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SAAWARIYA - A flat 5! Typical Bollywood -Hollywood musical mix that's light and colourful, but starts to wear thin at over 2 hours! Like: Marigold

SABOTAGE - A flat 5! This trashy, crude, violent and suspenseful Schwarzenegger mystery action thriller starts well only to sabotage itself. Like: SWAT

SAFE - A satisfactory 6! Statham delivers again in this intense, action-packed, brutal and smart cookie-cutter of a thriller. Like: Die Hard 3

SAFE HAVEN - A flat 5! A formulaic, predictable, melodramatic Nicholas Sparks romance thriller with a beautiful cast and an obvious twist. Like: The Vow

SAFE HOUSE - A solid 7! Frenetic pacing, explosive set pieces and a solid cast lead this exhilarating, Bourne style over substance actioner. Like: Green Zone

SAINT LAURENT - A satisfactory 6! While long, this bold, emotional and hypnotic biopic captures some of the icon's creativity and essence. Like: Yves Saint Laurent

SALINGER - A flat 5! This over-stuffed documentary makes an intriguing portrait, yet goes against what the enigmatic author stood for. Like:

SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN - An excellent 8! Charming co-leads drive a delightful, spirited and offbeat little romcom adaptation. Like: Beginners

SALT - A satisfactory 6! This entertaining, popcorn actioner is bolstered by a Jason Bourne scenario as a rogue Russian agent runs amok in the US with Jolie filling in for Jovovich. Like: Murder at 1600, Tomb Raider

SAMMY'S ADVENTURES - A flat 5! Good 3D effects and a pointed environmental theme, but mediocre in comparison with Finding Nemo. Like: A Shark's Tale

SAMMY'S ADVENTURES 2 - A flat 5! Ordinary animation drags a fun, simple and inspiring prison break plot in this lack-lustre sequel. Like: Sammy's Adventures

SAMSON & DELILAH - An excellent 8! Beautiful direction and solid performances bolster this heart-wrenching Aboriginal drama about love and what it means to be an Australian. Like: Rabbit-proof Fence

SAN ANDREAS - A satisfactory 6! Charm and spectacle power over cheesy, over-the-top moments in this Roland Emmerich style disaster movie. Like: 2012, True Lies

SANCTUM - A flat 5! This visually stunning claustrophobic underwater diving thriller is ruined by a slasher-style script and mediocre performances. Like: The Descent

SANTA BUDDIES - A third-rate 3! Sickly sweet Disney Christmas production in the Air Bud franchise. For easy-to-please kids and fans only. Like: Snow Buddies

SARKAR RAJ - A solid 7! Epic Bollywood political/crime/thriller follow-up to Sarkar, loosely based on The Godfather. Like: Sarkar, Company

SAUSAGE PARTY - A flat 5! While crude, offensive and juvenile, it can be smart and even thought-provoking. Like: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Religulous

SAVAGES - A satisfactory 6! A messy albeit flashy, violent and compelling noir style adaptation with a wicked sense of humour. Like: Miami Vice

SAVAGES, THE - An excellent 8! Terrific performances and writing in this brutally honest comedy about growing up. Like: Away From Her, About Schmidt

SAVING MR. BANKS - A solid 7! A smart, delightful and funny Disney-fied behind-the-scenes on Mary Poppins with excellent performances. Like: The Help

SAW 3D - A flat 5! The Saw series goes 3D, but it's just more of the same stale story with b-movie acting. Like: Saw V

SAW IV - A satisfactory 6! Blood-thirsty horror continues where it left off with the same grisly torture formula. Like: Hostel, Saw I, II & III

SAW V - A flimsy 4! Poor performances, ultra-violence and a weak plot ruin the momentum of Part 5. Saw and torture film fans only. Like: Saw IV

SAW VI - A flat 5! A marked improvement over Saw V, this grisly horror sequel casts its blood-thirsty eye on health insurance. The annual see-saw continues... Like: Saw II

SCAR 3D - A flat 5! This Saw/Hostel-inspired horror is entertaining yet mediocre and doesn't utilise its 3D visual effects enough. Like: WAZ

SAPPHIRES, THE - A solid 7! Crowd-pleasing, full of heart and enjoyable thanks to feel good formula, great music and fine performances. Like: Dream Girls

SCARY MOVIE 5 - A terrible 2! The Scary Movie franchise hits a new low in this crude, poorly conceived and flat line comedy sequel. Like: Scary Movie 4

SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS - A satisfactory 6! Predictable yet better-than-average comedy remake with upbeat story. Like: Mr. Woodcock

SCOOP - A solid 7! Funny, simple, light and suspenseful Woody Allen movie that picks at the fabric of aristocracy. Like: A Place In The Sun

SCHUKS! PAY BACK THE MONEY! - A flat 5! While the candid camera comedy is typically sharp with Schuster poking fun at national gripes, the cartoon back story is silly and lame. Like: Schuks! Your Country Needs You

SCHUKS TSHABALALA'S SURVIVAL GUIDE TO SOUTH AFRICA - A satisfactory 6! King of Candid Camera, Leon 'Schucks' Schuster returns to his roots with this daring, funny and prank-filled World Cup-themed romp around Cape Town. Like: Oh Schucks...I'm Gatvol!

SCHUKS! YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU - A solid 7! Schuster's reluctant return to candid comedy is entertaining, funny and bitingly patriotic. Like: Schuks's Survival Guide to South Africa

SCORPION KING 2: RISE OF A WARRIOR - A flat 5! Decent low budget straight-to-video action sequel that's even better than The Mummy 3 (no Rock). Like: The Scorpion King

SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD - An excellent 8! This sleeper indie hit blends Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Kung Fu Hustle in a dazzling display of fights, love, laughs and video game generation cool. Like: Hot Fuzz

SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE - A flat 5! While entertaining, it boils down to a crude, puerile zombie splatter fest and teen romp for fans of Superbad. Like: Zombieland

SCREAM 4 - A satisfactory 6! A competent, formulaic and more-of-the-same sequel for fans of the series. Like: Scream 2

SCREAMERS 2: THE HUNTING - A flimsy 4! Low budget sci-fi/thriller B-movie sequel isn't as good as original in all departments. Aliens rip-off. Like: Screamers (1995)

SEA CHANGE - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining made-for-TV mystery with in-form Selleck, based on Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone novels. Like: Night Passage

SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN - An excellent 8! A fascinating, moving and compelling rock documentary turned mystery about a lost '70s icon. Like: Under African Skies

SEASON OF THE WITCH - A flat 5! Laughable swords, sorcery and chemistry between Nic Cage and Ron Perlman leads nowhere. Like: In The Name of the King

SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, THE - A solid 7! A stellar cast and more character focus make this return trip funny, familiar, yet enjoyable. Like: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

SECRET IN THEIR EYES - An excellent 8! Top-notch performances, an intriguing story and steadfast direction make this engrossing Argentinian mystery live up to its Oscar. Like: Mystic River

SECRET IN THEIR EYES, THE (2015) - A flat 5! An unnecessary, muddled and drab remake with a modern twist and a high calibre cast. Like: The Secret in their Eyes (2003)

SECRET LIFE OF BEES, THE - A satisfactory 6! Emotional, heartwarming '60s drama that borders maudlin, with timeless themes. Like: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

SECRET LIFE OF PETS, THE - A solid 7! Simple, lightweight and yet still amusing, beautifully animated, charming fun for the whole family. Like: Kung Fu Panda 3

SECRETARIAT - A solid 7! A winning blend of historical sports horse racing drama, Disney heart and sterling performances make this a great, moving family movie. Like: Seabiscuit

SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD - A satisfactory 6! Odd tonal shifts and flaws are washed over by surprising charm and chemistry. Like: Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

SEEKING JUSTICE - A flat 5! A second-rate Nic Cage in an ambitious, well-paced, yet middling revenge thriller that eventually unravels. Like: Death Wish

SELF/LESS - A satisfactory 6! This slick, entertaining and provocative sci-fi thriller submerges its true potential and talent. Like: Surrogates

SELMA - An excellent 8! An important, deftly crafted and riveting political/historical drama brought home by a spirited lead performance. Like: The Butler

SEMI-PRO - A flimsy 4! This Will Ferrell sports comedy is inconsistent and doesn't make the grade. Ferrell fans only. Like: Talledega Nights

SEMI-SOET - A satisfactory 6! Sweet, fluffy, predictable Afrikaans romantic comedy makes for enjoyable, albeit forgettable entertainment. Like: The Proposal

SENIOR SKIP DAY - A flimsy 4! Goofy teen movie that goes for slapstick rather than gross out. Like: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

SEPTEMBER - A satisfactory 6! Simple Australian character-driven drama with fine performances. Lacks content and context. Like: One Night the Moon

SEPTEMBER ISSUE, THE - A solid 7! Fascinating and fun behind-the-scenes documentary of what went into releasing the September 2007 issue of fashion magazine, Vogue. Like: The Devil Wears Prada

SERAPHINE - A solid 7! A brilliant lead performance highlights this slow, intense and well-crafted French art biopic. Like: Edvard Munch

SERENA - A flat 5! A talented cast and crew deliver a surprisingly dull, flat and stale drama misfire padded by strong production values. Like: Winter's Bone

SERIAL TEACHERS - A satisfactory 6! A colourful, dynamic, nutty and cartoonish French comedy that teeters between infectious and irritating. Like: Scrubs

SERIOUS MAN, A - A solid 7! The Coen brothers go niche with this strange, intricate and thought-provoking suburban dramedy about faith, family and despair. Like: American Beauty

SESSIONS, THE (18NS, 95 min) - A solid 7! Strong co-leads and sensitive direction drive this sweet, intimate surrogate sex relationship portrait "dramedy". Like:

SEUN - A satisfactory 6! A poetic, tense and thought-provoking Afrikaans family portrait drama, dappled with light and haunted by shadows. Like: Die Wonderwerker, Shirley Adams

SEVEN POUNDS - A solid 7! Great chemistry, insightful direction and a powerful mystery story override bouts of melodrama. Like: City of Angels, 21 Grams

SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS - A solid 7! A cocky cast, wicked comedy and an unpredictable bunch fuel this wildly entertaining oddball crime caper. Like: In Bruges

SEX DRIVE - A satisfactory 6! Raunchy teens-only sex comedy is loaded with crass humour, but lacks same heart of American Pie cast. Like: Superbad

SEX AND THE CITY - A flat 5! The popular TV show's movie adaptation will appeal to fans, but doesn't deliver full satisfaction. Like: Sex and the City

SEX AND THE CITY 2 - A flimsy 4! This bloated, big spending sequel lacks a story line and damages reputations even further without sex or city. Like: Sex and the City

SEX TAPE - A flat 5! A fun, raunchy concept and a solid cast are undermined by a far-fetched and tepid comedy script. Like: Bad Teacher

SHADOW DANCER - A flat 5! This beautifully shot, naturalistic, on-location drama is dulled by cold performances and distant storytelling. Like: The Devil's Own

SHADOWLESS SWORD, THE - A satisfactory 6! Stylish, melodramatic Korean martial arts movie that thrives on sword fight action! Like: House of Flying Daggers

SHALLOWS - A solid 7! A taut, minimalist and unpretentious shark survival thriller with an engaging performance from Lively. Like: 127 Hours

SHAME - An excellent 8! A powerful lead performance, sleek art house cinematography and elemental direction in this haunting portrait drama. Like: Hunger

SHANGHAI - A satisfactory 6! A solid cast and good production values bolster this '40s period piece espionage noir with dabs of mystery and romance. Like: The Constant Gardener

SHARK NIGHT - A flimsy 4! A string of mediocre deaths, carried by second-rate effects and diluted performances. Like: Cruel Jaws

SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE - A solid 7! A familiar yet funny, naive, smart and imaginative big city animated adventure for whole woolly family. Like: Shaun the Sheep (TV)

SHE'S FUNNY THAT WAY - A satisfactory 6! A fun, star-studded, sweet and enjoyable screwball comedy that harks back to Hollywood's golden era. Like: What's Up, Doc?

SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE - A solid 7! Even a few American Pie gutter balls can't stop audiences from rooting for nice guys finishing first in this sweet, funny and charming "romcom" romp. Like: There's Something About Mary

SHELTER - A satisfactory 6! Solid writing, directing and performances make this touching gay drama about two surfers rather engaging. Like: Pablo

SHEPHERD: BORDER PATROL, THE - A flat 5! Wham, bam thank you Mr. Van Damme! Another low budget high octane action/thriller from the veteran actor. Like: Blue Streak

SHEPHERDS AND BUTCHERS - A solid 7! A sharp cast compel this hard-hitting, haunting and slow-burning 1980s South African court room drama. Like: Dead Man Walking

SHERLOCK HOLMES - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining, fast-paced yet inconsistent modern Holmes has Downey Jr., a dreary London and a Harry Potter villain. Like: From Hell

SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS - A flat 5! More of the same, just diluted with a subdued Downey Jr. and a slapdash sequel from Ritchie. Not as good as first one. Like: Sherlock Holmes

SHINE A LIGHT - A solid 7! An electric documentary concert film with The Rolling Stones, directed by Martin Scorsese. Like: Gimme Shelter

SHIRLEY ADAMS - A satisfactory 6! A solid lead performance makes this gut-wrenching against-all-odds portrait drama about a mother and her disabled son worth watching. Like: Confessions of a Gambler

SHOOT 'EM UP - A satisfactory 6! A comic book Bugs vs. Elmer match up with prostitutes, conspiracies and bullets for effect. Like: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

SHOOT ON SIGHT - A flat 5! Decent performances. Starts off as a taut drama/thriller, but winds down into an earnest melodrama. Like: A Mighty Heart

SHORT TRACK - A flimsy 4! Low budget stock car racing family sports comedy. Feel good film with cool racing and realistic Southerners. Like: Stroker Ace

SHORTS A flat 5! Imaginative and creative family-friendly Pulp Fiction style fantasy adventure for kids. Like: Spy Kids

SHREDDERMAN RULES - A flat 5! Sluggish, predictable yet cheerful TV family comedy aimed at teenagers with a positive message. Like: Recess: School's Out

SHREK FOREVER AFTER - A satisfactory 6! Melancholic 3D sequel is better than Shrek the Third, but lacks the same happy-go-lucky charm and upbeat soundtrack of the trilogy. Like: Shrek the Third

SHREK THE HALLS - A satisfactory 6! 30 minute Christmas TV special retains gross out and slapstick comedy with original voice cast. Like: Shrek the Third

SHUT UP & SING - An excellent 8! Bio/music documentary on political, media and celebrity freedom issues on-tour with The Dixie Chicks. Like: Private Parts

SHUTTER - A flimsy 4! Predictable Asian horror remake that doesn't make the grade. Like: The Eye, White Noise

SHUTTER ISLAND - A solid 7! Scorsese/DiCaprio compose a captivating mystery/thriller with an all-star cast and a compelling story. Like: The Shining, The Beach

SICARIO - An excellent 8! Riveting performances from a strong cast drive this dark, intense, grisly and atmospheric mystery crime thriller. Like: End of Watch, Zero Dark Thirty

SICKO - An excellent 8! Moore hits home with an in-depth look at US Healthcare, in relation to its neighbours. Like: Bowling for Columbine

SIDE EFFECTS - A solid 7! Fine performances, complex characters, gripping Hitchcockian thrills and great writing overcome film's cold edge. Like: Limitless

SIGNAL, THE - A satisfactory 6! A mostly fresh, entertaining, mysterious, humourous and bewildering low budget sci-fi with stylish visuals. Like: Love

SILENT HILL: REVELATION - A flimsy 4! High-end 3D visual effects and grotesque horror make up cover for TV movie leads, script and sets. Like: Silent Hill 2

SILK - A flat 5! Beautiful yet laborious, sprawling romance saga with sparse dialogue. Like: Lost in Translation, The Red Violin

SILLY MOVIE 2 - A terrible 2! Horrible, weak attempt at satire in this spoof of Cast Away, Jurassic Park and Miss Congeniality. Like: Disaster Movie

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK - An excellent 8! A first-rate cast deliver in this edgy, predictable, yet surprisingly fresh & funny "romcom" drama. Like: Crazy Stupid Love

SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR - A satisfactory 6! Eye-popping visuals, brazen violence and dripping cool, yet it feels like less of the same. Like: Sin City

SING - An excellent 8! A charming voice cast, a funny script, lovable characters and catchy contemporary music elevates this striking animated music comedy. Like: Trolls

SING STREET - An excellent 8! An exuberant, charming and spirited coming-of-age music drama powered by catchy music and compelling performances. Like: Begin Again

SINGLE MAN, A - A solid 7! Firth's powerhouse performance dominates proceedings, while Tom Ford's calculated directorial debut stands out as impeccably beautiful in this cold drama. Like: A Beautiful Mind

SINGLE MOM'S CLUB, THE - A flimsy 4! Tyler Perry's good intentions dissolve in a wave of heavy-handed melodrama and sitcom stereotypes. Like: Stella Got Her Groove Back

SINK - An excellent 8! A stark, thought-provoking and moving social drama, powered by sharp performances and sleek visuals. Like: The Maid

SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2 - A satisfactory 6! Great chemistry from 4 leads carries same heart and uplifting message as original. Like: Sisterhood...Pants (2005)

SISTERS - A flat 5! Good chemistry and one or two laughs keep this raunchy one note comedy afloat, but it overstays its welcome. Like: Step Brothers

SITTER, THE - A flat 5! This formulaic comedy shake-up with Jonah Hill is rough at times, but isn't fresh, funny or dark enough to matter. Like: Get Him to the Greek

SIX REASONS WHY - A third-rate 3! Slow low budget spaghetti Western-turn-Sci-Fi drags its heels. At least 6 reasons why you shouldn't. Like: Planetfall

SKEEM - A satisfactory 6! A lively and fun SA crime-comedy caper with one too many swaps and too many unlikable characters. Like: Next Day Air

SKIN - A satisfactory 6! Decent performances and solid production values bring this powerful, true Apartheid story home. Like: Catch A Fire

SKIN I LIVE IN, THE - A solid 7! A multi-genre art house body horror thriller, unpredictable and guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Like: Splice

SKIN WALKERS - A flimsy 4! Weak performances, unoriginal content and subpar action only remind one of better horrors. Like: Underworld

SKIPTRACE - A flat 5! A slick, fun yet forgettable and uninspired Jackie Chan action comedy in need of better co-lead chemistry. Like: Midnight Run

SKYFALL - A solid 7! Sharp action, beautiful visuals and an in-form Bardem power this smart, yet cold-blooded and charmless anti-Bond. Like: Casino Royale

SKYLINE - A flimsy 4! Exhilarating CGI and special effects can't substitute a sluggish pace, weak script, cliched dialogue and lack-lustre performances. Like: War of the Worlds

SLAPSHOT 3: THE JUNIOR LEAGUE - A flat 5! Cult ice hockey team fight sport farce from 1977 gets a "sequel". Think The Mighty Ducks meet Slapshot. Like: Slapshot (1977)

SLEEPER'S WAKE - A solid 7! Solid lead performances bolster this beautifully shot, harrowing and slow-burning mystery thriller. Like: The Hunter

SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE - A satisfactory 6! A simple, funny, predictable and kinky modern "romcom" with charming co-leads. Like: When Harry Met Sally, Friends with Benefits

SLEEPWALKING - A flat 5! Great performances tarnished by dim, sluggish domestic drama. Like: Around the Bend, Little Miss Sunshine

SLEUTH - A satisfactory 6! Remake mystery doesn't outwit original. Caine/Law hold our attention, despite cold treatment. Like: Sleuth (1972)

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE - A near-perfect 9! Boyle's powerful, colourful, inspiring, exciting and entertaining underdog fable in India. Like: City of God, August Rush

SMALL TOWN FOLK - A flimsy 4! Standard backwoods fantasy/horror about grim and hideous little community. Like: The Hills Have Eyes 2

SMART PEOPLE - A satisfactory 6! Prickly comedy, a solid ensemble and a few good laughs make up for the plot and somewhat depressing drama. Like: Sideways

SMOKIN' ACES 2: ASSASSINS' BALL - A flimsy 4! The Smokin' Aces sequel lacks the cast, director, style and intensity of the original. A meaningless B-movie actioner with second-rate CGI. Like: Smokin' Aces

SMOTHER - A flimsy 4! Diluted performances from decent cast result in crazy, yet lack-lustre comedy drama about family relationships. Like: Mama's Boy

SMURFS, THE - A flimsy 4! This light-hearted cookie-cutter animated feature lacks Peyo's spirit, a comedy script and borrows from better films. Like: Alvin & The Chipmunks

SMURFS 2, THE - A flimsy 4! While slightly better than its predecessor, it's still dumb Smurfy fun for kids and a bit of a yawn for adults. Like: The Smurfs

SNITCH - A satisfactory 6! A career best from Dwayne Johnson champions an entertaining, gritty, relentless yet preposterous crime thriller. Like: Faster

SNOOPY AND CHARLIE BROWN: THE PEANUTS MOVIE - A solid 7! This charming, gentle, nostalgic, funny and sweet animated film captures the spirit of the original TV show. Like: Peanuts (TV)

SNOW BUDDIES - A flat 5! Air Buddies on ice. Fun dog antics for the kids. Like: Air Bud

SNOWPIERCER - A solid 7! This smart, stylish, violent and mind-blowing thinking man's sci-fi actioner veers from bleak drama to dark comedy. Like: Oldboy

SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN - A solid 7! A dark, beautiful magpie revision/fantasy tribute: dazzling visuals and a powerful turn from Theron. Like: Alice in Wonderland

SNOWFLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN - A flat 5! Slow-moving, dull yet beautifully filmed historical drama revolving around two girls in two different eras. Like: Memoirs of a Geisha

SO UNDERCOVER - A flimsy 4! This dull, miscast Miley Cyrus movie is a cheesy, subpar knock-off of Miss Congeniality. Like: LOL

SOCIAL NETWORK, THE - An excellent 8! Gripping "political" drama, solid performances, intuitive direction and an intelligent script demand your attention. Like: The Skulls

SOLACE - A flat 5! While potent and powered by good co-lead chemistry, this supernatural crime thriller is clich├ęd and overly stylised. Like: Seven

SOLOIST, THE - A satisfactory 6! Fine lead performances from Downey Jr. and Foxx counterbalance lack of narrative focus in this music biopic drama. Like: Ray

SON OF GOD - A flat 5! While inspirational, meaningful and reverent for its target audience, this bland Bible drama lacks drive and finesse. Like: Courageous

SON OF MAN - A solid 7! Gritty, political and stirring story of Jesus Christ, told as a modern day South African fable. Like: U-Carmen e-Khayelitsha

SON OF NO ONE, THE - A flimsy 4! A fine cast is wasted on thin characters, muddled storytelling and a second-rate script. Like: Takers

SON OF RAMBOW - A solid 7! Wonderful, heartwarming and nostalgic childhood story with charming performances. Like: December Boys

SONG FOR MARION - A solid 7! A formulaic yet surprisingly sweet, funny, heartwarming, touching and well-balanced music dramedy. Like: Quartet

SONG OF SPARROWS, THE - A solid 7! A touching, humanistic and sentimental Iranian fable/drama. Great performances/direction. Like: The Willow Tree

SONG ONE - A flat 5! Good performances from an A-list cast and enjoyable music clad this thinly scripted and wearisome music drama. Like: Once

SORCERER'S APPRENTICE, THE - A satisfactory 6! Fun, entertaining popcorn-popping fantasy action-adventure blockbuster from the director-actor team that brought you National Treasure. Like: Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

SORORITY ROW - A flimsy 4! Nothing new in this slick, stylish horror slasher remake. Off-target in dark comedy and thrills. Like: Prom Night

SOUL MEN - A flat 5! Mac/Jackson's abrasive comic chemistry adds life, despite unoriginal script, raunchy humour and bad language. Like: Grumpy Old Men

SOUL SURFER - A solid 7! A sharp cast, good performances, slick surfing action and an inspiring real-life story all rolled into one. Like: Blue Crush

SOURCE CODE - An excellent 8! A smart script, taut action, good pacing and solid performances underwrite this gripping sci-fi/thriller. Like: Speed

SOUTHPAW - A solid 7! Gyllenhaal's ferocious turn and sharp supporting performances drive this raw, brutal yet cliched and formulaic drama. Like: Rocky III

SPACE BETWEEN US, THE - A flimsy 4! While intriguing and cute, its starlets succumb to clunky dialogue, bland plotting and cheesy sci-fi romance. Like: The Host

SPACE BUDDIES - A third-rate 3! The Air-Bud franchise goes to space with talking dogs and product placements. Kids and Air-Bud fans only! Like: Space Chimps

SPACE CHIMPS - A flimsy 4! Second-rate animation and repetitive monkey puns make this video game spin-off seem light years behind Pixar. Like: Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back


SPARE PARTS - A solid 7! Formulaic and familiar, yet still an inspirational, heartwarming crowd-pleaser based on a true underdog story. Like: Cool Runnings

SPARKLE - A satisfactory 6! Rising star cliches and melodrama aside, it's no Dreamgirls, but it's still thoroughly entertaining. Like: Dreamgirls

SPECIES: THE AWAKENING - A third-rate 3! Straight-to-video, same formula, weakest Species to date. Like: Species, Decoys

SPECTACULAR NOW, THE - An excellent 8! A refreshingly down-to-earth, honest and edgy coming-of-age teen drama with natural performances. Like: Say Anything

SPECTRE - A satisfactory 6! While explosive, spectacular, sleek and sinister, it's also a cold, formulaic Bond that lacks heart and soul. Like: Skyfall

SPEED RACER - A satisfactory 6! CGI-heavy live-action version of cult '60s Japanese manga. Fun, stylish but thin on story. Like: Herbie Fully Loaded

SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, THE - An excellent 8! A funny, dark fairy tale that is both enchanting and captivating. Like: Harry Potter, Arthur & The Invisibles

SPIRAL - A satisfactory 6! Gloomy, twisted, bluesy psychological mystery/thriller that's low-key, original and Hitchcockian. Like: Hatchet

SPIRIT, THE - A flimsy 4! Mesmerising visuals and a good cast are no substitute for a lack of substance in this hollow superhero adaptation. Like: Max Payne

SPIRIT OF THE MARATHON - A solid 7! Spirited, inspiring documentary follows several athletes: sport history, training, triumphs and failures. Like: Chariots of Fire

SPLICE - A satisfactory 6! This thought-provoking drama about genetic engineering and playing God, is intriguing and disturbing. Like: Bride of Frankenstein

SPLIT - A solid 7! A creepy, macabre and fiendishly playful horror thriller elevated by McAvoy's wildly entertaining performance. Like: Red Dragon

SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE OUT OF WATER - A solid 7! Fans will sponge up this sequel's whimsical, funny, goofy, surreal and colourful fun. Like: The SpongeBob Movie

SPOOK VAN UNIONDALE, DIE - A flimsy 4! Great promise and intentions cross-fade to a muddled story, an inconsistent tone and vapid characters. Like: Wolwedans in die Skemer

SPOTLIGHT - A near-perfect 9! An authentic, engrossing, honest, moving and matter-of-fact news room detective drama with strong performances all-round. Like: All the President's Men

SPREAD - A flat 5! This sleazy, superficial low budget "romcom" features a decent performance from Kutcher, but fails to go beyond the LA high life. Like: American Gigolo

SPRING BREAKDOWN - A flat 5! Girl power comedy adventure with three 30-something comedians. Cliched and not for everyone. Like: The House Bunny

SPUD - A solid 7! Top-notch lead performances from Sivan and Cleese carry this entertaining, faithful and theatrical adaptation of van de Ruit's bestseller. Like: The History Boys, Dead Poet's Society

SPUD 2: THE MADNESS CONTINUES - A satisfactory 6! Fun is the word in this light, funny, naive and upbeat boarding school comedy romp. Like: Spud

SPUD 3: LEARNING TO FLY (10LD, 86 min) - A solid 7! Mature themes and offbeat comedy underpins this entertaining, bittersweet coming-of-age comedy drama. Like: Spud

SPY - A solid 7! This hilarious and wildly entertaining old Bond style comedy adventure further cements the McCarthy-Feig team. Like: The Heat

SPY KIDS 4: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD in 4D [3D] - A flimsy 4! A formulaic and unnecessary entry to the Spy Kids franchise. Cheesy, scatological humour and shiny gadgets. Like: Spy Kids 3D: Game Over

SPY NEXT DOOR, THE A flimsy 4! A lack of laughs, a bland script, household stunts and Jackie Chan's charm - for the kiddies. Like: The Tuxedo

STAND UP GUYS - A flat 5! A legendary cast is embarrassed by a lack of chemistry and tacky comedy in an unfocussed crime caper misadventure. Like: The Bucket List

STAR TREK BEYOND - A solid 7! A funny, entertaining, rollicking and spectacular popcorn blockbuster sequel with a sharp cast. Like: Guardians of the Galaxy

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS - A near-perfect 9! Exhilarating action, smart plotting and excellent performances from a next generation cast. Like: Star Trek

STAR TREK XI - An excellent 8! Action, humour and amazing visuals revitalize classic Sci-Fi franchise in spirit of the original series. Like: Star Trek

STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE - A solid 7! While a little numb and anonymous, it remains spectacular and entertaining, owning its space within the Star Wars universe. Like: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS - A solid 7! While familiar and safe, it's a spectacular, well-acted, immersive, reverent and nostalgic sequel. Like: Ant-Man

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS - A flat 5! This animated Star Wars chapter doesn't have the script or animation to impress old or create new fans. Like: Clone Wars (TV)

STARSHIP TROOPERS 3: MARAUDER - A flimsy 4! Flawed b-grade sequel holds similar atmosphere, but cheesier with weaker CGI than original. Like: Starship Troopers

STARTER FOR TEN - A solid 7! Witty, intelligent, zesty and charming coming-of-age romantic comedy that will leave you with a smile. Like: The Graduate

STATE OF PLAY - A solid 7! Taut political thriller with strong and intelligent performances, direction and script. Like: Body of Lies, State of Play (BBC)

STATE OF VIOLENCE - A flat 5! An engrossing lead, but an undeveloped script limits this 75 min SA political-thriller.

STEEL TRAP - A flat 4! Indie horror/thriller slasher tries to leach off Saw and Die Hard. Ill-conceived and weak in all departments. Like: Cube Zero, Saw V

STEP BROTHERS - A satisfactory 6! This immature and over-the-top comedy relies on the hair-brained antics of Ferrell and Reilly. Like: Talledega Nights

STEP UP ALL IN - A satisfactory 6! A flimsy plot, average acting and poor chemistry make way for amazing choreography and urban dance moves. Like: Step Up - Revolution

STEP UP 2: THE STREETS - A flat 5! Dynamic dance movie with smooth moves and a good-looking cast. Sound familiar? Like: Step Up, Save The Last Dance

STEP UP 3 - A flat 5! Energetic dance choreography and dazzling 3D visuals almost make up for poor acting and a predictable story. Like: Step Up 2: The Streets

STEP UP REVOLUTION - A flat 5! More of the same trite romance "drama" in this formulaic, yet spectacular, energetic and fun dance flick. Like: Step Up 3

STEPFATHER, THE - A flimsy 4! Domestic horror remake fails to measure up to original, lacking tension and ending poorly. Like: The Stepfather (1987)

STEVE JOBS - An excellent 8! A smart script, deft direction and strong performances drive this entertaining and enjoyable portrait drama. Like: Jobs

STILL ALICE - An excellent 8! A nuanced, sincere and stellar performance drives this heartbreaking, thought-provoking and understated drama. Like: Away From Her

STILL WAITING... - A flat 5! A decent sequel cast and the same spirit as the original make this rarely funny, gross-out refill almost enjoyable. Like: Waiting...

STILTE - A satisfactory 6! A flawed, yet beautifully shot, moving and inspiring Afrikaans coming-of-age drama with heartfelt performances. Like: When the Music Stopped...

STIR OF ECHOES 2: THE HOMECOMING - A flimsy 4! Miscast and inflammatory made-for-TV war horror/thriller sequel is watchable, but ends badly. Like: Stir of Echoes

STOKER - A solid 7! A dark, dysfunctional, surreal, sinister and beautifully shot thriller with influences from Lynch, Burton and Hitchcock. Like: Shadow of a Doubt

STONE ANGEL, THE - A satisfactory 6! Touching memoir drama with a compelling lead performance from Burstyn. A little melodramatic at times. Like: Evening

STONING OF SORAYA M., THE - A satisfactory 6! Powerful subject matter, violence and top-notch performances make this Iranian drama feel like you're there. Like: A Mighty Heart

STOP-LOSS - A satisfactory 6! Gritty Iraq-US war drama: good performances, contentious issues yet off-target message. Like: In the Valley of Elah

STORKS - A solid 7! Colourful animation and a charming voice cast drive this funny, entertaining albeit disposable and scattershot animated comedy. Like: The Angry Birds Movie

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON - An excellent 8! Top casting, heartfelt acting and fluent storytelling power an authentic, edgy and tense rap biopic. Like: Boyz in the Hood

STRANGE MAGIC - A flat 5! While beautifully animated, bizarre to a fault and buoyed by its pop song musical medley, it's an uneven mess. Like: Epic

STRANGE WILDERNESS - A third-rate 3! Road trip comedy takes a new low with surprisingly decent cast. Avoid at all costs. Like: Without A Paddle, Long Weekend

STRANGERS, THE - A satisfactory 6! Claustrophobic slasher in the vein of Funny Games. Scary at times, but loses momentum on the hour mark. Like: Vacancy

STRAW DOGS - A solid 7! A taut thriller with strong performances in a faithful and smart revision of the classic. Like: Straw Dogs

STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI - A third-rate 3! Miscast actors, a shallow plot, cheesy script and flat characters flaw this video game adaptation. Like: Street Fighter (1994)

STREET KINGS - A satisfactory 6! A mindless, violent and entertaining action movie, despite flaws and clunky dialogue. Like: Training Day

STREETDANCE 2 - A flat 5! An electrifying and seductive feel good fusion of street and salsa dancing is diminished by cheesy drama. Like: Streetdance

STRIKDAS - A flat 5! This offbeat romantic comedy clash is affable and lightly amusing, but its camp tone renders it contrived and unsure. Like: Jimmy in Pienk

STROKE OF LUCK, A - A satisfactory 6! Set in Rome, this film captures a snapshot of modern Italy with subtle, heartfelt performances. Great chemistry and a tender story. Like: Welcome to the Sticks

SUBURBAN GIRL - A satisfactory 6! Average comedy romance adaptation with decent performances from Gellar/Baldwin. Like: Shopgirl

SUCKER PUNCH (13V, 111 min) - A satisfactory 6! Video game sizzle in this slick and surreal "chicks that kick ass" actioner. Disengage brain for maximum enjoyment. Like: Final Fantasy X2 (VG)

SUFFRAGETTE - A solid 7! A sharp cast and immersive production values carry this rather impersonal, yet rousing and important political historical drama. Like: Far from a Madding Crowd

SUICIDE SQUAD - A satisfactory 6! It's all about attitude, pyrotechnics, star power and style in this empty, messy, thinly scripted and trashy blockbuster. Like: Batman v. Superman

SULLY - An excellent 8! A noble, unassuming, earnest and inspiring biographical drama with a strong lead and firm direction. Like: Captain Phillips

SUNLIGHT JR. - A satisfactory 6! Resilient performances from Dillon and Watts lift this rather slow and bleak American drama. Like: Labor Day

SUNSHINE BARRY & THE DISCO WORMS - A flat 5! Family-friendly zero-to-hero animation about earth worms. Disco hits, jiving worms... not for everyone. Like: Alvin & The Chipmunks

SUNSHINE CLEANING - A solid 7! Spirited indie comedy-drama with upbeat performances and familiar plot is more feel-good than bad. Like: Little Miss Sunshine

SUNSHINE ON LEITH (10-12 PGV, 100 min) - A solid 7! Exuberant performances, upbeat musical numbers and spirited comedy drama adds up to plenty of feel good fun! Like: Mamma Mia

SUPER 8 - A solid 7! This "tribute" delivers in all departments as a blend of Spielberg's greatest hits with central themes from E.T. and Jaws. Like: E.T.

SUPERBAD - A solid 7! Apatow's new brand of teen comedy is a hilarious hit with great young Hill/Cera comic duo! McLovin' it. Like: Knocked Up

SUPERHELDE - A flat 5! The team from Bakgat! deliver a jumbled Afrikaans comic book action comedy in the vein of Kick-Ass. Like: Sky High

SUPERHERO MOVIE - A flimsy 4! Spider-Man spoof suffers from excess of crude humour, lame jokes and half-baked pop culture references. Like: Epic Movie

SURFER, DUDE - A terrible 2! Stoner surf comedy/rockumentary lacks plot. Bad taste in language, nudity and drug/alcohol abuse. Like: Strange Wilderness

SURF'S UP - A solid 7! Penguins collide with ESPN Sport in this funny, coming-of-age surf competition animation. Like: Cars, Happy Feet

SURROGATES - A satisfactory 6! Slick production values and mindless action cover for lack of enterprise on a fantastic plot and a light script. Like: Watchmen

SURVEILLANCE - A satisfactory 6! Jennifer Lynch's dark, violent, confusing and disturbing psycho-thriller B-movie with solid performances. NFSV Like: Rashomon

SURVIVING EVIL - A flat 5! Middling jungle horror/thriller B-movie in tradition of Predator and Survivor, with Billy Zane and Colin Moss. Like: The Breed

SUSANNA VAN BILJON - Karen Zoid makes her debut in this Afrikaans small Karoo town romance drama about a late 30-something woman in a dead-end job dreaming of better days. Like: Egoli

SUURLEMOEN! - A satisfactory 6! A fun, breezy and ironically sweet South African school rock band comedy romance mix of Bandslam and Spud. Like: School of Rock

SWEENEY TODD - An excellent 8! Sinister, artistic Burton/Depp film adaptation of broadway musical. Depp can sing?! Like: Edward Scissorhands, Titus

SWING VOTE - A satisfactory 6! Costner shines, but comedy swings between political satire and human drama without settling. Like: Man of the Year

SWITCH, THE - A satisfactory 6! Unconventional "indie" romance comedy drama is subtle, touching and good-natured like its lead, despite risque premise. Like: Management

SYDNEY WHITE - A satisfactory 6! Amanda Bynes's charm supports this standard modernisation of Snow White. Like: House Bunny

SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK - A satisfactory 6! Ambitious, dark, pretentious, paranoid and brooding comedy/drama. Kaufman in his directorial debut. Like: Adaptation