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Face for Radio - Dalin Oliver's Stand Up Comedy on Showmax

Dalin Oliver has been told he looks like Vin Diesel from The Fast and the Furious and Simon Helberg, better known as Howard Wolowitz from the hit TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. Although he looks like they were both his father... making him the perfect combination of action and comedy. The Good Hope FM sports presenter has picked up the microphone and become a stand up. A charming and cheerful character, whose facial features make him stand out, he grew up in Cape Town's southern suburbs going to South Peninsula school before Wynberg Boys. His second stand up show Face for Radio is directed by Stuart Taylor and grapples with his personal experiences and growing pains.

Dalin Oliver - Face for Radio

Taking place at Grand West's intimate Hanover Street Night Club, the show has a classic stand up comedy stage feel. Set against the theatre's red curtains, it's a little anonymous but works as a stripped down bit. Oliver has a few props, but it would have enhanced the show's production value if he'd had some decals or even a reworking of the show's billboard.

While he leverages his face as part of the act, using it as a running joke through his childhood as kids would hurl insults, it's a biographical stand up show. Talking about his school experiences, growing up in Retreat, Face for Radio has a very local-is-lekker approach. It's mostly aimed at locals who grew up with similar family dynamics and traditions, using nostalgia, inside jokes and references to house shops, local slang and pop culture. The feeling isn't exclusive, since most of the bits are broad enough to understand, but you could feel somewhat alienated being in the audience if you didn't know the words to popular songs or catchphrases. It's more of an educational stand up show for those outside the circle of experience, but one that's delivered with such infectious enthusiasm it still remains entertaining and funny.

Dalin Oliver is an entertainer and seems to enjoy every moment. His writing is intimate, warm and he pokes fun without having to resort to coarse language. While he's speaking to a specific audience, his show has some good laughs for everyone and remains amusing even when he's talking about insider elements such as Cracker Snacks and "being French" in Retreat. You can watch Face for Radio now on Showmax.

Adult Swim Taps into Nature's Brutality in Genndy Tartakovsky's Epic Animated Series, Primal

Primal encompasses every aspect of the word, telling the story of an unlikely friendship between a caveman at the dawn of evolution and a dinosaur on the brink of extinction. After tragedy strikes, early man and dinosaur find a connection that unites them against all threats. Now wielding a spear and riding a dinosaur the fierce warrior is able to double his efforts when it comes to self-defence and hunting for food. One on the verge of extinction and the other just beginning, they become allies and each other's only hope of survival in a bloodthirsty and ruthless prehistoric world.

Primal is from Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator behind the Emmy-winning series Samurai Jack and director of Hotel Transylvania and Star Wars: Clone Wars. Using dynamic yet artful animation, which veers from extreme close ups to spectacular action, Tartakovsky is able to use visual storytelling to convey his caveman's thoughts and feelings.

A chunky man filled with rage, it's easy to see similarities between the caveman and The Hulk, especially when it comes to sheer strength and basic instincts. Tartakovsky says he was influenced by the Conan: The Barbarian comics and the "complex, confusing and cruel" brutality of nature.

adult swim Primal

There's no dialogue, allowing the animated series to break language barriers and forcing the creators to rely on creativity and nuance when conveying character and propelling the inner journey.

Instead, the characters express themselves through grunts, roars and gestures clearly conveying meaning thanks to detailed animation, art direction and sound design. It could have been an animated feature film, but feels just about right at 20 minutes per episode.

The sparse scripting, distinct animation style and brutal head-splitting action give Primal its own raw, bone-breaking and visceral power. It's a series for fans of God of War, people who want to unleash rage and pent up primal energy. While animated, it's violent and full of fury, making it only suitable for mature audiences unleash you want your living room destroyed.

The animated series is part of the [adult swim] collection now available to watch exclusively on Showmax.

Spling Launches New Podcast Series 'Confessions of a Movie Critic'

Spling has been reviewing film since 2007, racking up thousands of written and spoken reviews over the years. Resident film critic at 2Oceansvibe.com, where he's written a weekly feature for over a decade, host of the popular Talking Movies programme on Fine Music Radio for 7 years and AFDA film school judge for 5 years, he's been there, done that and got the movie t-shirt.

After being approached by directors to give them notes on their screenplays, first edits and treatments - he launched reviewmyscript.com. Having broadcast Talking Movies for many years, which is republished as a weekly podcast, it was time to try something different. Must Love Movies is his latest venture, in which Spling watches a film with and interviews a celebrated personality and/or film industry professional in a private cinema. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the Must Love Movies podcast has been put on ice, prompting Spling to create the stripped down series, Confessions of a Movie Critic.

This brand new podcast series is more intimate... a conversation between Spling and his listener. Clocking in under 10 minutes, Spling takes an opportunity to chat about a film, news item or topic he's recently engaged with. The podcast is recorded in one take, almost like a stream of consciousness as Spling tries to convey his thoughts. His first podcast was about the music biopic Bohemian Rhapsody starring Rami Malek, which he recently watched. His second was about the eye-opening documentary, I Am Heath Ledger about the late great actor.

While it's still early days yet... Confessions of a Movie Critic is hopefully going to give listeners an inside track to what's on Spling's mind. You can listen to more podcasts here: https://anchor.fm/confessions-movie-critic

Two Showmax Original Horror Films Released

Two creepy South African horrors have crawled onto screen, both produced by Nagvlug Films, the company that brought us Wonderlus and Hotel. Both Showmax Originals, serving as the streaming service's first move into the horror genre, it's a welcome sign of things to come.

“We’ve had a great response to hit international horrors like Hereditary, IT and Pet Sematary on Showmax, so we’re excited to see how South African audiences respond when the frights are closer to home.” says Candice Fangueiro, head of content at Multichoice’s Connected Video.


Rage follows a group of school-leavers who descend on a tiny coastal town for the rite of passage known as "Matric Rage". A celebration of their freedom, Roxy, Sihle, Kyle, Leon, Tamsyn and Neo party on the beach all night living it up. A trippy hallucination on the beach begins a spiral of terror as the best holiday of their lives turns into a nightmare as the teens become play things following a disturbing ritualistic birth.

Rage is directed by SAFTA nominee Jaco Bouwer, best known for Die Spreeus. The horror stars Nicole Fortuin (Flatland) opposite Carel Nel (Dwaalster) and David Viviers (Kanarie).


Parable follows a teenage girl, who is forced into gay conversion therapy. When a famous lay preacher accidentally conjures a demonic spirit while trying to ‘cure’ her, he tries to hide his mistake in a church house deep within a security complex. The gated community is home to a slacker, who starts getting dream visits from the missing girl.

Parable is a directorial debut for SAFTA-nominee Beer Adriaanse, best known for his performances in Kanarie and Wonderlus. The horror stars Jane de Wet, Michael Richard (Still Breathing), Carla Classen (Stroomop, Fiela Se Kind) and Thapelo Aphiri (Scandal).

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