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Trailer Showdown: Inglourious Basterds vs. Lego Basterds

Inglorious BasterdsOkay, we all know how tough those Toy Soldiers turned out to be... but this is ridiculous!? Quentin Tarantino's latest film, The Inglourious Basterds (10 years in the making) is about to hit South African shores like D-Day on 23 October. Brad Pitt headlines a cast including: Diane Kruger, Christoph Waltz, Melanie Laurent, Eli Roth, Til Schweiger and Mike Myers in what will no doubt be a return to Tarantino's heydays after the Grindhouse accident involving Deathproof, which was not quite up to scratch amongst the likes of Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill: Vol.1.

The World War II drama follows 'The Basterds' a group of Jewish-American soldiers behind enemy lines, as they strike fear into the heart of the Nazis with a spate of scalpings and a brutal killing spree across the Third Reich. Tarantino's take-no-prisoners account of World War II takes the war comic book action from Valkyrie, the setting from Schindler's List, the camaraderie from the Dirty Dozen and the brutal style from Sin City to bludgeon you with The Inglourious Basterds.

Watch The Inglourious Basterds trailer first and then take a peek at the Lego version below... which is better?

At the Movies: 2-9 Oct

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Fan Friday: Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko was a launchpad for the Gyllenhaals... you know Jake and Maggie. Writer-director Richard Kelly created one of the most haunting mystery, sci-fi, fantasy films of the decade and possibly ever... weaving time travel, psychological trauma and teenage angst into a story set in the '80s. The dreamy Donnie Darko tale set in motion a chilling, sometimes disturbing, exploration of waking dreams and left in its trail a philosophical minefield.

The movie was not a fading trend, but has continued its reign in IMDB's Top 250 films by user consensus on a score of 8.3. This rating is testament to the film's enchanting power and mesmerising imagery, discarding its low budget and making the most of its cameo performances from Drew Barrymore and the late Patrick Swayze. Donnie Darko even inspired a half-ass sequel known as S. Darko, returning to Samantha Darko years later on a road trip.

The film connects several philosophies and diverging story lines with solid performances, all the while its surreal atmosphere consuming minute after minute with nostalgic '80s music, most notably Gary Jules' rendition of Tears for Fears' Mad World in the closing credits. Its been described as a mixture between Harvey and The Mothman Prophecies with a 6ft rabbit named Frank visiting Donnie in his dreams like a dark angel with a warning. Donnie Darko may not be for everyone, but its mesmerising tale, dream-like direction and solid moody performances have made it an iconic cult masterpiece.

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