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YEAR OF THE DOG - A satisfactory 6! Dark, quirky and funny comedy that hovers above its eccentric characters. Great writing/acting. Like: The Good Girl

YEAR ONE - A flimsy 4! Primitive toilet humour, weak comedy and lack of plot power this underachiever effort from a talented bunch. Like: Evan Almighty

YELLOWBIRD (PG, 90 min) - A flat 5! While beautifully animated and backed by recognisable voices, this bland and nice adventure comedy is aimed at kids. Like: Adventures in Zambezia

YES MAN - A solid 7! Jim Carrey outshines the supporting cast in this high concept feel good comedy romance. Like: Liar, Liar

YOGI BEAR - A flimsy 4! While it boasts an all-star cast and 3D effects, this animated/live-action hybrid suffers from a weak story/script. Like: Alpha & Omega

YOU AGAIN - A flat 5! This contrived, formulaic comedy has a first-rate cast and a couple of genuine laughs, but tires quickly. Like: Just Friends

YOU'LL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER - A satisfactory 6! A solid ensemble deliver engaging entertainment in this slightly average Woody Allen dramedy. Like: Whatever Works

YOU'RE NOT YOU (10-12 PG DLS, 102 min) - A solid 7! While it panders to Nicholas Sparks melodrama, this moving ALS edu-drama is guided to shore by real performances. Like: Fault in our Stars

YOUNG ADULT - A satisfactory 6! Charming performances alleviate a rather depressing, delusional and prickly homecoming character portrait. Like: Sunshine Cleaning

YOUNG, SINGLE & ANGRY - A third-rate 3! Weak, trashy, meaningless low budget comedy posing as a chick flick. Debut writer and director. Like: Buying the Cow

YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL - A solid 7! An enigmatic lead performance and stylish direction drive this intelligent and provocative character study. Like: Swimming Pool

YOUNG MESSIAH, THE - A flat 5! This Biblical coming-of-age adventure drama has promise and potential, but is too safe and slow-moving. Like: The Nativity Story

YOUNG VICTORIA - A satisfactory 6! Sluggish, yet heartfelt period piece romance with a great lead in Blunt and decent performances from cast. Like: The Duchess

YOUR HIGHNESS - A flimsy 4! A solid cast and big budget medieval quest almost override the abundance of crass humour and expletives. Like: Meet the Spartans

YOUTH - A solid 7! While lush and beautifully filmed with strong performances from a seasoned cast, it can be construed as languishing and pompous. Like: The Great Beauty

YOUTH IN REVOLT - A satisfactory 6! Sluggish, dry, off-beat yet charming and fun coming-of-age comedy gives its leads in Cera and Doubleday space to shine. Like: Outside Providence

YUVVRAAJ - A flat 5! Subpar Bollywood drama starring Salman Khan, centres on money with Ghai's musical extravaganza. Like: Black & White