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HACHIKO: A DOG'S STORY - A solid 7! A simple, old-fashioned family tearjerker about a man and his dog, told without being manipulative or overly sentimental. Like: Marley & Me

HACKSAW RIDGE - An excellent 8! An incredible true story, firm direction and an emphatic lead performance make for a gripping and moving albeit violent war drama. Like: Saving Private Ryan

HAIL, CAESAR! - A solid 7! A star-studded, entertaining, frivolous, irreverent and paradoxical send up of '50s Hollywood from the Coen bros. Like: Burn After Reading

HALL PASS - A flat 5! The Farrelly brothers never fail to surprise with their brand of shock humour. While funny in parts, this mix of middle-aged romance and shock jock humour is jarring. Like: The Heartbreak Kid

HALLOWEEN - A satisfactory 6! Rob Zombie's mature prequel loses something by humanising Michael Myers. Like: Halloween, Scream

HALLOWEEN 2- Zombie's sequel lacks the framework of the original Halloween remake, opting for grisly violence instead of Carpenter's clever use of suspense. Like: House of 1000 Corpses

HAMILTONS, THE - A flat 5! Dysfunctional family horror that mixs domestic drama with slasher flick gore. Like: Ginger Snaps

HAMLET 2 - A satisfactory 6! Demented school drama class comedy with off- the- wall Coogan and irreverent South Park influences. Like: Waiting for Guffman

HANCOCK - A satisfactory 6! Great superhero action: Fresh Prince meets Underdog. Inconsistent direction and conflicting themes. Like: The Mask

HANDS OF STONE - A satisfactory 6! While stretched and formulaic, this fierce, stellar and stylish boxing biopic still packs a punch. Like: Southpaw

HANGOVER, THE - A solid 7! Funny characters and a clever script smooth over cracks in the ultimate bachelor comedy movie. Like: Superbad, Very Bad Things

HANGOVER PART II, THE - A solid 7! More of the same debauched bachelor frat comedy in a carbon copy of the original set in Bangkok. Like: The Hangover

HANGOVER PART III, THE - A flat 5! A darker tone, a genre shift and less Wolfpack spark disappoint in this subpar Due Date/Hangover sequel. Like: Very Bad Things

HANNA - A solid 7! Excellent direction, visually and stylistically appealing with good performances, but light on substance. Like: The Professional, Nell

HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE - A flat 5! Predictable family music comedy like a Disney episode stretched to 100 min. HM fans won't mind. Like: Crossroads

HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS - A flat 5! Ultra-violent fantasy and tongue-in-cheek parody result in entertaining, braindead action mulch. Like: The Brothers Grimm

HANSIE - A satisfactory 6! This bio drama is more about God's forgiveness than sport. Good, but not for everyone. Like: Faith Like Potatoes

HAPPENING, THE - A flat 5! Preachy, on- the- run sci-fi/thriller with flat performances that runs out of steam. Genre fans only. Like: Signs, The Mist

HAPPINESS IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD - A satisfactory 6! While uneven, a sharp cast empower this slick, familiar and heartwarming Jozi romance drama. Like: Sex in the City, Ayanda

HAPPY FEET TWO - A flat 5! Dazzling visuals and a solid voice cast can't live up to original's charm, and with a meandering eco-story, this sequel's all about the song and dance. Like: Happy Feet

HAPPY-GO-LUCKY - A solid 7! Hawkins shines in lead, while a life- affirming message from Leigh make a happy, yet dysfunctional comedy drama. Like: Secrets & Lies

HARD TO GET - An excellent 8! Great acting, chemistry and writing power this gritty, pulsating and dangerous African take on Bonnie & Clyde. Like: iNumber Number

HARDCORE HENRY - A flat 5! A thinly scripted, brutal and trashy video game junkie actioner powered by explosive FPS visual effects and a zany Copley. Like: 13 Hours

HARDWIRED - A flimsy 4! A decent cast and great potential are wasted in this Action/Sci- Fi, which relies on subpar CGI. Just doesn't get off the ground. Like: Gene Generation

HARM'S WAY - A flat 5! Middling thriller with mediocre performances from Quinlan and no- name cast. Inconsistent and predictable drama. Like: Misery

HAROLD & KUMAR: ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY - A satisfactory 6! Stoner cult duo return in this over-the-top, unPC and funny gross- out adventure. Like: H & K Go to White Castle

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 - A solid 7! Beautiful cinematography, a swirling epic fantasy, solid performances and a gripping story, although a little patchy at times. Like: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 - An excellent 8! A dark, magical and epic adventure, jam-packed with eye-popping visual effects and a talented cast, ends the saga on a high note. Like: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE - An excellent 8! HP has grown up - best yet! Equal balance of teen comedy/mature darkness with fine performances. Like: Order of the Phoenix

HATCHET HOUR - A flimsy 4! While promising and sleek, this detached and tonally imbalanced crime thriller struggles to leverage tension. Like: Beautiful Creatures (2000)

HATEFUL EIGHT, THE - A solid 7! A long, slow-moving, claustrophobic, intricate, quirky, star-studded, tense and violent Tarantino western. Like: The Thing, Reservoir Dogs

HATESHIP LOVESHIP - A satisfactory 6! Kirsten Wiig's full performance carries this real, meaningful yet slow-moving and forgettable drama. Like: Admission

HAUNTED ECHOES - A flat 5! Entertaining low budget horror/thriller revenge ghost story starring Sean Young. Like: Mockingbird don't Sing

HAUNTED HOUSE, A - A third-rate 3! A crude, immature and stupid found footage horror spoof that makes Scary Movie 2 look good. Like: Scary Movie 4

HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, THE - A satisfactory 6! Eerie atmosphere and some decent scares improve on abundance of cliches from better horrors. Like: The Others, Donnie Darko

HAUTE CUISINE - A satisfactory 6! This lightweight French delicacy is a beautifully filmed and enjoyable biographical dramedy. Like: Hyde Park on Hudson

HAYWIRE - A flat 5! A formulaic, sparse and meandering art house revenge thriller with star-studded "cameos" and an amazing action star. Like: Salt

HE NAMED ME MALALA - A solid 7! An inspiring, gentle and thought-provoking documentary about the world's youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner. Like: Suffragette

HE WAS A QUIET MAN - A solid 7! A taut, experimental and twisted romance/drama about a frustrated office worker. Like: Office Space, The Apartment

HE'S JUST NOT INTO YOU - A satisfactory 6! Love, Actually meets Sex in the City. Predictable romantic parody is entertaining, but overcrowded. Like: Sex in the City

HEAR ME MOVE No rating yet. A dance music drama about the son of a talented pantsula dancer, who goes on a journey to learn the truth about his father's death. Like: Make It Happen

HEARTBREAK KID, THE - A flat 5! Half- baked remake that doesn't have the comic smarts or class of There's Something About Mary. Like: Along Came Polly

HEAT, THE - A solid 7! Charming co-leads and rambunctious buddy cop comedy result in fun, yet somewhat inane feel good entertainment. Like: The Other Guys

HEAVEN IS FOR REAL - A satisfactory 6! Heavy-handed at times, yet still an earnest, touching and inspiring faith drama with a talented cast. Like: Courageous

HEAVEN ON EARTH - A satisfactory 6! Bollywood drama about arrange marriage. Magic realism and kitchen sink reality intertwine. Solid performances. Like: Water

HEAVY PETTING - A flat 5! A silly indie comedy based on an unstable love triangle between a boy, a girl and her protective pooch. Like: Dog Gone Love

HEIDI - A solid 7! A cute, faithful, old-fashioned, entertaining and wonderfully crafted adaptation of the beloved family favourite. Like: Heidi (1993)

HELL OR HIGH WATER - An excellent 8! A stellar cast blow us away in this funny, honest, beautifully-realised and blistering bank heist thriller. Like: No Country for Old Men

HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY - A solid 7! A fantastic sequel with stylish direction, imaginative characters, offbeat comedy and pop culture pulp. Like: Hellboy (2004)

HELLO... - A flat 5! Bollywood drama has a top cast, good script/story but average music and film- making. Like: Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha, Outsourced

HELLO GOODBYE - A satisfactory 6! Cross-cultural curiosity fuels this strangely compelling French "romantic" comedy about middle-age couple who emigrate to Israel. Like: Last Chance Harvey

HELP, THE - An excellent 8! An engaging civil rights era drama with a solid cast and terrific lead performance. Like: Precious, The Secret Life of Bees

HENRY POOLE IS HERE - A satisfactory 6! Decent performances give this quirky drama/comedy a bit of heart in this story about faith. Like: Julie Walking Home

HER - A near-perfect 9! A creative, playful, smart, tender & well-acted modern love story for the digital age from the mind of Spike Jonze. Like: Being John Malkovich

HERCULES - A solid 7! A tenacious cast and determined Rock inject fun, action and charm into this "A Knight's Tale" style action-adventure. Like: Thor

HERE COMES THE BOOM - A satisfactory 6! Lightweight, feel good comedy, Kevin James charm and a great idea go far without a knock-out script. Like: Joe Somebody

HERO WANTED - A flat 5! Gritty, Hollywood revenge action/thriller b- movie with a time shifting plot and decent performances. Like: Death Sentence

HEROES - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining Bollywood musical road trip adventure starring Salman Khan and Preity Zinta. Like: Nanhe Jaisalmer

HEY, HEY IT'S ESTER BLUEBURGER- A flat 5! Awkward Australian mix of tween comedy and coming- of- age drama has potential, but characters are unlikeable. Like: The Clique

HIDDEN HEART - A satisfactory 6! Barnard heart transplant documentary. Fascinating, but long and not absorbing. Like: Life and Times of Ingrid Jonker

HIGH STRUNG - A solid 7! While the talent show clich├ęs and formula detract, the catchy music, choreography and amazing performances redeem! Like: Step Up, Fame

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 - A satisfactory 6! Conservative high school bubblegum fantasy musical. Upbeat and fun for target audience. Like: High School Musical 2

HIGHLANDER V: THE SOURCE - A third- rate 3! Sequel's story had potential, but lacks the swordplay, script and special effects of the original. Like: Highlander III

HILLS HAVE EYES 2, THE - A flimsy 4! B- grade standard follow- up to a modern horror classic with less thrills and scares. Like: The Hills Have Eyes 2

HIT & RUN - A flat 5! Decent B- movie horror/thriller. Lacks originality with its "urban legend" stalker plot. Like: I Know What You Did Last Summer

HITCHCOCK - A solid 7! A thoroughly entertaining, surprisingly funny and sweet biopic drama with two first-class co-leads. Like: Ed Wood

HITCHER, THE - A flat 5! Slick, blood- soaked MTV action version of The Hitcher (1986). Carnage and gore trump horror. Like: Joy Ride

HITMAN - A flat 5! Stylish action/thriller that humanises the cold- blooded Agent 47 into a dark James Bond. Like: The Jackal, The Professional

HITMAN: AGENT 47 - A flimsy 4! Stilted co-leads, a bland story and product placements dull matters, despite stylish, explosive, slick visuals. Like: Hitman

HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, THE - A solid 7! Strong leads, top prod. & effects level offbeat tone, staggered pace and similarities. Like: The Fellowship of the Ring

HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES, THE - A solid 7! A stellar cast lace breathtaking visuals and CGI battle sequences together in this epic finale. Like: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

HOBBIT: DESOLATION OF SMAUG, THE - A solid 7! Dazzling visual effects and top production values lift this spellbinding, yet laboured sequel. Like: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

HOLLYWOOD IN MY HUIS - A solid 7! Charming co- leads, a cheeky tone and quirky characters entertain in this fresh local prom romantic comedy. Like: Suurlemoen

HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING - A satisfactory 6! A heartfelt and effortless performance from Hanks alleviates this mixed fish-out-of-water comedy romance drama. Like: Lost in Translation

HOME - A satisfactory 6! While fairly bland, it still passes as a colourful, charming and cute animated adventure for the whole family. Like: Lilo & Stitch 2

HOME OF THE BRAVE - A flat 5! Noble intentions ruined by poor script and direction. Like: In The Valley of Elah, Jarhead

HOME OF THE GIANTS - A solid 7! Entertaining, genre- twisting high school crime/sports story elevated by crisp writing and solid acting. Like: Basketball Diaries

HOND SE DINGES - A flimsy 4! Low budget madcap SA crime comedy with stage acting, uneven pacing and predictable setup. Like: Lipstiek Dipstiek, Mr. Bones

HONEY 2 - Spectacular dance sequences are the only thing on offer in this predictable, bland and typical teen dance movie. Like: Honey

HOODWINKED TOO! HOOD VS. EVIL - A flimsy 4! The 3D effects are a plus, but this sequel is unnecessary and lacks the wit and charm of original. Like: Hoodwinked!

HOOFMEISIE - A sweet tween bubblegum comedy in the style of Bakgat!. Like: Bakgat!

HOP - A flimsy 4! Live-action/animated 'expert' Tim Hill delivers a pithy script, feel good formula and a thin 'Easter' story with a charming under-utilised cast. Like: Alvin and the Chipmunks

HOPEVILLE - No rating! Based on the TV series, this condensed coming-of-age small town drama features a star-studded SA cast in an uplifting film intent on inspiring moral regeneration. Like: Hopeville (TV)

HORNS - A satisfactory 6! This dark, twisted, outrageous and violent Radcliffe horror-comedy is a drawn out mixed bag with cult potential. Like: Deliver Us from Evil

HORRIBLE BOSSES - A solid 7! A somewhat nasty, somewhat hilarious dark comedy with a fine comedy cast and a sharp story. Like: The Matador

HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 - A solid 7! An entertaining sequel with great cast chemistry and LOL gags, despite crude, potty-mouthed sense of humour. Like: Meet the Millers

HORTON HEARS A WHO - An excellent 8! A funny, faithful Dr. Seuss adaptation filled with fun and adventure for everyone. Like: Ice Age, The Grinch

HORSEMEN - A flat 5! Predictable, grim tapestry of better serial killer cat- and- mouse thrillers. Miscast with poor dialogue. Like: Primal Fear, The Flock

HOST, THE - A flimsy 4! A weak script, subpar acting, lack of drive and sluggish pacing capsize this artistic attempt at a sci-fi Twilight. Like: Twilight

HOT ROD - A satisfactory 6! Jackass meets Anchorman in this offbeat '80s story about a wannabe stunt rider. Like: Napoleon Dynamite

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE - A satisfactory 6! This '80s nostalgia blast from the past turns Back to the Future into The Hangover with course language and disgusting comedy. Like: Out Cold

HOTEL FOR DOGS - A flimsy 4! Kids and dog- lovers will be amused, but predictable, contrived family comedy gets boring with a weak plot. Like: Dunston Checks In

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA - A satisfactory 6! Lightning pacing, slapstick comedy and imaginative visuals distract from a lightweight script. Like: Despicable Me

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 - A satisfactory 6! More enjoyable, quick-paced, wacky and spooky animated Halloween tricks and treats for the family. Like: Hotel Transylvania

HOTTIE AND THE NOTTIE, THE - A terrible 2! Paris Hilton's vanity vehicle version of There's Something About Mary. Loaded with gross- out humour. Like: Pledge This!

HOURS - A satisfactory 6! A surprisingly strong performance from Walker carries this engrossing and heartbreaking low budget drama thriller. Like: Speed

HOUSE BUNNY - A flat 5! Mediocre, formulaic sorority comedy with decent cast and the zany Anna Faris as the ditzy bunny. Like: Sydney White

HOUSE OF MAGIC, THE - A satisfactory 6! A simple, sweet, charming, dazzling yet well-worn and predictable animated film for all ages. Like: Sammy's Adventures

HOW DO YOU KNOW - A flat 5! A solid turn from Nicholson can't save this slightly amusing and long-winded "romcom" from failing to meet the potential of the talent involved. Like: Spanglish

HOW SHE MOVE - A flat 5! A brave, gritty and energetic dance movie that sticks to the formula. Not for everyone. Like: Stomp the Yard, Step Up

HOW TO BE SINGLE - A satisfactory 6! The message may be garbled in this "Sex in the City" style empowerment romance comedy but it's enjoyable. Like: Sex in the City

HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS & ALIENATE PEOPLE - A satisfactory 6! Pegg's performance lifts this off- target yet thought- provoking and slapstick comedy romance. Like: Devil Wears Prada

HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE AN ENGLISHMAN - A third-rate 3! A contrived, dull, profane and lack-lustre attempt at romantic comedy and a waste of talent. Like: She's Funny That Way

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - A solid 7! Top- notch animation, amazing 3D thrills, a truly moving father- son story and flying dragons! Like: Lilo & Stitch

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 - An excellent 8! Exhilarating aerial action and vivid animation ignite this captivating emotional roller-coaster. Like: How to Train Your Dragon

HOW TO STEAL 2 MILLION - A satisfactory 6! A dark, moody and gritty SA-made crime drama with a Hollywood story line, a solid ensemble and a film noir gangster sensibility. Like: Retribution

HUGO - A solid 7! Beautiful, magical visuals via Scorsese backed by a strong ensemble and an intriguing mystery, but lacking in heart Like: Cinema Paradiso

HUMAN CONTRACT, THE - A flat 5! Stylish visuals yet a detached, predictable and familiar "psychological" erotic thriller with unlikable characters. Like: Obsessed

HUMBLING, THE - A satisfactory 6! While uneven and messy at times, Pacino's acting, absurd comedic tones and Birdman thing mostly redeem it Like: Birdman

HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY, THE - An excellent 8! A charming, beautiful, heartwarming, sumptuous and enjoyable coming-of-age romance drama. Like: Chocolat

HUNGER GAMES - A satisfactory 6! Top cast, gripping story, great entertainment value. Safe direction blurs message, impact and realism. Like: Lord of the Flies

HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, THE - A solid 7! Greater depth, self-assured performances, mature direction and a darker tone improve the games. Like: The Hunger Games

HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 1, THE - A solid 7! High quality ingredients enrich this entertaining, perilous yet adrift and joyless sequel. Like: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2 - A solid 7! A dark, spectacular, violent, well-acted and ultimately satisfying end to the rebellious franchise. Like: Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

HUNT, THE - A near-perfect 9! A career best from Mikkelson drives this tense, prickly and thought-provoking "witch hunt" drama-thriller. Like: Brothers

HUNTING PARTY, THE A - satisfactory 6! Fun, surreal and adventurous take on US journalism and revenge in post- war Bosnia with solid cast and decent performances. Like: Charlie Wilson's War

HURT LOCKER, THE - An excellent 8! Bigelow uses handheld cameras to create a taut, realistic atmosphere in this tense, unconventional Iraq war thriller. Like: Platoon

HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR - A flat 5! A first class cast and enchanting visual effects distract us from magpie tendencies and a lack-lustre script. Like: Snow White & The Huntsman

HYDE PARK ON HUDSON - A flat 5! An easy-going, soft focus yet forgettable biopic on FDR with a charming lead in Bill Murray. Like: To Rome with Love