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Rockin' the Clock - Flip Clock #10

Axe wasn't glowing. The luminous stars were still overhead and everything was just blah. The frenetic bike ride home still had Zoe panting ever so slightly and now that she was approaching the guitar case, she could feel her heart beat picking up again. Holding her pulse for a few seconds and focussing on trying to feel and hear her heart beat calmed her senses. "Breathe", she told herself. Scratching out the scrawl and positioning it on the window sill, which now seemed like a flat screen in wait, she gathered herself. Flipping the strap over her head and gently resting Axe against her aptly named midriff, she linked up to her pod and plugged in her headphones. "Battle-ready. Standby Dimp.", she murmured trying to fill the dull silence she'd manufactured.

The sun was dipping now and it was fast-approaching magic hour as Zoe glanced out the window. Hunting for something moving, her eyes locked onto a squirrel scampering across the yard. It was never open season for Dimple, who being well-fed, just started to lick his paws at the sight of the feisty squirrel whose fluffy tail was now taunting him. Now was as good as ever thought Zoe, summoning all the energy she had left to strum those magic chords.

"This one's for you, Dad."

As the riff played back in her ears, the freeze took over as everything, including the squirrel's tail, came to an abrupt halt. The silence was intense. It helped that she had the headphones on this time, making the transition a bit easier to fathom. Somehow it seemed more natural. Zoe hadn't been thrown into the deep end of the pool the way her father had teased he'd teach her to swim. This time it was by her own design. The novelty of frozen silence had worn off. She knew what she was getting herself into and instead of being terrified, she was mostly curious. It also helped that her trusty ginger companion was by her side. Glancing down to where he was sitting, she noticed Dimple had vanished.

Swiveling her head around, she called "Dimple? DIMPLE?". Just as Zoe was about to shriek, she caught a glimpse of something moving outside. Dimple wasn't known for his stealth but had somehow managed to spring out the window in all the excitement. Now padding towards the helpless squirrel, Zoe suddenly remembered the shriek she had loaded... "DIMPLE!?!". Turning back his head as if to say "chillax", he proceeded to open his mouth and lick the poor squirrel's head. Breathing a sigh of sheer and utter relief, Zoe almost forgot everything had come to a standstill. Amused at the squirrel's statuesque predicament, she suddenly remembered mom's fluffy unicorn.

Flinging the door open and pacing down the hallway, she swerved into mom's study. Mom was mid-sentence in a transcription with the foot pedal depressed and her fingers now hovering over the keyboard. The air conditioner streamers were in full flight, the flip clock wasn't flipping and Zoe was still expecting mom to suddenly say "BOO". She gently pushed her to get a response. There was no lovebug this or that as mom simply fell over, almost dragging the keyboard with her. Trying to snatch at her gown before she tipped off her chair, she knew that mom probably would've laughed about it. She wasn't quite strong enough to sit her back in her pose, gently popping a pillow under her head instead.

Lowering her headphones and standing in the middle of the room, everything was silent. How did Dad discover this crazy dimension, had he left the scrawl for Zoe to find? Looking at mom now resting on the pillow, her eyes still fixed in concentration mode, there was something funny about it all. Sure, it was eerie to be exploring the frozen state but there was something undeniably funny about it. The squirrel getting its head licked, mom falling over in The Thinker pose... maybe Zoe had misjudged this version of reality. Starting to brainstorm some of the fun she could have with the zombos and T-Rex, everything suddenly came rushing back as every one of her five senses seemed to engage simultaneously.

Looking down at mom for a change, she felt her face starting to glow.