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CABIN IN THE WOODS - An excellent 8! A smart, funny, scary and mind-blowing horror movie that turns the genre inside out. Like: The Evil Dead 2

CADILLAC RECORDS - A satisfactory 6! Great music and strong performances override the music biopic formula and bad language. Like: Ray, Walk the Line

CAFE DE LOS MAESTROS - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining music documentary about Argentina's heyday of 1940s/50s Tango dance music. Like: Orquesta tipica

CAFE SOCIETY - A satisfactory 6! Charming performances delight in this nostalgic, beautifully shot, yet inconsistent, familiar and patchy comedy drama. Like: Magic in the Moonlight

CAKE - A satisfactory 6! A stellar performance from Jennifer Aniston almost redeems this honest, yet insubstantial, slow and prickly drama. Like: Still Alice

CALL, THE - A satisfactory 6! Sharp performances and taut direction save this suspenseful yet amusing and over-the-top low budget thriller. Like: Rescue 911

CAMP ROCK - A flat 5! Disney teen rock dream straight-to-video release features catchy rock music and a candy pop cast. Like: High School Musical

CAMPAIGN, THE - A satisfactory 6! Solid co-lead performances carry this coarse, yet often funny political spoof. Like: Welcome to Mooseport

CANTANTE, EL - A flat 5! Vibrant, energetic musical biopic constrained by slant and lack of character development. Like: The Singer

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER - A solid 7! Sturdy, uncomplicated retro WWII superhero blockbuster actioner with some great visuals and fine performances. Like: Captain America

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR - An excellent 8! A bigger cast, solid CGI and blistering action make this funny sequel dazzling and entertaining. Like: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER - An excellent 8! Smart, funny, inventive and compelling, this stellar superhero sequel is a strong all-round team effort. Like: Captain America

CAPTAIN FANTASTIC - An excellent 8! A charming, entertaining, offbeat, smart and timely comedy drama with sharp performances and an independent spirit. Like: Little Miss Sunshine, Into the Wild

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS - An excellent 8! A harrowing true story brought to life by phenomenal performances, taut direction and docudrama realism. Like: Zero Dark Thirty

CAPTIVITY - A flimsy 4! Grisly sexual torture movie, unlike Saw and Hostel in psychological insight and scares. Like: The Last House on the Left

CARAMEL - A solid 7! Lush, charming and comedic Lebanese film offers some cultural insight from a beauty salon. Like: Real Women Have Curves

CARNAGE - A satisfactory 6! A claustrophobic, character-driven and prickly stage play adaptation with a first-rate cast and director. Like:The Perfect Host

CAROL  - An excellent 8! An exquisite romance drama about longing and desire, brought about by deft direction and powerful co-lead performances. Like: Far From Heaven

CARRIE - A satisfactory 6! A talented cast bolster an effective, yet inessential and uninspired remake of the Stephen King horror classic. Like: Carrie (1976)

CARS 2 - A flat 5! A solid voice cast and beautiful 3D animation can't substitute for an uninspiring story, lack-lustre characters and conceptual flaws. Like: Cars

CASSANDRA'S DREAM - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining, Dark Modern Noir with good performances from McGregor and Farrell, but overwritten Woody Allen script dulls overall effect. Like: Scoop

CATCH .44 - A third-rate 3! A star-studded cast are laid to waste in this cheap, messy and plodding Tarantino wannabe. Like: 29 Palms

CATCH & RELEASE - A flat 5! Fresh characters and dark comedy fall back on same old, same old "romcom" formula. Like: P.S. I Love You

CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE - A flimsy 4! Poor writing dulls the laughs in this dumb "pets with celebrity voices" sequel. One for the kids. Like: Cats & Dogs

CALVARY - An excellent 8! Gleeson's immense performance lights this dark, compelling mystery drama about faith, mortality and revenge. Like: The Guard

CAVERN, THE - A third-rate 3! Realistic cave lighting/atmosphere ruins any chance of actually seeing a decent horror story unfold?! Like: The Cave

CELL - A flimsy 4! Stephen King's story has potential, but it's squandered on this flimsy and inept zombie thriller, which gets progressively worse. Like: The Happening

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE - A satisfactory 6! Hart and Johnson's charm and odd couple chemistry fuel this fun, spirited albeit silly action comedy. Like: Ride Along

CENTRE STAGE: TURN IT UP - A flat 5! Inexperienced cast and cliched dance story are evened out by ballet choreography and lead's chemistry. Like: Centre Stage

CENTURION - A satisfactory 6! Neil Marshall delivers an epic, entertaining, yet bloodthirsty historical actioner with a relatively unknown cast. Like: King Arthur

CELESTE & JESSE FOREVER - A solid 7! An original, charming, funny, honest, sharp and touching "romcom" with two up-and-coming co-leads. Like: It's Kind of a Funny Story

CELL 2, THE - A third-rate 3! If you loved The Cell, you'll hate this straight-to-DVD sequel. A cheap torture porn knock-off without J-Lo. Like: Wishmaster 3

CEREMONY - A flat 5! Good idea, but borrowed direction, sluggish pacing misfire in an attempt at hitting the right notes as a quirky indie comedy. Like: Margot at the Wedding

CHALET GIRL - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining and smart feel good British romcom with a great ensemble. Like: Cemetery Road

CHAMELEON - A solid 7! A slightly contrived Hungarian psychological thriller about a master of disguise and con artist with terrific casting and acting. Like: Matchstick Men

CHANGE-UP, THE - A satisfactory 6! Crude roller-coaster body swap bachelor comedy from the makers of The Hangover and Wedding Crashers. Like: Hall Pass

CHANGELING - A solid 7! Jolie delivers an Oscar-worthy performance in this mystery drama. Malkovich in the wings and Eastwood behind camera. Like: Birth

CHAPPIE - A satisfactory 6! A hotchpotch of cool, naive, passionate, pulpy, raw and visceral South African cyberpunk sci-fi action comedy. Like: District 9

CHARLIE BARTLETT - A solid 7! Clever storytelling, teenage angst and compelling performances led by a John Lennon meets Bart Simpson lead. Like: Rushmore

CHARLIE ST. CLOUD - A flimsy 4! Zac Efron's performance and looks are the only reason to see this sappy teen tearjerker. Like: The Last Song

CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR - A solid 7! Witty, entertaining and informing biopic drama with top ensemble. Like: Lord of War, Lions for Lambs

CHASING MAVERICKS - A satisfactory 6! An uplifting, yet cliched coming-of-age surf drama with some breathtaking big wave cinematics. Like: Soul Surfer

CHE: PART ONE - A satisfactory 6! Guevara's memoirs starring "born-to-play-Che" Del Toro. Made as a guerilla foreign film by a Hollywood director. Like: The Lost City

CHE: PART TWO - A satisfactory 6! Dark biopic shows Guevara's slow decline with a top-notch performance from Del Toro. Like: Che Part One

CHEF - A solid 7! Jon Favreau and A-list friends concoct a funny, heartwarming and indie-spirited comedy about cooking, passion and family. Like: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

CHERIE - A satisfactory 6! Pfeiffer and Bates shine in this sluggish period piece older woman-younger man romance drama. Like: The Age of Innocence

CHERNOBYL DIARIES - A flat 5! A solid concept and great atmosphere amount to little suspense and fewer scares, in this underwhelming horror. Like: The Intruders

CHILD 44 - A satisfactory 6! A stellar cast and a strong lead bolster this intriguing, miry, slow-burning and wandering USSR thriller. Like: Citizen X

CHIMPANZEE - A solid 7! Unnecessary narration and a few contrivances are no match for the documentary's technical and emotional beauty. Like: White Lion

CHOICE, THE - A satisfactory 6! While it verges on melodrama, this sweet-natured and tender Nicholas Sparks romance drama is charming, entertaining and touching. Like: The Vow

CHOCOLAT - A satisfactory 6! Omar Sy's charm and a picturesque setting lift this amusing, simple and predictable comedy drama. Like: Water for Elephants, Paljas

CHOKE - A satisfactory 6! Seedy, dark sex comedy/drama saved by strong performances. Based on Chuck Palahniuk's novel. NFSV Like: Fight Club

CHLOE - A satisfactory 6! An all-star cast and fine director turn in a thought-provoking and smoldering love triangle erotic thriller with a twist. Like: Elegy

CHOCOLAT (2015) - A satisfactory 6! Omar Sy's charm and a picturesque setting lift this amusing, simple and predictable comedy drama. Like: Water for Elephants, Paljas

CHRISTMAS CAROL, A - A solid 7! This Disney family, fantasy animation is visually spectacular with rich story-telling and Carrey's talents, but emotionally hollow. Like: The Polar Express

CHRISTMAS COTTAGE, THE - A flat 5! Heartwarming folksy biographical family/drama. Good cast, although too melodramatic at times. Like: Little Women

CHRISTMAS MIRACLE FOR JONATHAN TOOMEY, A - A satisfactory 6! Heartwarming and uplifting Christmas tale adaptation for all ages. Like: Miracle on 34th Street

CHRONICLE - A solid 7! A cult gem: smart script, good pacing, sharp performances and innovative rehash on found footage/superhero genres. Like: Cloverfield

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN - An excellent 8! Like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Narnia - rolled into one epic adventure. Like: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER - A solid 7! Dazzling visual effects, solid performances, good pacing and a new sense of purpose make this adaptation entertaining and enjoyable. Like: Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

CINDERELLA - An excellent 8! An artful, entertaining, fresh, fun, magical and naive live-action adaptation of a Disney fairy tale classic. Like: The Princess Bride

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: WORLDS AWAY - A satisfactory 6! A beautiful, enchanting art spectacle, despite loose storyline and highlights reel feel. Like: Cirque du Soleil

CITY OF EMBER - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining and imaginative fantasy adventure with a solid cast, but lacks magic. Like: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

CITY OF MEN - A solid 7! Brutal, honest and touching tale of favela life friendship and survival in Brazil. Adaptation of TV show. Like: City of God

CITY OF VIOLENCE - A satisfactory 6! A relentless and rugged character-driven SA crime drama thriller with solid co-leads and a few hiccups. Like: Street Kings

CJ7 - A satisfactory 6! Unusual sweet, zany and imaginative kids fantasy/comedy from Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer). Like: The Last Mimzy

CLASH OF THE TITANS - A flimsy 4! This mythological epic relies too heavily on its CGI with half-hearted performances from a solid cast and inconsistent direction. Like: The Scorpion King

CLEANER - A satisfactory 6! A stylish, intriguing crime/thriller that doesn't quite measure up to expectations. Like: The Long Kiss Goodnight

CLIQUE - A flimsy 4! Predictable tween comedy about new kid in school is nasty and lacks likable characters. Just for tweens. Like: Wild Child

CLOSED CIRCUIT - A flat 5! While sleek and armed with a sharp cast, this London conspiracy thriller is stuffy, slow-burning and uninspired. Like: The Fifth Estate

CLOSING THE RING - A flat 5! Soft melodrama and romance make Attenborough's film seem like a daytime soap-drama. Like: In Love and War

CLOUD ATLAS - An excellent 8! A solid cast, six compelling stories and dazzling visuals power this puzzling must-see twice sci-fi odyssey. Like: Tree of Life

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS - A solid 7! Amazing visuals, zany creativity and story-telling in this funny animated disaster movie for all ages. Like: Meet the Robinsons

CLOVERFIELD - An excellent 8! Epic "reality" sci-fi brings disaster news to home video. Like: The Blair Witch Project, Godzilla, War of the Worlds

COBBLER, THE - A third-rate 3! A dull, slow, insensitive and unfunny Adam Sandler movie that starts with promise and then flatlines... Like: Bedtime Stories

COCO & IGOR - A satisfactory 6! Solid performances, pristine cinematography and a topical exploration of the passion between two influential historical figures. A bit long and stunted by a lack of spark. Like: Coco Avant Chanel

COCO AVANT CHANEL - A satisfactory 6! A solid lead performance from Tatou in a simplified yet beautiful and fascinating biodrama tribute. Like: La vie en rose

COLLATERAL BEAUTY - A flimsy 4! A stellar cast are wasted in this cheesy, contrived and preposterous Christmas melodrama. Like: Mother's Day

COLD HARBOUR - A flat 5! This refined African noir crime thriller starts with great promise, yet remains aloof, before losing its balance. Like:

COLD LIGHT OF DAY, THE - A third-rate 3! An inane star vehicle that plays like a subpar TV movie, lacking depth, performance and direction. Like: Abduction

COLLEGE - A third-rate 3! Annoying characters, dumb scenarios and over-inflated rip-offs of better comedies leave this crude frat movie wanting. Like: Van Wilder 2: Rise of Taj

COLLEGE ROAD TRIP - A flimsy 4! Light, silly and over-the-top Disney family road trip comedy lacks laughs and imagination. Like: Are We There Yet?

COLMA - A solid 7! H.P. Mendoza's fresh, alternative and energetic comedy/drama musical about youth in the small town of Colma. Like: Option 3

COLOMBIANA - A flat 5! Zoe Saldana delivers, but the weak script, inconsistent pacing and sloppy direction disappoint. Like: Salt

COLONY, THE - A flat 5! Some good talent is wasted in this dull, cliched, by-the-numbers post-apocalyptic sci-fi survival horror thriller. Like: Surrogates

COME AS YOU ARE - A terrible 2! A lame softcore class reunion comedy about a guy trying to keep his porn "mansion" a secret. Like: Accidental Stripper

COMEBACKS, THE - A third-rate 3! This sports parody is riddled with unfunny clichés and crotch humour. Has nothing on The Replacements! Like: Epic Movie

COMING HOME - An excellent 8! A simple, intimate, bittersweet and beautifully heartbreaking melodrama with emotional and political power. Like: Dearest

COMPANY YOU KEEP, THE - A satisfactory 6! Steady direction from Redford guides this slow-burning and timely political drama thriller. Like: Lions for Lambs

CONAN THE BARBARIAN - A flat 5! Gore, violence and unnecessary 3D effects override acting, writing and character in this sword and sorcery fantasy action adventure. Better in 2D. Like: Clash of the Titans

CONCERT, THE - A solid 7! An entertaining Russian art house comedy musical farce about a band of misfits and their conductor. Ends on a high note. Like: The Band's Visit

CONCUSSION - A solid 7! Smith's performance and timely subject matter make this sports drama thought-provoking and solid, albeit safe. Like: Burnt

CONDEMNED, THE - A satisfactory 6! An island action/thriller in the style of Commando. Like: Survivor, Series 7: Contenders, Battle Royale

CONFESSIONS OF A GAMBLER - A satisfactory 6! Raw, honest, kitchen sink reality film adaptation. Gritty performances and topical themes set in SA. Like: Yesterday

CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC - A flat 5! Predictable, sweet and middling "romcom" has fresh stars, but doesn't use big guns. Too many subplots. Like: Bridget Jones's Diary

CONJURER, THE - A flat 5! Slow-paced, no-name, low budget indie horror/thriller is creepy, but too familiar to add anything new to genre. Like: Shutter

CONJURING, THE - An excellent 8! Wan injects new life into this intense, smart, scary and terrifyingly well-crafted haunted house horror. Like: The Woman in Black

CONJURING 2, THE - An excellent 8! While familiar, this diabolical sequel is compelling, creepy, finely-crafted and most importantly scary. Like: The Conjuring

CONSPIRACY - A flimsy 4! Val Kilmer fills in for Van Damme in this war/action/mystery. Ruined by poor acting and an '80s quality. Like: The Marine

CONSPIRATOR, THE - A satisfactory 6! A powerful post Lincoln assassination legal drama with a fine cast, good performances and politically-slanted storytelling. Like: Lions for Lambs

CONSUMING PASSIONS - A flat 5! Straight-to-video no-name cast TV drama celebrates the centenary of romance publishing house, Mills & Boon. Like: Mills & Boon

COPPOSITES - A flimsy 4! A fresh spin and talented cast is wasted on a raw script, uninspired storytelling and sitcom production values. Like: Mad Buddies

CONTAGION - A solid 7! A tense, scary and thought-provoking disaster movie with an all-star cast. Like: Outbreak

CONTRABAND - A solid 7! A fast-paced, gripping, entertaining and often funny heist-style crime-thriller with a rock solid cast. Like: Reykjavik-Rotterdam

CONTRACT, THE - A flat 5! A fugitive thriller that gets lost in the forest. Top actors wasted on a pointless plot. Like: The Clearing, The Fugitive

CONVICTION - A solid 7! Solid performances from a first-rate cast and a compelling true story almost trump this film's made-for-TV sensibility. Like: Nothing but the Truth

COOL IT - A satisfactory 6! A controversial global warming documentary, delivered by an anti-Gore messenger who offers a persuasive informative, yet troubling take on the crisis. Like: An Inconvenient Truth

CORALINE - An excellent 8! Mesmerising visuals, beautiful music and an intriguing, imaginative story make Coraline a must-see. Like: Alice in Wonderland

CORIOLANUS - A solid 7! War, politics and media reports clash in this gritty, powerful thinking man's actioner/Shakespearean modernisation. Like: Ran

COTTAGE, THE - A satisfactory 6! Wickedly funny low-budget British comedy/horror gorefest that is both deranged and daring. Like: Severance

COUGAR CLUB, THE - A third-rate 3! Raunchy, gross-out college "comedy" about two guys that start to match young men with older women. Like: Good Luck Chuck

COUNTERFEITERS, THE - An excellent 8! Powerful acting, amid gripping themes revolving around a WWII prisoner's sense of morality. Like: Escape from Sobibor

COUNTRY STRONG - A flat 5! Determined performances from a quality cast can't appease an inconsistent, derivative soap opera screenplay. Like: The Greatest

COUPLES RETREAT - A flimsy 4! Apart from a few light moments between Favreau and Vaughn, there's very little to laugh about here. Like: RV

COURAGEOUS - A satisfactory 6! A moving, uplifting Christian story for fathers, driven by competent film-making and effective performances. Like: Fireproof

COWBOYS & ALIENS - A flat 5! First-rate visual effects can't substitute for a miscast lead, sluggish pacing and a lack of comedy. Like: War of the Worlds

CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE - A satisfactory 6! Outrageous action set pieces and pop culture irreverence in this raunchy, ultra-violent action junkie sequel. Like: Crank

CRAZIES, THE - A satisfactory 6! A rare, tense and sharp biohazard horror/sci-fi remake of George Romero's classic. Like: The Crazies

CRAZY EIGHTS - A third-rate 3! Muddled horror/thriller tied together by gore, a few creepy moments and tired genre clichés. Like: Dark Ride

CRAZY HEART - A solid 7! A terrific performance from Bridges, good music and a compelling quest for redemption show the truth behind every country song. Like: Almost Famous

CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE. - A solid 7! Smart writing, solid performances and a funny, touching and unpredictable story surprise in this slow-to-start comedy romance drama. Like: Dan in Real Life

CREATION - A satisfactory 6! This sluggish Charles Darwin biopic is buoyed by fine cinematography and good lead performances from Bettany and Connelly. Like: Darwin (TV)

CREED - An excellent 8! Great co-lead chemistry, spirited performances and heartfelt drama power this crowd-pleasing refresh and spin-off. Like: Rocky III

CRIMINAL - A flat 5! While star-studded, this preposterous, violent and b-movie quality sci-fi espionage actioner ultimately disappoints. Like: Lucy

CRIMSON PEAK - A solid 7! A solid 7! A creepy atmosphere, striking visuals, a stellar cast and elegant, artful direction are stunted by thin melodrama. Like: The Devil's Backbone

CROODS, THE - A solid 7! Dazzling, imaginative visuals, great casting and good clean fun drive this zippy Simpsons/Flintstones family comedy. Like: The Incredibles

CROSSING OVER - A flat 5! Issue-orientated drama about immigration is heavy, messy and choppy with passable performances. Like: Babel, Crash

CRY, THE - A third-rate 3! The Llorona legend gets a stylish, disturbing yet pointless retelling. Like: Bell Witch Haunting

CRY OF THE OWL - A flat 5! Surreal and slow-moving art house drama/thriller has an interesting but vague story, which is only mildly captivating. Like: Surveillance

CUP, THE - A flimsy 4! One or two good performances in this cheesy, cliched yet big-hearted horse racing soap opera and crowd-pleaser. Like: The Derby Stallion

CURE FOR WELLNESS - A satisfactory 6! While creepy and stylish, this bewildering mystery horror thriller is predictable and too long. Like: Split

CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, THE - A solid 7! Strong art direction, special effects, make up and performances fill the gaps in Fincher's epic "bio" fantasy. Like: Forrest Gump

CUT BANK - A satisfactory 6! A stellar cast of quirky supporting characters shine in this curiously dark Coen bros style backwater thriller. Like: Beyond the Reach

CUTTING EDGE 3: CHASING THE DREAM, THE - A satisfactory 6! Decent straight-to-DVD drama/sport/romance TV movie sequel hits the ice much like the original. Like: Cutting Edge

CYRUS - A solid 7! Solid lead performances and an unconventional relationship drama in the vein of Oedipus Wrecks, makes this a dark, creepy and funny comedy. Like: The Puffy Chair