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The Brothers Streep Launch New Podcast, Agony Uncles

The Brothers Streep have always had a thing for movies. It's probably why they share a name with Meryl... you know the one. Should probably ask them how their name came about! The music duo of Dylan Hichens and Simon van Wyk have been making quirky acoustic songs for ages, even doing one song called Bruce Willis is Dead in reference to the twist behind M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense. The duo even did this Top Ten Movies interview with Spling. What many people don't know is that they've been making podcasts for ages too!

Spling had the pleasure of joining them for one of their movie-themed radio shows at 2Oceansvibe Radio. He loved every minute of the zany discussions and trivia that flowed freely during that show, which you can hear.. um, here. The Brothers Streep began in 2005 and have been making music and comedy ever since. Their constant argument is whether Anchorman or Zoolander is the better comedy. When they're not discussing the merits of Ron Burgundy or Derek Zoolander, they're wielding microphones.

Their latest podcast is a panel discussion show called Agony Uncles, not to be confused with the Australian TV show. The podcast sees Dylan Hichens, Simon van Wyk and Andrew Kerr featuring alongside two comedians in teams. Their first podcast, recorded in front of a live studio audience, sees them pairing up with Mel Jones and Anne Hirsch. The second show features Angel Campey and Stuart Taylor. The third sees them with Alan Committie and Yaaseen Barnes.

GoDriveIn - Drive-Ins Are Making A Comeback

To those who are old enough to remember drive-in theatres, there's probably a little flicker of excitement to the news that drive-ins are making a comeback. The new normal is here and right now it makes so much sense to watch movies in your own little bubble. Watching a movie from the comfort of a Zorb may work for some, but for others there's the good old-fashioned drive-in. Pulling into a big car lot with the family, there's something strangely romantic about drive-in cinemas. Perhaps it's the naive '50s version of Hollywood that connects us with the concept of diners and the hazy days of nostalgia around cars, milkshakes and popcorn.

Whatever you've heard or remember about the heydays of drive-in, the technology has come a long way. You no longer need to park next to one of those little speaker poles and can probably tune into the soundtrack with your car stereo on a designated FM audio frequency.

GoDriveIn is situated at 346B Victoria Rd, Salt River. The big idea is to catch a movie in the comfort of your car, but the experience is all about movies, music, comedy and good food. Tickets cost R240 for a single car's entry with two passengers with a R60 surcharge per person thereafter. You can book tickets through Howler and the venue will have food trucks for people who want to grab a bite to eat or some snacks. Amazingly the venue doubles as a Roadhouse by day.

GoDriveIn Cinema Roadhouse

In true drive-in style... GoDriveIn's grand opening will be around Back to the Future. Featuring a car, revisiting the golden age of drive-in theatres and cool cars... it's a perfect throwback movie to kick things off. Marty McFly knows a thing or two about getting nostalgic with Uncle Biff and being a timeless classic about time travel, so do we.

The line-up includes rewatchable classics like Jurassic Park, Bridesmaids and Get Out with a few fun evenings for Mamma Mia and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. The schedule also includes a number of great South African films such as Knuckle City, Five Fingers for Marseilles and The Story of Racheltjie De Beer.

Let the good times roll!

Top Lottery Movies and TV Series to Dream with a Big Prize

There have been many film plots based on circumstances surrounding lottery prizes. Some of the better films have been very well-received by the critics and the general public, and others have been forgotten since their release.

Here, we are going to remember some of them because there's something for everyone in it. However, we can't say if the winners bought their tickets at Lottohoy, or elsewhere.

The best lottery-based plot films

Many films over the years set in different backgrounds have also been based around the luck or misfortune of those who are awarded lottery prizes.

It Could Happen to You

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful romance stories that reflects the feelings of a lottery winner.

In this film starring Nicolas Cage as a policeman from New York, he offers a waitress to share the lottery ticket he just bought in exchange for not being able to leave a tip for his breakfast.

The goddess of fortune blessed that ticket with a $4 million prize, and Charlie the policeman, decides to share it with the waitress against his wife's wishes. Charlie decides to keep his promise, and that fact will lead him to a bust-up with his wife, a beautiful friendship with the waitress, and eventually a new love.

Lottery Ticket

This film shows the anxiety that a grand prize winner feels ($370 million).

A long and anxious weekend without a chance to go and deposit the ticket, we experience the anguish of not being able to tell anyone, losing it or having it stolen.

Lucky Numbers

The story of a con attempt between three friends who try to rig the Pennsylvania lottery draws: Russ (John Travolta), a meteorologist who is having a hard time with his economy. Gig (Tin Roth) the ideologue of the scam, and Crystal (Lisa Kudrow) a necessary accomplice who works on TV.

Obviously, things go awry and they end up paying the consequences.

Waking Ned Devine

In this film, we see how an entire village agrees to concoct a plan in order to keep the winnings of a lottery ticket for which the winner has died from the excitement.

As the rules of the lottery require the winner receive the prize in person, they try to convince the police inspector to stand in for the winner and receive the prize that will later be distributed in the village.

Happy 140th

How do your usual friends act when you win 140 million euros in the lottery?

This film shows a group of nine friends, plus a surprise visit, who meet in a country house to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the main character (Maribel Verdú). During the course of the evening, she tells them that she has won the 140 million euro prize in the Euromillions draw, and that is where the guests start to come up with plans to try and keep the money for themselves.

Other important films

As in the case of large-format films, we can find an infinite number of them in which the lottery has had a greater or lesser presence, and the circumstances that the prizes come to make their winners or people around them.

Some titles that are worth remembering: Finder's Fee, Les Tuche, If I had a Million, Welcome to Me, although there will undoubtedly be many more.

Lottery in TV series

TV series usually deal with very diverse topics to keep the audience entertained and to generate a certain amount of intrigue at the end of each episode, so that the viewer feels the desire to see what happens next.

Something similar happens with the lottery. You buy a ticket and the whole nervous system of your body tenses up waiting for the draw results.

Shows like: The Office, Family Guy, Cold Case, Monk, Castle, etc.. have had episodes based on these ideas. But the ones that have reflected more and better what is the spirit of the lottery and that feeling of winning we have seen in:


Many will remember the episode "The One With The Lottery" in which the group of regulars at Central Perk discuss the distribution of prizes among them, but the discussion reaches the point where Phoebe (who was the one who predicted they would win the lottery), ends up dropping the tickets.

The Simpsons

In this famous animated sitcom too, there's a cameo with the lottery when in one episode Kent Brockman in Springfield is giving the news of the winners of the last lottery draw, and he realizes on stream that he is also one of the winners.


There is a memorable chapter in which Jackie and Rosanne try to justify the numbers they will put in the combination for the lottery.

Jackie chooses the first three numbers simply because she thinks they must pick those. Instead, Rosanne tries to justify her favorite numbers. She looks for the number of planets in the solar system, the number of times she was fined in that same place, and the number of times she put salt in the food she was given in the hospital.

They thought they had won, but that illusion only lasted in that episode, as in the next chapter they saw that it had just been a fantasy.

The Social Dilemma: A Wake Up Call For All The Social Media Addicts

We've seen many documentaries in the past that are trying to raise concern about social media networks, but nothing like The Social Dilemma. There are many different thoughts about this movie/documentary from people.

Some say that it is a bit too much, and they see social media networks in a different way, while others say that the potential threat from social media networks presents an imminent danger.

This documentary is directed by Jeff Orlowski, which is famous for giving us similarly terrifying documentaries like Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral.

The Social Dilemma raises questions about social media networks and how they are controlling our behavior. In other words, 'social dilemma' implies that our brains are manipulated and even rewired by algorithms that are designed to get our attention at all costs.

It is made in a way that you would feel that we are on the verge of nuclear war, which raises the question, are social media networks that dangerous?

We've seen other documentaries that ask the same question like Screened Out and The Great Hack, but The Social Dilemma has one great advantage.

While other documentaries have impressive experts that explain the situation, The Social Dilemma features experts who got us in this position. We can see executives from Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook responsible for taking social media to this place.

As the film unfolds, we see people talking about stories that they feel uncomfortable and embarrassed by doing things to get people's attention in the past.

In other words, they are confessing and apologizing for the events we are witnessing every day. For example, we have Justin Rosenstein, who is the inventor of Facebook's most ubiquitous feature, the "like" button. At that time, they intended to spread positivity, and they didn't know that a "like" button could become a problem.

However, the problem becomes bigger when people are judged based on social media likes. You might be considered cool or a loser based on the number of likes you have.

This can cause more serious problems like anxiety, depression, self-harm, and even suicide attempts, especially by the younger population.

So, even though these experts assure us that their intentions were good, we still have a problem that we need to address.

In the film, we can see another confession from Facebook’s head of "monetization" who is responsible for making an algorithm that is hard to resist, and it is designed to seduce people to come to the network.

Even though The Social Dilemma explains facts along the way, the biggest mistake in the movie was the poorly-conceived dramatic enhancements of some of the perils of social media networks.

This documentary is made in a great way featuring impressive animation that shows us how algorithms work. It is truly scary.

Aside from all the executives that are telling their story, we have a background story that of a couple of families explaining how social media separates people.

Yes, this documentary has many bold calls, and you may think that they are over-exaggerating the situation with social media, but it is nice to see documentaries spreading awareness based on facts. It's hard to predict what the future will bring to us, but since algorithms are getting smarter and smarter on their own, the future based on this documentary seems inevitable.

If you are a fan of documentaries about social media or you are a tech fan, you should definitely consider watching The Social Dilemma. This documentary will definitely change how you look at all social media platforms.

So, the next time you open your phone and see an ad for a wrestling-related product, you'll know how the algorithm predicted your interest in the best MMA odds, for example.

They might have gone over the top with some claims about the future, but at this point, anyone can be right, since nobody can predict the outcome from this technology advancement.

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