooper.

- Four Weddings and a Funeral ...it's hard to say why I love this one so much. Its probably for its "Englishness". It comes through so well in the movie and was almost replicated in Notting Hill. The characters were all so strong and so unmistakably English that you could not help but laugh.

- Casablanca ...I read the script before I watched the movie. It was handed to me once and I just sat and read it as one would a novel. When I was watching the movie and saw just how edgy and moody Bogart made Rick, I was hooked. It's an all-time classic.

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