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VAATJIE SIEN SY GAT - A flat 5! Afrikaans feel good comedy about the misadventures of a chef in training. From makers of Poena is Koning. Like: Bakgat

VACANCY 2: THE FIRST CUT - A flimsy 4! Straight-to-DVD horror/thriller prequel is violent, chilling and predictable, featuring an inexperienced cast. Like: Vacancy

VACATION - A satisfactory 6! A crude, funny, over-the-top and mostly hit road trip comedy misadventure. Like: We're the Millers

VALKYRIE - A satisfactory 6! Cruise/Singer create a tense, gripping action/adventure based on real WWII events. Lacks depth. Like: Stauffenberg (TV)

VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT, THE - A satisfactory 6! Fun, energetic tongue-in-cheek comedy horror is a bit of a mixed bag with John C. Reilly in fighting form. Like: Van Helsing

VAMPIRES SUCK - A third-rate 3! The makers of Epic Movie, Date Movie and Disaster Movie deliver yet another timely, yet trashy spoof movie based on Twilight and the vampire phenomenon. Like: Meet the Spartans

VANGUARD, THE - A third-rate 3! This low budget zombie flick has a student project look and lacks plot, horror and gore. Like: Zombie Diaries

VANTAGE POINT - A satisfactory 6! Political thriller unfolds from multiple viewpoints. Great action, but light on motive. Like: 24, The Bourne Ultimatum

VATICAN TAPES, THE (13V, 91 min) - A flimsy 4! Without our empathy, this devious, inconclusive and standard exorcism horror relies on fx and genre trinkets. Like: The Rite

VEHICLE 19 - A flimsy 4! An ambitious concept misfires in this implausible-to-laughable low budget fish-out-of-water thriller. Like: Brake

VELVETEEN RABBIT, THE - A satisfactory 6! Heartwarming, enchanting and sweet family animation/live-action, based on book with decent voice cast. Like: The Fox & The Child

VENUS IN FUR - A solid 7! Polanski's tantalizing stage drama uses creeping sexual tension and strong co-lead performances to great effect. Like: Carnage

VERRAAIERS (TRAITORS) - A solid 7! Excellent performances, solid production values and a powerful, yet plodding story. Like: Die Wonderwerker

VERSKIETENDE STER - A flat 5! While beautifully serene and rather surreal, this drama's offset by choppy storytelling and a maudlin tone. Like: Shine, Whiplash

VERY GOOD GIRLS (13L, 90 min) A flat 5! This disappointingly artificial drama wastes its talented young co-leads on an underwhelming script. Like: In Secret

VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA - A solid 7! Woody Allen comedy, drama, romance about complexities of love. Great cast chemistry and views of Spain. Like: Happy Endings

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN - A flat 5! While visually stimulating and carried by a crazed McAvoy, it amounts to dumb, predictable and silly fun. Like: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

VICTORY - A flat 5! Bollywood sport drama about aspiring young talent and cricket sensation in India, featuring host of famous cricketers. Like: Hattrick

VINCENT WANTS TO SEA - A satisfactory 6! A charming, funny, quirky yet predictable, formulaic "romcom" road movie with a few surprises. Like: Around the Bend

VIR ALTYD - A solid 7! Good chemistry, spirited romance adventure and sincere performances smooth over uneven, scattershot storytelling in this ode to love. Like: Pad Na Jou Hart

VIR DIE VOELS - An excellent 8! A charming cast and great chemistry raises this plucky, moving and entertaining Afrikaans romance comedy drama. Like: The Wonder Years

VIRAL - A satisfactory 6! This formulaic and slow-burning viral outbreak horror has some skin-crawling moments and good chemistry. Like: Quarantine

VIRGIN TERRITORY - A flimsy 4! A superficial, gratuitous sex comedy, Princess Bride wannabe with a messy mix of genres to confuse audiences. Like: Il Decameron

VISIT, THE - A satisfactory 6! Good scares and wicked laughs underscore a creepy, entertaining found footage horror comeback for Shyamalan. Like: Drag Me to Hell

VISITOR, THE - An excellent 8! Contemplative, humane, poignant and mesmerising New York story with a career best performance from Jenkins. Like: Reign Over Me

VIVA RIVA! - A solid 7! A truly gritty, stylish, raunchy and atmospheric Congolese crime thriller. Not for the faint-hearted. Like: Machete

VOW, THE - A satisfactory 6! A sweet, Nicholas Sparks-inspired "romcom" driven by tried-and-tested formula and decent co-lead chemistry. Like: Dear John