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MACBETH - A solid 7! An artful, surreal and well-acted, yet alienating blood-and-mud Shakespearean epic with fine co-leads. Like: Excalibur

MACHETE - A satisfactory 6! Commercial grindhouse spin-off complete with schlocky performances, gore, ultra-violence, nudity and pumping action. Good, but could have been so much more. Like: Planet Terror

MACHINE GUN PREACHER - A satisfactory 6! A heartrending and inspiring true story make it watchable, but undermined by miscast lead and long runtime. Like: Missionary Man

MAD BUDDIES - A flimsy 4! A talented cast are wasted in this fun, yet unnecessary, pedestrian and lowbrow slapstick buddy road trip movie. Like: There's A Zulu On My Stoep

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - A near-perfect 9! An epic, wild, relentless, furious, nightmarish and piston-pumping dust and diesel action extravaganza. Like: Waterworld, Fast and Furious 7

MAD MONEY - A flat 5! A simple, fun and light chick flick heist story. Good rapport with a few laughs. Like: Hot Money, Office Space

MADAGASCAR 2: ESCAPE TO AFRICA - A solid 7! Same cast, refined characters, crisp animation and more consistent humour for all ages. Better than part 1. Like: Madagascar

MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE'S MOST WANTED - A solid 7! A colourful, fun and zippy sequel with heaps of entertainment value for the whole family. Like: Madagascar 2

MADEA'S BIG HAPPY FAMILY - A flat 5! Drama overrides comedy in this strange melodramatic and predictable mix of adult themes. Like: Why Did I Get Married Too?

MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION - A flimsy 4! A good idea, loaded with racial stereotypes and only after a few laughs. Madea fans only. Like: Madea's Family Reunion

MADE IN DAGENHAM - A solid 7! Great performances from a solid ensemble, a smart script and an uplifting true story make this late '60s "girl power - union style" drama entertaining, a real crowd-pleaser! Like: Calendar Girls

MADE OF HONOUR - A flat 5! A light, predictable romantic comedy: new paint, new concept and a few laughs. Like: 27 Dresses, My Best Friend's Wedding

MADEA'S BIG HAPPY FAMILY - A flat 5! Drama overrides comedy in this strange melodramatic and predictable mix of adult themes. Like: Why Did I Get Married Too?

MAGGIE - A flat 5! A dim, slow-to-start and understated teen disease drama turned zombie art house thriller with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like: The Grey

MAGGIE'S PLAN - A solid 7! A stellar cast overpower scattershot storytelling in this alternate, neurotic Woody Allen style New York "romcom". Like: Mistress America

MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT - A solid 7! A charming and amusing Woody Allen romance mystery drama with great chemistry and a Poirot scenario. Like: Poirot

MAGIC MIKE XXL - A satisfactory 6! A Step Up meets Chef road trip turned sexy misadventure about the Expendables of male entertainment. Like: Magic Mike

MAGIC OF BELLE ISLE, THE - A satisfactory 6! Morgan Freeman's charm wins the day in this sweet, slow-moving and sentimental comedy drama. Like: Flipped

MAGICIANS - A satisfactory 6! If The Prestige was a low-budget British comedy with a midweight comic duo. Like: Blow Dry, Still Crazy, Peep Show

MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, THE - A solid 7! While it doesn't live up to the original, it still has enough stars, fun, charm and popcorn thrills to sizzle. Like: The Magnificent Seven

MAID, THE - An excellent 8! A powerful lead performance, a bittersweet script and deft direction make this Chilean drama-turn-thriller engrossing. Like: One Hour Photo

MAKE IT HAPPEN - A flimsy 4! Tacky, predictable and generic teen dance movie. Step Up without story or imagination. Like: Save the Last Dance

MALEFICENT - A flimsy 4! Jolie's cheekbones overshadow inconsistent CGI, discordant storytelling, unintentional comedy and a camp tone. Like: Oz the Great and Powerful

MAMA - A solid 7! Atmospheric old school horror, solid acting and sharp visuals trump a rather contrived plot. Like: Carrie

MAMA'S BOY - A flimsy 4! Poor writing sinks this bland, unfunny and silly comedy along with its cast. Like: Mr. Woodcock, Failure to Launch

MAMMA MIA - A satisfactory 6! Buoyant ABBA jukebox musical movie. Pros: Top cast, Greece. Cons: Campy, top cast. Like: Fiddler on the Roof

MAN ABOUT TOWN - A flat 5! Affleck's performance stands out in this manic rollercoaster dramedy about a shallow Hollywood agent. Like: Interview

MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., THE - A flat 5! Numb acting, flimsy characters and a trashy spy-fi story dilute zippy cinematography and stylish '60s design. Like: Miami Vice

MAN OF STEEL - A solid 7! Enthralling action, spectacular visual effects and a powerful score substitute for alienating lack of charm. Like: Star Trek/Thor

MAN ON A LEDGE - A satisfactory 6! A blend of better heist thrillers, aided by a competent cast, good pacing and taut, entertaining tone. Like: Inside Job

MAN ON WIRE - An excellent 8! Documentary about greatest artistic crime has the pace, human interest and suspense of a heist thriller. Like: Murderball

MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY, THE - A satisfactory 6! Fine ingredients and an amazing subject underwhelm in a noble yet bland prestige biopic drama. Like: Jobs

MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS, THE - A flat 5! A sloppy, bloody and over-the-top kung fu homage with Russell Crowe. Like: 6 Bullets

MANAGEMENT - A satisfactory 6! An oddball "romcom" starts slowly and then becomes unpredictable, funny and heartwarming. Like: New in Town, Wedding Singer

MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM - A solid 7! An immense lead performance drives this grand, epic, emotional yet fleeting political biopic. Like: Gandhi

MAO'S LAST DANCER - A solid 7! An uplifting and emotionally-charged biopic powered by passion, conviction and the triumph of the human spirit. Like: Billy Elliot

MAPS TO THE STARS - A satisfactory 6! Full-tilt performances lace us into a dark, egotistic, fragmented and voyeuristic Hollywood nightmare. Like: Cosmopolis

MARAUDERS - A flat 5! Solid performances and a mildly compelling premise propel this increasingly convoluted and generic heist thriller. Like: Triple 9

MARGARET - A solid 7! A long, messy yet complex, powerful, smart, emotional urban character portrait with a fantastic lead performance. Like: Hereafter

MARGIN CALL - A solid 7! A smart script, tight direction and taut drama driven home by strong performances from a heavyweight ensemble. Like: 12 Angry Men, Inside Job

MARGOT AT THE WEDDING - A satisfactory 6! This dark, complex dramedy has a great cast, but could've done with more warmth and heart. Like: The Squid & The Whale

MARIE & BRUCE - A flimsy 4! Insufferable dramedy based on an infuriating stage play about a break up. Don't be fooled by big name stars. Like: Trust the Man

MARIGOLD - A flat 5! Bolly/Hollywood fantasy realism fish-out-of-water "romcom" musical set in India. Like: Bride & Prejudice, The Guru

MARINE 2, THE - A flimsy 4! Same plot as The Marine actioner, except Cena is replaced by Dibiase Jr. with an equally wooden performance and very few lines. Like: The Marine

MARLEY - An excellent 8! Amazing concert and interview footage punctuate this long, yet fascinating and definitive music documentary. Like: The U.S. vs. John Lennon

MARLEY & ME - An excellent 8! Solid performances, authentic heartwarming drama and light comedy make this summer movie a hit. Like: Dan in Real Life

MARMADUKE - A third-rate 3! Another crass, low-brow family comedy with talking pets. Like: Beverly Hills Chihuahua

MARRIED LIFE - A satisfactory 6! Great performances from a talented cast in a dark, insightful '40s marriage crime/drama. Like: Dial M for Murder

MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE - An excellent 8! Olsen's superb star-making lead sets this creative yet disturbing psychological thriller apart. Like: Trust

MARTIAN, THE - An excellent 8! A sharp cast drive this spectacular, moving, spellbinding, precise, witty survival drama and sci-fi jukebox. Like: Apollo 13, Cast Away

MARTIAN CHILD - A satisfactory 6! Charming father-son movie in the vein of K-PAX, based on a true story. Like: K-PAX, The Cable Guy

MARS NEEDS MOMS [3D] (PGV, 86 min) - A flimsy 4! A star cast and impressive motion-capture visuals can't override flawed script and characters. Like: Polar Express

MASTER, THE - An excellent 8! An original, beautifully shot, thought-provoking, challenging and compelling drama with powerful performances. Like: There Will Be Blood

MASTERMINDS - A flat 5! A stellar cast flounder and an amazing true story crumbles in this wacky, confused and scattershot comedy. Like: The Forger

MATERIAL - A solid 7! Strong co-lead performances, heartfelt sincerity and plenty of charm in this dramedy overcome late narrative shift. Like: Bend It Like Beckham

MAX - A flat 5! A patriotic tearjerker: a sentimental, sometimes cheesy, partly enjoyable and rather violent boy and his dog family drama. Like: Lassie, American Sniper

MAX PAYNE - A flat 5! Amazing conceptual action imagery is jinxed by poor dramatization and plot holes in this video game adaptation. Like: Hitman

MAX STEEL - A flimsy 4! A dull, bland, unimaginative and forgettable TV pilot quality kids superhero movie. Like: Ben 10: Alien Swarm

MAYA THE BEE MOVIE - A satisfactory 6! A sweet, innocent, perky and harmless animated adventure and TV series adaptation for the kids. Like: Tinkerbell

MAZE RUNNER, THE - A satisfactory 6! Solid acting, an intriguing concept and a dystopian Lord of the Flies setting, soften clichés and flaws. Like: The Hunger Games

MAZE RUNNER: THE SCORCH TRIALS - A satisfactory 6! This action-intensive sequel is entertaining and more aggressive, but also rote and confusing. Like: The Maze Runner

MCFARLAND, USA - A solid 7! Disney formula aside, it's an inspirational and feel good underdog sports drama with an in-form Kevin Costner. Like: Million Dollar Arm

ME, EARL AND THE DYING GIRL - An excellent 8! A charming, funny, moving, insightful and cracking coming-of-age comedy drama with a hipster verve. Like: Fault in our Stars

ME BEFORE YOU - A solid 7! A charming lead and good chemistry drives this familiar, yet heartfelt and entertaining romance comedy drama. Like: The Bucket List, The Intouchables

MECHANIC, THE - A satisfactory 6! Solid performances are undercut by a stylish, yet mind-numbingly violent and derivative action-thriller remake of the revenge classic. Like: The Mechanic (1972)

MECHANIC: RESURRECTION - A flat 5! This insubstantial and unnecessary sequel amounts to dumb action fun with Jason Statham. Like: The Mechanic

MEDDLER, THE - A solid 7! Annoyingly wonderful thanks to Sarandon's sharp performance, infectious comedy charm and heartwarming drama. Like: Hello, My Name is Doris

MEET DAVE - A flimsy 4! Cheap gags and loose direction leave this inconsistent alien body comedy wanting... even with Murphy. Like: Not Quite Human

MEET THE SPARTANS - A third-rate 3! Recycled pop culture references are spoofed in the name of a dumb, camp and infantile 300. Like: Epic Movie, 300

MEGAMIND - A solid 7! A vibrant, creative and funny animated superhero actioner with a first-rate comic cast, dazzling visual effects, a rocking soundtrack and an intriguing premise. Like: The Incredibles

MELANCHOLIA - An excellent 8! Dunst and von Trier shine in this slow, haunting, depressing yet entertaining post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama. Like: Another Earth

MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER, THE - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining made-for-TV drama with decent cast, based on novel by Kim Edwards. Like: Flowers for Algernon

MEN IN BLACK 3 - A satisfactory 6! Vibrant effects, production values and villain in Clement smooth over lack of charm, chemistry and verve. Like: MIB 2

MEN IN THE CITY - A satisfactory 6! Hilarity in this well-written German comedy about several guys each looking for love. Like: Swingers

MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS, THE - A satisfactory 6! A sometimes hilarious and unconventional war comedy with fine performances from a solid cast, yet flawed by a lack of focus and genre commitment. Like: Buffalo Soldiers

MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP - A satisfactory 6! Bollywood romance/comedy about family and marriage, starring Om Puri and directed by Priyadarshan. Like: Istham

MESSENGER, THE - A solid 7! A humanistic, character-driven war drama with minimalistic direction and solid performances. Like: Stop-Loss

MICHAEL CLAYTON - An excellent 8! A top-notch legal thriller about corporate cover-ups. Not for everyone. Like: The Rainmaker, The Devil's Advocate

MIDDLE SCHOOL - A flat 5! While fairly entertaining, this bland '80s style high school comedy is tonally imbalanced and predictable. Like: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS - An excellent 8! Woody Allen fans will delight in his latest offbeat comedy, which is entertaining, funny, charming and sentimental with a great turn by Wilson. Like: Whatever Works

MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, THE - A satisfactory 6! Creepy yet entertaining Clive Barker horror adaptation has thrills, scares and gore of a cult slasher. Like: Friday the 13th

MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN - A satisfactory 6! While spectacular, epic and powerful, this faithful adaptation struggles to support its own weight. Like: Earth

MIGHTY HEART, A - A solid 7! Gripping thriller with a real edge about a missing reporter. Based on actual events. Like: The Kingdom, Syriana

MIKE AND DAVE NEED WEDDING DATES - A satisfactory 6! Dumb, exuberant, lightweight, inconsistent, offensive and okay if you like raunchy comedies. Like: Bad Neighbours

MILES AHEAD - A solid 7! Cheadle's strong performance and unconventional "jazzy" biopic tribute to Davis works, even if it's messy. Like: Ray

MILK - An excellent 8! Penn's powerful performance staples moving and inspiring story of US's 1st openly gay election to public office. Like: Capote

MILLION DOLLAR ARM - A satisfactory 6! Hamm's charm and Disney's heart make this formulaic feel good sports bio enjoyable yet predictable. Like: The Rookie

MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST, A - A flat 5! A talented cast struggle to saddle this long, dumb, crude and scatter-shot Western comedy. Like: Ted

MINIONS - A solid 7! Flashy animation, amusing antics and incredibly silly Austin Powers style espionage nonsense for the whole family. Like: Despicable Me 2

MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN - A satisfactory 6! A strong performance from Garner underwrites this sweet, moving and competent melodrama aimed at Christian audiences. Like: Heaven is for Real

MIRROR MIRROR - A flimsy 4! Stale chemistry and comedy undermine this shiny yet unnecessary, "cheap" and off-balance Snow White knock-off. Like: Red Riding Hood

MIRRORS - A flat 5! Inconsistent, long and less-than-scary Korean horror remake doesn't meet its full potential. Like: Geoul sokeuro

MISS CAST AWAY AND THE ISLAND GIRLS - A terrible 2! Horrible, weak attempt at satire in this spoof of Cast Away, Jurassic Park and Miss Congeniality. Like: Disaster Movie

MISS MARCH - A flimsy 4! Poorly made teen sex comedy with a weak script, irritating leads and hardly any laughs. Like: Cougar Club

MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN - A satisfactory 6! While visually enchanting and at times fun, it can be overly familiar, lightweight and tedious in terms of plotting. Like: Dark Shadows

MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY - A solid 7! Adams and McDormand's performances and a sharp script fuel this light pre-WWII period comedy. Like: Being Julia

MISS YOU ALREADY - A satisfactory 6! An honest, weepy and well-acted drama that counterbalances its saccharine tendencies with comedy. Like: 50/50

MISSING LYNX - A satisfactory 6! Decent low budget animation feature from Spain. Sweet, safe, funny and entertaining. Like: Madagascar

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL - An excellent 8! Brad Bird's first live-action movie is pulsating, entertaining and loaded with spectacular action set pieces... the best M:I yet! Like: Mission: Impossible

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION - An excellent 8! Sharp set pieces, funny banter and a stellar cast power this tense, entertaining spy sequel. Like: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

MISSIONARY MAN - A flat 5! A motorcycle Western based on Pale Rider. One of Lundgren's better straight-to-video action movies. Like: High Plains Drifter

MISSISIPPI GRIND - A satisfactory 6! Solid co-leads and thick Southern atmosphere drive this enjoyable comedy drama and road movie. Like: The Cooler

MIST, THE - A solid 7! An intense, chilling Stephen King adaptation about fear, government and human nature. Like: The Fog, The Green Mile

MISTRESS AMERICA - A satisfactory 6! Baumbach's off-beat direction and Gerwig's intriguing performance swathe this sharp, smart and funny comedy. Like: While We're Young

MOANA - An excellent 8! Emotive music and eye-popping visuals power this often funny, entertaining and heartwarming Disney animated family adventure. Like: Frozen

MODDER EN BLOED - A satisfactory 6! While uneven, it remains a gritty and entertaining mix of prisoner-of-war and formulaic sports drama. Like: Veraaiers

MOLLY & WORS - A terrible 2! An enthusiastic yet cheap, dumb and slapdash Afrikaans romp for undemanding fans of the sitkom. Like: Molly en Wors (TV)

MOLLY MOON AND THE INCREDIBLE BOOK OF HYPNOTISM - A flat 5! While aimed at tweens, this family fantasy comedy is often cute but uneven and not quite enchanting enough. Like: Annie (2015)

MOM'S - A flat 5! Predictable and mediocre straight-to-video romantic comedy with a top cast and a few laughs. Like: Ordinary Decent Criminal

MOMS' NIGHT OUT - A flimsy 4! While gentle and lighthearted, it's ultimately disappointing, shrill and unfunny faith-based comedy mayhem. Like: The Sitter

MOMMY - An excellent 8! Terrific performances and firm direction drive this fresh, unconventional, haunting and taut coming-of-age drama. Like: Two Days, One Night

MONEYBALL - An excellent 8! A sharp, funny, touching true baseball story with strong direction, a cracking script and first-rate performances. Like: The Blind Side

MONEY MONSTER - A solid 7! An entertaining, if somewhat ludicrous Wall Street send up and hostage thriller steadied by charming performances. Like: Network

MONSTER IN PARIS, A - A satisfactory 6! A fun, charming, quirky and beautifully animated adventure set against the City of Lights. Like: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

MONSTER TRUCKS - A flat 5! A brainless and bland throwback movie for kids, dulled by middling CGI and a thin script. Like: E.T.

MONSTERS OF THE DEEP - A solid 7! A fascinating 3D animated documentary about prehistoric sea life. A treat for the whole family. Like: Into The Deep

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY - A solid 7! Fraternity clichés rule in this charming, hilarious, playfully animated and slow-to-start prequel. Like: Monsters Inc.

MONSTERS VS. ALIENS - A solid 7! Superficial yet funny animation. Armed to the teeth with special effects and suitable for all ages. Best in 3D. Like: Evolution

MONTE CARLO - A flat 5! A formulaic, predictable and somewhat charming "romcom" escapade. Like: Lovewrecked

MOOIRIVIER - A satisfactory 6! An uneven yet entertaining, heartwarming and earnest feel good Afrikaans romcom inspired by 'Love, Actually'. Like: Valentine's Day

MOON - An excellent 8! Haunting deep space Sci-Fi with excellent lead performance. Combines the best elements of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris

MOONLIGHT - A near-perfect 9! An elegant, moving, poetic, soulful, subtle and well-acted coming-of-age drama. Like: Boyhood

MOONRISE KINGDOM - An excellent 8! Another detailed, charming, offbeat, funny, fascinating and stellar comedy from the mind of Wes Anderson. Like: Rushmore

MORE THAN JUST A GAME - A satisfactory 6! Uplifting and insightful docudrama about sport, politics and Robben Island prison in SA. Like: Mean Machine

MORGAN - A satisfactory 6! This "Frankenstein" style sci-fi horror thriller distracts us from a predictable and pithy story with its fine lead and action. Like: Ex Machina

MORNING GLORY - A satisfactory 6! Light, frothy morning news show comic antics of a new producer shaking things up, make for lightweight, enjoyable and entertaining escapism. Like: The Ugly Truth

MORNING LIGHT - A flat 5! Disney sailing documentary for enthusiasts. Beautiful scenery, but a mundane exercise in reality TV/film. Like: Desperate Passage

MORTDECAI - A terrible 2! A star-studded Brit comedy wannabe dulled by a kitsch tone, off-colour humour and a painfully weak comedy script. Like: The Pink Panther 2

MOSTLY GHOSTLY - A flimsy 4! Straight-to-DVD family/horror R.L.Stine book adaptation is low on laughs, scares and intrigue. Like: Goosebumps (TV)

MOTHER AND CHILD - A solid 7! Strong writing, insightful direction and fine performances touch on motherhood, family and relationships. Like: 21 Grams, Lovely & Amazing

MOTHER OF TEARS - A flat 5! Concluding chapter to Argento's Mother trilogy. Vivid, bloody, trashy, old school cult horror. Like: Inferno, Suspira

MOTHER'S DAY - A flimsy 4! Sappy, predictable, contrived and manipulative, this A-list ensemble drama is another laugh-less holiday movie chore. Like: New Year's Eve

MOVIE 43 - A third-rate 3! A star-studded cast and a good idea are wasted in this ridiculous-to-offensive collection of unfunny short films. Like: Epic Movie

MOVING MCALLISTER - A flimsy 4! Low budget indie road trip comedy has good visuals, heart and soul, but lacks in plot, comedy and depth. Like: The Sweetest Thing

MR. BONES 2 - A flat 5! His box office numbers speak volumes, but if you're not a Schuster regular - it's best to avoid this prequel. Like: Mr. Bones

MR. FIX-IT - A flat 5! Formulaic and predictable straight-to-video date movie "romcom". Like: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

MR. HOLMES - A satisfactory 6! While slow-moving and at times confusing, it's still an intimate, beautifully composed mystery drama with a fine lead performance. Like: Mr. Turner

MR. MORGAN'S LAST LOVE - A flat 5! Sluggish pacing and a depressing tone make for a competent, pensive, well-acted yet rather dull drama. Like: Song for Marion

MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN - A solid 7! A sharp voice cast and sleek visuals power this entertaining, amusing all ages animated comedy adventure. Like: Rocky & Bullwinkle

MR. PIP - A solid 7! Defiant performances override bumpy storytelling amid surreal Dickens recreations and emotionally-charged war drama. Like: Pan's Labyrinth

MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS - A flat 5! An inoffensive, formulaic family comedy with penguins, swayed by your appreciation for Jim Carrey. Like: Zookeeper

MR. RIGHT - A flat 5! Terrific co-lead chemistry almost rescues this fun, wacky and offbeat, yet tonally-challenged "romcom". Like: Killers

MR. TURNER - A solid 7! While dead slow, this authentic, beautifully composed visual memoir biopic features a brilliant lead performance. Like: The Iron Lady

MRS. RATCLIFFE'S REVOLUTION - A flat 5! Mediocre Brit comedy drama set in 1960s E.Germany. Lively and entertaining, but Tate amid stock characters. Like: Sixty Six

MUD - A solid 7! An atmospheric, slow-boiling small town mystery thriller with a strong cast, solid performances and some beautiful moments. Like: Stand by Me

MULBERRY STREET - A satisfactory 6! Grounded, old school, gritty indie zombie-rat horror with no-name actors that holds suspense of belief. Like: The Rats

MUMMY 3: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR, THE - A flat 5! Mediocre CG effects and a serious lack of fun undermine a good franchise and a great cast. Like: The Mummy Returns

MUPPETS, THE - An excellent 8! A smart, witty, heartfelt and inspirational return for Jim Henson's Muppets - fans and newbies will approve. Like: The Muppets Movie

MUPPETS MOST WANTED - A solid 7! This fun Muppet romp features funny gags, catchy tunes and celebrity cameos, but it's missing Jason Segel. Like: The Muppets

MUSIC NEVER STOPPED, THE - A solid 7! A heartwarming and engaging indie drama with a great lead performance from J.K. Simmons. Like: Mr. Holland's Opus

MUTANT CHRONICLES - A flimsy 4! This futuristic sci-fi actioner boasts a solid cast, but is comparable with old school video games when it comes to acting, CGI and script. Like: Doomsday

MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL - A flimsy 4! This Dane Cook comedy is often too vulgar or offensive to be funny. Not for everyone. Like: Good Luck Chuck

MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2 - A flat 5! While good-natured, harmless and charming, it suffers a clichéd, lazy and recycled sitcom quality script.Like: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D - A satisfactory 6! This serial-killer horror remake is gory, pays tribute to '70s slashers and justifies its gimmicky 3D effects. Like: Scar 3D

MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS - A satisfactory 6! Slow, moody and surface level romance/drama with a solid cast. Like: Closer

MY LIFE IN RUINS - A satisfactory 6! Post card "romcom" in Athens plays out like My Big Fat Greek Vacation. Fun, but lightweight. Like: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

MY NAME IS DORIS - A solid 7! Field is at her eccentric best in this charming, funny and quirky if somewhat predictable and simple indie romcom. Like: Happy-Go-Lucky

MY OLD LADY - A satisfactory 6! Mostly enjoyable thanks to a sharp script, a talented cast and sentimental yet mature comedy drama. Like: Duplex

MY SASSY GIRL - A flat 5! Quirky romcom remake with Cuthbert is contrived and more melodramatic than Korean original. Like: My Sassy Girl (2001)

MY SISTER'S KEEPER - A satisfactory 6! Moving, compelling drama, but all-star cast's solid performances are marred by melodrama. Like: The Memory Keeper's Daughter

MY WEEK WITH MARILYN - A solid 7! Terrific performances from Branagh and Williams raise the tempo in this enticing behind-the-scenes memoir. Like: The Prince and the Showgirl (1957)

MYTH, THE - A satisfactory 6! Jackie Chan's big budget action-packed fantasy/adventure is entertaining and fun. Like: National Treasure, Highlander