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Z FOR ZACHARIAH - A curious, eerie yet underwhelming post-apocalyptic sci-fi romance thriller with solid performances. Like: Oblivion

ZACK & MIRI MAKE A PORNO - A satisfactory 6! Kevin Smith's explicit language and filthy comedy are no match for Banks and Rogen's charms. NFSV Like: Porky's

ZERO DARK THIRTY - A solid 7! Authentic dramatization, a compelling true story and a tenacious lead override disjointed, distant feel. Like: Rendition

ZOMBIE DIARIES - A flimsy 4! Low budget indie zombie B-movie about stranded British news crew. Atmospheric, but limited by poor acting. Like: 28 Days Later

ZOMBIE STRIPPERS - A flimsy 4! Intentionally camp, grindhouse horror comedy is as good as its aging stars, Englund and Jameson. Like: Zombie Honeymoon

ZOMBIELAND - A solid 7! Cheesy "zombedy" has enough fresh jokes, cult appeal and Americana, but a bit too commercial. Like: Shaun of the Dead

ZOOKEEPER, THE - A satisfactory 6! Q: What do you get if you throw Kevin James, Night at the Museum and a zoo in a blender? A: This. Like: Night at the Museum

ZOOLANDER 2 - A flat 5! A weak, dumb and unnecessary rehash sequel that has more fun celebrity cameos than genuine laughs. Like: Dumb and Dumberer

ZOOTROPOLIS - An excellent 8! Slick animation and sharp storytelling make for a funny, heartwarming and entertaining Disney message movie. Like: Robin Hood (1973)