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I AM LEGEND- A satisfactory 6! Apocalyptic eye candy with thrilling chases and loads of action entertainment. Like: I, Robot, 28 Days Later...

I AM NUMBER FOUR - A satisfactory 6! An action-packed science fiction adventure popcorn flick with a good-looking cast of up-and-coming actors, super special effects and great pacing. Like: Smallville, Ben 10

I AM WRATH - A flimsy 4! A formulaic, predictable, uninspired and ultra-violent attempt to inject Travolta into a blend of John Wick and Taken. Like: Death Wish

I COULD NEVER BE YOUR WOMAN - A satisfactory 6! This older woman-younger man romantic comedy is formulaic, yet entertaining with a great comic cast. Like: Prime

I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT - A flimsy 4! A sluggish, flat and outdated gender comedy with a typical Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie lead performance. Like: Sex and the City 2

I, FRANKENSTEIN - A flimsy 4! Eckhart soldiers on in this dull, uninspired CGI-driven monster movie, which is neither funny nor smart. Like: Underworld 3

I.T. - A flimsy 4! While the cast try, this formulaic, plodding and uninspired tech thriller lacks suspense and transitions from bland to forgettable. Like: Firewall

I GIVE IT A YEAR - A satisfactory 6! A charming, funny, quirky and unconventional British comedy with a risque sense of humour. Like: Bridesmaids

I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY - A flimsy 4! Formulaic, overly-sweet romcom written, directed & starring Nia Vardolos. Forced, mediocre comedy and dialogue. Like: Trust the Man

I KNOW WHO KILLED ME - A terrible 2! Camp, trashy, gorey and ridiculous laugh-out-loud whodunit mystery. Strip Tease meets Mulholland Dr. Like: Kiss The Girls

I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER - A flimsy 4! Superficial book adaptation complete with teen cliches, stereotypes and "lack-laughter" script. Like: Boys and Girls

I LOVE YOU, MAN - A solid 7! Formulaic romantic comedy is enhanced by two heartfelt and funny lead performances. Fart and sex gags incl. Like: You, Me and Dupree

I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS - A satisfactory 6! A fascinating indie comedy, marked by solid detour performances from Carrey and McGregor about a gay conman and his soul mate. Like: Cable Guy

I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY - A satisfactory 6! Fun and unique middle-of-the-road comedy concept applied to an interchangeable comic duo. Like: Three to Tango

I SAW THE LIGHT - A flat 5! A by-the-numbers music biopic, dulled by scattershot storytelling and somewhat redeemed by a fine lead in Hiddleston. Like: Walk the Line

I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE - A flimsy 4! Chris Rock's uneven Americanisation of Chloe in the Afternoon. Indecisive drama and lowbrow comedy. Like: Trust the Man

I WANT SOMEONE TO EAT CHEESE WITH - A satisfactory 6! Garlin creates a sweet, gentler romantic comedy version of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Like: Whatever Works

I'M NOT THERE - A solid 7! A multi-faceted, talented ensemble and stylish visuals make this unconventional music biopic refreshing. Like: Walk the Line

I'M SO EXCITED - A flat 5! A camp, super lightweight and raunchy sex spoof from an old school Almodóvar. Like: Airplane!

ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE - A flat 5! While the animation is crisp, it's far-fetched and uninspired... the weakest sequel in the series. Like: Ice Age 4

ICE AGE 3: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS- A satisfactory 6! Excellent animation is let down by a well-worn story in a mediocre 3rd installment. Watch it in 3D! Like: Ice Age: Meltdown

ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT - A satisfactory 6! While visually inventive and charming, its familiarity and clunkier comedy are wearisome. Like: Ice Age 3

IDENTITY THIEF - A flat 5! A charming comedy cast are wasted on a mediocre script, genre-flipping storytelling and an indecisive tone. Like: Rat Race

IDES OF MARCH, THE - A solid 7! A first-class ensemble deliver on performance in this intense, thought-provoking U.S. political drama. Like: State of Play

IDOL, THE - A satisfactory 6! An inspiring true story and sincere retelling are undermined by clunky transitions and an awkward format. Like: The Man Who Knew Infinity

IF I STAY - A solid 7! While fragmented, this sentimental drama benefits from an elemental fantasy perspective and spirited performances. Like: The Music Never Stopped

IGOR - A flat 5! Tries to match Tim Burton, but fails: uneven and unaware of its target audience. Like: A Nightmare Before Christmas

ILLEGAL TENDER - A flimsy 4! A ludicrous plot and subpar performances make this crime thriller feel unrealistic and almost ridiculous. Like: Empire

IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS, THE - A flat 5! Psychedelic visuals, a solid cast and an intriguing magical premise lie scatter-shot in this glorious, yet fascinating mess. Like: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

IMAGINE THAT - A flat 5! Middling family comedy lacks laughs and novelty, almost saved by Eddie Murphy's charisma. Like: The Game Plan, Liar Liar

IMAGINUM - A satisfactory 6! Decent sci-fi fantasy animated family feature. Charming characters and loads of fun for the kids. Like: Donkey Xote

IMITATION GAME, THE - An excellent 8! Strong performances from a sharp cast drive this curious, elegant and tense WWII biographical drama. Like: Enigma

IMMIGRANT, THE -A solid 7! A terrific turn from Cotillard in a dark, beautifully filmed and thoughtful period romance drama from Gray. Like: Two Lovers

IMMORTALS - A flimsy 4! Stunning visuals and a charismatic turn from Rourke are the only redeeming features of this 300 rip-off. Like: Clash of the Titans

IMPACT POINT - A flimsy 4! Mindless, mediocre yet provocative TV quality stalker thriller with a few familiar faces. Like: The Fan

IMPOSSIBLE, THE - An excellent 8! An epic, powerful and emotional drama thriller brought to life by firm direction, lucid CGI and heartfelt performances. Like: Hereafter

IMPY'S ISLAND - A flat 5! A standard animation adventure story for the kids based on an old German TV show. Like: Urmel voll in Fahrt

IN A BETTER WORLD - A solid 7! A thought-provoking and powerful drama with strong performances, although the storytelling is a little contrived and melodramatic at times. Like: Incendies

IN A WORLD... - A solid 7! Off-the-wall comedy and sharp performances underpin this smart and charming behind-the-scenes on the male-dominated world of movie trailer voice-overs. Like: Flight of the Conchords

IN BRUGES - An excellent 8! Unpredictable, twisted dark comedy crime caper with great dialogue and terrific performances. Like: Lucky Number Slevin

IN DARKNESS - A solid 7! Solid performances, realistic treatment and a powerful story drive this heavy, slow-grinding Polish WWII drama. Like: The Way Back

IN SECRET - A satisfactory 6! Authentic costumes, sets and lighting add to this gritty, illicit and rather cold Parisian romance drama. Like: Chloe

IN THE HEART OF THE SEA - A solid 7! A beautifully crafted, well-acted and rousing old world high seas survival adventure. Like: Life of Pi, Master and Commander

IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY - A flat 5! An ambitious, brutal, engaging, inaccurate, proficient, sincere and uneasy war romance drama. Like: The Flowers of War

IN THE NAME OF THE KING - A third-rate 3! Weak performances, poor production values and a pithy script ruin this fantasy/adventure. Like Dungeons & Dragons

IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH - An excellent 8! Solid acting and bulletproof writing make this murder mystery a must-see. Like: The Deer Hunter, The General's Daughter

IN TIME - A flat 5! Sleek production values, a talented cast and a great premise lack drive and direction in this constrained sci-fi. Like: Surrogates

INBETWEENERS, THE - A satisfactory 6! A funny, idiotic and raunchy Spring break-inspired Brit teen comedy for fans of the TV series. Like: The Inbetweeners (TV)

INCENDIES - An excellent 8! Terrific acting and emotionally powerful enough to override sluggish start. Like: The Kite Runner

INCEPTION - A near-perfect 9! This dark Matrix-type actioner boasts a first-rate cast, breathtaking visuals, clinical direction, a powerful soundtrack and a surreal heist story in the vein of Ocean's Eleven. Like: The Matrix

INCREDIBLE HULK, THE - A solid 7! The Hulk is back in an action-packed blockbuster for the fans! Bigger, greener and meaner than Ang Lee's. Like: Hulk (2003)

INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE - A flat 5! A charmless, uninspired alien invasion sequel, powered by dazzling special effects and cheesy b-movie dialogue. Like: Independence Day

INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL - A solid 7! Fast-paced, action-packed entertainment with laughs and thrills. Not as good as first 3. Like: The Mummy, National Treasure

INDIGNATION - A solid 7! While slow, it's an immersive, heartfelt and well-written coming-of-age period drama elevated by solid performances and great co-lead chemistry. Like: Cafe Society

INEVITABLE DEFEAT OF MISTER AND PETE, THE - A solid 7! Strong co-lead performances disarm flaws in this heart-wrenching coming-of-age drama. Like: Fruitvale Station

INFERNO - Beautiful scenery and a valiant effort from Tom Hanks aside, this Dan Brown adaptation is frenetic, muddled and tedious. Like: The Da Vinci Code

INFIDEL, THE - A satisfactory 6! A rather funny low budget identity crisis comedy about a Muslim man, who realises he was adopted and his biological parents were Jewish. Like: Four Lions

INFILTRATOR, THE - A solid 7! Cranston leads a sharp cast in this slick, well-acted albeit muddled and overly familiar cartel thriller. Like: Sicario

INFORMANT, THE- A satisfactory 6! A talky, quirky business satire with good intentions, but let down by bizarre score and sluggish pacing. Like: Antitrust

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS- An excellent 8! Entertaining, genre-bending World War II movie. Bloodthirsty with superb lead performance from Waltz. Like: Sin City, Valkyrie

INGRID JONKER: HER LIVES AND TIMES - A satisfactory 6! Competent yet depressing documentary about a South African poet/artist's short life story. Like: Sylvia

INHERENT VICE - An unsatisfactory 6! A psychedelic, long, baffling and groovy '70s crime-comedy with a solid cast and power to fascinate/infuritate. Like: The Big Lebowski

INKHEART - A satisfactory 6! A top-notch cast and an enchanting tale on books. This family fantasy adventure is cliched, yet entertaining. Like: Stardust

INSANITARIUM - A flat 5! A 28 Days Later meets One Flew Over A Cuckoo's Nest B-movie with plenty of gore for zombie fans. Like: Dawn of the Dead

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS - An excellent 8! A hauntingly beautiful, melancholic, funny and soulful NY in '60s folk music drama from the Coen bros. Like: A Serious Man

INSIDE OUT (2015) - An excellent 8! Exquisite animation, imaginative storytelling and a funny, touching tone drive this fun, insightful adventure. Like: Monsters Inc.

INSIDE OUT - A flimsy 4! Triple H stars as an ex-con in this dull, bloated and scattershot street justice crime drama turn wrestler vehicle. Like: The House of the Rising Sun

INSIDIOUS - A solid 7! A tapestry and tribute to old school horror, this creepy little horror gem delivers production value and scares. Like: Orphan

INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 - A satisfactory 6! While rote, this horror prequel builds on solid performances, thematic depth and some good scares. Like: Insidious

INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED - A solid 7! Irresistible father-daughter chemistry drives this sweet, amusing and touching Mexican comedy drama. Like: The Noble Family

INSURGENT - A flat 5! This franchise tries to set itself apart with a stuck-in-the-middle sequel, a talented lead and more focus on action. Like: Divergent

INTERN, THE - A solid 7! Fine performances and a charming cast power entertaining office comedy and touching, yet cloudy interpersonal drama. Like: The Devil Wears Prada

INTERNATIONAL, THE - A flat 5! Second-rate Bond movie is contentious and stylish, yet inconsistent with sluggish drama over violent action. Like: Topaz

INTERSTELLAR - A solid 7! A sharp cast, mesmerising sci-fi visuals and a thought-provoking story elevate this familiar, messy space odyssey. Like: 2001 - A Space Odyssey, Gravity

INTERVIEW - A solid 7! Great performances, good insight and clever use of space create a tense and personal drama. Like: Celebrity

INTERVIEW, THE (2014) - A satisfactory 6! Irreverent co-lead chemistry and gross-out humour rule in this controversial and dumb political comedy. Like: The Dictator

INTO GREAT SILENCE- A solid 7! A quiet, meditative and transcendent documentary experience for patient viewers (3 hours). Like: Der Name der Rose

INTO THE STORM - A flat 5! Impressive sound and visual effects almost make up for forgettable, thinly scripted and uninspired drama. Like: The Perfect Storm

INTO THE WILD - A near-perfect 9! Amazing performances, Sean Penn's masterpiece about truth and freedom. Like: Castaway, The Motorcycle Diaries

INTO THE WOODS - A solid 7! A strong cast, enchanting visuals and Disney charm override a dark detour in this fairy tale musical adaptation. Like: The Brothers Grimm

INTONGA- A flat 5! Low budget, coming-of-age Xhosa (with subtitles) boxing drama with traditional music and beautiful scenery. Like: Umalusi

INTOUCHABLES, THE - An excellent 8! Charming and exuberant co-lead performances power this joyous, fun-loving, laugh-out-loud buddy comedy. Like: Welcome to the Sticks

INVASION, THE - A flimsy 4! Salvaged Body Snatchers misfire is mildly entertaining, patchy and superficial. Like: The X Files, War of the Worlds

INVENTION OF LYING, THE- A satisfactory 6! A sweet high concept fantasy comedy with loads of cameos, intermittent laughs and religious overtones. Like: Ghost Town

INVICTUS - A solid 7! Inspiring real-life account of Rugby World Cup '95 victory in Mandela's New South Africa. Excellent performance from Freeman. Like: Hansie

INVISIBLE WOMAN, THE - A satisfactory 6! Fine ingredients add a gilded edge to this languishing, meandering and rather dull costume drama. Like: In Secret

IOWA - A flat 5! Low budget crime, drama, fantasy "borrows" from superior films to create a familiar anti-drug movie. Like: Requiem for a Dream

IRON LADY, THE - A satisfactory 6! Streep's powerful performance anchors this standard biopic about a woman grappling with dementia. Like: The Queen

IRON MAN - An excellent 8! Great CGI, performances and direction. Funny, exciting and armed to the teeth with action! Like: Transformers

IRON MAN 2 - A solid 7! The same winning tongue-in-cheek comic tone is repeated for the unwieldy sequel with a bigger budget, a broader cast and even more subplots. Like: Iron Man

IRON MAN 3 - A solid 7! Plot holes are smoothed over by fun, exciting and entertaining superhero blockbuster action with Robert Downey Jr. Like: Iron Man 2

IRRATIONAL MAN - A satisfactory 6! While uneven and familiar, it's an enjoyable, dark and cynical comedy mystery drama effort from Allen. Like: Crimes and Misdemeanors

IT'S A FREE WORLD- A solid 7! A nuggety lead performance, realistic treatment and topical issues. Intriguing social commentary. Like: Bread and Roses

IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE - A flat 5! This original, silly "romcom" concept comedy is fun, but not funny enough to hold up against its influences. Like: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Shaun of the Dead

IT'S COMPLICATED - A satisfactory 6! Typical romantic comedy fare with a solid comedy ensemble led by Streep. Like: Something's Gotta Give

IZULU LAMI- A flat 5! Charming and uplifting South African story, low budget production values with great scenery and natural performances. Like: Umalusi