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NANCY DREW - A flat 5! Bubbly junior detective story that lacks surprise and suspense. Like: Nancy Drew (TV)

NANNY DIARIES, THE - A flat 5! This comedy/drama has an amazing cast, but doesn't measure up as a modern day Mary Poppins. Like: The Devil Wears Prada

NANNY MCPHEE AND THE BIG BANG - A solid 7! Emma Thompson's lovable character returns for more charming family fun. An improvement on the original with a first-rate cast. Like: Nanny McPhee

NATIONAL TREASURE 2: BOOK OF SECRETS - A satisfactory 6! A fast-paced puzzle/action treasure adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones and James Bond. Like: National Treasure

NEBRASKA - An excellent 8! A simple, stark and quietly powerful B&W dark comedy road trip with masterful direction and strong performances. Like: About Schmidt

NECESSARY DEATH CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN, THE - A satisfactory 6! A dark, meandering and surreal genre-shifting mystery adventure with a Donnie Darko in Europe feel. Like: Donnie Darko

NECKTIE YOUTH- A solid 7! While scattershot, this SA blend of Clerks and Kids is edgy, experimental, stylish, thought-provoking and timely. Like: Trainspotting

NEED FOR SPEED - A flat 5! Exotic cars, old school stunts and exciting action sequences are written off by a "dance movie" script and drama. Like: Bullitt

NERVE - A satisfactory 6! Timely subject matter around social media privacy is brought to life by charming co-leads and daredevil thrills. Like: Strange Days

NEVER BACK DOWN - A flat 5! Predictable, formulaic, cheesy... everything you've come to expect from a gutsy martial arts fight flick! Like: Kickboxer

NEW IN TOWN - A satisfactory 6! Sweet, heartwarming, formulaic, romantic fish-out-of-water comedy starring Zellweger and Connick Jr. Like: Sweet Home Alabama

NEWS MOVIE - A flimsy 4! Straight-to-video movie based on an online news parody website's satire. Adult content, not for everyone. Like: Brass Eye

NEVER LET ME GO - A solid 7! Solid performances, fascinating science-fiction drama and beautiful cinematography make this haunting film compelling as an idyllic English boarding school's dark agenda is unveiled. Like: The Village, Gattaca

NEW YEAR'S EVE - A flimsy 4! An all-star cast drive this superficial, fuzzy and pointless Garry Marshall holiday special. Like: Valentine's Day

NEXT DAY AIR - A flat 5! Excessive violence and bad language in South Central crime action flick outweigh stoner comedy and influences. Like: Lost in Transit

NEW MOON - A flimsy 4! Vague romance and hollow performances underscore this lack-lustre paranormal teen sequel. Twi-fans only. Like: Twilight

NEXT THREE DAYS, THE - A solid 7! Russell Crowe delivers a solid performance in this smart and engaging reworking of the prison break concept. Like: Prison Break

NICE GUYS, THE - An excellent 8! A top draw crime comedy caper spurred by a meandering, yet wickedly funny script and great co-lead chemistry. Like: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

NICE GUY JOHNNY - A satisfactory 6! Predictable yet charming low-key indie romantic comedy with a sharp script and good performances. Like: Fever Pitch

NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST - A solid 7! Charming leads, NYC indie rock scene and enough romance/comedy/drama to make enjoyable. Like: Before Sunrise

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2: BATTLE OF THE SMITHSONIAN - A satisfactory 6! Bigger effects, bigger stars smother loose direction. Just as entertaining as the original. Like: Night at the Museum

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3: SECRET OF THE TOMB - A satisfactory 6! More of the same good-natured family fun, quick action set pieces and cameos. Like: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

NIGHT BEFORE, THE - A satisfactory 6! This crude and irreverent Christmas stoner comedy bromance is also funny and heartwarming at times. Like: A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

NIGHTCRAWLER - An excellent 8! A dark, deviant, slimy and smart crime drama thriller and character study with a sharp lead performance. Like: End of Watch

NIGHT DRIVE (18LV, min) - A gritty, provocative and bloody African safari horror/thriller. Like: Wolf Creek

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, A (2010) - A flat 5! A slick, competent and formulaic remake doesn't measure up to scares, performances and creepiness of original. Like: Friday the 13th (2009)

NIGHTS IN RODANTHE - A flat 5! Contrived Nicholas Sparks romance/drama with Gere/Lane, overly sentimental with a manufactured feel. Like: Message in a Bottle

NIM'S ISLAND - A satisfactory 6! Decent family adventure/comedy stunted by unrealistic story and product placements. Like: Swiss Family Robinson

NINE - An excellent 8! Lavish cinematography, excellent lead performances and a terrific cast make this Fellini musical dark, beautiful and surreal. Like: Chicago

NINE LIVES - A third-rate 3! A cheap, crass, dull and witless Freaky Friday formula cat comedy wannabe. Like: Shaggy Dog

NINES, THE - A solid 7! A 3-tiered film with three people that seem to evolve into different characters. Like: Donnie Darko, The Number 23

NINJA ASSASSIN - A flat 5! Dodgy acting, video game action and an unreal feel to the plot, make for a bloody, middling martial arts flick. Like: Versus

NO - An excellent 8! A smart, engrossing and suspenseful Chilean political docudrama, shot on Betamax, and based on an inspiring true story. Like: Mad Men

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN - A solid 7! Faithful to a fault. Well-crafted, tense, dark, violent and thrilling cat-and-mouse game. Like: Psycho, The Fugitive

NO ESCAPE - A satisfactory 6! A stellar cast drive this brutal, intense and entertaining action thriller, despite a thin and biased script. Like: World War Z

NO GOOD DEED - A flimsy 4! Fine co-leads are wasted on a clichéd and convoluted screenplay turned dull, forgettable and routine thriller. Like: Obsessed

NO MAN'S LAND: RISE OF THE REEKER - A flat 5! This dull, no-name horror thriller sequel retraces the original Reeker to the point of being a remake with a few tidbits of information about its origins. Like: The Reeker

NO RESERVATIONS - A solid 7! Great food, great music, great evening in "romcom" remake. Like: Mostly Martha

NO STRINGS ATTACHED - A flat 5! Superficial co-lead relationship doesn't translate well into comedy and romance, leaving it likable yet mild under the direction of Reitman. Like: Love and Other Drugs

NOAH - A satisfactory 6! While flawed as an adaptation, a strong lead and spectacular visuals power this grand, ominous Biblical revision. Like: Flight

NOEM MY SKOLLIE - A solid 7! While scattershot, it remains an authentic, earnest, honest, intense and captivating crime drama. Like: City of Men

NON-STOP - A satisfactory 6! Neeson takes charge as an air marshal in this familiar, entertaining and claustrophobic cat-and-mouse thriller. Like: Passenger 57

NOISE (2007/I) - A solid 7! Gripping Aussie cop thriller with taut performances and a fresh human drama approach. Like: Little Athens

NOISE (2007/II) - A satisfactory 6! Tim Robbins stars in this off-beat crime comedy drama about a NY noise vigilante. Like: He Was A Quiet Man

NOMAD - A satisfactory 6! Inconsistent big budget 18th Century warrior epic set in Kazakhstan. Like: Kingdom of Heaven

NORM OF THE NORTH - A terrible 2! Cheap animation, chaotic storytelling, lazy writing and crude humour ruin this uninspired conservation tale. Like: Happy Feet 2

NOT EASILY BROKEN - A flat 5! Romance/drama has heart in the right place, but stereotypes, misogyny and melodrama diminish return. Like: Reservation Road

NOT FORGOTTEN - A flat 5! Slow-moving, dull, predictable and run-of-the-mill thriller. Stylish with half-decent performances from Baker and Vega. Like: The Missing

NOT MY LIFE - A flat 5! Entertaining, straightforward TV thriller about a mentally-deranged woman. Decent script, average performances. Like: Gaslight

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH - A solid 7! A first-rate ensemble, solid performances, gripping legal drama and contentious issues revolving around privacy, government and media in the US overcome TV feel. Like: All The President's Men

NOTHING LIKE THE HOLIDAYS - A satisfactory 6! An entertaining, although typical Christmas holiday comedy drama with a strong Hollywood Latino cast. Like: Four Christmases, Soul Food

NOTORIOUS -A satisfactory 6! A well-crafted biopic of the late hip-hop rapper, Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. Like: Biggie and Tupac

NOVEMBER MAN, THE - A satisfactory 6! Clichés render this a slick, entertaining yet standard-to-forgettable Brosnan-led spy action thriller. Like: Tailor of Panama

NOW YOU SEE ME - A solid 7! A stellar cast charm their way through this dazzling, frenetic and mesmerisingly entertaining heist thriller. Like: Ocean's Eleven

NOW YOU SEE ME 2: THE SECOND ACT - A satisfactory 6! An over-the-top rinse and repeat, which thrives on its stellar cast, wink-wink charm, whirlwind pace and flashy visuals. Like: Now You See Me

NOWHERE BOY - A solid 7! A terrific lead from Aaron Johnson and a compelling coming-of-age drama about John Lennon's formative years. Like: Control