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QUANTUM OF SOLACE - A solid 7! Urgent, brutal, beautiful adrenelin-fuelled Bourne-style action and emotional vendetta break Bond rules. Like: Casino Royale

QUARANTINE - A satisfactory 6! Atmospheric horror/thriller remake has plenty of scares and reality camera intensity. Like: [REC]

QUARTET - A solid 7! A sweet, charming, heartwarming and gentle, yet predictable comedy drama with a solid cast and a doting director. Like: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

QUEEN OF KATWE - An excellent 8! While Disneyfied, this well-acted and amazing true story bursts with colour, humour, spirit and vitality. Like: Slumdog Millionaire

QUEEN OF THE DESERT - While visually-striking, this biopic is sluggish, lacks passion and purpose, thus failing its great subject. Like: Grace of Monaco

QUIET ONES, THE- A flat 5! This competent horror is atmospheric with one or two scares, which are off-set by an uninspired familiarity. Like: Chernobyl Diaries