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DADDY DAY CAMP - A flimsy 4! Cheesy and mediocre sequel to Daddy Day Care. Harmless family fun for the kids. Like: Daddy Day Care

DADDY'S HOME - A flat 5! Ferrell and Wahlberg struggle to energise this uninspired versus comedy, where product placements outnumber laughs. Like: Sisters

DADDY'S LITTLE GIRLS - A flat 5! Tyler Perry's good intentions don't measure up to the execution of this melodramatic film. Like: Madea's Family Reunion

DAMAGE - A satisfactory 6! A welcome old school actioner with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as an ex-con hard man, cage fighting to redeem himself. Like: Fighting

DAMNED UNITED, THE A solid 7! Solid performances, an inspiring true sports/buddy story and accurate historical story-telling add up to a well-rounded biographical football drama. Like: Frost/Nixon

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS - A satisfactory 6! A precious, quirky and enchanting character-driven comedy romance drama. Like: Young Adult

DAN IN REAL LIFE - A solid 7! Charismatic performances boost this dramedy romance beyond its sentimental plot. Like: The Holiday

DANCE FLICK - A third-rate 3! A few laughs for the Wayans brothers spoof, but gross-out gags and sketchy direction ruin overall effect. Like: Epic Movie

DANISH GIRL, THE - A satisfactory 6! A beautifully realised, yet distant and rather underwhelming drama, with first class co-lead performances. Like: Albert Nobbs

DANNY COLLINS - A flat 5! This light comedy drama is buoyed by Pacino's charms and John Lennon nostalgia, but remains emotionally contrived. Like: The Humbling

DARJEELING LIMITED, THE - A solid 7! Quirky Wes Anderson rail trip movie about 3 brothers searching for answers in India. Like: Little Miss Sunshine

DARK IS RISING, THE - A flimsy 4! Adaptation looks great, but doesn't live up to expectations. Like: Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, The Neverending Story

DARK KNIGHT, THE - A near-perfect 9! Surpasses Nolan's prequel. Dark, complex and entertaining comic book/crime saga hybrid. Like: Heat, Batman Begins

DARK KNIGHT RISES, THE - An excellent 8! Dark, powerful, epic yet scatter-shot finale backed by pristine production values and a classy cast. Like: Batman Begins

DARK PLACES - A satisfactory 6! An entertaining, intriguing, dangerous, sinister yet ultimately underwhelming character study crime drama. Like: The Devil's Knot

DARK SHADOWS - A flat 5! Exquisite costumes, detail and atmosphere with a fine cast diminished by incoherent tone and fractured melodrama. Like: Dark Shadows (1970)

DARK SKIES - A flat 5! A formulaic, slow-burning and often tense sci-fi horror that would've worked better with Mulder & Scully. Like: The X-Files: I Want to Believe

DARK TIDE- A flimsy 4! Poetic underwater photography, Cape Town and Great Whites diluted by underdeveloped characters and a lack of story.Like: Into The Blue

DARKEST HOUR, THE - A third-rate 3! A promising cast, director and location fail to save this lightweight special effects-driven sci-fi mess. Like: Skyline

DARLING COMPANION - A flimsy 4! A first-rate cast flounders in this amiable yet soppy, sluggish and inconsequential TV quality pet drama. Like: Lassie

DARWIN AWARDS, THE - A flimsy 4! Disjointed documentary comedy/romance doesn't live up to its dark comical source material. Like: Mythbusters

DATE NIGHT - A satisfactory 6! Carell and Fey make an excellent comic couple and provide the necessary spark for this comedy caper to catch the wind. Like: The Out-of-Towners (1999)

DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, THE - A flat 5! Fun, edgy yet predictable sci-fi thriller remake lacks spirit of original, and heart at its core. Like: Independence Day

DAYBREAKERS - A satisfactory 6! Post-apocalyptic vampire action/horror/sci-fi/thriller starts well but resorts to genre cliches, making it fun, but less indistinguishable. Like: Doomsday

DAYS OF DARKNESS - A flimsy 4! Crude, unapologetic, low budget Dawn of the Dead zombie rip-off. Die-hard zombie fans only. Like: Zombie Diaries

DEAD MAN DOWN - A solid 7! A sharp cast, a gripping story, complex characters and stylish direction wield this cold-blooded crime thriller. Like: Killing Them Softly

DEADPOOL - A solid 7! Reynolds's charm cements this entertaining albeit depraved, profane, ultra-violent and unconventional antihero flick. Like: Kick-Ass

DEAD SPACE - A satisfactory 6! Short, sharp, savage prelude video game animation. Gorey, not suitable for kids. Like: Van Helsing: London Assignment

DEADLY SEASON - A flat 5! Middling, low budget, TV mystery/thriller set in small town. Realistic, regular performances from no-name cast. Like: Safe Harbor

DEAL, THE - A flat 5! A wacky Will H. Macy Hollywood satire/comedy movie-within-a-movie with an overladen script and mismatched leads. Like: State and Main

DEAR JOHN - A flat 5! Good chemistry and typical Nicholas Sparks romance drama are let down by uninvolved direction and bland performances. Like: Closing the Ring

DEAR WHITE PEOPLE - An excellent 8! Smart writing, timely race themes and sharp wit bolster this thought-provoking and satirical comedy drama. Like: Do the Right Thing

DEATH AND LIFE OF BOBBY Z, THE - A satisfactory 6! Slick, entertaining straight-to-video action/thriller. Like: Layer Cake, Running Scared

DEATH AT A FUNERAL (2007) - An excellent 8! Hilarious black comedy about a British funeral gone horribly wrong. Like: Eulogy

DEATH AT A FUNERAL (2010) - A flat 5! A solid ensemble cast, an amusing premise and a faithful remake, yet this crude black comedy still falls short of the original. Like: Death at a Funeral

DEATH-DEFYING ACTS - A satisfactory 6! Compelling, charming yet standard period piece that lacks grit. Like: The Phantom of the Opera

DEATH PROOF - A solid 7! Trashy, retro Tarantino homage to B-movies and comic book horror set in the '70s. Like: Highwaymen, Kill Bill Vol. 1

DEATH RACE - A satisfactory 6! Brainless, ultra-violent, over-the-top, action-packed sci-fi/adventure remake of Corman classic. Like: Death Race 2000

DEATH SENTENCE - A satisfactory 6! Violent, cynical and unforgiving revenge/thriller. Like: Falling Down, Death Wish, The Brave One, Taxi Driver

DEATHS OF IAN STONE, THE - A flat 5! A mediocre horror/mystery comparable with Groundhog Day and Highlander. Like: The Butterfly Effect

DECEMBER BOYS - A solid 7! Beautiful, coming-of-age story about a beach summer holiday for four Australian orphan boys. Like: The Sandlot

DECEPTION - A flat 5! Talented cast wasted on a predictable erotic thriller with a wobbly script. Like: Perfect Stranger

DEEPWATER HORIZON - A solid 7! This pulsating disaster movie and tribute is underpinned by a thoughtful dissection and good cast chemistry. Like: The Finest Hours

DEFIANCE - A solid 7! Quality action, thriller set in Nazi-occupied E. Europe. Solid performances and an engaging true survival story. Like: Valkyrie

DEFINITELY, MAYBE - A satisfactory 6! Great concept, funny script and charming cast create a refreshing "romcom". Like: Love Actually

DELIVERY MAN - A satisfactory 6! While inconsistent, this high concept comedy is enjoyable, sweet and lifted by a likable lead performance. Like: Starbuck

DELIVER US FROM EVIL - An excellent 8! Documentary unveils the shocking and disturbing crimes of Oliver O'Grady, a former Catholic priest. Like: Our Fathers

DELIVER US FROM EVIL (2014) - A satisfactory 6! A dark, suspenseful horror thriller with aspects from End of Watch, White Noise and The Exorcist. Like: Sinister

DELTA FARCE - A third-rate 3! Weak attempt at war satire is simply a bunch of unfunny slapstick, fart and gay panic jokes. Like: The Delta Force

DEMOLITION - A solid 7! Gyllenhaal rescues an unlikable character in an enjoyable, offbeat yet clich├ęd and heavy-handed drama about grief. Like: Reign Over Me

DEPARTURES - A near-perfect 9! A beautiful, emotional, sensitive and soulful coming-of-age drama on Japanese tradition surrounding encoffinment. Like: As It Is In Heaven

DESCENDANTS, THE - An excellent 8! An authentic, complex, funny, moving and unpredictable portrait of life with a strong lead performance. Like: About Schmidt

DESCENT PART 2, THE - A flat 5! The sequel picks up where the original left off for more claustrophobic, paranoid no-name cast thrills and spills. Like: The Descent

DESERT DANCER - A flat 5! While earnest and fascinating, it amounts to a simple and melodramatic dance movie turned biographical drama. Like: Trishna

DESIERTO - A satisfactory 6! While brutal and a little thin, this minimalistic and timely chase down horror thriller is tense and hard to watch. Like: The Hitcher (1986)

DESPICABLE ME - A satisfactory 6! Familiar, charming and imaginative animated comedy warms the heart, yet lacks the laughs. Like: Meet the Robinsons

DESPICABLE ME 2 - A solid 7! Feel-good fun, quirky charm, great silliness and minions underpin this hugely entertaining sequel. Like: Despicable Me

DETACHMENT - An excellent 8! An original, engaging, depressing yet inspirational school drama driven by impassioned performances. Like: Requiem for a Dream

DEVIL'S BACKBONE, THE - A solid 7! A beautiful yet haunting horror/thriller about a Spanish orphanage in the vein of Pan's Labyrinth. Like: Pan's Labyrinth

DEVIL'S DUE - A flimsy 4! A somewhat creepy yet altogether cheap, dull and trite found footage style knock-off of Rosemary's Baby. Like: Paranormal Activity 4

DEVIL INSIDE, THE - A third-rate 3! A blurry low budget found footage exercise in exorcism horror. Scares scarce, ending is shockingly - bad. Like: The Blair Witch Project 2

DEVIL'S CHAIR, THE - A third-rate 3! Weak acting, cliches and a poor script ruin this serial killer movie. Not enough gore or intelligence. Like: Boston Strangler

DEVIL'S DOMINOES - A flat 5! Low budget mobster thriller about mob money that falls into the hands of four friends. Like: 8 of Diamonds

DEVIL'S DOUBLE, THE - A solid 7! While difficult to watch at times, Cooper's dual performance adds the polish to this intriguing, yet psychotic biography. Like: The Last King of Scotland

DEVIL'S KNOT - A satisfactory 6! Intriguingly dark true crime, investigative docudrama and a solid cast override choppy storytelling. Like: A Time to Kill

DIANA - A flimsy 4! A dull, sentimental and often cheesy TV movie quality biopic romance drama with a royal yet off-key Naomi Watts. Like: The Iron Lady

DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER - A third-rate 3! Weak acting, cliches and a poor script ruin this serial killer movie. Not enough gore or intelligence. Like: Boston Strangler

DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL - An excellent 8! A brave, honest, intimate, unconventional and uncomfortable coming-of-age drama with a talented lead. Like: Tangerine

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID - A satisfactory 6! Enjoyable coming-of-age preteen school days family comedy laced with nostalgia, angst and situations for all ages. Like: About a Boy

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS - A flat 5! Likable characters play up silly, harmless, formulaic, family fun for fans of the series. Like: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES - A flat 5! If you enjoyed the first one, you can find more of the same in this fairly ordinary family comedy sequel. Like: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

DICTATOR, THE - A satisfactory 6! Cohen blends his typical fish-out-of-water character comedy with Four Lions and Don't Mess with the Zohan. Like: Borat

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS? - A third-rate 3! A weak comedy script and lack of chemistry between the leads make this half-baked "romcom" a bland waste of time. Like: For Richer or Poorer

DIE PRO - A satisfactory 6! A competent, convincing and heartfelt coming-of-age high school surf drama with a strong lead. Like: Chasing Mavericks

DIE WONDERWERKER - A solid 7! A top cast drive this picturesque, old-fashioned, Afrikaans mystery drama: plays like a Jane Austen Western. Like: Paljas

DILEMMA, THE - A flat 5! A top notch cast and dramatic director fail to hit the mark in this entertaining, yet inconsistent and choppy comedy. Like: The Break-Up

DIMINISHED CAPACITY - A flat 5! Honest performances from a decent cast are no substitute for sweet, yet bland comedy drama. Like: Broken Flowers

DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS - A flat 5! Despite its first-rate comedy ensemble of character actors, this remake is inconsistent, somewhat amusing and a bit irritating. Like: The Dinner Game

DINOTOPIA - A flat 5! Mediocre animation, bland characters and short cartoon mentality will entertain kids. Not as good as series. Like: Dinotopia (TV)

DIRTY GRANDPA - A flat 5! This perverse, raunchy and often offensive Spring break meets stoner comedy relies on its upbeat co-leads. Like: Bruno

DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM, THE - A third-rate 3! A clumsy, uninvolving and disappointing horror thriller - devoid of suspense and scares. Like: Shut In

DIS EK, ANNA - An excellent 8! A dark, edgy, provocative, moving, timely and beautifully-crafted SA crime drama thriller with a powerful cast. Like: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

DIS KOUE KOS SKAT - A satisfactory 6! A solid ensemble anchor this beautifully composed, well-written and biting foodie revenge comedy drama. Like: Semisoet

DORA'S PEACE - A solid 7! An honest, touching and visually striking South African crime drama and character portrait. Like: Lullaby

DISAPPEARANCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY, THE - A solid 7! Honest performances draw us into a smart, elegant, melancholic, sensitive yet slow-moving drama. Like: Laggies

DISASTER MOVIE - A terrible 2! Only for those few that can appreciate crude humour, racial stereotypes and lame pop culture references! Like: Epic Movie

DISCONNECT - A solid 7! A sharp cast lead this dark, cautionary and timely dramatic exploration of technology's grip on today's wired world. Like: Side Effects

DISCREET - A satisfactory 6! Elegant, gripping, character-driven SA stage play "Discreet, Upmarket, 24/7" film adaption. Like: Closer, Interview

DISGRACE - A satisfactory 6! Confrontational, brooding and thought-provoking drama adaptation with a strong lead in Malkovich. Like: Forgiveness, Elegy

DISORDER - A satisfactory 5! Intriguing low-budget Hitchcockian slasher loses the plot in the dying stages. Like: Psycho, Scream

DISTRICT 9 - An excellent 8! Emotionally and intellectually engaging sci-fi/thriller with gritty realism and amazing CGI. Like: Minority Report

DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUM - A satisfactory 6! This sequel features the same explosive, entertaining parkour action, which made the original so fun. Like: District 13

DISTURBIA - A solid 7! A dark, modern and slick teen thriller version of Hitchcock's Rear Window. Like: American Beauty

DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT (PART 1) - A flimsy 4! Even the special effects aren't able to distract us from the bland, dull, distant, uninspired and routine YA drama at play. Like: Divergent: Insurgent

DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY, THE - An excellent 8! An artistic and imaginative French biopic that is equally beautiful in performance and direction. Like: The Sea Inside

DJANGO UNCHAINED - An excellent 8! Key performances, a taut script and plenty of Tarantino flair make this audacious Western entertaining. Like: Inglourious Basterds

DO YOU BELIEVE? - A flat 5! While more than competent, this preachy and sentimental faith-based drama is designed to inspire believers. Like: God Is Not Dead

DOCTOR STRANGE - An excellent 8! While a little thin, it's still a trippy, eye-popping and entertaining superhero origins tale with the deft Cumberbatch. Like: Inception

DOG PROBLEM, THE - A flimsy 4! Top ensemble wasted in an attempt to construct a Woody Allen comedy. Like: Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Big Lebowski

DOLPHIN TALE - A satisfactory 6! An enjoyable, heartwarming and inspiring tale based on a true story and backed by a strong cast - this one's for everyone. Like: Free Willy

DOLPHIN TALE 2 - A satisfactory 6! A wholesome, heartwarming, honest and slow-moving family conservation drama sequel with a sharp cast. Like: Dolphin Tale

DON JON - A satisfactory 6! An edgy, thought-provoking, provocative and often funny modern comedy romance from the mind of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Like: Thanks for Sharing

DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK - A satisfactory 6! This atmospheric and chilling horror remake plays into genre cliches to a fault. Like: Dark Water

DON'T BREATHE - A solid 7! A simple, thinly scripted yet gruesome, intense, smart, suspenseful and visceral home invasion horror thriller. Like: 10 Cloverfield Lane

DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN - A flat 5! Zohan is ridiculously funny at times, but doesn't manage to carry its wafer-thin premise the whole way. Like: Borat

DONKEY XOTE - A flat 5! Retelling of Cervantes' Don Quixote makes use of Shrek's 'Donkey' without the wit or charm. Like: El Cid: La leyenda

DOOMSDAY - A satisfactory 6! A trashy post-apocalyptic sci-fi/thriller that pays homage to genre classics of the '80s. Like: Escape from New York

DOPE - A solid 7! A smart, fun, energetic, entertaining, engaging and refreshing coming-of-age comedy caper and crowd-pleaser. Like: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

DORIAN GRAY - A flat 5! This Oscar Wilde adaptation tells the debauched Gothic story of a man led astray, a beautifully filmed period piece, marred by a blank lead performance. Like: The Libertine

DOUBT - A solid 7! Oscar-worthy performances, a taut mystery script and contentious themes make for a strong stage play adaptation. Like: Priest

DRACULA UNTOLD - A satisfactory 6! A dark, epic, stylish and relentless medieval popcorn revamp of Highlander and Kingdom of Heaven. Like: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

DRAG ME TO HELL - An excellent 8! Raimi returns to origins in this intense horror/thriller. Top direction, fine acting and imaginative story. Like: Evil Dead 2

DRAGON WARS - A flimsy 4! Great potential and special effects are toasted by mixed bag script and flat performances. Grilled cheese. Like: Godzilla

DRAGONBALL - A flimsy 4! Poor adaptation will disappoint fans: from special effects to weak storyline and non-lookalike characters. Like: Dragonball Z

DRAGONLANCE: DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT - A flat 5! Dungeons & Dragons saga that skims over fantasy story, and jumbles 2D with 3D animation. Like: Lord of the Rings (1978)

DREAM HOUSE - A flimsy 4! A disappointing generic, sluggish and heavy-handed psychological horror/thriller, despite a good premise, a strong cast and very capable director. Like: The Haunting

DREDD - An excellent 8! A striking, exhilarating and ultra-violent sci-fi actioner with rock solid performances. An instant cult classic! Like: Die Hard, Dirty

DRESSMAKER, THE - A satisfactory 6! While tonally unbalanced, this subversively wicked Australian fashion comedy and wacky revenge story is entertaining. Like: The Lady in the Van

DRILLBIT TAYLOR - A flat 5! Owen Wilson's charm is no match for a tired bully story formula and unfunny script. Like: My Bodyguard (1980)

DRIVE - An excellent 8! Aggression and romance in this slick, powerful, taut art house rush. NFSV Like: Black Swan

DRIVE ANGRY - A satisfactory 6! Nicolas Cage delivers another charismatic and likable performance in this Hellish fantasy actioner with loads of explosions, guns, muscle cars and hot babes. Like: Evil Dead, Gone in 60 Seconds

DRIVE HARD - A third-rate 3! A decent cast and a promising set up amount to a dull, forgettable low budget attempt at a buddy action comedy. Like: Getaway

DRIVEN TO KILL - A flat 5! Russian mobster Seagal action/thriller comeback will please fans, and kill time for others. Like: Kill Switch, Exit Wounds

DRONA - A flat 5! Bollywood super hero movie. Terrific special effects, but fails to deliver on performances, script and music. Like: Phantom

DROP, THE (16LV, 107 min) - An excellent 8! Tom Hardy's fine lead performance embodies this nuanced, thoughtful, intelligent and taut Brooklyn crime drama. Like: Killing Them Softly

DUCHESS, THE - A solid 7! Costume period piece of elegance and grace under pressure. Knightley & Fiennes shine. Parallels with Diana. Like: Pride & Prejudice

DUE DATE - A satisfactory 6! Light, middling cross-country odd couple road trip comedy teams Downey Jr. with Galifinakis, but lacks magic. From director of The Hangover and Old School. Like: Road Trip

DUFF, THE - A solid 7! While formulaic, this postmodern high school comedy is funny, smart, heartfelt and ultimately enjoyable. Mae Whitman! Like: Mean Girls

DUPLICITY - A solid 7! Smart, witty, sexy and stylish corporate spy thriller. Entertaining, but one too many plot twists. Like: Michael Clayton

DUMB AND DUMBER TO - A satisfactory 6! An unnecessary hit-and-miss sequel buoyed by its long-lost buddy movie co-stars and some good laughs. Like: Dumb and Dumber

DYING OF THE LIGHT - A flimsy 4! An intriguing premise and a showy lead performance highlight this underwhelming and salvaged CIA thriller. Like: Tokarev