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$5 A DAY - A solid 7! Touching, funny and refreshing indie father-son two-hander road trip movie with Christopher Walken. Like: Around the Bend

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER - A solid 7! Good performances and a refreshing concept save this light, quirky romantic comedy from being mediocre. Like: High Fidelity

2 GUNS - A solid 7! Terrific co-lead chemistry and typical '80s buddy movie formula drive this entertaining, often violent action comedy. Like: Lethal Weapon

3 DAYS TO KILL - A satisfactory 6! It's silly, but slick action, double-life comedy and touching family drama make it hugely entertaining. Like: The Family

3 HEARTS - A satisfactory 6! This curious and suave French romance drama has a solid cast, yet underplays the suspense as a veiled thriller. Like: The New Girlfriend

5 FLIGHTS UP - A satisfactory 6! Keaton and Freeman's on-screen chemistry and star performances rescue this ordinary, yet topical NY drama. Like: Love is Strange

5 TO 7 - A solid 7! This "Amelie meets Woody Allen" Paris/NY romance drama is smart, subtle, funny and charming enough to keep you invested. Like: Felix and Meira

9 - A satisfactory 6! Features amazing animation, a solid voice cast and a thought-provoking post-apocalyptic quest. However, story is undeveloped and disconnected from audience. Like: Final Fantasy

9TH LIFE OF LOUIS DRAX - A flat 5! A confused narrative and uneven tonal shifts stunt Aja's otherwise intriguing and unsettling medical mystery. Like: The Deaths of Ian Stone

10 CLOVERFIELD LANE - An excellent 8! A claustrophobic, fresh, tense, well-crafted and surprising mystery thriller with sharp performances. Like: Disturbia

10 QUESTIONS FOR THE DALAI LAMA - A solid 7! Serious, yet positive Dalai Lama documentary introduces the holy man and explores his views on global issues. Like: Gandhi

10 ITEMS OR LESS - A satisfactory 6! Light, breezy and delightful comedy drama romance with charming lead performances. Like: Return to Me

10,000 BC - A third-rate 3! A grand, inaccurate, poorly-acted and CGI-infested prehistoric "epic" that is almost laughable. Like: Apocalypto

100-YEAR OLD MAN WHO CLIMBED OUT A WINDOW AND DISAPPEARED, THE - A solid 7! This darkly comic, larger-than-life tale is ludicrously entertaining, like a cold-blooded Forrest Gump. Like: Forrest Gump

10TH & WOLF - A flat 5! Run-of-the-mill mob thriller with top cameo squad, but it all seems a bit too familiar. Like: The Untouchables

11TH HOUR - A solid 7! A comprehensive documentary from an academic perspective on the earth's environmental crisis. Like: An Inconvenient Truth

12 ROUNDS - A flat 5! This action flick with WWE Champion, John Cena moves at a frenetic pace, but speed doesn't disguise hollow story. Like: Marine

12 YEARS A SLAVE - A near-perfect 9! Powerful performances and inspired direction bring this extraordinary historical drama biopic to life. Like: Amistad

127 HOURS - An excellent 8! A triumphant real-life survival story gets its film adaptation: accurate, introspective and life-affirming with bold direction and a breakthrough performance from Franco. Like: Into the Wild

1408 - A solid 7! Classic Stephen King horror transcends the metaphysical in this psychological thriller. Like: The Shining

13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI - A satisfactory 6! While a slick, full throttle and visceral war actioner, the story's undermined by Bay's macho style and a gungho script. Like: Lone Survivor

33, THE - A satisfactory 6! This inspiring true life drama is stirring and well-acted, but dulled by scattershot and prescribed storytelling. Like:

17 AGAIN - A satisfactory 6! Efron shows he can act with charm and comic timing in this light feel good high school comedy. Like: Like Father Like Son

1968 TUNNEL RATS - A flimsy 4! Boll's brutal, realistic action-packed 'kill or be killed' Vietnam War movie. Technical errors galore. Like: Platoon Leader

2012 - A flat 5! Epic disaster film with likable characters moves at a brisk, entertaining pace, but relies too heavily on CGI, defies reason and is overly long. Like: The Day After Tomorrow

204: GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER - A solid 7! An edgy, hard-hitting, layered and entertaining docudrama about an SA mining magnate's demise. Like: Wolf of Wall Street, Pain & Gain

21 - A satisfactory 6! Flashy, formulaic yet entertaining casino crime caper based on a true story. Like: Ocean's 11, Starters for 10

21 JUMP STREET - A satisfactory 6! Great co-lead chemistry and smart anti-genre teen comedy tweaked by immature stoner language and humour. Like: The Other Guys

21 & OVER - A flimsy 4! A crass, inconsistent, predictable and largely unlikable college style The Hangover wannabe. Like: Project X

22 JUMP STREET - A solid 7! Bulletproof action-comedy bromance and smart dumb fun rule in this silly laugh-a-minute rehash of the original. Like: 21 Jump Street

27 DRESSES - A solid 7! A funny, feel good romantic comedy that does everything well. Like: Bridget Jones's Diary, The Wedding Singer, The Holiday

30 DAYS OF NIGHT - A solid 7! A violent, intense and gory vampire movie set in Alaska. Like: Blade, 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails, AVP2: Requiem

3:10 TO YUMA - An excellent 8! Top class performances and direction give this Western remake a headstart on the original. Like: The Proposition

30 MINUTES OR LESS - A satisfactory 6! A sharp comedy cast and original plot is subdued by muddled film-making and hit-or-miss jokes. Like: Tommy Boy

31 MILLION REASONS - A flat 5! An inconsistent, yet promising Bollywood meets familiar Hollywood heist movie. Like: How to Steal 2 Million

300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE - A satisfactory 6! Gerard Butler is missed in this spectacularly epic, sword-and-sandal, guts-and-glory sequel. Like: 300

360 - A satisfactory 6! A dependable cast carry this drama's intriguing, yet jaded and somewhat disconnected set of interweaving stories. Like: Babel

4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS, 2 DAYS - An excellent 8! Realistic, suspenseful Romanian drama grapples with an illegal abortion. Hauntingly beautiful, yet important. Like: 21 Grams

44 INCH CHEST - A flat 5! A heavyweight cast and a surreal soundtrack set the stage for this ambitious drama about revenge, peppered with explicit language. Like: The Two Jakes

47 RONIN - A satisfactory 6! A majestic, magical and visually spectacular yet somber action-adventure epic that lacks verve and charm. Like: Shaolin

50/50 - An excellent 8! A good-natured comedy drama that handles laughs and a serious subject in full stride with equally nimble co-leads. Like: Juno

5TH WAVE, THE (13V, 112 min) - A flat 5! Mediocre special effects and familiar plotting give way to dull, uninspired YA dystopian sci-fi thriller formula. Like: Skyline

7/10 SPLIT - A terrible 2! Predictable low-budget ten-pin bowling comedy. Weak production propelled by familiar faces. Like: Blackball, Kingpin

88 MINUTES - A flat 5! Pacino's talent is wasted in this bland, plot-riddled minute-for-minute psychological thriller. Like: Out of Time