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P.S. I LOVE YOU - A solid 7! A touching yet dark romance/drama with a top ensemble that dips into textbook "romcom". Like: Dear Frankie, Just Like Heaven

PACIFIC RIM - A solid 7! Breathtaking visuals and first-rate production values add to this entertaining mash up of epic sci-fi action. Like: Cloverfield, Real Steel

PADDINGTON - An excellent 8! Subtle-to-silly humour and great warmth make this live-action update fun, charming and entertaining for all. Like: Fantastic Mr. Fox

PAIN & GAIN - A satisfactory 6! A sleazy yet entertaining black comedy driven by three spirited leads in a bizarre and brutal true story. Like: Broken City

PAN - A flat 5! This spectacular and magical prequel adventure shows promise, but is uninspired, insubstantial and lacks vitality. Like: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

PAN'S LABYRINTH - A near-perfect 9! Stunning visual imagery, scathing performances and conflicting themes - brilliant. Like: The Devil's Backbone

PANDORUM - A satisfactory 6! Deep space action, adventure, sci-fi with psychological slant, borrows elements from better Sci-Fi movies. Like: Event Horizon

PAPERBOY, THE - A flat 5! A stellar cast push the limit in this bizarre, camp, experimental, sweaty and sexually-charged '60s crime thriller. Like: Precious

PARADISE - A flimsy 4! Diablo Cody's writer/director debut is thinly scripted and dull, despite its talented cast's best efforts. Like: A.C.O.D.

PARANOIA - A flimsy 4! A dull, stale and forgettable slick corporate thriller with a sharp, yet uninspired cast. Like: Arbitrage

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - A solid 7! Chilling low budget indie horror gem takes "what goes bump in the night" reality to another level. Like: The Blair Witch Project

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 - A satisfactory 6! While not as good as the original, this sequel holds intensity, suspense and one or two good scares in a bigger "Big Brother" house with more characters. Like: Paranormal Activity

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 - A satisfactory 6! A creepy low budget horror sequel that holds up for fans of the series despite some rehashed scares. Like: Paranormal Activity

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 - A flat 5! The weakest entry in the PA found footage series is uninspired, but offers a few scares. Like: Paranormal Activity 2

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES - A satisfactory 6! An unsettling and formulaic refresh sequel inspired by Chronicle and End of Watch. Like: Paranormal Activity 3

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION - A flimsy 4! A disappointing attempt to tie-up loose ends results in more grainy video horror formula. Like: Paranormal Activity 4

PARANORMAN - A solid 7! Beautiful animation, creative direction and thought-provoking themes power this edgy and entertaining horror. Like: Monster House

PARENTAL GUIDANCE - A flat 5! Billy Crystal's star quality elevates an otherwise bland, formulaic, sappy and predictable family comedy. Like: You Again

PARIS, JE'TAIME - A solid 7! Delightful drama romance omnibus from 18 different directors, set in the City of Lights. Like: Love Actually

PARKER - A satisfactory 6! A slick, routine and charming 2-hour Jason Statham crime caper thriller with some decent action. Like: Blitz

PASSENGERS - A flat 5! Sluggish air disaster mystery, drama thriller with low-key Hathaway builds up to Hitchcockian twist. Like: Flightplan

PASSENGERS (2016) - A flat 5! While thought-provoking, visually appealing and stellar, this flawed space romance thriller is stifled by its bland, creepy and tedious plotting. Like: Titanic

PATHOLOGY - A flat 5! Slick medical thriller features a good story and decent performances. NB Script debauched, content grisly. Like: Flatliners

PATRIOTS DAY - A solid 7! A suspenseful, stirring and straightforward docudrama chronicle and tribute of the Boston Marathon bombing. Like: Deepwater Horizon

PAUL BLART: MALL COP - A flat 5! Feel-good action/comedy parody of Die Hard. Kevin James' physical comedy substitutes weak plot/script. Like: Home Alone, Airheads

PAUL BLART MALL COP 2 - A third-rate 3! An inoffensive, innocuous, indifferent, ineffective and forgettable sequel. Like: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

PAWN SACRIFICE - A solid 7! While somewhat joyless, it remains a finely crafted biopic and a fascinating character study with a sharp cast. Like: The Imitation Game

PAY THE GHOST - A flimsy 4! There's nothing new in this uninspired, stock-standard and predictable haunted house b-movie with Nicolas Cage. Like: Insidious -Chapter 3

PEACE, LOVE & MISUNDERSTANDING - A flimsy 4! A dream cast simmer in this bland, contrived and unintentionally funny hippie dramedy. Like: Wanderlust

PEDRO A satisfactory 6! Inspiring biopic on a gay HIV-positive celebrity and activist lacks the star power and polish of big brother, Milk. Like: Milk

PEEPLES - A flimsy 4! A bland, cliched, formulaic, somewhat clunky yet good-natured romantic comedy. Like: Meet the Fockers

PELE: BIRTH OF A LEGEND - This cheesy, formulaic sports biopic is uninspired, but leverages its visual flair, remarkable true story and heart. Like: Race

PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR - A solid 7! A colourful, lightweight, energetic, and quick-paced animated spin-off with oodles of silly spy comedy. Like: Madagascar: Most Wanted

PEOPLE LIKE US - A satisfactory 6! A solid cast, great performances and good writing fuel this sentimental drama with soapy tendencies. Like: Trouble with the Curve

PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS - A satisfactory 6! This Harry Potter knock-off has an upbeat tempo, a solid supporting cast and lots of fun with mythology. Like: The Golden Compass

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS - A flimsy 4! Sharp CGI and "Ben 10" style action fuels a cheesy, uneven and messy fantasy with flat comedy. Like: Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

PERFECT ASSISTANT, THE - A flat 5! Made-for-TV crime/thriller with mindlessly entertaining boilerplate plot and a gorgeous lead. Like: Framed for Murder

PERFECT GETAWAY, A - A flimsy 4! A decent cast, director and film location don't add up to sum of all parts. Mostly inconsistent and disappointing. Like: Dead Calm

PERFECT HOST, THE - A satisfactory 6! Great co-leads spur a bizarre Hitchcockian dark comedy thriller with loads of nuttiness and possibly one too many twists. Like: Clue

PERFECT MATCH, THE - A flimsy 4! An attractive cast try to elevate a bland, formulaic, lightweight and uneven ensemble "romcom". Like: Addicted

PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, THE - An excellent 8! A quirky, nostalgic, heartfelt, earnest & stellar coming-of-age high school romance drama. Like: American Beauty

PERSEPOLIS - An excellent 8! Powerful emotion, gripping drama and simple, yet striking animation underpin this poignant autobiography. Like: The Kite Runner

PETE'S DRAGON - An excellent 8! A Disney classic, this deeply heartfelt, enchantingly shot and soulful remake is backed by a strong cast. Like: The Jungle Book

PHILOMENA - An excellent 8! Fine performances and smart writing highlight this entertaining, intriguing and humorous mystery drama. Like: Ghost Writer

PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND - A satisfactory 6! Imaginative indie drama with great cast and charming lead, but overall a little iffy and inconsistent. Like: Bee Season

PICTURE THIS - A flimsy 4! Contrived TV movie teenage comedy fluff. Rapidly dissolves into thin air like candy floss. Like: Drive Me Crazy

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS - A solid 7! Vibrant, bizarre, funny and upbeat Apatow genre bender. Think Cheech & Chong and Lethal Weapon in a blender. Like: Superbad

PINK PANTHER 2, THE - A third-rate 3! Martin is not even nearly in the same league as Sellers. Lame slapstick gags and flat dramatic cast. Like: The Pink Panther

PINOCCHIO - An excellent 8! Disney's all-time family classic is still as entertaining and magical as it was in 1940. Like: Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

PIRANHA 3D - A flimsy 4! Trashy, cheesy, camp, B-movie horror remake. Entertaining combination of Jaws, Girls Gone Wild and Joe's Apartment. Like: Piranha (1978)

PIRANHA 3DD - A terrible 2! Crude, uninspired and disappointing sequel isn't good bad, it's just plain bad. Avoid! Like: Piranha

PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITS, THE - A solid 7! A funny, silly and entertaining stop-motion animated family adventure with a great voice cast. Like: Arthur Christmas

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END - An excellent 8! Grandiose trilogy gathers all pirates together for an epic "world cup" finale. Like: POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES - A satisfactory 6! Too many pirates, not as many laughs and more of the same in this mediocre, yet entertaining swashbuckling action-adventure sequel. Like: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

PIRATES WHO DON'T DO ANYTHING: A VEGGIETALES MOVIE - A flat 5! This animation is strictly for the kiddies. Script doesn't offer much for adults. Clean, good-natured fun. Like: Jonah

PITCH PERFECT - A solid 7! Sharp performances and lively musical numbers offer a formulaic, yet entertaining blend of Glee and Mean Girls. Like: Bridesmaids

PITCH PERFECT 2 - A solid 7! A sweet, funny and cheeky feel good comedy with upbeat acapella numbers and over-the-top rag tag shenanigans. Like: Pitch Perfect 2

PIXELS - A flat 5! While good-natured and packed with silly retro fun, this lazy Ghostbusters wannabe will go down as a missed opportunity. Like: Ghostbusters

PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, THE - An excellent 8! Powerhouse co-lead performances drive this majestic, sprawling, slightly disjointed crime epic. Like: Blue Valentine

PLANES - A flat 5! This formulaic and predictable imitation of Cars is inferior and aimed at younger audiences. Like: Cars 2

PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE - A flat 5! A flat, dull, formulaic and superficial sequel that has the puns, flash and colour to appease most kids. Like: Planes

PLANET 51 A flat 5! A light, fun and familiar animation with a great "alien" premise, but doesn't meet expectations. Like: Monsters vs. Aliens, ET

PLANET TERROR - A solid 7! Pure Grindhouse B-movie tribute entertainment. Non-stop action loaded with trashy gore and zombie horror! Like: Sin City

PLATTELAND - An Afrikaans country musical backed by some of South Africa's biggest Afrikaans music sensations. Like: Liefling

PLAYERS, THE - A flat 5! Jean Dujardin's charms are no match for his chauvinistic, vulgar and unfunny series of short films about infidelity. Like: OSS 117: Lost in Rio

PLAYING FOR KEEPS - A flimsy 4! A star-studded cast are wasted in this bland, formulaic, forgettable and disjointed "romcom". Like: The Dilemma

PLAYING IT COOL - A flat 5! This smug "romcom" send-up has a promising concept and sharp cast, but gets bogged down by the selfsame formula. Like: What's Your Number?

PLEASE GIVE - A solid 7! Prickly yet insightful slice-of-life comedy drama set in NY apartment block. Entertaining take on social issues backed by solid cast and performances. Like: The Savages

POET, THE - A flat 5! Cross-cultural WWII romance drama has potential, but loses grip to melodrama and unreal atmosphere. Like: Closing the Ring

POKER CLUB - A flimsy 4! Thin, low budget crime thriller book adaptation, with no-name cast about a burglar that interrupts a poker game. Like: Very Bad Things

POINT BREAK - A flat 5! An extreme sports action spectacular that serves as a superficial modern remake and tribute with low self-esteem. Like: Point Break (1991)

POISON IVY 4: THE SECRET SOCIETY - A third-rate 3! Dull and muddled straight-to-DVD TV sequel serves up sexy thrills in the secret society style of The Skulls. Like: Poison Ivy

POLTERGEIST - A flat 5! While competent, this classic horror remake proves unnecessary, paying tribute but not living up to the original. Like: Poltergeist

POPE JOAN - A satisfactory 6! A long and unusual historical drama with a decent cast, about the legendary Pope Joan, who rose through the Vatican posing as a man. Like: Joan of Arc

POSSESSION, THE - A flat 5! A cliched, dull, slow-moving and ultimately forgettable exorcism horror thriller. Like: The Rite

POST GRAD - A flimsy 4! A lightweight, fluffy and ultimately boring comedy with a talented cast and a mildly quirky and bland script. Like: Little Miss Sunshine

POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE - A flat 5! Tiny tots will enjoy, even if it doesn't honour its origins and is more dull and colourful than charming. Like: Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms

PRECIOUS: BASED ON THE NOVEL 'PUSH' BY SAPPHIRE - A solid 7! Excellent, spirited performances underpin this startling urban underdog drama about an obese, sexually and physically abused 16-year-old girl. Like: Half Nelson

PREDATORS - A flat 5! Competent as a stand-alone with a promising premise and solid cast, yet lacks novelty, mystery and fear factor of the original. Like: AVP: Alien vs. Predator

PREMIUM RUSH - A satisfactory 6! A simple yet enjoyable, exhilarating fast-paced urban action thriller chase with solid performances. Like: Cellular

PRICELESS - A solid 7! Light, satirical romantic comedy with great chemistry and lead performances. A French "chick flick". Like: Maid in Manhattan

PRIDE - A flat 5! A clich├ęd American sports drama with a spirited performance from Howard. Slightly unrealistic at times. Like: Coach Carter

PRIDE (2014) - An excellent 8! This British political drama is an earnest, entertaining, funny, important and rousing crowd-pleaser. Like: Made in Dagenham

PRIDE & GLORY - A satisfactory 6! Great performances elevate this gritty, violent, familiar and cliched 'bad cop' crime/thriller. Like: The Departed

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES - A flat 5! This stylish, yet indecisive and surprisingly bland genre mash-up doesn't reach its true potential. Like: Shaun of the Dead

PRIEST - A flat 5! Solid visuals, action and cast let down by choppy editing, lightning fast pacing and flimsy script. Like: Legion

PRINCE, THE - A third-rate 3! A thin, routine and dull by-the-numbers vigilante action thriller rip-off of Taken with a few famous faces. Like: Taken 2

PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME - A satisfactory 6! This dazzling fantasy action-adventure is a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish, borrowing from better films, but not quite matching them. Like: The Mummy

PRINCESS & THE FROG, THE - An excellent 8! This dark, yet compelling take on The Frog Prince set in New Orleans is creative, funny, touching and full of magical surprises. Like: Aladdin

PRIVATE LIVES OF PIPPA LEE, THE - A satisfactory 6! Intelligent, intense suburban drama with a top-rate cast and a terrific lead performance from Robin Wright Penn. Like: The Ice Storm

PROGRAM, THE - A satisfactory 6! While it covers familiar territory, this sports drama gets by on sharp performances and human interest. Like: The Armstrong Lie

PROJECT ALMANAC - A satisfactory 6! While jumbled, it's a quick-paced, entertaining and exciting found footage time travel sci-fi thriller. Like: Chronicle

PROJECT X - A flat 5! A well-worn, debaucherous and toxic found footage teen party flick for the YouTube generation - nothing more. Like: Superbad etc.

PROM - A flat 5! Corny, sweet, predictable and tween-friendly Disney take on teens. Like: High School Musical

PROM NIGHT - A third-rate 3! Predictable, dumb and blunt remake of a mediocre slasher... easily forgettable. Like: A Night to Dismember

PROMETHEUS - A satisfactory 6! Entertainment value, pacing, special fx and Fassbender smooth over tonal shifts, cliches and cold characters. Like: Sphere

PROMISED LAND - A satisfactory 6! A simple, quietly powerful small town eco-drama backed by great writing and a likable cast. Like: Erin Brockovich

PROMOTION, THE - A satisfactory 6! Deadpan comedy, good satire and intriguing match-up, but not quite an Office Space or The Office. Like: Employee of the Month

PROPHET, A - An excellent 8! A remarkable and detailed French prison gangster film. Tough and edgy with a clever script and fine performances all-round. Like: Midnight Express

PROPHET, THE - A solid 7! This meandering animated drama is eclectic, elemental, poetic, political, spiritual, symbolic and mesmerising. Like: Waltz with Bashir

PROPOSAL, THE - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining, funny and lots of fun chemistry in this formulaic romantic comedy. Like: 27 Dresses

PROTECTING THE KING - A flimsy 4! A thin biopic about the King's bodyguard, which lacks a strong lead character and Elvis rock 'n roll. Like: Wonderland

PUBLIC ENEMIES - A solid 7! Competent, action-packed 1930s gangster film with fine cult cast and top-notch production values. A bit long. Like: Lonely Hearts

PULSE 3 A third-rate 3! Poor acting, weak CGI and bad writing form the undercurrent of this pointless franchise sequel. Like: Pulse 2

PUNCTURE - A satisfactory 6! This misdirected drama is redeemed by a real-life underdog story and a sharp, thoughtful lead performance. Like: Limitless

PUNISHER 2: WAR ZONE - A flat 5! Sequel plays like an '80s Rambo action flick with excess Saw gore. Entertaining, yet superficial and dim-witted. Like: The Punisher

PURGE: ANARCHY, THE - A satisfactory 6! Intense action and murky morality propel a dark, thought-provoking and violent crime thriller sequel. Like: The Purge

PUSS IN BOOTS - A solid 7! A lightweight yet highly entertaining Shrek spin-off, bristling with charm, wit and captivating visuals. Like: Shrek 2

PYRAMID, THE - A flimsy 4! This uneven, thinly scripted found footage horror b-movie isn't scary (or funny enough) to be taken seriously. Like: As Above, So Below