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Trevor Noah: Daywalker Revisited DVD

Trevor Noah is The DaywalkerTrevor Noah is The Daywalker. Now before you start searching Dictionary.com or browsing through your Anne Rice, Robert Pattinson or True Blood memory archives, you should know that it's his nickname, derived amongst his childhood friends. Trevor's father is Swiss, his mother is Xhosa... and it was just safer (and easier) for Trevor to be classified as 'Albino' living with his mother in Soweto during the Apartheid era. His other Albino friends called him 'DW' for Daywalker, because to their amazement the kid could withstand harsh UV rays without burning up.

Trevor Noah has led an interesting life, straddled between cultures, races and eras in the Rainbow Nation... he's been able to view the changes in South Africa with what you could probably call the inside joke. Naturally, this led him to become a comedian... after all, how can you blame any homegrown talent from seeing the funnier side of life with the wealth of material in day-to-day South Africa.

Trevor's stand-up comedy is similar to Robin Williams, whose solid understanding of the media circus surrounding political and social conditions forge their comedy. Noah is also blessed with the gift of the gab and is able to tune into the voices of Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, Helen Zille, Nelson Mandela and other racial stereotypes at will without causing offence. The clean-cut comedian has great a on-stage presence and isn't afraid to get physical... while spouting his political, social and biographical brand of comedy. The invisible direction in his Daywalker DVD, filmed at the Lyric Theatre leaves Trevor to entertain without relying on gimmicky shots or props.

The material has the audience in stitches and while some of his humour is quite suggestive, he keeps it PG. His performance is excellent, he holds one's attention for the full duration of his performance and he never misses a beat. The only criticism is that his ambitious (bordering controversial) Madiba sketch, probably should find its way somewhere in the middle of his routine to leave the audience on a slightly more positive note. All in all, it's a hilarious first encounter with a promising young South African comedian, who will no doubt be filling the house for many years to come... The Daywalker: Revisited is the re-released version of The Daywalker, which features nearly 2 hours of footage with roughly 50 minutes of brand new comedy material.

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Trailer Showdown: Iron Man vs. Iron Man 2


Iron Man 2 Movie Poster

Spider-Man, The Hulk, Superman, The Fantastic Four... please step out of the way, Mr. Iron Man coming through! Let's face it... Iron Man kicked ass! Even though the Iron Man comic book superhero may not be the first freak of nature or self-made superhero you think of when someone shouts "Wow, he just saved that lady from that horrible fire-salivating monster", but the chrome dome certainly blew our minds when Robert Downey Jr. dominated the role as Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Everyone was flabbergasted when they heard that Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. were headlining the blockbuster as director and star. Then they were left even more flabbergasted when they saw just how well their grease worked on Iron Man... beautifully! Now they're back for the much-anticipated sequel and follow-up to the critically acclaimed Iron Man... in fighting form to save the world... again! Surely these superheroes could simply pick a day of the week to be on duty?

Iron Man 2 is on the cards for 2010... HURRAY! However, it's got a lot to live up to after a metal-crunching start to the franchise and the director and actor's latest exploits with mixed reviews for Couple's Retreat and Sherlock Holmes. Either way, it's going to be a CGI meltdown and anything with Robert Downey Jr. seems to have the Midas touch these days, so do yourself a favour. For now, we'll just have to be content with watching the latest Iron Man 2 trailer take on the Iron Man trailer!


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Sherlock Holmes Movie Review: Not So "Elementary, Dear Watson"

Sherlock Holmes Movie Poster

What comes to mind when you hear the name Sherlock Holmes? The character has been around since the late 1800s when Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle conjured up a man, who could draw big conclusions from small details. A London-based detective, whose sharp intellect and keen eye could keep him in-the-know, without having to rely on any explosive MacGyver or trigger-happy Rambo skills.

Well, wipe the slate clean, because the enigmatic Robert Downey Jr. has come to town with the wrong hat and without a magnifying glass. It's like James Bond meets Harry Potter, taking a well-respected old school British character and updating the entertainment appeal for a 2000s audience. Downey Jr. defied all prerelease speculation when he took on the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man and now the man thinks he's invincible.

The cunning Detective Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr.) and his indomitable partner, Watson (Law) lock horns with Lord Blackwood, an evil nemesis and master of the dark arts, who poses a threat to all of London after he comes back from beyond the grave to seize power. It's the sort of plot you'd expect from Inspector Gadget, but hey... The Hound of the Baskervilles has been done already and you're barking up the wrong tree if you're expecting anything other than a whiff of intellect in a ...continued.

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Fan Friday: X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Wolverine Poster

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the first installation of the X-Men Origins series, and a reboot for the X-Men franchise after X3: The Last Stand. Hugh Jackman returns as title star and producer for the long-awaited superhero release of Wolverine in his own film. The story rewinds the X-Men saga to Wolverine’s childhood as he realises his mutant gift. He and Victor Creed, fight side-by-side like brothers through the American Civil War, Normandy landings and then onto Vietnam, where they are captured and imprisoned after an incident.

The superhuman soldiers are commissioned by William Stryker as part of a special operations unit and sent to Africa. Logan’s humanity overrides the beast within and his blood-lust is diminished after a run-in with Creed. Wolverine disbands the special ops team and heads to Canada to start his life again. However, the simple life, fresh air and mountain views are cast aside when Wolverine is given a reason to seek revenge.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by South Africa’s very own Gavin Hood of Tsotsi and Rendition. Hood demonstrates his range with this superhero film, showing that he can direct on location in the townships of South Africa to the green screens of Hollywood. His job is made easier by determined Australian and Australia star, Hugh Jackman, who reprises his role as the wolf-man with ...continued.

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