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Albert Maritz on 'n Man Soos My Pa

Albert Maritz is an experienced and recognisable South African actor who has had key roles in international films Invictus, Goodbye Bafana and In My Country, and local productions such as Skoonheid, Die Pro and Strikdas. His latest part sees him playing Attie, a father, whose alcoholism has estranged him from his son in 'n Man Soos My Pa. Maritz forms part of a terrific South African ensemble and contributes a sullen yet soulful performance as a man desperately trying to reconnect with his family.

n Man Soos My Pa - Albert Maritz

How did you get involved in this project?

Sean Else called me some months ahead of filming and asked me to grow a beard.

The film deals with the devastating consequences of addiction. Have you witnessed something similar with close friends or family in your life?

I think we are all aware of people like this. Also, I think the film deals with much more than one theme. There is the father, daughter and domestic violence theme, cancer, and completing what you started – to vintage cars.

It's a nostalgic film. Did any of the props bring back a memory or two from your past?

Awwww, yes! Earphones. The reverse play of LPs!

The story is full of heartache... how did you prepare for your role?

The emotional journey is one, which comes to us via the script, and the inner landscape. With the director one must still plan the structure and levels of emotion at various places in the film, according to the story; but the preparation is already in our own suitcase luggage.

What would you say is the underlying message in this drama?

Love conquers all; and know what is ahead by communicating.

How do you think audiences will respond to this film?

I sincerely hope they will see a bit of themselves somewhere in the story, experience the journey as a coming to terms, and a celebration of freedom from what it is that weighs us down.

The ensemble is made up of some of South Africa's finest acting talent... who were you most excited to work with?

Sandra Prinsloo plays my wife. Greg Kriek is my son. Shimmy Isaacs is our housekeeper. Over a spectrum of age and opportunity this is an A-team, seriously exciting to work with.

What was it like working with Sean Else?

I have directed Sean in theatre before, and found him an engaging man, eager to take in a director's input, fearless, and hard-working. As a film director I find he is well-prepared, with a clear picture of what he wants to see with tons of patience and innovation.

Attie's an alcoholic... has playing him changed your attitude towards alcohol?


What was the most challenging part of your performance?

Attie plays opposites. He comes from a background of guilt. He tries not to withdraw, but rather to make a positive contribution. He gets stopped in his tracks more than once. What goes on behind the eyes?!