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FAAN SE TREIN - A solid 7! This fascinating, detailed, character-driven Afrikaans small town period drama benefits from great performances. Like: Roepman

FADING GIGOLO - A satisfactory 6! The co-lead's charms and a melodic tone soften the vulgar and ludicrous in this satirical character drama. Like: To Rome with Love

FAIR GAME - A solid 7! Superb performances from co-leads underline this solid and timely political drama/thriller about being caught in the crossfire. Like: Nothing but the Truth

FAITH HAPPENS - A satisfactory 6! No candy-coating in this touching collage of Christian-themed stories surrounding a church. Like: Fireproof

FAMILY, THE - A flat 5! A great cast and director in an off-beat, brutal, meandering and flat dark comedy that struggles to find its stride. Like: Edge of Darkness

FAMILY HOLIDAY, THE - A flat 5! A light-hearted family Christmas story that lacks the comedy and charisma of a Jim Carey lead. Like: Home for the Holidays

FAME - A flat 5! Top dancing and singing can't substitute for a thin story, too many main characters and a superficial TV feel. Like: Fame (1980)

FANIE FOURIE'S LOBOLA - A solid 7! Sincere performances drive this fun, heartwarming, sweet and winning South African "romcom". Like: White Wedding

FANBOYS - A satisfactory 6! Five Star Wars fans hit the road to steal copy of Episode 1. Fun, geeky, light and entertaining comedy. Like: Wayne's World

FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM - An excellent 8! This layered tale is powered by enchanting audio-visuals, a stellar cast and an imaginative adventure. Like: Harry Potter series

FANTASTIC FOUR - A flimsy 4! While it starts with promise, this joyless superhero origins sci-fi degenerates into a dull, numb CGI affair. Like: Fantastic Four (2005)

FANTASTIC MR. FOX - A solid 7! Roald Dahl's tale gets a Wes Anderson animation reworking, which is warm, funny, charming and appeals to all ages. Like: The Witches

FAR CRY - A third-rate 3! Uwe Boll's video game action/adventure features decent B-movie stars and starts well, but the direction and script get progressively worse. Like: Alone in the Dark

FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD - A solid 7! A sweeping and swooning Victorian period romance drama anchored by a sharp cast and strong direction. Like: Far from the Madding Crowd (1967)

FAR NORTH A satisfactory 6! A disturbing, violent, primal yet beautifully shot character study drama with a fine turn from Michelle Yeoh. Like: The Warrior

FAREWELL, MY QUEEN - A solid 7! A fascinating, compelling and intimate drama with great performances and lavish visuals. Like: Marie Antoinette

FAST & FURIOUS - A satisfactory 6! Adrenalin/car junkies will get a rev from superficial, yet slick music video/action/stunt flick. Like: The Fast & The Furious

FAST & FURIOUS 5: RIO HEIST (13LV, 129 min) A solid 7! All the main players team up in an intense, action-packed Ocean's Eleven/Italian Job style heist in Rio. Like: The Fast and the Furious

FAST & FURIOUS 6 - A satisfactory 6! Slick visuals, fast-paced action, a solid cast and an over-the-top third act that almost backfires. Like: Fast Five

FAST AND FURIOUS 7 - An excellent 8! Great pacing, over-the-top action, surprising heart and good humour power this wild rollercoaster epic. Like: The Avengers, Fast and Furious 5

FASTER - A satisfactory 6! Johnson hits back hard in this surprising, thrilling yet forgettable revenge "actioner", complete with muscle cars and shotguns. Like: Crank

FATHERS & DAUGHTERS - A flat 5! A valiant cast struggle to overcome contrived storytelling, clich├ęs and melodrama. Like: You're Not You

FAUBOURG 36 - A satisfactory 6! Sweet, silly and lightweight musical/comedy drama tribute to French vaudeville. Like: Les Choristes

FAULT IN OUR STARS - An excellent 8! This funny, touching & real teen romance drama has great co-lead chemistry and passionate performances. Like: A Walk to Remember, 50/50

FEAST OF LOVE - A solid 7! Insightful, character-driven love stories intertwine amid fuzzy love logic and sex. Like: Love Actually, Dedication

FED UP - A solid 7! An eye-opening, informative, in-depth and potentially life-changing documentary about America's nutrition epidemic. Like: Supersize Me

FEEL THE NOIS -E A flimsy 4! Rapper music/drama that plays the same tune as other music-themed movies. New genre, old story. Like: Save The Last Dance

FELIX - An excellent 8! Exuberant, funny, sweet and spirited coming-of-age comedy drama, lively jazz and cast synergy reignite old formula. Like: Billy Elliott

FELON - A solid 7! Tough performances, gritty realism and hard-hitting, yet familiar story guided by stuntman/director. Like: An Innocent Man

FIDO - A solid 7! A crisp zombie comedy set in the good old '50s. Like: Shaun of the Dead, Pleasantville

FIFTH COMMANDMENT, THE - A flat 5! Lack-lustre Rick Yune action/crime/thriller vanity project doesn't improve from the kick-start. Like: Bangkok Dangerous

FIFTH ESTATE, THE - A flat 5! Inspired performances fail to save this rather dull and underwhelming account of WikiLeaks and its founder. Like: Jobs

FIFTH PATIENT - A flimsy 4! Familiar, predictable straight-to-DVD spy drama/thriller set in Africa starts off well, but flags with unknown cast. Like: Menace

FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING A flimsy 4! Mumbled, sluggish and miscast IRA action/thriller set in Belfast feels more like a TV movie. Like: The Devil's Own

FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK - A third-rate 3! Another choppy, crass, mean-spirited and generally awful parody that is less funny than Fifty Shades of Grey. Like: Haunted House 2

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY - A flimsy 4! While moody and stylish, this sensually subversive drama is undone by a ludicrous and uninspired script. Like: Cruel Intentions

FIGHTER, THE - A solid 7! Brilliant supporting performances overshadow the lead title character in this inspiring true underdog boxing drama. Like: The Wrestler

FIGHTING - A flat 5! Impressive fight choreography and a likable lead aren't enough to save this film's plot from being knocked out. Like: Never Back Down

FILTH - A solid 7! McAvoy's fearless performance and a solid support cast power a depraved, manic, thrilling and entertaining crime drama. Like: Trainspotting

FINAL DESTINATION 4, THE - A flat 5! Nothing new in this formulaic, gimmicky 3D horror thriller. Undermined by poor acting, -1 point in 2D. Like: Final Destination 3

FINAL DESTINATION 5 - A satisfactory 6! Imaginative, first-rate special effects and a new dimension end the series on a high note. Like: Final Destination

FINAL INQUIRY, THE - A flat 5! This Biblical adventure/drama remake is melodramatic. Good subject matter, but poor execution. Like: L' Inchiesta (1986)

FINDING DORY - An excellent 8! A worthy sequel that follows similar beats, yet reinvigorates with heartwarming moments, funny characters and visual splendour. Like: Finding Nemo

FINEST HOURS - A solid 7! While safe, it amounts to an intense, spectacular and old-fashioned sea rescue adventure drama with a solid cast. Like: White Squall

FIRE WITH FIRE - A flimsy 4! A dull, somewhat cheesy and routine actioner with a miscast lead and a Willis marketing ploy. Like: Cold Light of Day

FIRED UP - A flat 5! Predictable and lukewarm teen comedy has good chemistry and some laughs, but plays it too safe. Like: Wedding Crashers, Bring It On

FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN - A flat 5! A middling drama with sound direction and a strong cast centres on a dysfunctional family, limited by flat script. Like: The Squid and The Whale

FIREPROOF - A flat 5! Middling Christian relationship drama with focus on divorce. Solid production values, sincere performances. Like: Facing the Giants

FIRST GRADER, THE - A solid 7! An inspiring, heartrending and important true story with top performances set against Kenyan backdrop. Like: I Am Slave

FIRST SUNDAY - A flimsy 4! A 'heartwarming comedy' crime caper with lots of heart, but not enough laughs. Like: The Ladykillers

FIVE ACROSS THE EYES - A third-rate 3! Weak low budget, grotesque indie slasher horror filmed using handheld cameras. Like: The Blair Witch Project

FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT, THE - A satisfactory 6! A sweet, funny, silly touching and insightful, yet somewhat sluggish and long romantic comedy. Like: Bridesmaids

FLASH OF GENIUS - A satisfactory 6! Kinnear is flawless in lead as Kearns. Solid writing and pacing underpin this worthy underdog story. Like: A Beautiful Mind

FLASH POINT - A satisfactory 6! A decent martial arts police force movie with pulsating action, a familiar script and Donnie Yen. Like: Police Story

FLASHBACKS OF A FOOL - A satisfactory 6! Competent, coming-of-age drama about a Hollywood has-been. Good performances, but uneven script. Like: Stand By Me

FLAWLESS - A satisfactory 6! Average period heist caper with Moore, elevated by Caine's performance. Like: The Score, The Bank Job

FLIGHT - A solid 7! A terrific lead performance from Washington carries this hard-hitting and languid character portrait. Like: Gran Torino

FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - A satisfactory 6! Fun, entertaining, gory and scary zombie flick. All-out action in this zany, low budget horror. Like: Snakes on a Plane

FLOCK, THE - A flat 5! Perverse and violent cop drama/thriller with a reasonable cast and good performances. Like: Suspect Zero, Taking Lives

FLOOD - A flimsy 4! Unrealistic 3-hour British disaster film with lack-lustre performances and TV quality direction. Like: Poseidon

FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS - An excellent 8! Another strong turn from Streep powers this charming, heartwarming and poignant dramedy and music biopic. Like: Marguerite

FLOWERS OF WAR, THE - A solid 7! An epic, powerful, beautiful and emotional Chinese war drama tainted by shades of melodrama and brutality. Like: Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan

FLY ME TO THE MOON - A flimsy 4! First 3D animated movie is technically brilliant, but lacking in animation and story, even for kids. Like: Space Chimps

FOCUS - A satisfactory 6! This sleek, fun and charming twists-and-turns caper is an enjoyable distraction thanks to its sultry co-leads. Like: Knight and Day

FOKOFPOLISIEKAR - A solid 7! Familiar, yet entertaining post-Apartheid behind-the-scenes rockumentary with Afrikaans punk band. Like: Some Kind of Monster

FOOD, INC. - An excellent 8! Alarming, yet fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary on the state of the modern food industry. A must-see for health nuts. Like: Supersize Me

FOOL'S GOLD - A flimsy 4! Brainless and lack-lustre summer escape follow-up to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Like: Sahara, Into The Blue

FOOTLOOSE - A satisfactory 6! An unnecessary remake, but the infectious energy and entertaining choreography carry the story through the paces. Like: Footloose (1984)

FOOTNOTE - An excellent 8! A sharp, creative, visually-appealing and entertainingly bittersweet father-son dramedy. Like: A Serious Man

FOR THE LOVE OF THE DOG - A flimsy 4! Low budget family movie with a few recognisable TV stars about a town, a dog and a vet. Based on true story. Like: Ace of Hearts

FOR COLORED GIRLS - A flat 5! Tyler Perry's star-studded yet inconsistent adaptation of the 1975 play may be a bit too melodramatic for most. Like: The Secret Life of Bees

FOREST, THE - A flimsy 4! Creepy atmosphere and a capable lead are lost to muddled storytelling, tired formula and a lack of scares. Like: Chernobyl Diaries

FOREVER STRONG - A satisfactory 6! Indie rugby sports drama is predictable, but earnest performances overcome formulaic Hollywood feel. Like: Invincible

FORFEIT - A flimsy 4! Low budget psychological thriller has decent acting and an intriguing story, but lacks focus and clear direction. Like: The Matador

FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL - A solid 7! Fine performances, smart script and the right balance of raunchy and romantic comedy. Like: The 40-Year-Old Virgin

FOXCATCHER - An excellent 8! Formidable co-lead performances drive this dark, bleak and slow-burning sports bio drama based on true events. Like: Pain & Gain

FOUNTAIN, THE - A satisfactory 6! A beautiful 3-tier film that becomes melodramatic within the realm of the metaphysical. Like: Solaris, The New World

FOUR CORNERS - A solid 7! Realistic visuals, a rich soundtrack and great casting propel Gabriel's potent multi-thread gangster crime drama. Like: City of Men

FOUR LIONS - A solid 7! This farce about inept British terrorists is an instant cult classic: brave, defiant, funny and timely. Like: American Dreamz

FOURTH KIND, THE - A flat 5! Banking on Paranormal Activity's runaway reality success and backed by a few name stars, this dull alien mystery/sci-fi only has a few scares. Like: Quarantine

FOX AND CHILD, THE - A satisfactory 6! French documentary-turn-fantasy tale is slow, but beautifully shot with narration by Kate Winslet. Like: Arctic Tale

FRANKENWEENIE - A solid 7! A slow-to-start, dark, funny and visually captivating stop-motion horror tribute. Like: Mars Attacks!

FRED CLAUS - A flat 5! Great cast wasted in the rift between slapstick family comedy and sentimental holiday movie moments. Like: The Santa Clause 2

FREE BIRDS - A flimsy 4! It may look the part and have some decent voice talent, otherwise this movie is dull, incohesive and not funny. Like: Chicken Run

FREE MEN - A satisfactory 6! A terrific story, backed by good performances is diminished by an academic rather than genre-orientated pacing. Like: Outside the Law

FREEHELD - A satisfactory 6! Powerful, moving performances and noble intentions are undermined by manipulative, formulaic civil rights drama. Like: Carol

FREELANCERS - A flimsy 4! A dull, forgettable and cliched cop drama built on subpar supporting performances from De Niro and Whitaker. Like: Righteous Kill

FRIDAY THE 13TH - A flat 5! Remake has markings of series. Entertaining killing spree slasher with gore, attractive teens and one-liners. Like: Friday the 13th

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS - A flat 5! A smart script and charming co-leads can't overcome quickfire dialogue, superficial gravity of emotion and sexual over-share. Not for everyone. Like: No Strings Attached

FRIENDS WITH KIDS - A solid 7! Smart writing, Bridesmaids humour and surprising heart give this love it/hate it comedy drama a fresh twist. Like: Bridesmaids

FRIGHT NIGHT - A solid 7! An unnerving performance from Farrell and a slick, multi-layered revision of the original cult classic make this one superior. Like: Disturbia

FROM PARIS WITH LOVE - A flat 5! Enjoyable yet formulaic Luc Besson action thriller. Muddled at times with a fun, over-the-top performance from Travolta. Like: Transporter 3

FROM PRADA TO NADA - A flimsy 4! A predictable, bland hit-and-miss "romcom" LA take on Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility. Like: Clueless

FROST/NIXON - An excellent 8! Top class production's content holds finesse and gravity, while Oscar-worthy performances pack a weighty punch. Like: Nixon

FROZEN - An excellent 8! Beautiful animation, wonderful storytelling, loads of charm and some catchy musical numbers make this surprisingly enjoyable for everyone. Like: Beauty & The Beast

FROZEN KISS - A flat 5! Middling low budget straight-to-video drama/thriller based on true events, starring Mimi Rogers. Like: Mockingbird Don't Sing

FROZEN RIVER - A solid 7! Grim, powerful indie crime drama bolstered by an excellent lead performance by Melissa Leo. Like: It's A Free World...

FUGITIVE PIECES - A solid 7! Strong performances, subtle film-making and poetic textures elevate this lyrical holocaust drama. Like: Fateless

FUN SIZE - A flimsy 4! This madcap Hallo'tween comedy is uneven, messy, light on character development and short on laughs. Like:Prom

FUNNY MONEY - A flat 5! Amusing briefcase of money switcheroo farce that just doesn't make the grade. Like: Mad Money

FUNNY PEOPLE - A satisfactory 6! Complex, mature and dark drama/comedy from Apatow, 150 minute Reign Over Me/Superbad hybrid. Like: The Great Buck Howard

FURNACE - A flimsy 4! This disconnected prison horror smacks of The Ring. Story has potential, but burns into nothing. Like: White Noise

FURRY VENGEANCE - A third-rate 3! Over-the-top acting, repetitive toilet humour and weak writing make this eco-movie torture if you're not between the ages of 5 and 9. Like: Dr. Doolittle 2

FURY - A solid 7! A sharp cast drive this stylish blend of authentic and cult cool: a comic, relentless and violent WW2 tank action drama. Like: Inglourious Basterds