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BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX, THE - An excellent 8! Germany's RAF terrorism era is brought to life. Intense, gripping, informative and violent. Better as mini-series. Like: Munich

BAARIA - A satisfactory 6! This epic multi-generational 1900s world cinema drama has a beautiful soundtrack, yet doesn't ground itself - making for a beautiful yet somewhat superficial take. Like: Malena

BABY MAMA - A satisfactory 6! Sweet, predictable chick flick comedy that leans on its able cast. Some crude humour. Like: Knocked Up

BABYLON A.D. - A flat 5! A choppy post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller with flat Vin Diesel action and gaping plot holes. Like: Children of Men

BABYSITTERS - A flat 5! A controversial indie drama bordering on teen exploitation with some recognisable faces and sleazy sexuality. Like: Ken Park

BACK-UP PLAN, THE - A terrible 2! A formulaic, predictable "romcom" that lacks chemistry, laughs and good taste. Like: Trust the Man

BAD LIEUTENANT, THE - A third-rate 3! Herzog's crime drama send-up is purposefully bad and rather pointless, featuring an over-the-top Nicolas Cage as a hedonistic hunchback and part-time bad cop. Like: Bad Lieutenant

BAD MOMS - A satisfactory 6! Good energy, timely commentary, some laughs and a surprisingly touching third act, offset coarse, irreverent undercurrents. Like: The Boss

BAD NEIGHBOURS - A solid 7! This dastardly funny family vs. frat comedy cat 'n mouse romp is like a joint sequel to Superbad and Knocked Up. Like: Superbad

BAD NEIGHBOURS 2 - A satisfactory 6! This versus rehash may be stunted, by gets by on the same creative, crude, gross-out humour that made the original so funny. Like: Bad Neighbours

BAD TEACHER - A flat 5! A top-notch comedy cast can't commit to a superficial script with a nasty streak, a lack of heart and unlikable caricatures. Like: Orange County

BAKGAT - A satisfactory 6! Americanised local Afrikaans mixture of The Karate Kid, She's All That and American Pie. Like: Poena is Koning

BAKGAT! 2 - A satisfactory 6! Wimpie's in University for even more laughs and feel good fun in this formulaic subtitled Afrikaans "American Pie" meets "The Karate Kid" comedy. Like: Bakgat!

BALLADE VIR 'N ENKELING - A solid 7! A flawed, yet beautifully composed, moving and sprawling South African mystery drama with a fine cast. Like: Ballade vir 'n Enkeling (TV)

BALLERINA - A satisfactory 6! A charming cast and sparkling recreation of 1880s Paris elevate this predictable and comical animated journey. Like: Frozen

BALLS OF FURY - A flat 5! An Enter the Dragon and Karate Kid take on the world of ping pong with Jack Black wannabe. Like: Dodgeball, A Knight's Tale

BALLS OUT - A flimsy 4! Offensive underdog tennis story with nudity, bad language and a gruff performance from Sean William Scott. Like: Mr. Woodcock

BAND'S VISIT, THE - An excellent 8! Witty, touching and humane cross-cultural foreign drama with a dash of charm and comedy. Like: The Long Journey

BANDSLAM- A satisfactory 6! Coming-of-age drama, clever scripting... this teen film is fun, entertaining and filled with great music. Like: Camp Rock

BANG BANG CLUB, THE - A satisfactory 6! A good cast bolster this informative, entertaining and deadly serious drama on a group of photojournalist's true-life experiences in the last days of Apartheid. Like: Salvador

BANGKOK DANGEROUS - A flimsy 4! Flat performances, uneven pacing, weak script and predictable story ruin this action remake. Like: Bangkok Dangerous (1999)

BANK JOB, THE - A solid 7! Well-cast, absorbing and entertaining British heist thriller based on a true story. Like: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT - A solid 7! While a late return, it makes an entertaining, funny, heartfelt, thought-provoking and socially-conscious sequel. Like: Barbershop

BARBIE - A satisfactory 6! Barbie animated features tend to follow the same formula. Good songs and sweet stories that build up to a life lesson.

BARELY LETHAL - A flimsy 4! This predictable, half-baked, lightweight high school espionage action comedy misses the mark and its audience. Like: The Duff

BARNEY'S VERSION - A solid 7! A realistic biological portrait of a flawed, funny and endearing character played to perfection by Paul Giamatti. American Splendour

BASTILLE DAY - A flat 5! A fun, yet superficial and uneven Parisian action thriller buoyed by its setting and versatile lead. Like: From Paris with Love

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE - A satisfactory 6! Breathtaking action, dazzling CGI, gravitas and a talented cast substitute for emotional weight and story cohesion. Like: Man of Steel

BATTLE FOR TERRA - A satisfactory 6! This animated action sci-fi movie carries an emotional resonance, amid dazzling CGI and a compelling anti-war message. A few minor flaws, 3D optional. Like: Titan A.E.

BATTLE: LOS ANGELES - A solid 7! This Independence Day/Hurt Locker crossover hooks you like a video game with its action-intensive documentary style and visual effects. Like: The Hurt Locker, Avatar

BAD GRANDPA - A satisfactory 6! This hit-and-miss comedy manages to entertain with candid laughs, lowbrow humour and a bit of heart. Like: Borat

BAGGAGE CLAIM - A flimsy 4! Dumb fun buoyed by Paula Patton in this uninspired, lightweight, predictable and insulting "romcom". Like: What's Your Number?

BATTLE OF THE YEAR - A third-rate 3! A few electrifying dance sequences amid poor acting, cheesy dialogue and earnest yet tired formula. Like: Make It Happen

BATTLESHIP - A satisfactory 6! Top Gun meets Transformers in this fun, eye-popping popcorn action blockbuster based on the game. Like: Transformers

BE KIND, REWIND - A solid 7! Fun, whimsical jaunt, aided by likable characters and a series of nostalgic "amateur" VHS movie remakes. Like: Click

BEASTLY - A flimsy 4! Beauty & The Beast meets Dorian Gray in this sometimes cheesy and middling TV quality paranormal romance. Like: Twilight

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD - An excellent 8! A magical, imaginative, moving, original and unforgettable poem about childhood innocence. Like: Tree of Life

BEAUTIFUL BOY - A satisfactory 6! An intense, taut and thought-provoking domestic drama with solid performances. Like: Adoration

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES - A flat 5! A charming yet loose adaptation fueled by a solid cast and inconsistent Twilight-style paranormal romance. Like: Twilight

BEAVER, THE - A satisfactory 6! Gibson's full performance and Foster's intuitive direction underwrite this honest, compassionate and deeply human drama. Like: The Man Without A Face

BECOMING JANE - A satisfactory 6! A competent chapter from Jane Austen's life with possible inspirations. Like: Sense & Sensibility, Miss Austen Regrets

BEDTIME STORIES - A flat 5! Mild, forgettable family, fantasy comedy buoyed by Adam Sandler. Sweet, dumb and a little dull. Like: Jumanji

BEE MOVIE - A satisfactory 6! A funny, comedy vehicle for Seinfeld in the same groove as Ants. Flashes of brilliance. Like: Ants, A Bug's Life

BEETHOVEN'S BIG BREAK - A flat 5! Carries the St. Bernard torch... Middling family comedy will appeal to the kids. Some rude humour. Like: Beethoven's 2nd

BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP - A satisfactory 6! A chilling, entertaining, slick yet routine Hitchcockian psychological thriller with a solid cast. Like: Blink

BEFORE I WAKE - A flat 5! More fantasy thriller, than horror, this creepy "Nightmare on Elm Street" film is uneven, uninspired and predictable. Like: The Boy

BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD - An excellent 8! Powerful, dark heist movie about a father and his sons. Multiple viewpoint narrative. Like: The Killing, Vantage Point

BEFORE THE RAINS - A satisfactory 6! Poetic, political and beautifully filmed, but this doomed love story borders melodrama. Like: The Mistress of Spices

BEFORE WE GO - A flimsy 4! This uneasy, contrived and cheesy romance drama pales in comparison with Once and only warms up in the third act. Like: Song One

BEGIN AGAIN - A solid 7! A charming, entertaining & enjoyable NY music romance drama with effervescent performances and a lively soundtrack. Like: Once

BEGINNERS - A solid 7! A moving, witty and creative comedy drama with great chemistry and an emotional core beneath the sentimental style. Like: Happy-Go-Lucky

BEHIND ENEMY LINES II - A flimsy 4! Cheesy, predictable straight-to-video action B-movie with a weak plot and a few recognisable faces. Like: Behind Enemy Lines

BEHAVING BADLY - A third-rate 3! A quick-paced, raunchy yet disappointingly mindless, predictable and witless '80s style teen romp misfire. Like: Risky Business

BEHIND THE MASK - A solid 7! Behind-the-scenes slasher in vein of Nightmare on Elm St, Halloween & Jason turns from mockumentary to reality. Like: Scream

BEFORE MIDNIGHT - A excellent 8! A well-crafted romance drama with excellent co-lead performances, smart writing and insightful dialogue. Like: Before Sunrise

BEHIND THE CANDELABRA - A solid 7! Excellent performances from Douglas and Damon light this bold, deft, witty and entertaining TV biopic. Like: Milk

BEHIND THE RAINBOW - A solid 7! Comprehensive, informative and relevant SA historical documentary unveils the story of the ANC up to 2008. Like: Mandela

BEING FLYNN - A solid 7! An in-form De Niro grapples with a complex character in this touching, thought-provoking yet depressing drama. Like: The Music Never Stopped

BEL AMI - A flat 5! Robert Pattinson's bland lead performance undermines this promising period piece costume drama adaptation. Like: Chloe

BELLA - An excellent 8! Simple, heart-warming and life-affirming indie romance drama with top performances from ensemble. Like: Quinceanera

BELLE - A excellent 8! A compelling, spirited and deftly-crafted costume drama, inspired by a true story and infused with social politics. Like: Amazing Grace

BEN 10: RACE AGAINST TIME - A flat 5! Fun live-action family sci-fi adventure TV movie from Cartoon Network. Cheesy acting and mediocre CGI. Like: Sky High

BEN HUR - A flat 5! While technically competent and entertaining, this uninspired remake is convoluted and overshadowed by its influences. Like: Kingdom of Heaven

BEOWULF - A solid 7! Beowulf's 3D animation helps to suspend the medieval fantasy world and blunts violence/nudity. Like: 300, Troy, Braveheart

BERNIE - A solid 7! Jack Black is surprisingly good in this sweet, smart, entertaining and bizarre dark comedy caper based on a true story. Like: Hitchcock

BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, THE - A solid 7! A charming, stellar cast trump the contrived and predictable in this witty, life-affirming comedy. Like: Calendar Girls

BEST MAN HOLIDAY, THE - A satisfactory 6! Uneven, yet entertaining, sincere and emotionally-charged comedy drama with strong performances. Like: The Best Man

BETWEEN FRIENDS - A satisfactory 6! An enjoyable SA reunion comedy romance drama with a playful tone, a sexy cast and soap opera tendencies. Like: The Best Man Holiday

BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA - A flat 5! This Disney talking dog comedy/adventure is made fun and lively by its talented voice cast. Like: Firehouse Dog

BEYOND THE REACH - A flat 5! While promising, this minimalist cat-and-mouse desert thriller is convoluted and falls apart in the third act. Like: Savages

BFG, THE - A solid 7! Spectacular CGI visuals, great atmosphere and whimsy power Spielberg's good-natured adaptation of Dahl's beloved book. Like: The BFG (1989)

BHOOTHNATH - A satisfactory 6! A lively, entertaining Bollywood comedy musical for the family about a ghost. Like: Om Shanti Om

BIG EYES - A solid 7! A fine cast, solid performances and a refreshing shift in direction for Tim Burton lift this thought-provoking biopic. Like: Ed Wood

BIG FELLAS - A third-rate 3! Silly wannabe road trip buddy comedy about BEE with beautiful scenery. Like: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

BIG GAME - A satisfactory 6! This ridiculous '80s retro action throwback doesn't aim high, but lands in over-the-top enjoyable cheesy fun. Like: Survivor

BIG HERO 6 - An excellent 8! This dazzling, entertaining, full-tilt, funny, moving and action-packed animated adventure is a blast of fun. Like:Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

BIG NOTHING - A satisfactory 6! A dark comedy/thriller crime caper that boils over without blowing the lid off! Like: Ruthless People

BIG MOMMAS: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON - A third-rate 3! Martin Lawrence fans of the series will love it. For others it's just more of the same pointless, low on laughs fodder. Like: Big Mommas 2

BIG SHORT, THE - A solid 7! A curt, off-the-wall, well-acted and infotaining biographical drama about the U.S. financial meltdown. Like: The Wolf of Wall Street

BIG STAN - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining Prison Break meets The Karate Kid hybrid tarnished by prison style comedy. Like: The Animal

BIG STONE GAP - A flat 5! While earnest, amiable and stellar enough, it lacks the laughs and dramatic definition to be truly memorable. Like: Everybody's Fine

BIG WEDDING, THE - A third-rate 3! A stellar cast struggle to keep this contrived and crude stab at a wedding comedy from flat-lining. Like: Because I Said So...

BIG YEAR, THE - A satisfactory 6! A light-hearted, mild and heartwarming comedy drama that just seems a bit too bland for the comic talent. Like: Larry Crowne

BIGGER SPLASH, A - A solid 7! A compelling, moody and sensuous psychological drama and paradise thriller with sharp performances and much visual flair. Like: La Piscine

BILL - A flat 5! A suburban comedy drama about mid-life crisis that devolves into a blurry mess. Not for everyone. Like: American Beauty

BIRTH OF A NATION - A satisfactory 6! While flawed, it remains a beautifully mounted, fiery, powerful, harrowing and timely antebellum drama. Like: 12 Years A Slave

BIUTIFUL - A satisfactory 6! A dark, intense and depressing personal domestic drama with multiple plot levels carried by a strong lead performance from Bardem. Like: 21 Grams

BLACK BUTTERFLIES - A satisfactory 6! A biopic drama about the poetry, politics and tribulations of South African poet, Ingrid Jonker, intensified by a willful performance from an unlikable lead. Like: Sylvia

BLACK IRISH - A flat 5! Coming-of-age family drama with a good lead, but one too many Irish clichés and stereotypes for 95 min. Like: Angela's Ashes

BLACK MASS - A solid 7! Johnny Depp's reinvention drives this stellar, sure-footed, violent, brazen and typical Boston crime drama biopic. Like: The Departed

BLACK NATIVITY - A satisfactory 6! A solid cast deliver enough good music, heart and performance to offset this film's inept direction. Like:

BLACK OR WHITE - A flat 5! While it encounters intriguing racial hypocrisy, this drama is restrained by its sentimental TV movie treatment. Like: Skin

BLACK SEA - A solid 7! While the plot's leaky, this nail-biting submarine adventure thriller is engaging and harnesses a strong lead in Law. Like: Run All Night

BLACK SNAKE MOAN - A solid 7! The Blues, a God-fearing man, the devil and a chained wild woman... surprisingly good music drama! Like: Wild at Heart

BLACK SWAN - An excellent 8! A career best lead performance, a stellar supporting cast and visionary direction power this beautiful, haunting psychological fantasy thriller home. Like: The Wrestler

BLACKHAT - A flat 5! While stylish and timely, an insubstantial script and muddled direction make for a bland, uneven cyber-crime drama. Like: The Fifth Estate

BLAIR WITCH - A solid 7! While essentially a remake, this dark, terrifying woodland horror thriller is fresh, suspenseful and unsettling. Like: Blair Witch Project

BLENDED - A satisfactory 6! Sandler and Barrymore's chemistry and heartwarming, family-friendly fun patch up this lazy, hit-and-miss comedy. Like: Just Go with It

BLIND SIDE, THE - A solid 7! A strong true story and stand-out performance from Bullock highlight this heartwarming sports drama. Like: We Are Marshall

BLINDNESS - A solid 7! Innovative allegory concept drama about human nature is inspiring, thought-provoking and poetic. NFSV Like: The Stone Raft

BLING RING, THE - A satisfactory 6! A witty, dreamy and beautifully shot yet superficial look at some shallow, fame-obsessed teenage junkies. Like: Somewhere

BLINKY BILL - A satisfactory 6! A light, sweet-natured animated adventure, full of colour, Aussie lingo and spirited voice performances. Like: Maya the Bee

BLONDE AMBITION - A third-rate 3! Formulaic, predictable Jessica Simpson vanity vehicle loaded with product placements and Andy Dick. Like: Coyote Ugly

BLOOD FATHER - A solid 7! Gibson delivers in this simple, familiar, yet action-packed, entertaining and silly throwback chase down thriller. Like: Get the Gringo

BLOOD: LAST VAMPIRE- A flat 5! Horror/thriller anime loses bite in live-action transition. Dynamic, yet mediocre in all departments. Like: Vampire Hunter D

BLOOD TIES - A solid 7! A stellar cast, taut atmosphere and an authentic retro feel fuel this epic character-driven crime drama thriller. Like: Rivals

BLOODRAYNE 2 - A third-rate 3! Uwe Boll's camp and trashy sequel to video game adaptation. Set in Wild West with cowboy vampires. Like: Bloodrayne

BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR - An excellent 8! Masterful direction and terrific performances underpin this intense, absorbing and sprawling story. Like: Amour

BLUE SMOKE - A flat 5! A TV movie adaptation of a Nora Roberts novel that is pushed for time. Like: Montana Sky, Angel Falls

BLUE STATE - A flat 5! Awkward and preachy political drama disguised as a charming romantic comedy roadtrip. Like: Wag the Dog, Grace is Gone

BLUE VALENTINE - An excellent 8! Gut-wrenching co-lead performances and indie grit underpin this gripping portrait of a contemporary marriage on the rocks. Like: Revolutionary Road

BOAT THAT ROCKED, THE- A satisfactory 6! Great cast, terrific soundtrack and good comedy in this farcical tribute to Brit-Pop. Like: Good Morning Vietnam

BODY OF LIES - A solid 7! This espionage action/thriller is thought-provoking, but relies on DiCaprio and Crowe to pull through. Like: The Kingdom

BOERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD - A solid 7! A fascinating, touching and deeply human documentary about a "displaced" Afrikaans farming community. Like: God Grew Tired of Us, Searching for Sugar Man

BOLT - A solid 7! Strong CGI visuals, endearing characters and feel-good entertainment override story's familiarity with Lassie. Like: Underdog

BOO: A MADEA HALLOWEEN - A flat 5! This cheap, lightweight and over-the-top comedy is amusing at times, but doesn't aim high. Like: A Madea Christmas

BOOGEYMAN 2 - A third-rate 3! Mindless production line slasher horror sequel with cheap thrills. Like: Jeepers Creepers 2, Boogeyman

BOOK OF ELI, THE - A flat 5! Decent lead performances and an intriguing premise underpin this blood-thirsty middling Mad Max/Highlander sci-fi cross-over. Like: Doomsday

BOOK OF LIFE, THE - A solid 7! An epic, entertaining, imaginative, macabre and beautifully animated Mexican myth with a Tim Burton affinity. Like: The Nightmare Before Christmas

BOOK THIEF, THE - A solid 7! Strong performances, a powerful story and great characters smooth over the film's uneven storytelling and tone. Like: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

BOOM, BOOM SABOTAGE - A third-rate 3! A lame low budget 70 min animated skateboard video adventure with Tony Hawk. Like: Hoodwinked!

BOOT CAMP - A flat 5! Entertaining yet uneasy thriller with decent cast and performances. Themes around abuse in torture camp. Like: Naked Weapon

BORDERTOWN - A solid 7! A powerful yet heavy-handed film about the deaths of hundreds of women near American-owned factories. Like: Rendition, Zodiac

BOSTON STRANGLER, THE - A third-rate 3! Low budget crime/thriller with weak script, poor performances and slow pacing. Like: The Boston Strangler (2006)

BOTTOM FEEDER - A flimsy 4! Cheesy, low budget, midnight monster sci-fi/horror movie with Tom Sizemore. Old school, little or no CGI. Like: Mulberry Street

BOUNTY HUNTER, THE - A third-rate 3! This cat-and-mouse action comedy lacks chemistry between the half-hearted leads. Predictable, uninspiring and low on laughs. Like: Bird on a Wire

BOURNE LEGACY, THE - A satisfactory 6! A competent, tense, entertaining yet underdone Bourne reboot, armed with a compelling lead. Like: The Bourne Supremacy

BOURNE ULTIMATUM, THE - An excellent 8! Bourne's back for another smart, gripping, thrilling and exhausting action/thriller. Like: The Bourne Supremacy

BOX, THE - A flat 5! A short story of morals is stretched in ambition, imagination and scope, resulting in a muddled yet tense sci-fi/thriller. Like: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

BOX, THE - A flimsy 4! Straight-to-DVD crime/thriller - boring due to poor script, mediocre acting and too many twists. Like: Confidence

BOXTROLLS, THE - A solid 7! A dark, delightful, energetic, fun, inventive, unconventional, witty and textured stop-motion animated adventure. Like: ParaNorman

BOXBOARDERS - A satisfactory 6! A low budget underdog adventure with plenty of laughs, a zippy young cast and loads of fun for all. Like: Hot Rod

BOY A - An excellent 8! Gritty and thought-provoking crime/drama lifted by superb performances and deliberate direction. Like: Leo

BOY, THE - A flat 5! While entertaining, creepy and atmospheric, this so-so horror thriller caves into its cliché-riddled script. Like: Chucky

BOY IN STRIPED PYJAMAS, THE - A solid 7! Deeply moving drama with an unquietening approach to unveiling the Holocaust through the eyes of a child. Like: Fateless

BOY NEXT DOOR, THE - A flimsy 4! A lazy, predictable, silly, trashy erotic thriller jam-packed with unintentional comedy... oh and J-Lo. Like: Addicted

BOYCHOIR - A satisfactory 6! While formulaic and predictable, Hoffman shines and the music soars, making it a nice heartfelt crowd-pleaser. Like: The Chorus

BOYHOOD - A near-perfect 9! An epic, moving, subtle and inspiring dramatic experience with authentic performances and a momentous script. Like: Before Midnight

BOYS ARE BACK, THE - A solid 7! Top-notch performances in this honest, heartwarming, coming-of-age family drama about a father and his boys as they deal with loss, abandonment and responsibility. Like: Driving Lessons

BRAVE - An excellent 8! A sister to How to Train Your Dragon: luscious CG animation, a beautiful tale, solid cast and emotional resonance. Like: How to Train Your Dragon

BRAVE ONE, THE - A solid 7! Entertaining vigilante revenge thriller with top class direction and a great performance from Foster. Like: .45

BREAKING THROUGH - A flimsy 4! A derivative and uninspired coming-of-age YouTube generation dance flick with a found footage gimmick. Like: How She Move

BREATHING ROOM - A flimsy 4! Another SAW concept rip-off "game". Decent suspense without the moral dilemna and climax pay-off. Like: Saw IV

BRICK LANE - A satisfactory 6! Slow-moving drama about Bangladeshi arranged marriage saved by Chatterjee and Gavron. Like: The Namesake

BRICK MANSIONS - A third-rate 3! A numb, dumb and ridiculous action crime thriller with some stylish high-octane action and parkour stunts. Like: District 13

BRIDE WARS - A flat 5! Watchable romcom with a lazy script and unoriginal concept. Lacks laughs and protagonists. Like: Bridezillas (TV)

BRIDESHEAD REVISITED - A satisfactory 6! Adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's 1945 novel is beautiful and suspenseful, yet cold and detached. Like: Closing the Ring

BRIDESMAIDS - A solid 7! Part '27 Dresses' and part 'The Hangover', this hilarious and enjoyable "chick flick" runs 15 minutes too long. Like: Bridget Jones's Diary

BRIDGE OF SPIES - An excellent 8! A powerful, compelling and understated historical Cold War espionage drama thriller with fine performances. Like: A Most Wanted Man

BRIDGET JONES'S BABY - A solid 7! While a bit clumsy, it remains a fun, fresh, romantic, funny, star-studded and welcome sequel. Like: Bridget Jones's Diary

BRIGHTON ROCK - A flat 5! Indistinct co-lead performances and a lack of charm undermine this dull, British gangster flick. Like: Brighton Rock (1947)

BRIGHT STAR - A flat 5! Beautiful cinematography, atmosphere and fine performances negate slow pacing, poor story development and selfish characters. Like: Becoming Jane

BRING IT ON:FIGHT TO THE FINISH- A flat 5! Decent sequel carries the cheer leading torch with same formulaic, predictable chick flick flair. Like: Bring It On: All or Nothing

BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN - An excellent 8! Strong performances, heartbreaking drama and lively bluegrass music underpin this sad love story. Like: Into the Wild

BROKEN CITY - A satisfactory 6! A slick, entertaining and stellar, albeit flawed and indistinct political crime thriller. Like: Pride and Glory

BROKEN EMBRACES - A solid 7! Top-notch performances from the ensemble, beautiful visuals and some captivating emotional drama smooth over flaws in the story. Like: Volver

BROKEN PATH - A flat 5! Power Rangers crew create action flick. Anime-style and long ambitious fight scene from 20 minute mark. Like: Wicked Game

BROOKLYN - An excellent 8! A smart, heartwarming, funny and engrossing period piece coming-of-age drama with an elegant lead. Like: Immigrant

BROOKLYN'S FINEST - A satisfactory 6! Intense, gritty yet clichéd crime thriller set in Brooklyn with solid performances from an underrated cast. Like: Pride & Glory

BROTHERS- A solid 7! Excellent performances from lead trio override melodramatic feel. Powerful, but not on par with original. Like: Brothers (2004)

BROTHERS BLOOM, THE - A solid 7! Imaginative multi-genre crime caper with good writing, a solid cast and fine performances. Fun, fresh and meaningful. Like: Big Fish

BRUNO - A satisfactory 6! Shamelessly offensive, yet entertaining and hilariously over-the-top mockumentary. Like: Borat

BTK KILLER, THE - A flimsy 4! Low budget straight-to-video take on true BTK Killer. Poor acting and slow storytelling make it boring. Like: The Boston Strangler

BUCKET LIST, THE - A satisfactory 6! Screen legends shine through larger-than-life story for heart-warming tale of friendship and family. Like: Click

BUG - A satisfactory 6! Good performances in this psychological horror/thriller adaptation of a stage play. Like: Black Snake Moan

BULLET TO THE HEAD - A flat 5! Stallone's old school charm and solid action set pieces are spoiled by this gritty thriller's jarring ending. Like: 48 Hrs.

BULLHEAD - A solid 7! A dark, gripping, unsettling and visually arresting Belgian crime drama with a terrific lead performance. Like: A Prophet

BULLY - A solid 7! An emotionally powerful social wake up call and conversation starter of a documentary that focuses in on the victims. Like: Catfish, Bully

BUNDY - A flat 5! Low budget straight-to-video serial killer horror with no name cast, based on Ted Bundy. Like: B.T.K., The Boston Strangler

BURLESQUE - A flat 5! So bad it's almost good, this entertaining, camp, star-studded musical features surprising performances from Cher and Christina. Not for everyone. Like: Coyote Ugly, Moulin Rouge

BURN AFTER READING - A solid 7! The Coen bros. are back to their roots with a wild comedy crime caper, loaded with a supercool cast. Like: The Big Lebowski

BURNING PLAIN, THE- A satisfactory 6! Solid performances from all-star cast overcome sluggish pace and constant air of melodrama. Like: 21 Grams, Babel

BURNT - A solid 7! While formulaic and familiar, this foodie comeback drama wins your heart with determination and spirited performances. Like: No Reservations

BUS 657 - A flat 5! A sharp cast are underplayed in this formulaic, generic and half-baked heist drama thriller. Like: The Taking of Pelham 123

BUTLER, THE - A solid 7! Strong performances from a stellar cast elevate this deeply moving, moralistic and episodic U.S. historical drama. Like: The Help

BUTTER - A flat 5! A solid cast and a comical concept can't save this film from its bland comedy script and unlikable characters. Like: The Sitter