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Invictus Movie Review: Opposites Attract

Invictus is based on the book, Playing the Enemy by John Carlin and stars Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar, with Clint Eastwood behind the camera. Eastwood has delivered some beauties in his time… from tough guy spaghetti Western performances to directing stirring war epics like Letters from Iwo Jima to movies about an exciting time in South African history.

Having worked on Oscar-winning Million Dollar Baby with Morgan Freeman, it was time for the two to show them how it’s done again with Freeman primed for the role he was born to play, Nelson Mandela. Apart from their physical similarities, the two men have a similar enigmatic grace whether delivering powerful speeches to the nation or harnessing the power of film.

The role of Nelson Mandela could only really be played by Freeman and comparing his performance in Invictus with any other portrayal of Madiba is almost irreverent. Invictus seemed like the perfect film for Freeman to launch into the larger-than-life character of Mandela, whose coming-of-age story is nothing short of miraculous. Even the name ‘Freeman’ matches the part ...continued.

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Trailer Showdown: Avatar Movie vs. Avatar Game



Avatar is a James Cameron creation. As writer and director, Cameron has been working on the film for more than a decade, waiting for a day when the technology would be good enough to match his vision. He's no stranger to blockbusters, having won an Oscar for directing Titanic, with films such as: Terminator 2, Aliens and True Lies under his belt. It's been a while since Cameron has directed a film of this stature, having tended towards documentaries such as Aliens of the Deep, Ghosts of the Abyss and Expedition: Bismarck in the last decade.

Avatar marks his return to the big screen with a film comprised of 40% live-action and 60% photo realistic CGI. Cameron was inspired by Peter Jackson's use of CGI for Gollum in The Two Towers, which signalled that film technology had evolved enough for his Avatar vision to be realised. Initially, Cameron wanted Avatar to be his follow-up to Titanic in 1999, but the $400 Million budget didn't meet the funding requirements at the time. (IMDB, 2009)

Now a decade later, Avatar is ready to roll out in 3D... taking the film entertainment medium to new heights. However, it remains to be seen whether Cameron still has the stuff of dreams some 12 years since Titanic. The Avatar movie is scheduled for a worldwide release on 18 December and should be a box office hit if all goes to plan, starring the likes of Sigourney Weaver (Alien), Sam Worthington (Terminator: Salvation), Zoe Saldana (Star Trek), Giovanni Ribisi (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) and Michelle Rodriguez (Resident Evil).

For now, you'll have to play spot the difference in our Trailer Showdown between the Avatar HD extended movie trailer and the official Avatar HD game trailer.


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(500) Days of Summer Movie Review: Got the T-Shirt?

500 Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer, surprisingly... is not about surfing. Unless of course you equate the game of love with the ocean, in which case there are plenty of fish in the sea and you've got to catch the ultimate wave, because only a surfer knows the feeling. Whether that feeling's the euphoria and sense of oneness afloat one of nature's most powerful elements or being unashamedly dumped like yesterday's newspaper, it all feeds back to one love.

Now before you get too far ahead of yourself, (500) Days of Summer is nothing like that bubblegum romance, Blue Crush. No surfers were harmed in the making of this film, and while there is a reference to "guppies"... this movie is not about the sea or a day of the week, it's about a season between a boy and a girl.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Uncertainty) is Tom Hansen, no relation to the "Mmmbop" brothers, a pretty ordinary guy in love with Summer an extraordinary girl, played by the enchanting Zooey Deschanel (Yes Man). He works for a greeting card company, although he'd prefer to be an architect. When he eyes the prize... in this case, Summer, with her dark hair and blue eyes - there's very little for him to do other than become obsessed with her ...continued.

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Fan Friday: Independence Day

Independence Day has got to be one of Roland Emmerich's most memorable films to date. The German film director has had a fascination with America (or its money)... whether they're fighting in the Civil War in The Patriot, bracing themselves for radical climate changes in The Day After Tomorrow, anticipating the end of human kind in 2012, defending themselves against Godzilla or surviving against the onslaught of advanced alien technology  in Independence Day.

Remember that colossal alien ship hovering over the city, an iconic image replicated in District 9 that sent many movie goers scurrying to the cinemas only to find Independence Day was sold out. It was a big release for 1996, deservedly so with a marketing budget of $24 Million.

Emmerich only makes epics it would seem, making Independence Day after being inspired by a question at a Stargate press junket. He cast Will Smith in his first starring role alongside Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park) and Bill Pullman (Lost Highway), after co-starring opposite Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys. The visuals and sound effects are amazing - earning the production an Oscar, the story is epic and the action is literally out-of-thi-world making it a worthy addition to your collection.

An Independence Day DVD is up for grabs for Fan Friday on the SPL!NG page on Facebook. If you want to stand a chance to win this or other fantastic giveaways like this every week, join up... here.

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