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TAKE - A flat 5! Preachy, low budget death sentence drama told through flashbacks with bursts of emotional intensity. Like: The Life of David Gale

TAKE DOWN - A satisfactory 6! Authentic, low budget urban crime/drama with gritty performances, gutsy story-telling and atmosphere. Like: Inside Man

TAKEN - A solid 7! A high-speed revenge action/thriller that sticks to its guns with Neeson in firey form. Like: The Professional

TAKEN 2 - A satisfactory 6! A fresh angle invigorates more frenetic kidnapping revenge action with Neeson in command. Like: Taken

TAKEN 3 (13LV, 109 min) - A third-rate 3! A dull, generic, lazy and unnecessary fugitive action sequel that will pass as "enjoyably bad" for some audiences. Like: Taken 2

TAKERS - A flimsy 4! Stylish yet generic, dull and routine heist movie with a decent cast and an undecided script. Like: Armored

TAKING OF PELHAM 123, THE - A flat 5! Relies heavily on talents of Washington, Travolta and Scott. Predictable, familiar hijack thriller. Like: Taking of Pelham 123 (1974)

TAKING WOODSTOCK - A satisfactory 6! This coming of age drama about a young man's Woodstock experience delivers fine performances within an accurate environment, but the generation-defining music is missing. Like: Rushmore, Milk

TALE OF DESPEREAUX, THE - A satisfactory 6! This video game spin-off is familiar yet entertaining, with great CG and a top voice cast. Like: Shrek the Third

TALK TO ME - A solid 7! Funny, authentic, biographical movie about an ex-con radio personality. Great performances! Like: Private Parts, Ray

TAMARA DREWE - A flat 5! A good cast and interesting premise is ruined by unlikable characters, a prickly script and a lack of heart. Like: Cemetery Road

TANGLED - An excellent 8! Breathtaking visuals, a witty script and great storytelling all add up to a fun, entertaining and worthwhile movie experience for all ages. Like: The Princess and the Frog

TARA ROAD - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining despite rusty performances and heavy-handed adaptation. Like: The Holiday

TARZAN (7-9 PG V, 94 min) - A flimsy 4! This blunt refresh on a classic tale delivers bland characterisation, dull vocal performances and passable animation. Like: Tarzan (1999)

TEACHER'S CRIME, A - A flat 5! Middling straight-to-video TV crime drama with a no-name cast and an intriguing plot. Like: Teaching Mrs Tingle

TED - A flimsy 4! A great idea, cast and CGI are wasted on cheap, offensive, second-rate stoner comedy in this one trick bear bromance. Like: Paul

TED 2 - A flimsy 4! A confused, crude and long concept comedy sequel, where good intentions and product placements outweigh genuine laughs. Like: Ted

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (7-9 PGV, 101 min) - A satisfactory 6! Ridiculously gnarly, funny, action-packed hero in a half-shell fun despite miscast lead. Like: TMNT

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2 - A flat 5! This fast-paced CGI action adventure entertainment is lighter than the gritty original and adds up to dumb fun. Like: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TEETH - A satisfactory 6! Original, refreshing, smart, black comedy/horror that pushes the boundaries of bad taste. NFSV Like: Basic Instinct

TELL ME SWEET SOMETHING - A flimsy 4! Naive characters, cartoon scenarios and candy store visuals stunt a twee Jozi version of Notting Hill. Like: I Hate Valentine's Day

TELL-TALE - A flat 5! A brilliant premise and a potent cast is laid to waste by an uninspired script and sluggish pacing. Like: 21 Grams

TEN YEARS - A satisfactory 6! A nostalgic, predictable yet enjoyable coming-of-age high school reunion flick brought home by a decent cast. Like: The Big Chill

TERMINATION POINT - A flimsy 4! Cheesy made-for-TV Sci-Fi B-movie starring a wooden Jason Priestly and Lou Diamond Phillips. Like: Alien Agent

TERMINATOR: GENISYS - A satisfactory 6! Entertaining reboot echoes Cameron's vision, despite sideshow Arnie, timeline blur and soft co-leads. Like: Terminator: Rise of the Machines

TERMINATOR SALVATION - A satisfactory 6! Arnie's gaping hole in Terminator franchise filled by Bale, cult cast, impressive CGI and non-stop action. Like: Transformers

TESS - A solid 7! An excellent lead performance drives this beautifully shot, gritty, poetic and sparse character portrait drama. Like: Dis ek, Anna

TESTAMENT OF YOUTH - A solid 7! Vikander shines in this steady, powerful, heartbreaking and elegantly filmed British period war drama memoir. Like: Far from a Madding Crowd

TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D - A flimsy 4! Typical slasher gore and middling performances do little for the new direction in this half-baked horror. Like: Silent Hill 3D

THANKS FOR SHARING - A satisfactory 6! A talented cast deliver honest, heartfelt and funny performances in a comedy drama with jagged edges. Like: The Kids Are All Right

THAT AWKWARD MOMENT - A flat 5! A formulaic, contrived, crude, low-on-wit sex comedy with an up-and-coming trio of talents. Like: American Pie 2

THAT'S MY BOY - A third-rate 3! A committed yet mean-spirited, low-brow, juvenile, raunchy, gross-out Sandler "comedy" chore. Like: Get Him to the Greek

THAT SUGAR FILM - A solid 7! A slick, informative, playful, effective, accessible and entertaining food experiment documentary. Like: Supersize Me

THEMBA: A BOY CALLED HOPE A solid 7! Spirited, coming-of-age drama with great performances,solid productions values and an uplifting message. Like: More Than Just A Game

THEN SHE FOUND ME - A satisfactory 6! Pleasant comedy, drama romance and directorial debut for Helen Hunt. Good performances support thin story. Like: Smart People

THEORY OF EVERYTHING - A near-perfect 9! A subtle, elegant, moving and beautifully composed biopic romance drama with fine-tuned co-leads. Like: The Imitation Game

THERE WILL BE BLOOD - A near-perfect 9! Day-Lewis's career best performance. As powerful, distinct and original as Kubrick. Like: Scarface, The Godfather

THINA SOBABILI - A solid 7! Earnest performances underscore this brave, simple, honest, gut-wrenching and timely local township drama. Like: Themba

THING, THE (2011) - A flat 5! An average and slick horror movie with some good scares, a disappointment in contrast with Carpenter's original. Like: The Thing (1981)

THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE - A solid 7! Coming-of-age story about mourning and drug abuse, bolstered by honest performances. Like: Reign Over Me, American Beauty

THINK LIKE A MAN - A satisfactory 6! An attractive cast make this formulaic, fun and light-hearted "romcom" easy to watch. Like: Jumping the Broom

THIS CHRISTMAS - A flat 5! Strong performances and a sharp script are let down by too many holiday movie clich├ęs. Like: Why Did I Get Married?

THIS IS 40 - A satisfactory 6! A funny, warm, honest yet somewhat inconsistent, nasty drama with likable actors and an over 2 hour run time. Like: Knocked Up

THIS IS IT aka MICHAEL JACKSON'S THIS IS IT - A solid 7! Michael Jackson's music documentary features behind-the-scenes footage as a loving testimony to the King of Pop. Like: Shine a Light

THIS IS THE END - A solid 7! A crass, self-referential, hilarious and stupid comedy of apocalyptic proportions for fans of Judd Apatow's crew. Like: Pineapple Express

THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU (16LSD, 103 min)- A flat 5! A stellar cast struggle with this bittersweet, familiar, character-driven mixed bag of a comedy drama. Like: The Judge

THIS MEANS WAR - A flat 5! Three likable stars have some fun in this loud, fast-paced, yet underwhelming high-concept "romcom". Like: The Killers

THODA PYAAR THODA MAGIC - A satisfactory 6! A spoonful of Mary Poppins, Enchanted and Bollywood brings this sweet family story to life. Like: The Sound of Music

THOMAS AND FRIENDS: THE GREAT RACE - A satisfactory 6! While simple, it's a cute, colourful, fun and silly animated adventure musical sequel for kids. Like: Planes

THOR - A solid 7! Thoroughly entertaining, visually stunning and jam-packed with epic superhero action-comedy. Like: Iron Man 2

THOR: DARK WORLD - A satisfactory 6! An epic, visually spectacular, entertaining and funny, yet shallow and scatter-shot superhero sequel. Like: Thor

THREE MUSKETEERS, THE - A flat 5! Big budget special effects, flashy magpie visuals and an all-star cast carry this mindless, overblown entertainment fodder. Like: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

THREE STOOGES, THE - A flat 5! Brilliant casting and infantile fun will amuse, sadly it's just too dumb and not funny enough. Like: Mr. Popper's Penguins

TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE, THE - A satisfactory 6! Romance and melodrama for girls. Sci-Fi time travel for guys. Decent cast, weak adaptation. Like: Kate & Leopold

TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY - A flat 5! A slow, dull and joyless spy mystery drama, despite top cast, beautiful direction and dense script. Like: The Good Shepherd

TINKERBELL - A satisfactory 6! TinkerBell gets a lead speaking role in this sweet, funny straight-to-DVD Disney animation. Like: Peter Pan (1953)

TINKERBELL & THE LOST TREASURE - A flat 5! Straight-to-DVD Disney sequel with a decent voice cast and a new pixie dust story for the kids. Only 76 min. Like: Tinker Bell

TINKERBELL AND THE PIRATE FAIRY - A satisfactory 6! Amusing Peter Pan tie-ins and dazzling 3D animation make for enjoyable family viewing. Like: Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings

TO DO LIST, THE - A satisfactory 6! While uneven, mean-spirited and raunchy, this "American Pie" teen comedy tips the balance in its favour. Like: American Pie 2

TO SAVE A LIFE - A satisfactory 6! This authentic Christian teen/family drama is a little inconsistent in places, but competent and unpreachy on the whole. Like: The Ultimate Gift

TO ROME WITH LOVE - A satisfactory 6! Woody scribes a sketchy, on-the-fly yet beautiful post card from Rome. "We'll always have Paris." Like: You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH (TV) - A solid 7! An epic sea saga period piece. Historically compelling with rich dialogue and authentic visuals. Like: Master & Commander

TOKAREV - A third-rate 3! Inane performances, bad writing and mob cliches rule in this clunky and underdeveloped Taken wannabe. Like: Death Sentence

TOMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN - A flat 5! Aussie soap stars wrestle with their lines in this action-intensive, entertaining blockbuster teen book series adaptation. Like: Pearl Harbour

TOOTH FAIRY, THE - A flimsy 4! This high concept fantasy comedy has a solid cast, but is too sweet, simple, predictable and dull to appeal to anyone older than 10. Like: Meet Dave

TOP FIVE - A satisfactory 6! Rock turns his funny, honest, insightful, provocative and sharp stand-up comedy into a "romcom" and social commentary. Like: Someone Marry Barry

TORNADO AND THE KALAHARI WHISPERER - A satisfactory 6! Inspiring, uplifting true story has its moments, but weakened by cliches and lack of intimacy. Like: Faith Like Potatoes

TORTURED - A satisfactory 6! Great cast, production values and hot/gruesome topic. Entertaining yet predictable mystery/thriller. Like: Rendition

TOTAL RECALL - A flat 5! Green screen eye candy, popcorn action and a decent cast don't live up to genre peers, or Schwarzenegger original. Like: Resident Evil

TOTENWACKERS, THE - A flat 5! Strange, wacky Spanish children's adventure fantasy horror movie about the paranormal with mediocre FX. Like: House of the Damned

TOURIST, THE - A flat 5! Beautiful backdrops of Venice and an attractive lead couple can't substitute a lack of chemistry and a confusing plot in this flat espionage romance thriller. Like: Original Sin

TOURNAMENT, THE - A flat 5! This B-movie actioner has a survivor plot with assassins. Heavy on gore, light on laughs. Like: Series 7: The Contenders

TOWER HEIST - A satisfactory 6! An entertaining, crowd-pleaser of an action-comedy caper with plenty of star power and laughs. Like: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

TOWN, THE - A solid 7! Ben Affleck directs and stars in this gritty, well-crafted "cops and robbers" heist thriller. Like: The Departed

TOY STORY - An excellent 8! While dark in places, Pixar manage to capture a funny, entertaining and magical story about toys for all ages, now in 3D. Like: Toy Story 2

TOY STORY 2 - A near-perfect 9! This touching animated toy story has the laughs, the CGI, the voice cast and now the technology to make it a true family classic. Like: Toy Story

TOY STORY 3 [in 3D] - A near-perfect 9! Brilliant storytelling, amazing visuals, charming characters and loads of adventure in Pixar's latest triumph. Like: Toy Story 2

TRACERS - A flat 5! This gritty, quick-paced yet simple actioner features some exhilarating parkour set pieces and a more lucid Lautner. Like: Premium Rush

TRAILER PARK BOYS: THE MOVIE - A satisfactory 6! Cult crime comedy TV series takes blend of natural warmth and tasteless comedy to big screen. Like: Trailer Park Boys (TV)

TRAINWRECK - A solid 7! While it's coarse and leans on "romcom" formula, Amy Schumer shines in this consistently funny and sharp comedy. Like: Bridesmaids

TRAITOR - A solid 7! Cheadle's reliable performance is the backbone to this entertaining, yet unfocussed and predictable FBI thriller. Like: Body of Lies

TRANCE - A solid 7! A fascinating, sleek yet flawed psychological art house heist thriller with a solid cast and sensational direction. Like: Memento

TRANSCENDENCE - A satisfactory 6! A slick, thought-provoking sci-fi drama thriller with a solid, yet off-kilter cast and not enough spark. Like: The Lawnmower Man

TRANSFORMERS - A near-perfect 9! Cult cartoon from 1980s transformed into monstrous CGI machine vs. machine masterpiece. Like: Iron Man

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON - A solid 7! While bloated at 154 minutes - the comedy, performances and dazzling 3D visual effect overload make for great entertainment value. Like: Transformers

TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN - A satisfactory 6! CGI overload and swirling subplots in this louder, bigger and longer rehash sequel. 150 min Like: Transformers, Spider-Man 3

TRANSPORTER 3, THE - A satisfactory 6! Only if you like Jason Statham and pointless, ridiculous, over-the-top action. Like: The Transporter

TRANSPORTER REFUELED, THE - A flimsy 4! Without Jason Statham, the series loses momentum with a cheesy script, subpar acting and bland action. Like: Hitman - Agent 47

TREE OF LIFE, THE - An excellent 8! Malick's transcendent, dazzling and awe-inspiring masterpiece is visually and emotionally rewarding for the patient. Like: Days of Heaven

TRESPASS - A flimsy 4! A trashy, nasty and messy paint-by-numbers home invasion thriller that bombs after 20 minutes, despite name co-leads. Like: The House Next Door

TREURGROND - A flimsy 4! Hefty themes and true potential are diluted by an underwritten script, product placements and a political slant. Like: Stilte

TRICK 'R TREAT - A solid 7! Exciting, entertaining, the best elements of Hallow's Eve and straight-to-video horrors. An instant classic. Like: Halloween

TRIPLE 9 - A satisfactory 6! An all-star cast, a clever premise and some intense action make this messy crime caper thriller fun and bearable. Like: Heat

TRISHNA - A satisfactory 6! A distant lead dulls an intense, kinetic and lush modernisation of Tess of the d'Ubervilles set in India. Like: Bel Ami

TROLLS - A satisfactory 6! This colourful, cute, fizzy and funny animated musical adventure is entertaining and fun for the whole family. Like: Shrek Forever After

TRON: LEGACY - A flat 5! Amazing 3D visuals and an aural assault from Daft Punk can't redeem this tribute's sagging story, 2D characters and average performances. Like: TRON

TROPIC THUNDER - A satisfactory 6! Foul-mouthed and violent satire of Hollywood and classic war films like Apocalypse Now and Platoon. Like: Rambo

TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE - A satisfactory 6! Great co-lead chemistry and heart fuel this enjoyable coming-of-age comedy drama. Like: Moneyball

TRUE GRIT - An excellent 8! This authentic Western boasts brilliant performances, beautiful cinematography and a sharp blend of comedy and suspense make this remake a pleasure to watch. Like: True Grit

TRUE STORY - A satisfactory 6! Solid performances and an intriguing true story keep us invested in this underwhelming crime drama thriller. Like: Shattered Glass

TRUMBO - A solid 7! An absorbing and immersive Hollywood biopic enhanced by a strong lead performance and a subversive true story. Like: Bridge of Spies

TRUST - A solid 7! A disturbing hot topic drama thriller with gut-wrenching performances. Like: Hard Candy

TRUTH - A satisfactory 6! A stellar cast steer this divisive, flawed, politically-charged yet thought-provoking newsroom dramatisation of the Rathergate scandal. Like: Fair Game

TWEE GRADE VAN MOORD - A flimsy 4! While star-studded and promising, this drama is ultimately convoluted, scattered and inconsistent. Like:

TWILIGHT - A satisfactory 6! Action-packed, smouldering teen paranormal romance will impress fans, but loses some bite on film. Like: My Best Friend Is A Vampire

TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN - PART 1 - A flimsy 4! A little eye candy, otherwise sluggish, cheesy and only for fans of the series. Like: Twilight - New Moon

TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 2 - A satisfactory 6! The most compelling installment features a lively Stewart and loads of action. Fans only. Like: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, THE - A flimsy 4! While better than New Moon, Eclipse still resembles a TV movie with second-rate CGI, average performances and a soap opera format. Strictly for the fans. Like: Twilight

TWIN DAGGERS - A third-rate 3! Patchwork mix of random and eccentric ideas tries to pass for martial arts action/adventure. Like: Master with Cracked Fingers

TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT - An excellent 8! A simple, honest, moving, timely and understated drama with an authentic and powerful lead performance. Like: Ida

TWO LOVERS - A solid 7! Complex characters, top-notch performances and an intriguing romance drama make for compelling viewing. Like: Match Point

TWO WEEKS - A flat 5! A bittersweet dramedy about a woman in her last 2 weeks. A brave performance from Fields with a good cast. Like: Magnolia

TYLER PERRY'S TEMPTATION - A third-rate 3! A sluggish, predictable, heavy-handed and ultimately disappointing Tyler Perry melodrama. Like: Woman Thou Art Loosed

TYSON - A solid 7! Iron Mike sports doc confessional sheds sympathetic light on Tyson's life and boxing career. Like: Tyson (1995)