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J. EDGAR - A satisfactory 6! DiCaprio's powerful lead makes this character portrait watchable, despite its restless narrative and dull feel. Like: The Good Shepherd

JACK AND JILL - A third-rate 3! Mean-spirited, unfunny and in bad taste. Pacino is the only redeeming feature in Sandler's worst movie yet. Like: Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star

JACK AND JILL VS. THE WORLD - A flat 5! Romantic comedy misfire with two decent leads, pets, teenage disease and an anti-formulaic approach. Like: Suburban Girl

JACK REACHER - A solid 7! Sharp key performances carry this slow-boiling crime mystery drama with explosive old school tough guy action. Like: Collateral

JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK - A flat 5! This formula-heavy and forgettable action sequel lacks the imagination and quality of the original. Like: Jack Reacher

JACK THE GIANT SLAYER - A satisfactory 6! This amusing, fast-paced, CGI-heavy fairy tale turns a beloved bedtime story into a video game. Like: The Hobbit

JACKASS 3D - A solid 7! If you like Jackass, you'll love this new 3D sequel complete with daredevil stunts, gross-out comedy and intentional 3D. Like: Jackass: Number Two

JAKES ARE MISSING - A flat 5! This fun, breezy SA family comedy caper is dulled by bland plotting, lacklustre comedy and genre clichés. Like: The Family

JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB, THE - A solid 7! A safe Jane Austen chick flick about life and love. Desperate Housewives meets Shakespeare in Love. Like: Becoming Jane

JANE GOT A GUN - While competently crafted, gritty and backed by a sharp cast, this revisionist Western's slight and familiar. Like: The Quick and the Dead

JANNAT: IN SEARCH OF HEAVEN... - A satisfactory 6! An entertaining, yet cautionary Bollywood movie about a bookie that becomes a cricket match-fixer. Like: Awarapan

JANE EYRE - A solid 7! A powerful, sweeping and picturesque Gothic retelling of the Bronte classic with strong performances. Like: Atonement

JASON BOURNE - An excellent 8! Bourne delivers again in this action-packed, suspenseful and exciting sequel powered by a stellar cast, amazing set pieces and gripping espionage drama. Like: The Bourne Ultimatum

JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME - A solid 7! Off-beat indie comedy and life-affirming drama boosted by a solid cast and charming performances. Like: Cyrus

JENNIFER'S BODY - A flat 5! Dark, vampire, high school, lesbian vixen movie with Megan Fox. Disappointing, complete rip-off of Ginger Snaps. Like: Ginger Snaps

JENNY'S WEDDING - A flimsy 4! A familiar, outdated, predictable and trite indie comedy misfire. Like: Hot Pursuit

JERSEY BOYS - A solid 7! Fine acting, terrific music and great subtlety guide this entertaining rags-to-riches stage-to-screen adaptation. Like: The Sapphires

JERUSALEMA - A solid 7! Powerful, insightful crime empire action/drama in spirit of Scarface with religious overtones. Like: American Gangster, Tsotsi

JESSABELLE - A flat 5! While atmospheric and tempered by a promising lead, this clichéd and tasteless horror gradually loses its sting. Like: Annabelle

JIMMY IN PIENK - A satisfactory 6! A sweet, entertaining and off-beat (yet safe) fish-out-of-water comedy driven by lively performances. Like: Blow Dry

JOHN CARTER - A satisfactory 6! Surreal CGI and epic non-stop action fuel this cheesy, entertaining Hollywood magpie and Avatar wannabe. Like: Avatar

JOHN WICK - A solid 7! A slick, stylish, thrilling and violent return for Keanu Reeves with just enough wry humour to ease the blood lust. Like: The Equalizer

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN - A satisfactory 6! More of the same popcorn family fun with slapstick, rubber face espionage gags and comedy from Rowan Atkinson. Like: Johnny English

JONAS BROTHERS: 3D CONCERT EXPERIENCE, THE - A satisfactory 6! Tweens will feel like they're witnessing the JB Burning Up Tour live! Colourful, fun, loud and in 3D. Like: Hannah Montana 3D

JONESES, THE - A satisfactory 6! Satirical comedy drama about a "perfect" suburban family. Top co-lead performances, smart and entertaining commentary on consumerist society. Like: Thank You For Smoking

JOSHUA - A satisfactory 6! Formulaic yet creepy, suspenseful psychological thriller about a problem child. Like: The Omen, The Good Son

JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND - A satisfactory 6! Pure fun in this tween popcorn adventure sequel, despite inconsistent visual effects. Like: Journey to the Center of the Earth

JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH - A satisfactory 6! Modern remake has the visuals to match the original Jules Verne story. Great family movie! Like: Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1959)

JOY - A satisfactory 6! A strong lead performance powers this fascinating, refreshing yet uncertain and meandering American dream biopic. Like: Silver Linings Playbook

JOY DIVISION - A flat 5! Sprawling war romance creates solid historical settings, but lacks depth in script, characters and performances. Like: The Poet

JOY RIDE 2: DEAD AHEAD - A flat 5! Fun, familiar straight-to-DVD sequel with low budget, no-name cast, weak plot and gore instead of suspense. Like: Hitcher, Joy Ride

JUDGE, THE - A solid 7! A charming, funny and somewhat melodramatic coming-of-age home town drama with a strong cast led by Robert Downey Jr. Like: This Is Where I Leave You

JULIE & JULIA - A solid 7! Top draw performances from Streep and Adams propel Ephron's biographical comedy romance drama about French cooking. Like: Miss Pettigrey Lives For A Day

JUMPER - A flat 5! A fast-paced international, big budget, CGI, anti-hero adventure that functions as a thin introduction. Like: Matrix Reloaded

JUNE CABIN - A terrible 2! An incoherent story, a wishy-washy plot, "experimental" editing and poor acting make this student-grade film detestable. Like: Farce of the Penguins

JUNGLE BOOK, THE - An excellent 8! Breathtaking visuals, darker tones and a sharp voice cast bolster a thrilling adaptation of Kipling's tale. Like: Life of Pi

JUNGLE KING, THE - A flat 5! Low budget animated straight-to-video "Lion King" spin-off made in 1994. Like: Enchanted Tales: Hercules

JUNO - An excellent 8! Quirky Canadian indie classic about family, love and pregnancy. Zany, lovable characters. Like: Little Miss Sunshine

JUPITER ASCENDING - A flat 5! Exquisite visuals and a grand soundtrack are no match for numb acting, dull characters and a magpie story. Like: Thor 2

JURASSIC WORLD - A solid 7! Part tribute, part roller-coaster ride, this entertaining sequel is a cheeky, thrilling over-the-top CGI fun fest. Like: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

JUST ADD WATER - A flat 5! Off-beat feel-good romantic comedy with a decent cast. Formulaic, superficial yet enjoyable. Like: He's Just Not That Into You

JUST GO WITH IT - A satisfactory 6! Eye candy, a charming cast and lighthearted Sandler fun go a long way in this lazy "romcom" holiday escapade. Like: Couples Retreat

JUST WRIGHT - A flat 5! Formulaic and cliched romantic comedy sports drama. Watchable, only for its fresh spin and charming lead performances from Latifah and Common. Like: Brown Sugar

JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER - A satisfactory 6! Concert footage and home videos form the basis of this entertaining music documentary's look at a the worldwide pop sensation and cause of "Bieber Fever". Like The Jonas Brothers