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LA LINEA - A satisfactory 6! Engaging crime drama character study with a decent cast. Action, gangsterism and drug dealing in Mexico. Like: Traffic

LA VIE EN ROSE - An excellent 8! A depressing biographical foreign film about Edith Piaf. Held together by Marion Cotillard's Oscar-winning performance. Like: Beyond the Sea

LABOR DAY - A solid 7! Strong performances and a heartwarming tone make this sentimental genre-shifting drama entertaining and enjoyable. Like: Nights in Rodanthe

LABYRINTH OF LIES - A solid 7! While formulaic and uneven, powerful lessons and beautiful cinematography lead the way in this well-acted and moving period drama. Like: Remember

LADY IN THE VAN, THE - A solid 7! A funny, touching and true story, powered by a strong performance from Maggie Smith and an insightful script. Like: Learning to Drive

LAGGIES - A solid 7! While this charming indie romcom has a great turn by Knightley and a polished feel, it's a little awkward and clichéd. Like: Your Sister's Sister

LAKEVIEW TERRACE - A satisfactory 6! Uneasy mix of tense cop thriller and contrived drama. Result: doesn't reach full potential. Like: Training Day

LAND OF THE BLIND - A flat 5! Dark political satire told as a parable with a familiar cast. Flashes of brilliance, but blind unto itself. Like: Brazil

LAND OF THE LOST - A flimsy 4! Aimless and crude adventure comedy lacks script, plot and humour usually associated with Ferrell movies. Like: Land of the Lost (TV)

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL - A solid 7! An unusual and original romantic comedy about coping with mental illness and love. Like: Punch Drunk Love

LAST AIRBENDER, THE - A third-rate 3! M. Night Shyamalan's dismal adaptation fails to live up, offering stylish action visuals but lacking in all other departments. Like: The Golden Compass

LAST CHANCE HARVEY - A satisfactory 6! Hoffman and Thompson shine in this sweet, affable, offbeat, mid-life crisis, romantic comedy. Like: After Sunset

LAST DAY OF SUMMER - A flimsy 4! Imagine Groundhog Day was remade into a kids family comedy with a low budget and no Bill Murray. Like: Shredderman Rules!

LAST DAYS ON MARS, THE - A flat 5! A solid cast bolster this promising low budget Mars thriller, but it degenerates into predictable horror. Like: Apollo 18

LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN - A solid 7! Strong performances, insightful direction and epic dark/violent themes add up to a great adaptation of Selby's novel. Like: Straw Dogs

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, THE - A satisfactory 6! Horror remake updates exploitative '70s classic. Tamer, but respectful of origins. Like: The Last House on the Left

LAST SIN-EATER, THE - A flimsy 4! Parable set in 1850s like Dr. Quinn meets Cadbury's ad. Pompous script and lack-lustre special fx. Like: Saving Sarah Cain

LAST STAND, THE - A solid 7! Gun-toting action, goof-ball comedy and Schwarzenegger charm add up to great popcorn entertainment. Like: The A-Team

LAST STATION, THE - A solid 7! A solid cast and top-notch performances power this slightly long-in-the-tooth biographical drama about Tolstoy's last stretch. Like: The Assassination of Jesse James

LAST VEGAS - A solid 7! Hollywood greats deliver charming performances in this formulaic, sweet-natured and surprisingly touching Vegas comedy drama. Like: The Bucket List

LAST WITCH HUNTER, THE - A satisfactory 6! While far-fetched and goofy, Vin Diesel keeps this grim visual effects-driven fantasy horror entertaining. Like: Highlander

LATHER EFFECT, THE - A satisfactory 6! Some 30-something friends get nostalgic about the '80s and simpler times after one last big bash. Like: The Big Chill

LAW ABIDING CITIZEN - A satisfactory 6! Action junkies will love this ultra-violent, off-beat thrill ride that takes revenge beyond reason. Like: Pride and Glory

LAWLESS - A solid 7! A dark, gritty, brutal, beautifully shot and wonderfully acted gangster drama undermined by rambling storytelling. Like: The Proposition

LAZARUS EFFECT, THE - A flat 5! While intriuging and backed by a decent cast, this lean stylish horror thriller is discordant and indistinct. Like: Flatliners

LAZARUS PROJECT, THE - A satisfactory 6! Competent, surreal and thought-provoking psychological thriller with convincing performances. Like: The Green Mile

LE WEEK-END - A solid 7! Sharp co-lead performances, compelling drama and amusing banter underline this mature and acerbic original. Like: Before Midnight

LEADING LADY - A solid 7! An amusing, enjoyable, quirky and heartwarming culture clash "romcom" with solid performances, despite slow start. Like: Fanie Fourie's Lobola

LEAP YEAR - A flat 5! This sweet, formulaic romantic comedy has the setting, the talent and charisma, but lacks the heart and laughs to become a classic. Like: Made of Honour

LEARNING TO DRIVE - A solid 7! Two fine, nuanced performances lead the way in this simple, yet charming and heartfelt cross-cultural drama. Like: Infinitely Polar Bear

LEATHERHEADS - A satisfactory 6! Jumbled 1920's romcom. Great story and a strong cast. Cute, slapstick and entertaining. Like: One Minute to Play

LEFT BEHIND - A third-rate 3! Nic Cage heralds an apocalyptic disaster failure to launch - even worse than the 2000 Kirk Cameron version. Like: Left Behind (2000)

LEGEND - A solid 7! - A solid 7! A riveting dual performance from Hardy drives this uneven, typical yet racy and suave '60s Brit crime thriller biopic. Like: Black Mass

LEGEND OF HERCULES, THE - A terrible 2! An uninspired, stagnant, dull and trite mythological action misfire that disappoints on every level. Like: Vikingdom

LEGEND OF TARZAN, THE - A flat 5! Dazzling visuals and a stellar cast are underplayed in this simple, inconsistent and lightweight action-adventure. Like: Dracula Untold

LEGEND OF THE BOG - A third-rate 3! Vinnie Jones "stars" in this uncertain, low budget British "zombie" horror thriller that lacks laughs and entertainment value. Like: Cutting Glass

LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS: THE OWLS OF GA'HOOLE - A satisfactory 6! Great use of 3D, vivid animated visuals and backed by a solid voice cast, but a tad formulaic and more for the kids. Like: Valiant

LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY'S RETURN - A flimsy 4! A familiar voice cast propels this charm-free, heartless and second-rate animated trip to Oz. Like: Mars Needs Moms

LEGION - A flat 5! Apocalyptic nativity fantasy meets zombie horror lockdown in this stylish yet inconsistent actioner. Great visuals, diluted performances. Like: Assault on Precinct 13

LEGO MOVIE, THE - An excellent 8! An epic, entertaining, fun, hilarious, imaginative, surprising and touching animated comedy LEGO adventure. Like: Wreck-It Ralph

LEO - A solid 7! Entertaining, well-written and beautifully shot dark drama with a hint of Forrest Gump, Blue Velvet and Leaving Las Vegas

LES MISÉRABLES - An excellent 8! An epic, bold yet lofty musical adaptation with spectacular sets/costumes and immense lead performances. Like: Moulin Rouge!

LET'S BE COPS - A flat 5! This dodgy, well-worn and brainless 22 Jump Street buddy cop wannabe has great co-lead chemistry and a few laughs. Like: Next 48 Hours

LETTERS TO JULIET - A solid 7! A lightweight, predictable yet sweet, moving and charming romantic comedy drama set in Tuscany. Like: A Month by the Lake

LIEFLING - Unrated! This Afrikaans musical is inspired by Mamma Mia and centres around the love life of Liefling Marais with an all-star cast and Afrikaans music from the evergreen '70s to this day. Like: Mamma Mia

LIFE - A satisfactory 6! While stylish, atmospheric and well-acted, it's a miscast, slow-moving to frustrating portrait of '50s celebrity. Like: Control

LIFE, ABOVE ALL (13, 101 min) - An excellent 8! This touching and compelling universal mother-daughter story features excellent performances, crisp direction and important social issues facing modern South Africa. Like: Themba, Precious

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT - A satisfactory 6! This anti-formulaic "romcom" is contrived, but delivers on laughs, heart and entertainment with winning co-lead performances. Like: It's Complicated

LIFE OF A KING - A satisfactory 6! A heartfelt, inspiring tale and sincere performances redeem this drama's predictable and formulaic edge. Like: Four Corners

LIFE OF CRIME - A satisfactory 6! A sharp cast stabilise this fun, light, mostly entertaining Elmore Leonard crime comedy caper adaptation. Like: Friends with Money

LIFE OF PI - A near-perfect 9! Breathtaking visual artistry lifts this epic survival saga, with passionate direction and a solid cast. Like: Slumdog Millionaire, Castaway

LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS, THE - A solid 7! An elegant and visually mesmerising tearjerker, powered by a first-class cast yet restrained by pacing and characterisation. Like: Pride & Prejudice

LIGHT YEARS AWAY - A third-rate 3! Clean and charming fantasy, sci-fi made-for-TV romance. Low budget effects and production values. Like: Dreams Come True

LIGHTS OUT - A solid 7! A simple, brief yet scary and effective horror that doesn't skimp on story, blending chills and laughs. Like: Don't Breathe

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER - A flat 5! Standard and predictable TV movie mystery. Like: Murder in my House

LILA & EVE - A flat 5! A powerful performance from Davis lifts this tense Death Wish style thriller, which suffers from ludicrous plotting. Like: Death Wish

LIMITS OF CONTROL - A satisfactory 6! A thought-provoking, pretentious and demanding Jarmusch "thriller" backed by a solid cast and a vivid Spainish vista. Not for everyone. Like: Ghost Dog

LINCOLN - A solid 7! A brilliant lead performance lifts this beautifully shot, dignified, yet dull character portrait and court room drama. Like: The Iron Lady, The Conspirator

LINEWATCH - A flat 5! Entertaining straight-to-DVD crime drama with Cuba Gooding Jr. and seasoned crime director. Like: The Shepherd: Border Patrol

LIONS AND LAMBS - A satisfactory 6! Top ensemble throw their weight into Redford's propaganda megaphone. Like: Charlie Wilson's War

LISTENING, THE - A flat 5! Beautiful visuals in quiet Italian conspiracy theory "thriller", with hi-tech and moral lesson. Like: Manchurian Candidate (2004)

LITTLE ASHES - A satisfactory 6! A strange indie art film with a beautiful cast about aspects of Dali's life, plagued by an uneven tone. Like: Milk

LITTLE FOCKERS - A flimsy 4! The worst of the trilogy, this vulgar, subpar and star-studded comedy features too many add-on stars and not enough genuine laughs. Like: Meet the Fockers

LITTLE ONE - A solid 7! An authentic, sincere and beautifully shot SA drama about tragedy and healing with a strong debut performance. Like: Yesterday

LITTLE PRINCE, THE - A solid 7! A beautiful, delightful, enchanting and touching animated adaptation for all ages. Like: Up

LITTLE PRINCESS - A satisfactory 6! Follows Little Princess animated series. Great little learning lessons for the tiny tots. Like: Little Princess (TV)

LIVE! - A satisfactory 6! Ambitious, entertaining and sleazy reality TV comedy/drama that starts slowly, but ends well. Like: American Dreamz

LOADED - A third-rate 3! A good-looking cast is no substitute for cheesy editing, a boring narrative and weak script. Like: The Skulls

LOCAL COLOR - A satisfactory 6! Sweet and inspiring coming-of-age autobiographical drama with solid acting from decent cast. Like: The Christmas

LOCH NESS TERROR - A third-rate 3! Made-for-TV creature feature makes use of subpar CGI and gore to sustain half-baked story. Like: Tremors, Lake Placid 2

LOCKE - An excellent 8! Tom Hardy literally drives this smart, minimalist, tightly-wound and morally complex character portrait thriller. Like: Buried

LODGER, THE - A flimsy 4! Poor performances from decent cast and contrived script debase this modern version of Hitchcock's classic. Like: The Lodger (1932)

LOFT, THE - A flimsy 4! Despicable characters keep us from truly engaging with this bland, indecisive and sleazy erotic thriller. Like: The Boy Next Door

LONDON HAS FALLEN - A flimsy 4! A mindless, over-the-top, ridiculous and bullet-riddled action romp sequel with one-liners from Gerard Butler. Like: Olympus Has Fallen

LONDON RIVER - A solid 7! Dark, dreary, intense yet beautiful indie multi-cultural drama set in the days following the train bombings with honest co-lead performances. Like: A Mighty Heart

LONE RANGER, THE - A satisfactory 6! Slick action sequences, lavish production values, smart inside jokes and a suave cast just don't add up. Like: The Legend of Zorro

LONE SURVIVOR - A solid 7! An authentic, brutal, intense, inspiring and true war thriller with a sharp cast and visceral action sequences. Like: Black Hawk Down

LONGEST RIDE, THE - A satisfactory 6! A contrived, predictable, silly yet heartwarming Nicholas Sparks romance drama, but you knew that. Like: Best of Me

LONGEST WEEK, THE - A flimsy 4! While technically sound, this attempt at Wes Anderson wastes a solid cast on an artificial and vapid story. Like: Royal Tenenbaums

LONGSHOTS, THE - A satisfactory 6! Durst creates a warm, familiar underdog story with Ice Cube, Keke Palmer and a boys football team. Like: Invincible, Gracie

LOOKING FOR ERIC - A satisfactory 6! Comedy, drama, football and Cantona collide in this gritty, uplifting underdog story set in Manchester. Like: Billy Elliot

LOOKOUT, THE - A solid 7! Original, character-driven heist thriller with accidental hero. Like: The Score, A Simple Plan, Memento

LOOPER - A solid 7! A fresh time-travel premise and beautiful sci-fi visuals are distanced by cold-blooded performances. Like: Terminator

LONG STREET - A flat 5! Atmospheric city portrait drama is poetic, yet suffers from impersonal distancing from characters. Like: The Flyer

LOSERS, THE - A satisfactory 6! A loud, explosive, violent tongue-in-cheek team actioner. Stupid, but action-packed and loaded with razor sharp one-liners. Like: The A-Team

LOST RIVER - A flat 5! Gosling's debut is mixed: visually arresting and moody style clashes with a discordant tone and messy storytelling. Like: Only God Forgives

LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS - A flat 5! Genre-bending and tone-shifting add to the confusion of this charming, yet rather pointless "romcom" romp. Like: Feast of Love

LOVE AND OTHER IMPOSSIBLE PURSUITS - A satisfactory 6! Solid performances from Portman and Kudrow override clumsy direction and shades of melodrama. Like: Where The Heart Is

LOVE GURU, THE - A third-rate 3! Gross-out gags outrank genuine laughs by 25 to 1 in Mike Myers' worst film to date. Like: The Guru

LOVE HAPPENS - A flat 5! The attractive typecast co-leads make way for a dull, yet surprisingly deep emotional romance drama. Like: Return to Me

LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA - A satisfactory 6! Solid lead performances & beautiful production values substitute lack of magic in this adaptation. Like: The Notebook

LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED - A satisfactory 6! An enjoyable, albeit cliched Danish "romcom", with lovable co-leads and an idyllic Italian setting. Like: Something's Gotta Give

LOVE IS STRANGE - An excellent 8! Two potent co-lead performances drive this authentic, earnest, pensive, subtle and universal drama. Like: The Skeleton Twins

LOVE 'N DANCING - A flat 5! Uplifting story, but lacks intensity and script of better "romcom" slash dance flicks in genre. Like: Coyote Ugly

LOVE, ROSIE - A satisfactory 6! A predictable, cliched and lightweight YA "romcom" is softened by workable chemistry and charming co-leads. Like: The Best of Me

LOVE THE ONE YOU LOVE - A satisfactory 6! A kooky, free-spirited, intimate and original fly-on-the-wall indie romance drama set in Cape Town. Like: Lost in Translation

LOVE THE COOPERS - A flimsy 4! A stellar ensemble are wasted on this contrived, cloying, dumb and forced holiday comedy. Like: Valentine's Day

LOVELACE - A satisfactory 6! A mostly entertaining yet choppy, off-balance and insubstantial biographical drama with earnest co-leads. Like: Auto Focus

LOVELY BONES, THE - A satisfactory 6! A compelling yet vague '70s murder fantasy drama with mesmerising surreal imagery, decent performances and an original perspective. Like: The Kite Runner

LOVESICK - A flimsy 4! This awkward "romcom" tries to make the most of an energetic LeBlanc despite a bland and boring sitcom fodder script. Like: Home Sweet Hell

LOVEWRECKED - A flat 5! Light, fun and predictable bubblegum celebrity worship romantic comedy with a bubbly Amanda Bynes. Like: Blue Crush

LUCKY ONES, THE - A satisfactory 6! Contrived, formulaic road trip scenarios are trumped by likable, quirky characters and sharp dialogue. Like: Grace is Gone

LUCY - A flat 5! Mesmerising action visuals and a gritty Scarlett Johansson make this silly, difficult-to-swallow sci-fi thriller bearable. Like: Johnny Mnemonic

LULLABY - A flat 5! A strong ensemble almost rescue this well-meaning, sentimental, heavy-handed and clichéd dysfunctional family drama. Like: This Is Where I Leave You

LUST, CAUTION - An excellent 8! A sensual, exquisite, intelligent and intense espionage film from Ang Lee. Like: Memoirs of a Geisha