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RABBIT HOLE - A solid 7! Bleak yet compelling script, restrained direction and excellent performances help smooth over this domestic family portrait stage adaptation. Like: Reservation Road

RACE - A solid 7! Race doesn't go deep enough, but remains a moving and inspirational sports biopic powered by a winning lead performance. Like: Eddie the Eagle

RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN - A satisfactory 6! Disney's Witch Mountain "remake" lacks magic, but it's family-friendly with a talented cast. Like: Escape to Witch Mountain

RACHEL GETTING MARRIED - A solid 7! Fantastic performances headline this dysfunctional, American docudrama version of "Monsoon Wedding". Like: Margot at the Wedding

RAILS & TIES - A flat 5! This emotional drama is slightly forced, but alleviated by good performances from a solid cast. Like: Reservation Road

RAILWAY MAN, THE - A solid 7! Bold co-lead performances and an inspiring true story power this vivid, slow-burning flashbacks-of-war drama. Like: 12 Years A Slave

RAINBOW SKELLUMS - A flat 5! Good-natured, yet inconsistent South African candid camera Schuster spin-off from producer of Panic Mechanic. Like: You Must Be Joking!?

RAISIN IN THE SUN, A - A satisfactory 6! African-American classic distinguishes itself with strong direction and performances. Like: A Raisin in the Sun (1961)

RAMBO - A satisfactory 6! Stallone's bloodiest and most violent sequel in the Rambo franchise. Action junkies only! Like: Rambo: First Blood

RAMEN GIRL, THE - A flat 5! Culture clash comedy drama about Japanese cooking starts with great promise, but lightweight and lacks heart. Like: Simple Irresistible

RAMONA AND BEEZUS - A satisfactory 6! Charming, magical, feel good adaptation of popular children's book series about a little girl's misadventures, backed by some sterling performances. Like: Matilda

RAMPART - A satisfactory 6! An unflinching performance from Harrelson gives momentum to this dark and disturbing bad cop character portrait. Like: The Messenger

RANGO - A solid 7! Brilliant visuals, a smart script and a fine voice cast raise the bar in this dark, surreal animated Western tribute. Like: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

RATATOUILLE - A near-perfect 9! Heart-warming and crisp animation about a talented sewer rat and his apprentice chef in Paris. Like: The Incredibles

RATCHET & CLANK - A flimsy 4! While lively, colourful and goofy, this thin, generic and unimaginative video game adaptation is aimed at kids and fans. Like: Space Chimps

RAVEN, THE - A satisfactory 6! Poe gets a slick, dark and sinister edge in this thrilling yet cliched 'Jack the Ripper'-style murder mystery. Like: Sherlock Holmes

REACH FOR ME - A flimsy 4! A solid cast and good intentions fall flat to formulaic, second-rate comedy/drama. Like: Away From Her

READER, THE - A solid 7! Intimate summer young man/older woman romance turns into compelling court drama, anchored by Winslet's Oscar role. Like: Nuremberg

REAL STEEL - A satisfactory 6! A hugely entertaining, crowd-pleasing underdog fighter story with charming performances and too many product placements. Like: The Iron Giant

REBEL, THE - A satisfactory 6! Solid 1920s martial arts action, good performances and fine cinematography all add up to great entertainment. Like: Lagaan

REBOUND, THE - A satisfactory 6! Older woman-younger man New York romantic comedy boasts heartfelt performances, a funny script and substance! Like: The Proposal

REC - An excellent 8! "Home-made" zombie horror outclasses the Blair Witch Project, filled with adrenalin-pumping scares. Like: Quarantine

RED - A satisfactory 6! Bruce Willis leads a rogue team of retired black ops agents in this light, entertaining and tongue-in-cheek action-comedy. Like: The A-Team

RED DAWN - A flimsy 4! A good-looking cast and quick pacing animate this bland, unnecessary and poorly written reboot. Like: Red Dawn

RED MERCURY - A flat 5! Low budget British crime thriller with decent cast, subdued by TV direction and production values. Like: Rendition

RED RIDING HOOD - A flimsy 4! Although visually appealing, this dark fairy tale adaptation is clunky with cheesy dialogue and uninspired supporting performances. Like: Twilight

REDBELT - A solid 7! Entertaining mixed martial arts drama skillfully combines the power of intellect and action. Like: Spartan

REDEMPTION - A flat 5! Jason Statham takes on a challenging role in this unusual, gritty, taut yet flawed London revenge thriller. Like: Blitz

REGRESSION - A flat 5! While overly serious and bland, this mediocre psychological mystery thriller is somewhat redeemed by its stylish treatment and stars. Like: Dark Places

RELIGULOUS -A solid 7! Documentary on world's current state of spirituality is funny, but may offend. Inspires conversation, not change. Like: Dogma

RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST, THE - A satisfactory 6! A compelling lead saves an engaging, thought-provoking yet uneven culture-clash thriller. Like: The Company You Keep

REMAINING, THE - A flat 5! A serviceable, special effects heavy found footage horror thriller about Revelations. Like: Into the Storm

REMEMBER - A solid 7! An engaging, entertaining and poignant Holocaust thriller, powered by a stellar lead performance and sharp direction. Like: Memento, This Must Be the Place

REMEMBER ME - A flat 5! A middling romance melodrama with good chemistry and likable characters is dashed in the home straight. Like: Dear John

REPO MEN - A flat 5! Great cast, great premise and style... but bogged down by unsure script and mediocre direction. Like: Surrogates

RENDITION -A solid 7! An absorbing, insightful and topical film about US foreign policy, with a great ensemble. Like: A Mighty Heart, Syriana

RESCUE DAWN - An excellent 8! True war survival adventure. Herzog's direction compelling and Bale's performance immersive. Like: The Great Escape

RESERVATION ROAD - A satisfactory 6! Solid performances are undermined by a melodramatic tone to this drama/thriller about loss/guilt. Like: Mystic River

RESIDENT, THE - A flat 5! This paint-by-numbers thriller lacks tension, opting for middling horror rather than leaning on its star. Like: When A Stranger Calls

RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE - A solid 7! Breathtaking 3D visuals, action-intensive zombie mayhem, a cool cast and slick Matrix-inspired style make this a welcome addition to the video game franchise. Like: Resident Evil: Extinction

RESIDENT EVIL: DEGENERATION - A solid 7! Only fans of RE video game or zombie movies will be impressed by this anime sequel. Like: Dead Space

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION - A flat 5! Amazing visual effects and explosive action almost overcome wooden acting and lacklustre script. Like: Resident Evil: Afterlife

RETURN TO SENDER - A flimsy 4! While Pike delivers shades of Gone Girl, this creepy, queasy rape revenge thriller is unsure and underwritten. Like: Knock Knock

REUNION, THE - A flimsy 4! Another inept, par-boiled WWE action "comedy" star vehicle with John Cena. Like: 12 Rounds

REVENANT, THE - A near-perfect 9! A beautiful, brutal, gritty, sparse and transcendent survival adventure western with soulful performances. Like: Rescue Dawn

REVOLUTIONARY ROAD -A solid 7! An emotionally taut script and great ensemble performance. Powerful novel adaptation on '50s suburbia. Like: American Beauty

REWRITE, THE - A satisfactory 6! A light, predictable, no frills Hugh Grant romantic comedy buoyed by a charming cast. Like: Barefoot

RICKI AND THE FLASH - A satisfactory 6! This lightweight, bittersweet, pedestrian and uneven music comedy drama is enjoyable thanks to Streep. Like: Rachel Getting Married

RIDDICK - A satisfactory 6! Alien planet sci-fi, survival thrills and tough guy bravado in this back-to-basics Vin Diesel actioner. Like: Pitch Black

RIDE - A satisfactory 6! Hunt's sharp performance smooths over cracks in an engaging albeit predictable and unsteady mother-son surf drama. Like: 5 Flights Up

RIDE ALONG 2- A flat 5! A lazy buddy cop sequel with less action, effort, laughs and forethought... essentially a half-hearted remake. Like: Ride Along

RIGHTEOUS KILL - A flat 5! Even legends can't save this dull crime "mystery". Poor script, shallow characters and a predictable story. Like: 88 Minutes

RINGS - A flimsy 4! This uninspired horror rehash lacks tension, genuine scares and fails to convincingly bridge the analog/digital divide. Like: The Ring 2

RIO - A solid 7! Amazing animation, a great voice cast, an upbeat tempo and entertaining slapstick feel good fun add to this familiar tropical bird animated feature. Like: Ice Age

RIO 2 - A solid 7! More dazzling animation, colourful fun, silly musical references and bird-brain comedy in this ecologically-aware sequel. Like: Rio

RIPPLE EFFECT, THE - A flat 5! Vanity piece with redemptive story and decent cast, but feels more like a soap opera than a drama. Like: Hollywood Buddha

RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER - A satisfactory 6! Ugly, yet gripping British working class thug exploitation film, complete with drugs, nudity and ultra-violence. Like: Football Factory

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS - A solid 7! Dazzling animation, creative visuals and an imaginative yet cluttered superhero take on childhood fables. Like: The Avengers

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES - A solid 7! A powerful lead performance from Andy Serkis and excellent visual effects carry this action-packed epic. Like: Planet of the Apes

RISEN - A solid 7! A compelling faith-based sword-and-sandal detective mystery drama with a fine lead and strong production values. Like: Exodus - Gods and Kings

RITE, THE - A flat 5! Disappointing and not scary enough, considering the exorcist material and director-actor talent involved. Like: The Da Vinci Code

RIVER QUEEN, THE - A satisfactory 6! Standard performances are relieved by rich cultural, historical and natural beauty. Like: The Last of the Mohicans

ROAD, THE - A solid 7! Terrific performances underline this powerful, harrowing and often depressing adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel. Like: No Country For Old Men

ROAD TRIP 2: BEER PONG - A flimsy 4! Light, straight-to-video college comedy with a few chuckles and brief nudity for the frat boys. Like: Van Wilder 2: Rise of Taj

ROAD WITHIN, THE - A satisfactory 6! A tonally imbalanced mixed bag of a comedy drama remake, empowered by authentic moments, compelling characters and good performances. Like: Vincent Wants to Sea

ROBIN HOOD - A satisfactory 6! Scott and Crowe deliver an epic, "factual" and charmless account of the hero behind the legend. Like: Kingdom of Heaven

ROBINSON CRUSOE - A flat 5! A colourful yet half-hearted and subpar animated adventure centring on the classic tale of Robinson Crusoe. Like: Animals United

ROBO-DOG - A flimsy 4! This clunky, goofy, low budget robot dog movie has a few fun moments, but is primarily aimed at kids. Like: C.H.O.M.P.S.

ROBOT & FRANK - A solid 7! A charming, moving, entertaining and personal crime comedy drama with a terrific lead performance from Langella. Like: Bernie

ROBOT OVERLORDS - A flat 5! Doctor Who meets Transformers in this cheap, cheesy and light TV quality sci-fi adventure with two name stars. Like: Doctor Who

ROCK DOG - A flat 5! An uninspired tale and mediocre animation pave the way for this breezy low budget film. Like: Sing

ROCK THE KASBAH - A satisfactory 6! Murray carries this mostly funny and edgy music comedy blend of This Is Spinal Tap and American Dreamz. Like: American Dreamz

ROOM - A near-perfect 9! Small yet profound, this is a harrowing, honest and heartbreaking drama led by two brilliant performances. Like: Mommy

ROSEWATER - A solid 7! This politically relevant, earnest and fascinating torture drama wields solid performances and a satirical edge. Like: Rendition

ROCK OF AGES - A solid 7! A star-studded cast, classic '80s rock and a fun, tongue-in-cheek tone resonate in this Broadway adaptation. Like: The Wedding Singer, Wayne's World

ROCK THE PAINT - A satisfactory 6! A decent indie underdog drama about basketball, racial relations, and family. Like: Coach Carter, Save the Last Dance

ROCKER, THE - A flat 5! Light, predictable rock music comedy with a mediocre cast and script. Like: Wayne's World, School of Rock

ROCKNROLLA - A solid 7! British Tarantino, Guy Ritchie, returns to his roots with a strong blast in this fun action, comedy, crime caper. Like: Snatch

ROEPMAN - A beautifully shot and acted Afrikaans coming-of-age drama about a '60s railway community through a child's eyes. Like: Angela's Ashes

ROGUE - A solid 7! Gripping and gorey Australian horror/thriller with a real edge. Like: Jaws, Lake Placid, Wolf Creek

ROGUE ASSASSIN - A flat 5! Classic showdown amounts to a mediocre action/thriller. More bullets than kicks from Li and Stratham. Like: Chaos, The One

ROLE MODELS - A solid 7! Great chemistry makes this funny, yet crude big brother comedy seem smart with Paul Rudd on target. Like: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

ROMANTICS, THE - A flimsy 4! A fine ensemble fails to deliver in this somewhat debauched, pretentious and contrived indie romantic comedy. Like: Ceremony

ROMPER STOMPER - A solid 7! Raw, unique, gripping and interesting Australian action drama. Gritty performances, led by Crowe. Like: American History X

RON CLARK STORY, THE - A solid 7! Perry's fine performance couples with an inspirational and touching "Dangerous Minds" true story. Like: Freedom Writers

ROOMMATE, THE - A flimsy 4! A predictable, cliched psychological thriller that's as tame as its title. Like: Single White Female

ROVER, THE - A solid 7! A bleak, brutal, minimalist, suspenseful and atmospheric character-driven Australian outback crime drama. Like: The Proposition

ROXY HUNTER - A flat 5! Middling made-for-TV Nancy Drew-type family mystery with some well-crafted comedy/romance for all ages. Like: Nancy Drew

RUBY SPARKS - A solid 7! A sweet, smart, imaginative and off-beat fantasy "romcom" with charming co-leads. Like: Stranger Than Fiction

RUDDERLESS - A solid 7! A powerful lead performance, a heartfelt soundtrack and a though-provoking story soften an awkward dramatic twist. Like: Begin Again

RUINS, THE - A satisfactory 6! This holiday horror is creepy and gorey enough for genre fans. Solid cast foiled by slack script. Like: Apocalypto

RUM DIARY, THE - A flat 5! Holiday escapism with good performances diluted by wishy-washy arc, lack of impetus and alienating characters. Like: The Tourist

RUN - A solid 7! Vivid direction and a solid lead sell this haunting, artful and almost spiritual African political adventure drama. Like: Forrest Gump, The Prophet

RUN ALL NIGHT - A solid 7! A suspenseful, intense and emotive balance between a gritty man-on-the-run action thriller and mafia crime drama. Like: Non-Stop

RUN FAT BOY, RUN - A satisfactory 6! Enjoyable and silly feel good movie that is funny, but formulaic and predictable. Like: Bend It Like Beckham

RUNAWAYS, THE - A satisfactory 6! Girl rockers get down-and-dirty in this gritty, formulaic sex, drugs and rock 'n roll biopic. Unlike: Josie & The Pussycats

RUNNER RUNNER - A satisfactory 6! This slick by-the-numbers casino crime thriller has a solid cast, but is undermined by vapid storytelling. Like: The Rum Diary

RUSH - An excellent 8! High-octane racing and strong co-lead performances drive this slick, entertaining sports drama biopic about rivalry. Like: Invictus

RUST AND BONE - A solid 7! An unusual, moving and mercurial drama romance with deep contrasts, realistic effects and strong performances. Like: I've Loved You So Long