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U.S. VS. JOHN LENNON, THE - A solid 7! Documentary that retraces John Lennon's political significance during the Nixon administration. Like: Fahrenheit 9/11

UITVLUCHT - A flat 5! Sincere performances and a moving story are undermined by an uneven mix of sweet romance and intense social drama. Like: Klein Karoo, Mr. Pip

ULTIMATE GIFT, THE - A satisfactory 6! A heartwarming adventure/parable about values, with solid performances. Like: Forrest Gump

UMALUSI - A flat 5! Low budget coming of age SA drama about privileged young black boy facing realities of manhood in a hard world. Like: Iowa

UNBORN, THE - A flimsy 4! Generic Hollywood horror from Goyer with cheap thrills, mediocre performances and horror cliches galore. Like: The Omen (2006)

UNBROKEN - A solid 7! Solid performances and proficient film-making make for an epic yet overly familiar true war survival adventure. Like: Memphis Belle

UNCERTAINTY - A satisfactory 6! Engaging drama with solid leads, unscripted naturalism, a unique coin-flip plot and creative direction. Like: Paranoid Park

UNDEAD OR ALIVE - A flimsy 4! A low-budget zombie comedy buddy Western. Like: The Evil Dead, Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, Shaun of the Dead

UNDER THE SKIN - A solid 7! Johansson channels Glazer's arty, elusive, dangerous, disturbing, haunting, mesmerising and beautiful nightmare. Like: Black Swan

UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING - A flat 5! A 90 minute action meltdown with Kate Beckinsale. Like: Resident Evil: Afterlife

UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS - A satisfactory 6! Medieval epic prequel wields classic story devices to create taut action, fantasy thriller with solid cast. Like: Underworld

UNFINISHED BUSINESS - A flimsy 4! A vulgar, dumb, inconsistent and juvenile business trip comedy aspiring to The Hangover/Eurotrip. Like: Get Hard

UNKNOWN - A solid 7! A gripping, Hitchcockian style mystery/thriller with good pacing and a rock solid cast. Like: Taken

UGLY TRUTH, THE - A satisfactory 6! Fresh Men vs. Women take and cheeky chemistry override formula in this adult "What Men Want" romcom. Like: Knocked Up

UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS - A flimsy 4! Slick action visuals, horror pageantry and name stars are undermined by thin, rushed and ludicrous storytelling. Like: Underworld: Awakening

UNFORGIVING, THE (18VL, 74 min) - No rating! A low budget, no name cast splatter flick inspired by Saw, Hostel and Surveillance. Not for the faint-hearted. Like: Wolf Creek

UNINVITED, THE - A satisfactory 6! Good performances, suspenseful atmosphere and an intriguing story make this a solid, yet predictable remake. Like: Dark Water

UNNATURAL CAUSES - A flimsy 4! Slow straight-to-video thriller with recognisable, but poor performances. Like: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

UNREST - A flat 5! Creepy, atmospheric low budget supernatural medical horror/thriller with a decent story and a few thrills. Like: Pathology

UNSTOPPABLE - A solid 7! Fast, loud and action-packed popcorn thriller with great performances from a solid cast in a time dead-lock runaway train situation. Like: Speed

UNTRACEABLE - A flat 5! Average and preachy cybercrime thriller with a strong lead performance. Like: Silence of the Lambs (without Lecter), 8MM, Saw

UP - A near-perfect 9! Original, creative, funny, entertaining, heart-warming and inventive... Pixar do it again! Like: Ratatouille, The Incredibles

UP IN THE AIR - An excellent 8! Top-notch writing, Oscar-worthy performances, funny one-liners and rather serious subject matter - enjoyable all-round. Like: About Schmidt