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KARATE KALLIE - A third-rate 3! Amateurish, uninspiring, low budget TV quality Afrikaans "feel-good" romantic comedy and underdog story. Like: Bakgat!

KARATE KID, THE - A solid 7! Respectful of the original, yet fresh enough to justify a remake, this family sports underdog actioner features good turns from leads. Like: The Karate Kid (1984)

KEANU - A satisfactory 6! While ridiculous and scattershot, it adds up to a fast-paced and funny action comedy bromance with great chemistry and a kitty. Like: Central Intelligence

KEEPING ROOM, THE - A satisfactory 6! An often brutal, sparse, slow-burning, tense and off-kilter western drama turned home invasion thriller with committed performances. Like: Jane Got A Gun

KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES - A flat 5! While fun, star-studded and mindlessly entertaining, it's a predictable hit-and-miss spy comedy. Like: Date Night

KEITH - A solid 7! Heartwarming, romantic drama/tearjerker with good performances. Familiar content with unique edge. Like: A Walk to Remember

KENNY - A solid 7! An entertaining mockumentary based on the life of an Aussie toilet cleaner. Classy toilet humour! Like: The Office

KICK-ASS - A solid 7! Raunchy teen comedy meets superhero action in this violent, unconventional urban tale of crime, fantasy and mayhem. Like: Superbad, Spider-Man

KICK-ASS 2 - A solid 7! Great performances carry this dark, funny, entertaining and violent mix of Fight Club, Mean Girls and Mystery Men. Like: Kick-Ass

KIDNAP - A flat 5! This Bollywood thriller doesn't have the script, story or chemistry to support its great action sequences. Like: Dhoom

KIDNAPPING FREDDY HEINEKEN - A flat 5! While bolstered by Hopkins and a true story, this kidnapping drama thriller is generic and quite dull. Like: The Forger

KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, THE - A solid 7! A smart take on modern family values in this well-acted piece about a lesbian couple and their offspring's desire to reunite with their biological dad. Like: Happy Endings

KILL BULJO - A third-rate 3! Cheesy, camp and lame low budget Norweigan direct-to-DVD spoof of Tarantino's Kill Bill. Like: Austin Powers: Goldmember

KILL SWITCH - A flimsy 4! Straight-to-DVD Seagal-written action/thriller. Poor direction/editing and too many stunt doubles! Like: The Glimmer Man

KILL THE MESSENGER - A solid 7! A sharp lead performance from Renner highlights this taut, intriguing CIA conspiracy journalism thriller. Like: The Bourne Legacy

KILL YOUR DARLINGS - A solid 7! Great co-lead chemistry and an engaging true story drive this vivid foray into Ginsberg's college years. Like: On the Road

KILLER ELITE - A satisfactory 6! A killer line-up bolster this entertaining-to-mediocre action flick with yet another typical kick-ass Statham performance. Like: Collateral Damage

KILLER JOE - A satisfactory 6! A career best performance from McConnaughey fires up this dark, dysfunctional trailer park dramedy. Like: Bug

KILLER PAD - A third-rate 3! Freddie Kruger directs a crude straight-to-DVD stinker, with Dude, Where's My Car? producers. Like: The Last Gateway

KILLERS - A flimsy 4! No sparkle from a miscast Kutcher and a lack of couple chemistry in this predictable, routine spy "romcom". Like: Mr & Mrs Smith

KILLING SEASON - A flimsy 4! Travolta and De Niro struggle to light up this bland, brutal and languishing cat-and-mouse thriller. Like: Righteous Kill

KILLING THEM SOFTLY - A satisfactory 6! A sharp "supporting" role from Pitt reinforces this beautifully shot, yet off-kilter crime thriller. Like: The Cleaner

KILLSHOT - A satisfactory 6! Taut hit man thriller carried by strong performances, with a powerhouse turn by Mickey Rourke. Like: The Lookout

KING OF FIGHTERS - A flimsy 4! Too much talking, not enough action and flat characters make this half-baked video game adaptation dull and unnecessary. Like: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

KING'S SPEECH, THE - A near-perfect 9! Brilliant lead performances underpin this triumphant, difficult-to-fault historical drama about King George VI. Like: Good Night, and Good Luck

KINGS OF SOUTH BEACH - A flat 5! Tame yet entertaining nightclub crime TV movie based on a true story. Like: Miami Vice, Tropical Heat (TV)

KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE - A solid 7! A sharp cast, rip-roaring action and a cheeky tone drive this devilishly entertaining Bond hybrid. Like: Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class

KITE - A terrible 2! Kite's potential is squandered by clichés, nasty violence, unlikable characters, an uninspired script and a cheap feel. Like: Lucy

KITE RUNNER, THE - An excellent 8! War, sacrifice and redemption are at the heart of this beautiful adaptation. Like: A Mighty Heart, Schindler's List

KNIGHT AND DAY - A satisfactory 6! Cruise and Diaz clear the way with their charming co-lead performances, despite a lack of romantic chemistry in this fresh, light and action-packed thrill ride. Like: The Italian Job

KNIGHT OF CUPS - A flat 5! While elemental, wistful and beautifully filmed, this drama becomes monotonous without accumulating substance. Like: To The Wonder

KNOCK KNOCK - A flat 5! Roth's home invasion torture horror is repetitive and lacks depth, despite its stellar cast and dark comedy flair. Like: Pay the Ghost

KNOWING - A satisfactory 6! Disaster action-thriller is ludicrous and shabby, yet terrifying and thought-provoking at the same time. Like: The Number 23

KNYSNA - A flimsy 4! While good-natured, this lightweight ensemble "romcom" is inconsistent, clichéd, predictable and gradually loses steam. Like: The Prince and Me 3

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS - A near-perfect 9! A timeless and mesmerising animated adventure with a top cast, an enchanting atmosphere, a captivating story and a beautiful soundtrack. Like: Coraline

KUNG FU PANDA - A solid 7! Super martial arts action, slapstick comedy and flashy animation panda to great fun and entertainment. Like: Surf's Up

KUNG FU PANDA 2 - A solid 7! A darker introspective adventure for Po with dazzling visuals, choppy comedy and electrifying action sequences. Like: Kung Fu Panda

KUNG FU PANDA 3 - A solid 7! A beautifully animated, enjoyable and heartwarming sequel with loads of charm, colour and fun for the whole family. Like: Kung Fu Panda 2