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Don't Wing it, SPL!NG it!


In this digital age, many people just want the basics, which prompted Spling's capsule movie review database and the @splingmobi Twitter feed.

Get a quick rundown of what's worth seeing. Now there's no need to choose your movies based on their movie poster's appeal, the cast's previous good work or a vague plot synopsis...

You've essentially got a pocket-sized movie critic! Browse the 'Now Showing' or 'Must-see Movies' section on the left of screen for the latest movie reviews and box office details, or browse the 'A-Z' archives for reviews.

Spling's SMS-sized capsule reviews give you all you need to know... without those pesky spoilers! A simple out-of-ten rating, a brief overview of what's good about the movie and a similar film title will arm you with enough information to improve your next movie experience.