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OBSERVE & REPORT - A flat 5! Mean-spirited comedy take on Taxi Driver. Rogen is committed to role, but too prickly for most. Like: Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Cable Guy

OBSESSED - A flimsy 4! Formulaic, predictable and tame Fatal Attraction rip-off. Name stars, but B-movie feel. Like: Perfect Stranger

OCEANS - A solid 7! Breathtaking cinematography makes this somewhat surreal ecological documentary drama quite mesmerising with beautiful montages of marine life from around the world. Like: Earth

OCULUS - A solid 7! Confusion and clich├ęs aside, this is an compelling, eerie and unsettling psychological hall-of-mirrors horror chiller. Like: Sinister

ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN, THE - A satisfactory 6! An affable, yet sappy Disney feel good fable with plenty of heart, but not enough charm. Like: The Spiderwick Chronicles

OF GODS AND MEN - A solid 7! Authentic sets, heartfelt performances and an inspiring true story underpin this drama about faith, brotherhood and liberty. Like: A Mighty Heart

OFF THE MAP - A solid 7! Off-kilter pace, beautiful landscapes and excellent, quirky performances make this worth watching. Like: Secret Lives of Dentists

OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY - A flat 5! While star-studded, this comedy is uninspired, low on laughs and ultimately disappointing. Like: Why Him?

OLDBOY - A flat 5! Lee's Oldboy remake is disappointing, nasty, uneven and altogether unnecessary: it pales in comparison with the original. Like: Oldboy (2004)

OLD DOGS - A flat 5! Fun, family comedy with Travolta and Williams plays with physical comedy and tugs at the heart-strings in true Disney style. Like: Wild Hogs

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN - A satisfactory 6! A tense, patriotic and cliched White House thriller with a solid cast and explosive Die Hard action. Like: Under Siege

ONCE - A solid 7! Beautiful, intimate music supports a heartfelt real world romance. Like: Across the Universe

ONDINE - A satisfactory 6! Good performances and a charming fairy tale with twists of biting reality overcome flaws in this fantasy-romance drama. Like: Lady in the Water

ONE CHANCE - A solid 7! A rather funny, quite charming, often touching, mostly entertaining yet formulaic rags-to-riches feel good biopic. Like: Billy Elliot

ONE DAY - A satisfactory 6! An episodic romance drama weepy and adaptation with a fresh concept but not enough depth. Like: Going the Distance

ONE FOR THE MONEY - A flimsy 4! Katherine Heigl is miscast in this light, bland and ineffective paint-by-numbers chick flick. Like: The Bounty Hunter

ONE IN THE CHAMBER - A flimsy 4! A dull and mindless B-movie "straight-to-video" actioner. Like: The Cold Light of Day

ONE LAST THING - A satisfactory 6! Heartwarming comedy/tearjerker, buoyed by good acting. Meditates on life/death. Like: Win A Date with Tad Hamilton

ONE LIFE - A solid 7! A beautifully shot and entertaining nature documentary for the whole family, packs a powerful message. Like: Oceans

ONE MISSED CALL - A third-rate 3! Moody Japanese horror remake that doesn't measure up to original or peers in its genre. Like: The Grudge 2

ONE MORE NIGHT - A satisfactory 6! Some 30-something friends get nostalgic about the '80s and simpler times after one last big bash. Like: The Big Chill

ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING - A flat 5! Epic and lavish Biblical drama falters on dull and clumsy storytelling. Like: Esther

ONLY GOOD INDIAN, THE - A flimsy 4! A no-name cast, low budget Western tries to outplay itself, but poor acting and long run time ruin the desired effect. Like: Six Reasons Why

OPEN ROAD, THE - A flat 5! Predictable and bland by the numbers father-son road trip drama with watchable performances. Like: Broken Flowers

OPEN SEASON 2 - A flat 5! Boog and Elliot return with new voice cast. This 72 minute family comedy is one for the kids. Like: Open Season

ORANGES, THE - A flat 5! A bland, second-rate comedy script diminishes valiant attempts from a solid cast, falling short of expectations. Like: Smart People

ORPHAN - A solid 7! Dark, powerful Hitchcockian horror/thriller with solid performances in the vein of The Omen. Like: The Good Son

OTHER BOLEYN GIRL, THE - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining and beautiful historical drama leveled to soap opera status by melodrama. Like: The Tudors (TV)

OTHER END OF THE LINE, THE - A flat 5! Sweet, predictable cross-cultural romantic comedy. Forgettable fun, but contrived. Like: Americanizing Shelley, Outsourced

OTHER GUYS, THE - A satisfactory 6! This high stakes action-comedy stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as mismatched cops. Great action set pieces and classic over-the-top Will Ferrell comedy. Like: Talladega Nights

OTHER MAN, THE - A flat 5! An all-star cast are let down by bland writing and loose direction in this lack-lustre love triangle thriller. Like: Irresistible

OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR, THE - A flat 5! While creepy, it boils down to a predictable, gimmicky and old-fashioned ghost horror riddled with cliches. Like: The Boy

OTHER WOMAN, THE - A flat 5! While it features a talented cast, this formulaic "empowerment" romcom is shallow and gets by on lowbrow comedy. Like: Bridesmaids

OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL - A solid 7! This creepy and immersive 1960s horror sequel has strong performances, genunine scares and palpable dread. Like: The Conjuring 2

OUR FAMILY WEDDING - A third-rate 3! A name cast and promising culture-clash setup are ruined by a flat, contrived comedy script and racial stereotypes. One or two decent performances. Like: Gringo Wedding

OUR KIND OF TRAITOR - A satisfactory 6! This lethargic spy drama lacks suspense but coasts on the strength of its performances and writing. Like: A Most Wanted Man

OUR IDIOT BROTHER - A satisfactory 6! Light-hearted, likable and even raunchy, this comedy is reeled in by Rudd's charming lead performance. Like: Win Win

OUT OF THE FURNACE - A satisfactory 6! Tough, dark and bleak, this Deer Hunter-style crime thriller leans hard on its stellar line-up. Like: The Deer Hunter

OUTLAW - A flat 5! A promising vigilante action/thriller that loses momentum in the last quarter. Like: The Football Factory

OUTPOST - A satisfactory 6! Atmospheric action/horror, low on fx with echoes of Dog Soldiers and Wolfenstein video game. Like: Predator

OUTSIDE THE LAW - A solid 7! Terrific performances, epic Coppola-inspired film-make this historical action crime-drama gripping. Like: Days of Glory

OUTSOURCED - An excellent 8! Funny, heartwarming and rewarding taste of India. Fish-out-of-water romantic comedy with great performances. Like: Marigold

OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL - A satisfactory 6! Dazzling, fun and spectacular, yet dulled by an inconsistent tone and deflated performances. Like: Alice in Wonderland