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WAR DOGS - A satisfactory 6! An entertaining, lively, funny, well-acted and dark arms dealer blend of The Wolf of Wall Street and Lord of War. Like: Lord of War

W.E. - A flimsy 4! Madonna's overly ambitious historical romance drama flits between the 1930s and 1990s with a focus on style over substance. Like: Closing the Ring

WAITRESS - A solid 7! A bittersweet "romcom" about a waitress at a crossroads in her life. Like: Nurse Betty, The Good Girl

WALK, THE - A solid 7! While miscast and slow-to-start, the film is elevated by solid acting, breathtaking 3D visuals and an exciting heist. Like: Man on Wire

WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY - A solid 7! Funny, witty, entertaining and intelligent music biopic parody of rock stardom in the shadow of Ray. Like: Walk the Line

WALK OF SHAME - A flimsy 4! A curvy Elizabeth Banks leads a fun yet dumb, forced and pedestrian romance comedy. Cinematic junk food! Like: Morning Glory

WALKER, THE - A satisfactory 6! Old-fashioned film staggers at times, despite a terrific lead performance from Harrelson. Like: The Great Gatsby

WALKING ON SUNSHINE - A flimsy 4! An underwhelming attempt to mimic Mamma Mia, a subpar and cheesy '80s karaoke fun in the sun meltdown. Like: Mamma Mia

WALL-E - A near-perfect 9! Amazing visuals and light-hearted family charm continue Pixar's legacy, but in a new direction. Like: Ratatouille

WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS - A flat 5! Entertaining, fascinating Wall Street sequel softens with miscast, yet able lead in LaBeouf. Great, yet under-utilised return for Douglas, but it lacks the killer instinct and tension of the original. Like: Wall Street

WALTZ WITH BASHIR - A solid 7! Visually arresting, original and powerful animated war documentary recounts visions of 1982 invasion. Not for everyone. Like: A Scanner Darkly

WANTED - A solid 7! Pulsating action, top performances and a dash of comedy fuel this high-intensity graphic novel adaptation. Like: The Matrix

WAR - A flat 5! Classic showdown amounts to a mediocre action/thriller. More bullets than kicks from Li and Stratham. Like: Chaos, The One

WAR HORSE - A solid 7! Beautiful, heartwarming, technically amazing but undermined by caricatures, tonal shifts and English-speaking Nazis. Like: Black Beauty

WAR ROOM - A satisfactory 6! A slick, inspirational, moving and preachy Christian-themed drama about prayer aimed primarily at the choir. Like: Courageous

WARCRAFT - A flat 5! This dumb fun popcorn blockbuster is faithful, but cheesy substituting eye-popping visuals for cinematic quality. Like: G.I. Joe

WARGAMES 2: THE DEAD CODE - A satisfactory 6! Decent, suspenseful follow-up to '80s hacker sensation. Imagine Smallville meets Enemy of the State. Like: WarGames

WARM BODIES - A solid 7! Engaging performances win the day in this sweet, heartwarming and charming zombie "romcom". Like: Ginger Snaps

WARRIOR - An excellent 8! Tough-as-nails fight sequences are met with gripping, heartfelt personal drama - excellent performances all-round. Like: The Fighter, Rocky

WARRIOR'S WAY, THE - A flat 5! A solid cast, genre-bending ninjas vs. cowboys in a surreal spaghetti West meets anime East showdown. Enjoyable if you can handle over-the-top fun. Like: Shanghai Noon, 300

WASTED ON THE YOUNG - A satisfactory 6! Slick visuals and striking cinematography in this disturbing drama thriller about Australian youth culture. Like: Adoration

WATCH, THE - A flat 5! An entertaining yet messy, trashy and puerile sci-fi comedy mash-up with a mean comedy team. Like: Horrible Bosses, Paul

WATCHMEN - A solid 7! A visually arresting and powerful comic book epic. Faithful to a fault as story loses grip in translation. Like: 300

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS - An excellent 8! Solid performances, wonderful storytelling, excellent production values and gripping drama. Like: Titanic, Dumbo

WATER HORSE: LEGEND OF THE DEEP, THE - A solid 7! Thrilling fantasy adventure for the whole family with minor flaws. Like: Free Willy, Dear Frankie

WAY BACK, THE - A solid 7! Strong performances underpin this stern yet sweeping visual-intensive survival adventure. Like: The Great Escape, Lawrence of Arabia

WAY WAY BACK, THE - An excellent 8! A formulaic yet charming, funny, heartwarming and smart coming-of-age comedy drama backed by a fine cast. Like: Win Win

WAZ - A satisfactory 6! A gritty, brutal and atmospheric psychological torture thriller in the bloody vein of Hostel and Seven. Like: Saw

WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS (16L, 96 min) - A flat 5! This coming-of-age music drama has slick visuals, beats and a cool cast, but it's predictable and superficial. Like: The Bling Ring

WE BOUGHT A ZOO - A solid 7! A sentimental, crowd-pleasing and moving family film anchored by Matt Damon's performance. Like: Marley & Me

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN - An excellent 8! A chilling, harrowing and heartbreaking blend of horror and drama, shaped by top performances. Like: Beautiful Boy

WE'RE THE MILLERS - A satisfactory 6! A great set up, good chemistry and belly laughs save this predictable, uneven and mildly offensive comedy. Like: Horrible Bosses

WEDDING RINGER, THE - A satisfactory 6! While crass and formulaic, winning co-lead chemistry, heart and some good laughs tip the balance. Like: Hitch

WELCOME TO PARADISE - A satisfactory 6! Faith-based family drama plugs plot holes with decent veteran performances and plenty of heart! Like: Fireproof

WELCOME TO THE PUNCH - A flat 5! Sleek visuals and a solid cast are undermined by messy plotting & thin characters in this London actioner. Like: Miami Vice

WELCOME TO THE RILEYS - A satisfactory 6! Top-notch performances override flat characters in this flawed, yet watchable drama. Like: Everybody's Fine

WELCOME TO THE STICKS - A solid 7! Great chemistry, fish-out-of-water comedy and N.France armchair travel in this heart-warming story. Like: Outsourced, In Bruges

WENDELL BAKER STORY, THE - A flat 5! Low-key oddball comedy only entertains with its good cast, quirky characters and weird situations. Like: Bottle Rocket

WEST - A satisfactory 6! Gritty, hedonistic and tragic love triangle drama romance set in Sydney, Australia. Like: Little Fish

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS - A satisfactory 6! Fun, sexy, light-hearted first date romantic comedy with a new twist. Like: It Could Happen To You, A Lot Like

WHAT IF - A solid 7! While formulaic, it's still a fresh, amusing, sweet, often funny Canadian romantic comedy with great co-lead chemistry. Like: Ruby Sparks

WHAT JUST HAPPENED? - A solid 7! Robert De Niro and a first-rate cast deliver a sharp, cynical behind-the-scenes look at being a producer. Like: Californication, Curb Your Enthusiasm

WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? - A flat 5! Another raunchy, by-the-numbers romantic comedy with an effervescent Anna Faris. Like: No Strings Attached

WHAT MAISIE KNEW - An excellent 8! A wonderfully acted, deeply stirring, insightful and thought-provoking drama about a child in the middle of a custody battle. Like: The Hunt

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING - A flat 5! A likable cast are diluted by contrived story cliches. A superficial hit-and-miss "sitcom". Like: Valentine's Day

WHATEVER WORKS - A solid 7! Woody Allen and Larry David concoct a funny, quirky, off-beat romantic comedy with love's various incantations. Like: Curb Your Enthusiasm

WHEN IN ROME - A flimsy 4! A cute co-lead couple can't overcome the romantic comedy's sway towards low-key gags and typical "romcom" formula. Like: Leap Year

WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS - A flimsy 4! Slick visuals and a sexy cast diffuse an otherwise uneven, formulaic, predictable and trashy thriller. Like: Obsession

WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL - A satisfactory 6! An inspiring true story, solid football action and earnest drama are dulled by sports clichés. Like: Invincible

WHERE DO WE GO NOW? (13LP, 98 min) - A satisfactory 6! Good intentions fuel light-hearted, charming, spirited comedy and discordant anti-war message. Like: Caramel

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE - A flat 5! This 10 sentence short story classic is not fit for a feature film adaptation, even under the honest, creative and inspiring vision of Spike Jonze. Like: Eragon

WHERE TO INVADE NEXT? - A solid 7! While one-sided and a bit long, it's an entertaining, optimistic, thought-provoking and typical Michael Moore documentary. Like: Sicko

WHILE WE'RE YOUNG - A solid 7! An in-form Stiller and a smart script bolster this thought-provoking and timely social commentary comedy drama. Like: Greenberg

WHIPLASH - An excellent 8! Two powerful performances, deft direction, a fierce tone and raw passion drive this intense music drama. Like: Full Metal Jacket

WHIP IT! - A solid 7! Familiar story elements are transcended by charming, good-natured entertainment value in this "girl power" directorial debut by Barrymore. Like: Airborne

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT - A satisfactory 6! Strong production values and a sharp cast override choppy, safe and familiar storytelling. Like: A Perfect Day

WHISPER - A satisfactory 6! This evil child horror is clichéd, yet tense and entertaining. Good performances and solid direction. Like: The Omen

WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD - A satisfactory 6! Woodley's good, but be warned it's a confusing & bizarre sexual awakening mystery drama thriller. Like: Mysterious Skin

WHITE NOISE 2: THE LIGHT - A satisfactory 6! Heartfelt and compelling lead performance supports a creepy horror story. Better than the original. Like: White Noise

WHITE RIBBON, THE - An excellent 8! Bleak pre-WWI black-and-white depiction of a small German town in the throes of mysterious spate of violence. Fine performances, visionary direction and a cautionary tale. Like: Dogville

WHITE WEDDING - A satisfactory 6! Funny homegrown romantic comedy road movie puts a heartfelt South African spin on the perfect wedding. Like: Samoan Wedding

WHY DID I GET MARRIED? - A flat 5! Tyler Perry's marriage comedy/drama becomes a bit too preachy and melodramatic. Like: Something New, Daddy's Little Girls

WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO? - A flimsy 4! Tyler Perry's melodramatic comedy features a good turn by Janet Jackson, but strays to far from ethical reality. Like: Why Did I Get Married?

WHY HIM? - A flat 5! While it has a few laughs, this "son-in-law" battle holiday is aimless and tainted by puerile gross-out humour. Like: Meet the Parents

WIENERS - A flimsy 4! Amusing low budget frat road trip with gross out comedy, vulgar language and a truckload of wieners. Like: Road Trip

WILD - A solid 7! A slow, haunting and wistful "Into the Wild" adventure drama driven by soulful performances and a poetic treatment. Like: Into the Wild

WILD CARD - A flat 5! A generic Statham actioner that forsakes plot and depth in favour of ultra-violent beat 'em up action. Like: Redemption

WILD CHILD - A flat 5! Poor characters, jokes and direction. Tame teen popcorn comedy, easy to watch, easier to forget. Like: What A Girl Wants

WIN WIN - A solid 7! An entertaining, funny and heartwarming slice-of-life American comedy drama with an expert cast. Like: The Last Station

WINGED CREATURES - A satisfactory 6! Heavy, contemplative, emotional and sluggish ensemble drama is fragmented by large star-studded cast. Like: Crash, Babel

WINNIE MANDELA - A flat 5! This biopic is undermined by its idealistic intentions and superficial treatment of a complex political figure. Like: The Iron Lady

WINNIE THE POOH - A solid 7! This funny and entertaining 2D favourite retains the best of Pooh and locks onto short, sweet, smart and wacky comedy fun like an Arrested Development for kids. Like: Winnie the Pooh (TV)

WINTER IN WARTIME - A satisfactory 6! This World War II drama tells the story of a young Dutch teen, who joins the resistance. Solid performances and an accurate depiction of rural life at the time. Like: Black Book

WISH I WAS HERE - An excellent 8! Heartwarming and heartbreaking existential comedy drama driven by powerful performances and a quirky tone. Like: Garden State

WIZARD OF GORE (2008) - A flat 5! Horror remake diverts original story with macabre style, grisly imagery and a swirling plot. NFSV Like: The Prestige, Wizard of Gore (1970)

WOLF TOTEM - A solid 7! This sprawling drama is authentic, captivating, epic, majestic and even powerful, but will provoke animal lovers. Like: Dances with Wolves

WOLVERINE, THE - A flat 5! Dull, familiar, plodding drama, out-of-place characters and a lack of chemistry blunt this potent one-man show. Like: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

WOLWEDANS IN DIE SKEMER - A flat 5! Beautiful visuals and decent performances are undone by inconsistent genre mix and storytelling. Like: Twilight, The Village

WOMAN IN BLACK, THE - A solid 7! A taut, creepy atmosphere, slick production values and a fresh, scary take on an old-fashioned ghost story. Like:The Awakening

WOMAN IN BLACK 2: ANGEL OF DEATH, THE - A flat 5! While an atmospheric and visually compelling horror, it's underwhelming and lacks suspense. Like: The Woman in Black

WOMAN IN GOLD - A solid 7! Strong co-lead performances and a fascinating, touching true story make this predictable history lesson enjoyable. Like: Danny Collins

WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED A satisfactory 6! Heavy-handed and melodramatic OR touching and inspiring TD Jakes adaptation, depending on which side you're on. Like: Not Easily Broken

WOMAN'S RAGE, A - A flimsy 4! Low budget, made-for-TV crime, drama, mystery with no-name cast. Like: Clean Break

WOMEN, THE - A flimsy 4! Poor, unfunny, miscast remake lacks the charm and wit that made the original such a smash hit. Like: The Women (1939)

WON'T BACK DOWN - A flat 5! A heavy-handed and loaded education system underdog drama fails its first-class co-leads. Like: Erin Brokovich

WONDER BOY FOR PRESIDENT - A flat 5! While promising and timely, this local political satire is dulled by a confused tone and a soft edge. Like: Man of the Year

WOODLAWN - A solid 7! This entertaining, heartwarming and compelling faith-based sports drama touches on race and religion in sport. Like: Remember the Titans

WORDS, THE - A satisfactory 6! Great performances make this thought-provoking, yet overly complex literary melodrama worth the time. Like: Memento

WORLD'S GREATEST DAD - A solid 7! An edgy, insightful, original, smart and pitch black adult comedy drama with a refreshing performance from Williams. Like: Rushmore

WORLD UNSEEN, THE - A flat 5! Fictional forbidden love story set during Apartheid era in SA. Low budget, TV standards. Like: I Can't Think Straight, The L-Word

WORLD WAR Z - A satisfactory 6! A thrilling, entertaining and epic post-apocalyptic zombie disaster film that tapers off in the third act. Like: I Am Legend, Day After Tomorrow

WORLD'S FASTEST INDIAN, THE - An excellent 8! Charming, funny and true road trip story about an eccentric old motorcyclist. Like: The Astronaut Farmer

WRATH OF THE TITANS - A satisfactory 6! Popcorn blockbuster action in the style of 'The Mummy' with a solid cast and eye-popping visuals. Like: The Mummy Returns

WRECK-IT RALPH - An excellent 8! An imaginative video game concept, dazzling nostalgic animation and good casting drives this fun comedy. Like: Monsters Inc.

WRESTLEMANIAC - A flimsy 4! Cheesy Mexican horror about a masked psycho wrestler and a porn film crew that cross paths. Like: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

WRESTLER, THE - An excellent 8! A brilliant turn from Rourke and "simplistic" majesty from Aronofsky, make this tough sports drama rewarding. Like: Rocky

WRONG TURN 3: LEFT FOR DEAD - A flimsy 4! Stereotypes, poor dialogue, lame CGI, green screen backdrops and low-grade acting add up to a weak sequel. Like: Wrong Turn 2

WUTHERING HEIGHTS - A solid 7! This director's film is a real, raw, powerful, poetic, unconventional and gritty anti-period adaptation. Like: Bright Star