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EAGLE - A satisfactory 6! This atmospheric Roman adventure/drama features good fight choreography, old school effects and a solid co-lead, despite being a little sluggish at times. Like: King Arthur

EAGLE EYE - A satisfactory 6! Fast-paced, ludicrous yet entertaining political thriller borrows from a number of finer films. Like: Die Hard 4

EARTH - A solid 7! Entertaining, informative, extensive documentary with amazing visuals, although a little disjointed. Like: March of the Penguins

EASTERN PROMISES - An excellent 8! A dark, violent and unsettling film about the Russian mob. Intense performances. Like: A History of Violence

EASY A - A solid 7! This sharp, smart and funny teen high school comedy boasts a stellar cast and a winning script. Like: Juno

EASY VIRTUE - A satisfactory 6! Charming, enjoyable and lightweight romantic comedy period piece. A Noel Coward adaptation. Like: Mansfield Park

EAT PRAY LOVE - A flat 5! This food, wine self-discovery travelogue about a 40-something divorcee is superficial with a likable actress playing a selfish lead. Like: Sex in the City

ECHO, THE - A flat 5! Middling, creepy, atmospheric Asian horror remake has a better cast behind this ghost story. Like: Dark Waters

EDDIE THE EAGLE - A solid 7! While clich├ęd, this crowd-pleasing and ridiculous underdog sports comedy drama is easy, feel-good entertainment. Like: Cool Runnings

EDGE OF DARKNESS - A flat 5! A dark, swirling, inconsistent and convoluted detective revenge thriller marks the return of Mel Gibson. Like: Max Payne, Taken

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN - An excellent 8! Smart writing and a strong ensemble power this funny, entertaining and angst-filled coming-of-age drama. Like: The Duff

EDGE OF TOMORROW - An excellent 8! This sci-fi epic has blistering D-Day action, admirable co-leads and an enthralling Groundhog Day theme. Like: Groundhog Day, Starship Troopers

EDUCATION, AN - A solid 7! Engaging coming-of-age story with a great lead performance, about a school girl's romance with a charming young "well -to -do" man. Like: Matchstick Men

EDUCATION OF CHARLIE BANKS, THE - A satisfactory 6! Sweet, surprising coming of age drama with solid script and performances, but uneven at times. Like: Basketball Diaries

EGOLI: THE MOVIE - A terrible 2! Second-rate production values, lack-lustre drama and "a rush job" leave the Egoli faithful with a disappointing farewell to the much-loved TV series. Like: Egoli

EICHMANN - A satisfactory 6! Decent docudrama about infamous Nazi war criminal trial. Solid cast, but not a definitive film. Like: The Specialist

EK LIEF JOU - A flat 5! A sweet, earnest yet mediocre SA "romcom" starring local singer, Kurt Darren. Like: Jakhalsdans

ELEGY - A solid 7! Provocative Philip Roth adult romance/drama adaptation with smart performances. Like: The Human Stain

ELITE FORCE - A solid 7! Brutal, action-intensive Brazilian cop film fueled by horrors of violence. Lacks clear morality. NFSV Like: City of God

ELITE SQUAD: THE ENEMY WITHIN - An excellent 8! Epic, exhilarating, bleak and violent documentary-style thrill ride set against corrupt Rio. Like: Elite Squad

ELIZA GRAVES - A solid 7! A star-studded cast highlight this effective and intelligent period asylum thriller with gothic horror elements. Like: Downton Abbey, Shutter Island

ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE - A satisfactory 6! Visually appealing follow-up to Elizabeth, except style triumphs over meaning/story. Like: Elizabeth, Mary of Scotland

ELSA & FRED - A satisfactory 6! This cutesy, lightweight and sentimental romance comedy drama is elevated by its charming stars. Like: 5 Flights Up

ELVIS & NIXON - A satisfactory 6! Two great acting talents take the spotlight in this light-hearted and trivial historical drama. Like: Hyde Park on Hudson

ELYSIUM - A solid 7! An epic, spectacular, thought-provoking and visceral sci-fi actioner with a solid cast and a scene-stealing Copley. Like: District 9

EMMANUEL'S GIFT - A satisfactory 6! Slick Ghanaian documentary, tells the uplifting, coming of age story of a young, disabled boy. Like: God Grew Tired of Us

EMPEROR - A flat 5! Tommy Lee Jones adds weight to this promising, yet underwhelming history lesson and cliched war romance drama. Like: Pearl Harbour

EMPIRE STATE - A flimsy 4! An interesting cast are bogged down by a shallow, contrived and dull retelling of this true heist story. Like: The Son of No One

ENCHANTED - An excellent 8! Disney parodies itself in this top-notch cartoon reality crossover fairy tale. Like: Mary Poppins, The Princess Bride

END OF THE LINE, THE - A satisfactory 6! Insightful ecological documentary about the affects of commercial fishing and their devastating impact on world over next 40 years. Like: The Cove, Food Inc.

END OF THE TOUR, THE - An excellent 8! First-class acting and sharp dialogue boost this thought-provoking, unconventional and riveting drama. Like: Frost/Nixon

END OF WATCH - An excellent 8! A smart, gritty, thrilling and entertaining day-in-the-life "found footage" cop drama with sharp co-leads. Like: Street Kings

ENDER'S GAME - A solid 7! Stand out acting, top production values and dazzling visual effects make for a worthy and entertaining adaptation. Like: WarGames

ENDGAME - A satisfactory 6! Solid all-round performances raise the bar in this political drama/thriller detailing the secret talks that led to the end of Apartheid. Like: Catch A Fire

ENDLESS RIVER, THE - A flat 5! This intense, stylish and gritty South African crime drama portrait tapers off in the third act. Like: Skoonheid

ENEMY - An excellent 8! An artful, dark, surreal, sinister and puzzling mystery drama thriller with another fine performance from Gyllenhaal. Like: Under the Skin

ENGLISH TEACHER, THE - A flat 5! A fine cast led by a sharp lead performance fail to save this pleasant yet mediocre and lack-lustre comedy. Like: Young Adult

ENOUGH SAID - An excellent 8! A smart, funny, touching and engaging romantic comedy with great co-lead performances and deft direction. Like: Frances Ha

ENTOURAGE - A flat 5! Fans of the show will be pleased with more of the same in this thin, hedonistic, cameo-studded "extended episode". Like: Entourage

ENTRY LEVEL - A flat 5! A light, low budget B-movie comedy with a smart script, savvy cast and distracting background music. Like: The Neighbour

EPIC - A satisfactory 6! A sweet, harmless and familiar fantasy tale for the kiddies, backed by dazzling animation. Like: Shrek Forever After

EQUALIZER, THE - A satisfactory 6! A simple, violent, overlong style over substance revenge thriller with a cool Denzel Washington in charge. Like: Man on Fire

EQUALS - A satisfactory 6! This simple, familiar and intimate dystopian romance drama sci-fi is stylish yet restrained by its melodramatic tone. Like: THX-1138

EQUITY - A satisfactory 6! While somewhat contrived, this slow-burning financial thriller features fine acting from a solid female cast. Like: The Big Short

ESCAPE PLAN - A satisfactory 6! This middling "seen-it-all-before" prison break actioner leans heavily on its stars and their chemistry. Like: The Last Stand

ETERNITY - A third-rate 3! Sadly, this SA Twilight/Blade mash-up had promise, but lacks a coherent story, convincing performances and relies too heavily on its influences. Like: Twilight

EUROPA REPORT - A solid 7! While familiar, this low budget docu-style sci-fi thriller is refreshingly elegant, low-key and accurate. Like: Sunshine

EVENING - A flat 5! Talented cast and beautiful cinematography are unable to fulfill its sprawling romance intentions. Like: The Great Gatsby

EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! - A solid 7! While coarse, it's underhandedly charming thanks to organic dialogue, great chemistry, natural performances and a nostalgic rock soundtrack. Like: Sing Street

EVEREST - A solid 7! A stellar cast and spectacular visuals lead a slow-moving yet tense based-on-a-true-story survival adventure thriller. Like: Touching the Void

EVERLY - A flimsy 4! While stylish and led by Salma Hayek, it's a thinly scripted, trashy and ultra-violent low budget action thriller. Like: Kite

EVERY LITTLE STEP - A solid 7! An engrossing behind-the-scenes music documentary takes a look at what goes into preparing a Broadway performance. Like: A Chorus Line

EVERYBODY'S FINE - A satisfactory 6! A solid lead performance from De Niro keeps this sluggish dramedy afloat with an all-star cast in tow. Like: About Schmidt

EVIL DEAD - A solid 7! What this sharp remake lacks in humour it makes up for in grisly, relentless and terrifying pitch black horror. NFSV Like: Evil Dead 2

EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS - A satisfactory 6! A detached sword-and-sandals Biblical epic with a solid cast, a powerful story and vivid visuals. Like: Robin Hood, Noah

EXPENDABLES, THE - A satisfactory 6! An all-star action cast takes this violent, cheesy and tongue-in-cheek '80s action to another level! Like: Commando

EXPENDABLES 2, THE - A solid 7! An all-star cast and blistering action set pieces make for entertaining A-Team on steroids bravado. Like: The Expendables

EXPENDABLES 3 - A flat 5! A glut of Old Guard stars are wasted on thinly scripted characters in this explosive yet dull, no-fun actioner. Like: The Expendables

EXPRESS, THE - A solid 7! Inspiring and heart-felt sports biopic, even for non-sports fans. Great turn by Quaid amid some melodrama. Like: Facing the Giants

EXPIRED - A satisfactory 6! Sweet and sour offbeat dramedy and decent performances underpin this indie gem about two parking meter maids. Like: Friends with Money

EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES - A flat 5! A heavyweight cast and a story based on a hot pharmaceutical issue add up to a slightly TV-quality tearjerker. Like: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE - A flat 5! Overly long, unbelievable tearjerker with an unlikable lead, despite quality of film talent involved. Like:

EYE, THE - A flat 5! Average Chinese horror remake of 'Gin gwai' with less atmosphere, fewer scares and Jessica Alba. Like: Dark Water, Shutter

EYE IN THE SKY - A solid 7! A sharp ensemble and thought-provoking script power this tense modern warfare drama thriller. Like: The Kingdom

EYE OF THE STORM, THE - A satisfactory 6! A solid adaptation carried by strong leads and great production values that doesn't quite add up... Like: Careful He Might Hear You

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