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'N MAN SOOS MY PA - A solid 7! A beautifully filmed, nostalgic, sentimental and timely SA ensemble drama with strong performances all-round. Like: Dis ek, Anna

'N PAW PAW VIR MY DARLING - No rating yet! Like:

A BETTER LIFE - A solid 7! An insightful, compassionate character study, buoyed by an excellent lead in Bichir. Social commentary with a human touch. Like: The Bicycle Thief

A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD - A flat 5! Explosive Bond style action sustains this contrived, displaced and routine father-son handover/Merc ad. Like: Hitman

A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 - A terrible 2! This horror spoof is neither funny nor scary - it's just cheap, dumb, vulgar, perverse and trashy. Like: A Haunted House

A PERFECT DAY - A solid 7! Charming performances, off-road pacing and off-beat humour power this circular day-in-the-life comedy drama. Like: The Lucky Ones

A LATE QUARTET - A solid 7! A stellar cast and great performances override embittered characters in this fascinating NY music drama. Like: Shine

A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN - A flimsy 4! Mismatched co-leads, a weird mix of genres and dull storytelling negate a decent cast. Like: Love Happens

A LITTLE CHAOS - A satisfactory 6! A stellar cast drive this somewhat inconsistent, yet harmless historical costume drama about gardening. Like: Madame Bovary

A MONSTER CALLS - An excellent 8! Dark fantasy visuals and heartbreaking coming-of-age drama collide in this eye-popping and elegant tearjerker. Like: Pan's Labyrinth

A MOST WANTED MAN - A solid 7! A moody, thought-provoking, smart and slow-burning Le Carre espionage thriller and a weary yet sharp Hoffman. Like: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

A ROYAL NIGHT OUT - A satisfactory 6! A lightweight and enjoyable yarn... a sweet, entertaining royal distraction as inspired by true events. Like: A Little Chaos

A SECOND CHANCE - A satisfactory 6! While leaning toward contrived melodrama, earnest performances rescue this dark Danish morality thriller. Like: In A Better World

A SEPARATION - A near-perfect 9! A fascinating, prickly, thrilling and realistic Iranian domestic portrait with powerful performances. Like: Incendies

A THOUSAND WORDS - A flat 5! A watchable, formulaic high concept comedy sporting a disarmed lead and a lack of warmth and laughs. Like: Evan Almighty

A UNITED KINGDOM - An excellent 8! Two fine co-lead performances, a rousing true story and elegant film-making make for inspirational political romance drama. Like: Selma

A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES - A satisfactory 6! Neeson takes charge with a brooding, thoughtful lead performance elevating this atmospheric, borderline dull, mystery thriller. Like: Taken

A WALK IN THE WOODS - A satisfactory 6! An amusing, breezy and spirited "Bucket List" style buddy comedy adventure that ambles along merrily. Like: The Bucket List

A-TEAM, THE - A solid 7! Entertaining and respectful remake of the classic '80's TV series. Action-packed, corny non-stop fun-filled adventure! Like: The Losers

ABDUCTION - A flimsy 4! Lautner's acting abilities are stretched to breaking point in this insipid attempt at a Bourne junior espionage thriller. Like: Agent Cody Banks

ABOUT LAST NIGHT - A satisfactory 6! Hart and Hall steal the show in this smart, entertaining and raunchy sitcom style "romcom" remake. Like: About Last Night

ABOUT TIME - A solid 7! A meandering time travel romantic comedy by Richard Curtis with a charming cast and a life-affirming message. Like: The Adjustment Bureau

ABRAHAM  - A flat 5! This simple, honest, curious and well-acted character study is impeded by sluggish pacing and scattershot storytelling. Like: Paljas

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER - A satisfactory 6! Slick visuals, a novel concept and a solid cast entertain in this straight-laced horror. Like: Sherlock Holmes, Underworld

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: THE MOVIE - A flat 5! This meandering TV adaptation is disappointing and superficial, lacking the sparkle and humour of the series. Like: Absolutely Fabulous

ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND, THE - A flat 5! A lightweight, formulaic and predictable "romcom" with a bubbly performance from Uma Thurman. Like: Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason

ACCIDENTAL STRIPPER - A terrible 2! Low -budget softcore porn with subpar acting, a lame premise and a weak script. Avoid if at all possible. Like: Emmanuelle

ACCOUNTANT, THE - A flat 5! While Affleck delivers, this entertaining crime drama thriller borders on ridiculous, is uneven and undermined by scattershot storytelling. Like: The Professional

ACE OF HEARTS - A flat 5! Corny but enjoyable detective/dog feel -good family drama suffers from poor direction/dialogue. Like: K9: P.I.

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE - An excellent 8! A psychedelic art house love story musical in the era of, and sung to the tune of The Beatles. Like: Once

ACT OF VALOR - A flat 5! Part tribute, part recruit... this ambitious action "experiment" features actual Navy SEALs on a fictional mission. Like: Navy SWCC

ADDERALL DIARIES, THE - A flat 5! A bewildering mix of genres and loose plot lines run wild in this promising, star-studded adaptation. Like: Shattered Glass, Blue Valentine

ADDICTED - A third-rate 3! An attractive cast prop up an uneven, unintentionally funny, daytime soap opera quality, erotic thriller wannabe. Like: No Good Deed

ADOPTED - A satisfactory 6! Light -hearted, funny and satirical mockumentary about celebrity baby adoption in Africa. Like: Pauly Shore is Dead, Bruno

ADMISSION - A satisfactory 6! Charming co-leads almost overcome a bland comedy script in this mildly entertaining distraction. Like: Guilt Trip

ADORATION - A solid 7! Complex, thought -provoking mystery drama from Atom Egoyan with good performances. Like: The Sweet Hereafter, Crash

ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, THE - A satisfactory 6! Solid production values, effects and performances override film's indecisive world and patchy sci-fi mix. Like: The Lake House

ADVENTURELAND - A solid 7! Nostalgic coming of age teen stoner "romcom" set in U.S. summer at amusement park in '80s. Like: Outside Providence

ADVENTURES IN ZAMBEZIA - No rating yet! Like: Legend of the Guardians

ADVENTURES OF CLUTCH POWERS, THE - A flat 5! This extended Lego commercial lifts a number of popular film themes and references to blend a mix of action slapstick and toy gimmicks to great effect for the kids. Like: Veggietales, Barbie

ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, THE - A flat 5! Good-pacing, smart visuals and lavish action sequences can't substitute a contrived and superficial reworking. Like: A Christmas Carol

ADULT WORLD - A satisfactory 6! A mixed bag: smart, touching and whimsical indie coming-of-age comedy triumphs uneven, by-the-numbers feel. Like: Wonder Boys

AFGHAN KNIGHTS - A third -rate 3! A weak supernatural thriller encounter with ghost warriors. Michael Madsen fans only. Like:The Hills Have Eyes 2

AFRICAN CATS - A solid 7! Beautiful cinematography and a kiddie-friendly narrative with Samuel L. Jackson to temper this Disney wildlife feature. Like: White Lion

AGAINST THE DARK - A flimsy 4! Low budget TV grade Steven Seagal action/horror/thriller with loose editing and heavy gore, but little Seagal. Like: Attack Force

AGE OF ADALINE, THE - A solid 7! This elegant, enigmatic romance drama's contrivances are softened by a magical tale and captivating lead. Like: The Lake House

AGORA - A satisfactory 6! A strong lead performance and lavish historical recreation of Rome override unfocused script in this religious morality epic. Like: Rome (TV)

ALBERT NOBBS - A satisfactory 6! A solid cast and promising premise are undermined by dull, stilted storytelling and a lack of surprises. Like: Pope Joan

ALEX CROSS - A flimsy 4! Tyler Perry is out of his depth in this cliched, contrived and slapdash action thriller. Like: Kiss the Girls

ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD DAY - A satisfactory 6! Fun, lightweight, clean, charming, well-paced family comedy distraction. Like: Mad Dogs

ALICE IN WONDERLAND - A solid 7! Mesmerising and creepy fairy tale visuals immerse audiences in Wonderland with the help of 3D and an all-star cast. Like: The Wizard of Oz, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (PG V, 112 min) - A flat 5! While whimsical and wonderous, this sequel lacks depth and charm, paling against the original. Like: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS - A flat 5! While whimsical and wonderous, this sequel lacks depth and charm, paling against the original. Like: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

ALIENS IN THE ATTIC - A satisfactory 6! Superficial yet funny animation. Armed to the teeth with special effects and suitable for all ages. Best in 3D. Like: Evolution

ALIENS VS. MONSTERS - A solid 7! Superficial yet funny animation. Armed to the teeth with special effects and suitable for all ages. Best in 3D. Like: Evolution

ALL ABOUT STEVE - A flimsy 4! While this romcom send up tries for something new, it ends up being creepy, irritating and short on laughs. Like: Trust the Man

ALL GOOD THINGS - A satisfactory 6! Solid co-lead performances carry this illuminating, yet sluggish real-life crime mystery drama. Like: Zodiac

ALL IS LOST - An excellent 8! Redford holds the screen with a terrific solo performance in this bold, haunting and taut survival adventure. Like: Gravity

ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE - A satisfactory 6! Above average teen horror slasher flick with brains and a fresh take on a worn genre. Like: April Fool's Day

ALLES WAT MAL IS - A satisfactory 6! While familiar and formulaic, this spirited comedy about finding oneself is amusing and entertaining. Like: Semi-Soet

ALLIED - A satisfactory 6! While hollow, it remains a sweeping, well-crafted and old-fashioned wartime romance turned Hitchcockian thriller. Like: Mr & Mrs Smith

ALONE IN BERLIN - A flat 5! Good intentions aside, this period drama looks the part but struggles with a safe, predictable and boring treatment. Like: Death in Sarajevo

ALMOST CHRISTMAS - A satisfactory 6! While formulaic, this stellar ensemble romance comedy drama is entertaining, funny and heartwarming. Like: Soul Food

ALONE IN THE DARK II - A flimsy 4! Not dark, alone or a video game adaptation. Low budget stand -alone video sequel B-movie. Better than first. Like: Alone in the Dark

ALPHA AND OMEGA - A third-rate 3! A sweet yet bland and boring wolf love story with second-rate CGI and slapstick comedy for under 8s. Like: The Little Fox 2

ALREADY DEAD - A flimsy 4! Action/thriller starts violently like Saw, loses focus and shifts into Prison Break mode. Like: Saw, Prison Break

ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS - A flimsy 4! A zippy, high -pitched pop idol music adventure for the Chipmunks and your kids. Like: Garfield, Underdog

ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIPWRECKED - A third-rate 3! A charm-free, formulaic, irritating and base sequel for fans of the series. Like: Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakel

ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL - A flimsy 4! Even kiddies will start to tire of the high -pitched numbers and slapstick comedy in this low -key sequel. Like: Alvin & The Chipmunks

ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: THE ROAD CHIP - A third-rate 3! More constantly silly, slapstick chipmunk adventures for the kids: harmless, dumb fun. Like: Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, THE - A solid 7! A top cast, exhilarating special FX and a new emotional angle overcome flaws in this formulaic refresh. Like: Spider-Man

AMELIA - A flat 5! Earhart's historical accomplishments take the air in this biographical account, but her life force is left unexplored. Like: Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight

AMERICAN, THE - A flat 5! While Corbijn's cinematography and picturesque Italian village portray great beauty, the slow pacing and distant characters don't grip you - a James Bond in slow-mo crime drama. Like: The Limits of Control

AMERICAN CRUDE - A third -rate 3! A decent comedy cast are wasted in this weak debut attempt at dark comedy. Like: Very Bad Things

AMERICAN PIE: BOOK OF LOVE A flimsy 4! Eugene Levy is the highlight amid this American Pie sequel's poor casting and average script. Like: American Pie: Band Camp

AMERICAN REUNION - A satisfactory 6! More classic yet formulaic gross out comedy and heartwarming rite of passage fun with Jim and the gang. Like: American Pie 2

AMERICAN SNIPER - A satisfactory 6! A solid lead performance anchors this fascinating and tense war drama, despite its garbled message. Like: The Hurt Locker

AMERICAN ULTRA - A satisfactory 6! Sweet co-lead chemistry and sharp action almost rescue this uneven, violent and tone-deaf stoner hybrid. Like: Pineapple Express

AMERICANIZING SHELLEY - A flat 5! Sweet, simplistic and predictable Bollywood take on Pygmalion. Gujral's adorable, but treatment may offend. Like: Marigold

AMOUR - An excellent 8! Exceptional co-leads and intimate direction drive this brutally honest, intense drama about the darker side of love. Like: A Separation

AMUSEMENT - A flimsy 4! Dull, sluggish straight-to-DVD cat-and-mouse horror/thriller plays into genre cliches and loses bite. Like: Valentine, It

ANACONDA 3: THE OFFSPRING - A third-rate 3! Even David Hasselhoff can't save this sequel from poor CGI, a predictable story and 2D characters. Like: Anaconda 2

ANACONDA 4: TRAIL OF BLOOD - A third-rate 3! Another low budget Anaconda sequel with poor CGI. Made for TV action horror is laughable, yet better than A3. Like: Anaconda 3

ANAMORPH - A flat 5! Run-of-the-mill thriller with a decent cast, but thin story and laden with academic references. Like: The Da Vinci Code

ANCHORMAN 2 - A satisfactory 6! Will Ferrell and his gang super-size the gags (and playing field) in this fun, silly, hit-and-miss sequel. Like: Anchorman

AND SO IT GOES - A flimsy 4! Talented stars and a director flounder in this soft almost enjoyable, yet uninspired and predictable "romcom". Like: Because I Said So

AND WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW YOUR FATHER? - A solid 7! Good performances and sensitive writing make this slow, emotional Morrison adaptation palatable. Like: A Walk to Remember

ANGEL'S SHARE, THE - A solid 7! A hard-fought, charming and ultimately feel good slice-of-life comedy drama from Ken Loach. Like: Looking for Eric

ANGELS & DEMONS - A satisfactory 6! Hi-tech action time -bomb thriller with Church vs. Illuminati adaptation set in Rome. Like: National Treasure/Da Vinci Code

ANGRY BIRDS - A flat 5! While somewhat crass, predictable and featherweight, it amounts to a fun, colourful and crisply animated adaptation for kids. Like: Ratchet & Clank

ANGUS, THONGS AND PERFECT SNOGGING - A satisfactory 6! Smart, funny tween-to-teen comedy drama book adaptation in the wake of Bridget Jones. Like: Hey, hey it's Ester Blueburger

ANIMAL 2, THE - A flimsy 4! Ving Rhames headlines this mediocre straight-to-DVD action/drama sequel. Mindless low budget entertainment. Like: The Animal

ANIMALS UNITED - A flimsy 4! Dull, preachy and forgettable environment-conscious animal animated feature with a likable voice cast. Like: The Wild

ANNA KARENINA - A solid 7! A lush, visually captivating, beautifully adorned artwork and a distant and slow-moving Tolstoy adaptation. Like: Pride & Prejudice

ANNABELLE - A flat 5! This underwhelming prequel is clichéd and doesn't measure up to The Conjuring, but unveils a few good scares. Like: Curse of Chucky

ANNIE - A flat 5! A progressive idea, a peppy cast and a cute young star struggle to redeem this sappy and soulless modern reinvention. Like: Annie (1982)

ANNIE LEIBOVITZ: LIFE THROUGH A LENS - An excellent 8! Intimate biographical documentary on work and life of world renowned celebrity photographer. Like: Imagine (TV)

ANOMALISA - An excellent 8! A beautiful and painstakingly animated, deeply human, introspective and surreal drama from Charlie Kaufman. Like: The Truman Show

ANONYMOUS - A solid 7! Roland Emmerich's fictional "what if" is intriguing, entertaining and delivered with great gusto. Like: Shakespeare in Love, The Da Vinci Code

ANOTHER CINDERELLA STORY - A satisfactory 6! Sweet, funny and predictable straight-to-DVD Cinderella sequel is even better the original. Like: Cinderella Story

ANOTHER EARTH - A solid 7! An ethereal low budget indie science-fiction drama with a strong lead explores guilt and regret. Like: Solaris

ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL - A terrible 2! Gay take on Not Another Teen Movie is a juvenile, nasty, gross and trashy waste of time. Like: Disaster Movie

ANT-MAN - An excellent 8! Spectacular visuals, charming performances, a cheeky tone make for surprisingly funny and thrilling entertainment. Like: Guardians of the Galaxy

ANTICHRIST - A satisfactory 6! Beautiful cinematography and strong performances underpin this highly controversial, gruesome and harrowing arthouse-horror. Like: Salo

ANYWHERE BUT HOME - A flat 5! Despite a terrific cast, this acidic holiday comedy suffers from a weak script and a lack of laughs. Like: Rumour Has It...

APOLLO 18 - A flimsy 4! Sluggish, stagnant, alienating low budget found footage space thriller. Like: The Blair Witch Project

APPALOOSA - A solid 7! A good, entertaining Western with great chemistry, psychology and an engaging friendship/love triangle story. Like: Open Range

APRIL FOOL'S DAY - A third-rate 3. This cheesy slasher remake is predictable and lacks suspense. Like: I Know What You Did Last Summer

ARBITRAGE - A solid 7! A tense character portrait drama and sleek corporate thriller carried by a powerful lead performance from Gere. Like: Runaway Jury

ARCHITECT, THE - A flat 5! Ethnic social drama is earnest, but undermined by dull, stagy, sluggish pace and direction. Like: The Architect (stage play)

ARCTIC TALE - A satisfactory 6! Amazing Arctic footage hampered by Queen Latifah's "precious" family narration. Like: March of the Penguins

ARE YOU HERE - A flimsy 4! This star-studded film is awkward, clunky and struggles to decide if it's a comedy, drama or dramedy. Like: And So It Goes

ARGO - An excellent 8! Great writing, solid performances and strong production values, all based on a fascinating and thrilling true story. Like: The Kingdom

ARMORED - A flat 5! This inside job heist thriller boasts a decent cast, but lacks the drive of an a-list lead and digs in too soon. Like: The Take

ARRIVAL - A near-perfect 9! This smart, thought-provoking and moving sci-fi is visually compelling and bolstered by a superb performance from Adams. Like: Contact

ART OF GETTING BY, THE - A flat 5! An overcooked sitcom quality coming-of-age teen drama with a cast of Hollywood hopefuls. Like: Waiting for Forever

ART OF WAR 2 - A third-rate 3! Sadly this Wesley Snipes straight-to-DVD action sequel is weaker than the original in every department. Like: Art of War

ART OF WAR 3 - A terrible 2! Dull, predictable and violent sequel. Half -wit stunts and performances. No Snipes! Like: Art of War 2

ARTHUR - A flat 5! This fun remake suffers from a lack of laughs and romance, making the modern update lightweight and wholly unnecessary. Like: Mr Deeds

ARTHUR & THE INVISIBLES - A satisfactory 6! Fun, light, entertaining live -action/animation pop culture movie. Like: The Spiderwick Chronicles, Back to Gaya

ARTHUR CHRISTMAS - A solid 7! A fresh, quick-witted and heartwarming animated Christmas tale. Like: Meet the Robinsons

ARTHUR'S MISSING PAL - A flat 5! Family -friendly PBS animated educational TV series gets a 68 min movie with original voice cast, except Arthur. Like: Arthur

ARTHUR NEWMAN - A flat 5! A promising road movie concept and a charming cast are wasted on bland and sluggish storytelling. Like: Gambit

ARTIST, THE - An excellent 8! An ambitious yet enchanting all-rounder. A beautifully-made tribute to Hollywood and classic b/w silent movies. Like: Sunset Blvd.

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW - A flat 5! A fast-paced, entertaining, sporadically silly and half-baked found footage horror with a promising set up. Like: Tomb Raider

ASK THE DUST - A satisfactory 6! Aspiring adaptation of Los Angeles love affair novel tarnished by sluggish pace. Like: The Human Stain

ASSASSIN'S CREED - A flat 5! While promising and backed by an A-list cast, this messy video game adaptation is CGI-heavy, incoherent and overblown. Like: Underworld - Blood Wars

ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES, THE - An excellent 8! Poetic justice makes this haunting Western beautiful to watch and the performances ring true. Like: The Proposition, Chopper

ASTERIX AT THE OLYMPICS - A flimsy 4! Good production values ruined by lack of Asterix & Obelix, over -the -top CGI effects and half -baked comedy. Like: A&O Meet Cleopatra

ASTRO BOY - A satisfactory 6! Thrilling 3D visuals, a classic story convention and amusing one-liners rescue the day for Astro Boy. Like: The Iron Giant

ATONEMENT - An excellent 8! Well -crafted, beautiful and sprawling epic about love and envy. Like: The English Patient, Pride & Prejudice

ATTACK THE BLOCK - A flat 5! A street-wise yet middling alien invasion in London. Not scary or funny enough. Like: Paul

AUDITION, THE - An excellent 8! A fresh -faced behind-the-scenes music documentary about MET Opera contestants in the format of Idols. Like: American Idol

AUGUST - A flat 5! Hartnett's intentions aside, this dot com indie drama is slow-moving, superficial and doesn't really go anywhere. Like: Boiler Room

AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY - A satisfactory 6! A prickly and dire family reunion drama with an all-star cast and strong lead performances. Like: Killer Joe

AUGUST RUSH - A near -perfect 9! Magic realism and winning performances strike the right note. Like: Oliver Twist, Amadeus, Peter Pan

AUSSIE & TED'S GREAT ADVENTURE - A flat 5! Heartwarming family movie about a lovable Australian mutt and a teddy bear. Like: Homeward Bound

AUSTENLAND - A satisfactory 6! While uneven and pantomime silly, this fun Pride & Prejudice romcom chick flick is a guilty pleasure. Like: Nacho Libre

AUSTRALIA - A satisfactory 6! Terrific sets and top production values balance out thin characters and unoriginal feel. Like: Gone with the Wind

AUTOMATA - A flat 5! Intriguing ideas and stylish CGI visuals propel this atmospheric, yet cliched, familiar and slight sci-fi thriller. Like: I, Robot

AVATAR An excellent 8! - Cameron's 3D Sci -Fi visual extravaganza delivers on entertainment with a multi-layered story and contrasting themes. Like: Dances with Wolves, Dune

AVENGERS, THE - A solid 7! Regenerated, well-balanced superhero blockbuster with pulsating visuals, a strong cast and top production values. Like:Iron Man 2

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON - A solid 7! An entertaining, familiar superhero action extravaganza, powered by dazzling visual FX and an all-star cast. Like: The Avengers

AVP2 - A flat 5! Alien showdown arrives to wage war in a small town. Human collateral damage and alien carnage. Like: AVP, 30 Days of Night

AWAKE - A satisfactory 6! An interesting plot is restrained by loose performances, editing and direction. Like: Malice, Extreme Measures

AWAY FROM HER - An excellent 8! A sad, beautiful story about love and memory loss. Amazing performances and sensitive direction/writing. Like: The Savages

AWAY WE GO - A solid 7! Style, imagination and quirky humour underpin this heartwarming, but uneven road trip. Like: Around the Bend

AYANDA - A solid 7! A fresh, charming, entertaining, touching, layered and vibrant SA romance drama with a bubbly lead and solid cast. Like: Fanie Fourie's Lobola