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G.I.JOE - A flimsy 4! Cluttered, action-packed, stupid, overblown and thin on plot. A cool, mindless adrenalin rush with no hero. Like: 10,000 B.C.

G.I. JOE: RETALIATION - A satisfactory 6! Serious kick-ass covert action, slick visual effects and a cool cast fuel this gung-ho actioner. Like: G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

GABRIEL - A flat 5! Dark, minimalist angel action/horror in the style of Equilibrium. Like: The Crow, Constantine, Highlander, The Matrix

GALLOWS, THE - A flimsy 4! A low budget, found footage horror with a shaky, contrived narrative and a few decent jump scares. Like: Devil's Due

GAMBIT - A satisfactory 6! A stellar cast and first-class screenwriters fail to lift this affable, run-of-the-mill crime comedy caper from its mediocrity. Like: Flypaper

GAMBLER, THE - A flat 5! While laden with potential and talent, this curious yet distant and inert crime drama remake is a swing-and-miss. Like: Killing Me Softly

GAME PLAN, THE - A satisfactory 6! Average Disney family comedy bolstered by the The Rock's presence. Like: The Pacifier

GAMEBOX 1.0 - A flat 5! Low budget, no-name cast gaming sci-fi fantasy. Nice concept, but riddled with plot holes and cheap CGI. Like: Stay Alive

GAMER - A flat 5! Action junkie gaming paradise from makers of Crank. Stylized, superficial... sex, guns and rock 'n roll. Like: Crank: High Voltage

GANGSTER SQUAD - A satisfactory 6! A stellar cast, stylish production values and a maniacal Sean Penn override a dull, forgettable script. Like: The Untouchables

GARFIELD GETS REAL - A flat 5! This 70 min CGI animation movie is more faithful than the live-action films but is more about plot than comedy. Like: Garfield

GARFIELD'S FUN FEST - A flimsy 4! Straight-to-video, new animation style is flawed and comedy is lacking. Entertaining for 4-year-olds. Like: Garfield Gets Real

GATHERING, THE - A flat 5! Sluggish Ricci horror/thriller doesn't have the mystery, drama or intrigue of The Sixth Sense. Like: The Mothman Prophecies

GEN - A flat 5! Atmospheric and dark Turkish mystery/thriller. Influenced by One Flew Over A Cuckoo's Nest and Scream. Like: Insanitarium

GENE GENERATION, THE - A flimsy 4! Weak acting, plot and CGI in this cyber-punk Sci-Fi B-movie comic adaptation. No Aeon Flux, Bai Ling fans only. Like: Ultraviolet

GENIUS - A satisfactory 6! While noble, thoughtful and backed by good intentions, it's a somewhat laboured, contrived and underwhelming tribute. Like: Ask the Dust

GENOVA - A satisfactory 6! A raw, sluggish-to-frustrating drama about grief, with a solid cast and a tense Italian city atmosphere. Like: A Mighty Heart

GENTLEMEN BRONCOS - A flat 5! This bizarre "juvenile" comedy features a hilarious turn from Jermaine Clement, but suffers from Napoleon Dynamite love it/hate it fever. Like: Napoleon Dynamite

GEORGIA RULE - A flat 5! Comedy and drama get jumbled up by decent actresses in this mature chick flick. Like: Sweet Home Alabama

GET A JOB - A flimsy 4! A sharp cast is wasted on a crass, muddled and witless comedy about millennial slackers hitting the work place. Like: Dirty Grandpa

GET HARD - A flimsy 4! Two top comedy acts and potential-laden concept try overcome unsure chemistry and edgy, uninspired cartoonish comedy. Like: Semi-Pro

GET LOW - A solid 7! A perfectly cast ensemble mystery drama yarn spurred on by solid performances. Like: Broken Flowers

GET SMART - A satisfactory 6! Carell's charm boosts ordinary remake comedy to next level. Austin Powers meets True Lies. Like: The Naked Gun 33 1/3

GETROUD MET RUGBY - A gritty Afrikaans drama about two broken men, destined to find redemption in the pursuit of their passion, rugby. Like: Forever Strong

GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE - A flimsy 4! Aims for cheesy, trashy entertainment with over-the-top Cage, letdown by SFX and weak script. Like: Ghost Rider

GHOST TOWN - A solid 7! Cheesy "Sixth Sense" romantic comedy is lifted by a sharp, dry lead performance. Like: Just Like Heaven

GHOST WRITER (2010) - A solid 7! Polanski concocts an intense Hitchcockian political thriller with fine performances, a suspenseful mystery and great man-on-the-run moments. Like: Vertigo

GHOST WRITER - A flat 5! Vicious, morbid, over-the-top dark horror-comedy. Decent performances, but needs work. Not for everyone. Like: Adaptation

GHOSTBUSTERS - A satisfactory 6! A fresh angle, terrific casting and great reverence for the original sustain this lightweight comedy and mostly entertaining reboot. Like: Ghostbusters

GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST - A flat 5! Middling fantasy romcom blends predictable one-liner romance/comedy with A Christmas Carol as a concept. Like: 13 Going on 30

GIFT, THE - A solid 7! A dark, creepy, disturbing, elegant and provocative psychological thriller with strong performances. Like: One Hour Photo

GIFTED HANDS: THE BEN CARSON STORY - A solid 7! This made-for-TV biographical drama is touching and inspiring, guided by a powerful performance by Cuba Gooding Jr. Like: The Triumph

GIRL ON THE TRAIN, THE - A satisfactory 6! Emily Blunt's all-out performance almost redeems this often dull, middling and predictable mystery thriller. Like: Gone Girl

GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET'S NEST, THE - A solid 7! This dark crime thriller features solid performances and a gripping involved story about a girl's dark past and retribution. Like: The Girl Who Played with Fire

GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, THE - A solid 7! Dark swirling crime drama under new direction make this Millennium sequel loosely entertaining, but not as gripping or impressive as "Dragon Tattoo". Like: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, THE - An excellent 8! A dark, moody mystery drama thriller with a swirling, enchanting and brutal story, great casting and solid performances. Like: Twin Peaks

GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, THE (2011) - An excellent 8! While difficult-to-watch at times, this remake is visually striking and captivating with solid performances. Like: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

GIVER, THE - A satisfactory 6! This thought-provoking dystopian sci-fi drama is visually engaging and has star power, yet is overly familiar. Like: Divergent

GLEE: THE 3D CONCERT MOVIE - A solid 7! A bouncy, high-energy, uplifting, talented and diverse cast in a music documentary designed to satisfy Gleeks and entertain the rest. Like: Glee (TV)

GLORY GAME: THE JOOST VAN DER WESTHUIZEN STORY - An excellent 8! This slick, emotionally-charged sports icon rise-and-fall documentary is entertaining, powerful and moving. Like: Pride of the Yankees

GOAL! III: TAKING ON THE WORLD - A terrible 2! Disappointing end to a decent sports drama trilogy. This low budget World Cup football b-movie is weak in all departments and doesn't even focus on Goal! hero, Santiago Munez. Like: Goal II

GOD GREW TIRED OF US - A solid 7! A simple yet powerful documentary about four Sudanese boys that restores faith in the human condition. Like: The Kite Runner

GOD HELP THE GIRL - A satisfactory 6! While a little thin and twee, this British indie musical and coming-of-age drama has plenty of charm. Like: Sunshine on Leith

GOD'S CHILDREN - A flat 5! Documentary covers first investigation of missionary boarding facility through the eyes of three families. Like: Deliver Us From Evil

GOD'S NOT DEAD 2 - A flimsy 4! Preachy and overwrought, this love/hate adaptation of a sermon masquerading as a drama may rouse or infuriate. Like: God's Not Dead

GODDESS - A satisfactory 6! A lightweight, breezy, feel good Aussie romantic musical with a charming lead. Like: The Sapphires

GODS OF EGYPT - A terrible 2! Genre see-sawing, uneven CGI, poor acting and unintentional laughs ruin this cheesy fantasy-adventure misfire. Like: Immortals

GODZILLA - A flat 5! Immense, spectacular visuals and special effects are stunted by inert performances and one-dimensional characters. Like: Pacific Rim

GOETHE! - A satisfactory 6! A light, enjoyable and old-fashioned romance about the German romantic poet in the style of 'Shakespeare in Love'. Like: Shakespeare in Love

GOING THE DISTANCE - A satisfactory 6! A sweetheart co-lead couple, a realistic depiction of long distance relationships and a good few laughs make the bad language bearable - almost. Like: A Lot Like Love

GOLDEN COMPASS, THE - A flat 5! Fantastic visuals, diluted themes and rushed scenes seem like highlights from a bigger movie. Like: The Chronicles of Narnia

GONE - A flimsy 4! Amanda Seyfried is wasted in this forgettable "psychological thriller" that lacks suspense, surprise and tension. Like: P2

GONE, BABY GONE - An excellent 8! Gripping yet disturbing crime/mystery capped off with great performances. Like: The Professional, The Departed

GONE GIRL - A solid 7! Strong co-leads and Fincher finesse drive this entertaining, gripping & trashy genre-bending crime mystery thriller. Like: The Game

GOOD DEEDS - A flat 5! A very predictable, lumbering and melodramatic romance drama. Perry's message movie shows promise, but lacks humour. Like: Our Family Wedding

GOOD DINOSAUR, THE - A solid 7! A simple, visually-stimulating and charming animated coming-of-age adventure that is good, but not great for Pixar. Like: Home

GOOD HAIR - A solid 7! Chris Rock presents a light, yet informative and bittersweet comedy documentary on the hair culture of African-American women. Like: Rize

GOOD KILL - A satisfactory 6! A gripping performance from Ethan Hawke powers this thought-provoking psychological war drama. Like: Adoration

GOOD LIE, THE - A solid 7! This informative, entertaining and important Hollywood true story delivers compelling, heartfelt drama and acting. Like: Desert Flower

GOOD LIFE, THE - A satisfactory 6! Good performances in a moving, intimate and depressing drama about a man's struggle to fit in. Like: The River King

GOOD LUCK CHUCK - A third-rate 3! Raunchy locker room "romcom" aimed at teenage boys. Cheap sex jokes and groin hits galore. Like: The Heartbreak Kid

GOOD NIGHT, THE - A flat 5! Disjointed direction/writing from debut director keep characters at a distance. Wry comedy, vague art. Like: Science of Sleep

GOOD PEOPLE - A flimsy 4! While gritty and suspenseful, it degenerates into a dull, dumb, formulaic, uninspired and violent crime thriller. Like: Shallow Grave

GOOSEBUMPS - A solid 7! A solid 7! While frenetic, it's a funny, heartwarming, scary, silly and well-balanced Halloween treat for the whole family. Like: Night at the Museum

GOSPEL HILL - A flat 5! A well-intentioned drama about racial tensions with a solid cast, but seriously lacking in the script department. Like: Sunshine State

GOYA'S GHOSTS - A satisfactory 6! Solid performances help sustain this dark, vivid yet slow-moving period piece drama. Like: Amadeus, Quills

GNOMEO & JULIET - A satisfactory 6! This adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Romeo & Juliet' is fun, sweet and imaginative. British sentiment, Elton John hits, light peril and sharp animation make it worthwhile, but nothing special. Like: A Bug's Life

GRACE - A solid 7! The fears of motherhood are awakened in this slow, stylish and atmospheric, yet grisly horror. Like: Teeth

GRACE OF MONACO - A flat 5! Kidman is miscast in this opulent, yet dull, indecisive and choppy portrait of Kelly against a tentative Monaco. Like: Diana

GRACIE - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining coming-of-age story about a teenage girl who wants to play soccer. Like: Bend It Like Beckham

GRAN TORINO - An excellent 8! Intriguing, touching and old-fashioned crime drama with in-form Eastwood in front and behind camera. Like: Dirty Harry

GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, THE - A satisfactory 6! An all-star cast, chocolate box visuals and high spirited nonsense in this doll house misadventure. Like: Moonrise Kingdom

GRAND SEDUCTION, THE - A solid 7! Small town hijinks and charming characters drive this entertaining, funny, jolly and crowd-pleasing comedy. Like: Waking Ned Devine

GRANDMA - A satisfactory 6! Tomlin's excellent lead performance drives this short yet funny and heartbreaking dramedy about age and abortion. Like: Room

GRANDMASTER, THE - A solid 7! Beautiful cinematography, lavish production values and art house action redeem muddled genre and storytelling. Like: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

GRAVITY - A timeless 10! Breathtaking visuals, a powerful lead, visceral effects, fluid direction, gripping storytelling: a complete film. Like: Life of Pi, Hubble 3D

GREAT BEAUTY, THE - A flat 5! Lavish, breathtaking visuals and a slow-burning epiphany are marred by the sluggish, frustrating and inane. Like: La Dolce Vita

GREAT BUCK HOWARD, THE - A solid 7! Modest, enjoyable showbiz comedy with sharp performances from a cutting Malkovich and a charming Blunt. Like: The Comic

GREAT EXPECTATIONS - A satisfactory 6! A lavish, stellar, reasonably entertaining and ultimately safe period piece adaptation. Like: Great Expectations (1946)

GREAT GATSBY, THE - A satisfactory 6! A first-rate cast button down a lavish, visually sumptuous yet hollow and over-edited adaptation. Like: Moulin Rouge

GREEN FLASH - A third-rate 3! Low budget straight-to-video volleyball sports comedy drama with Baywatch's David Charvet. Unimpressive. Like: Impact Point

GREEN HORNET, THE - A flat 5! Terrific action set pieces are offset against a curious lead and corny comedy in this entertaining, over-the-top, anti-superhero popcorn flick. Like: The Phantom

GREEN LANTERN - A satisfactory 6! Loaded with special effects, this new superhero franchise is fast-paced, entertaining and strangely charming. Like: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS 2 - A flimsy 4! Unintentional comedy, violence and an American prison in this low budget "British" prison football gang sequel. Like: Green Street Hooligans

GREEN ZONE - A satisfactory 6! This competent political thriller and thinking man's actioner gets the green light, courtesy of the Bourne Ultimatum's Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass. Like: Body of Lies

GREENBERG - A satisfactory 6! Awkward, prickly suburban dramedy about a man undergoing a midlife crisis with a solid turn from Ben Stiller as the lead. Like: The Squid & The Whale

GREY, THE - A satisfactory 6! A composed lead and philosophical slant give this cold genre-hopping survival adventure thriller its edge. Like: The Edge

GRIFFIN & PHOENIX - A satisfactory 6! A dark comedy/romance tearjerker about the value of life. Like: Just Like Heaven, P.S. I Love You

GRIMSBY - A flat 5! Sacha Baron Cohen concocts a crude and offensive spy movie with some explosive action and hilarious albeit filthy dialogue. Like: Borat

GRINGO WEDDING - A third-rate 3! Racist, homophobic, sexist and stupid cross-cultural "romcom". Amateur production, best avoided. Like: The Heartbreak Kid

GROWN UPS - A flat 5! A childhood basketball team reunite as adults. Sandler's comedy troupe have a bit of light, dumb holiday fun in the Sun. Like: The Benchwarmers

GRUDGE 3, THE - A flimsy 4! Predictable, formulaic, straight-to-DVD, no name horror thriller sequel with poor special effects and lack of heart. Like: The Grudge 2

GRUDGE MATCH - A solid 7! Great chemistry, loads of laughs and sharp performances from Stallone/De Niro make this a knock-out sports comedy. Like: Escape Plan

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - An excellent 8! This funny galactic underdog action-adventure oozes nostalgic music and dazzling visual effects. Like: The Fifth Element

GUEST, THE - A solid 7! A strong performance from Stevens roots this entertaining, slick and smart '80s action mystery thriller. Like: A Walk Among the Tombstones

GUILT TRIP, THE - A satisfactory 6! A sweet, undemanding, slow-to-start road trip comedy with surprising spark between unlikely co-leads. Like: Identity Thief

GULLIVER'S TRAVELS - A flimsy 4! This modern Hollywood retelling boasts an all-star cast and great CGI visuals, but is disappointing - lacking the spirit of the original with "trailer" laughs. Like: Year One

GUNMAN, THE - A flat 5! A strong cast bolster this surprisingly dull and overly serious actioner with Taken envy and a shirtless Sean Penn. Like: Taken 2