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ARRIVAL (10-12 PG, 116 min) - A near-perfect 9! This smart, thought-provoking and moving sci-fi is visually compelling and bolstered by a superb performance from Adams. Like: Contact

MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (13 LV, 135 min) - A near-perfect 9! An honest, authentic and wistful coming-of-age drama replete with heartfelt performances and slice-of-life humour. Like: The Edge of Seventeen

MOONLIGHT (13 DPSV, 111 min) - A near-perfect 9! An elegant, moving, poetic, soulful, subtle and well-acted coming-of-age drama. Like: Boyhood

HELL OR HIGH WATER (13LV, 102 min) - An excellent 8! A stellar cast blow us away in this funny, honest, beautifully-realised and blistering bank heist thriller. Like: No Country for Old Men

LA LA LAND (127 min, 7-9 PG) - An excellent 8! A charming, entertaining, moody, nostalgic and well-acted musical romance drama. Like: Singin' in the Rain, Mulholland Dr.

HACKSAW RIDGE (16, 139 min) - An excellent 8! An incredible true story, firm direction and an emphatic lead performance make for a gripping and moving albeit violent war drama. Like: Saving Private Ryan

SILENCE (16V, 161 min) - An excellent 8! A fascinating, thought-provoking, unsettling and meditative historical drama... beautifully filmed with fine performances. Like: Of Gods and Men

MOANA (PG, 103 min) - An excellent 8! Emotive music and eye-popping visuals power this often funny, entertaining and heartwarming Disney animated family adventure. Like: Frozen

GET OUT (16 HLV, 104 min) - An excellent 8! A smart, entertaining, thought-provoking and unsettling comedy horror thriller that toys with social tensions. Like: The Cabin in the Woods

A MONSTER CALLS (10-12 PG, ) - An excellent 8! Dark fantasy visuals and heartbreaking coming-of-age drama collide in this eye-popping and elegant tearjerker. Like: Pan's Labyrinth

PETE'S DRAGON (PG, 103 min) - An excellent 8! A Disney classic, this deeply heartfelt, enchantingly shot and soulful remake is backed by a strong cast. Like: The Jungle Book

CAPTAIN FANTASTIC (13L, 118 min) - An excellent 8! A charming, entertaining, offbeat, smart and timely comedy drama with sharp performances and an independent spirit. Like: Little Miss Sunshine, Into the Wild

A UNITED KINGDOM (10-12 PG, 111 min) - An excellent 8! Two fine co-lead performances, a rousing true story and elegant film-making make for inspirational political romance drama. Like: Selma

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN (13, 102 min) - An excellent 8! Smart writing and a strong ensemble power this funny, entertaining and angst-filled coming-of-age drama. Like: The Duff

FINDING DORY (PG, 104 min) - An excellent 8! A worthy sequel that follows similar beats, yet reinvigorates with heartwarming moments, funny characters and visual splendour. Like: Finding Nemo

LION (10-12 PG, 120 min) - An excellent 8! A miraculous true story and sharp lead performances drive this uplifting, heartfelt and restrained drama. Like: Slumdog Millionaire

FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS (10-12 PG, 110 min) - An excellent 8! Another strong turn from Streep powers this charming, heartwarming and poignant dramedy and music biopic. Like: Marguerite

SULLY (10-12 PGV, 96 min) - An excellent 8! A noble, unassuming, earnest and inspiring biographical drama with a strong lead and firm direction. Like: Captain Phillips

LOVING (7-9 PG, 124 min) - An excellent 8! Sensitive performances and steady, nuanced film-making contribute to a deeply affecting historical drama. Like: Fences

HIDDEN FIGURES (7-9 PG P, 127 min) An excellent 8! A solid cast and captivating true story power this crowd-pleasing and spirited biographical drama. Like: The Help

DEEPWATER HORIZON (13LV, 107 min) - An excellent 8! This pulsating disaster movie and tribute is underpinned by a thoughtful dissection and good cast chemistry. Like: The Finest Hours

QUEEN OF KATWE (7-9 PG P, 124 min) - An excellent 8! While Disneyfied, this well-acted and amazing true story bursts with colour, humour, spirit and vitality. Like: Slumdog Millionaire

DOCTOR STRANGE (10-12 PG V, 115 min) - An excellent 8! While a little thin, it's still a trippy, eye-popping and entertaining superhero origins tale with the deft Cumberbatch. Like: Inception

VIR DIE VOELS (10-12 PG V, 126 min) - An excellent 8! A charming cast and great chemistry raises this plucky, moving and entertaining Afrikaans romance comedy drama. Like: The Wonder Years

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, THE (PG, 105 min) - An excellent 8! Ridiculously silly, beautifully animated and loaded with quickfire jokes, this Lego Movie spin-off is good fun for the young at heart. Like: The Lego Movie

FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM (10-12 PG V, 132 min) - An excellent 8! This layered tale is powered by enchanting audio-visuals, a stellar cast and an imaginative adventure. Like: Harry Potter series

NOEM MY SKOLLIE (16DLSV, 150 min) - A solid 7! While scattershot, it remains an authentic, earnest, honest, intense and captivating crime drama. Like: City of Men

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 (16V, 120 min) - A solid 7! Much more of the same bloody, brooding, stylish and enjoyable '90s revenge-fueled action death dance. Like: John Wick

PATRIOTS DAY (16LV, 133 min) - A solid 7! A suspenseful, stirring and straightforward docudrama chronicle and tribute of the Boston Marathon bombing. Like: Deepwater Horizon

STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE (10-12 PG, 135 min) - A solid 7! While a little numb and anonymous, it remains spectacular and entertaining, owning its space within the Star Wars universe. Like: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

LOGAN (16 LV, 138 min) - A solid 7! While violent, this is an unconventional and entertaining superhero film, driven by strong performances. Like: Terminator

DON'T BREATHE (16LV, 88 min) - A solid 7! A simple, thinly scripted yet gruesome, intense, smart, suspenseful and visceral home invasion horror thriller. Like: 10 Cloverfield Lane

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS (16VNL, 117 min) A solid 7! Strong performances, great suspense and surreal visuals elevate this stylish and experimental thriller. Like: Trance

FENCES (10-12 PG, 139 min) - A solid 7! Two strong co-leads power this dense, slow-moving and timely domestic drama stage play adaptation. Like: Loving

T2 TRAINSPOTTING (16DLSV, 116 min) - A solid 7! While it doesn't quite recapture the original's spirit, it thrives on the characters, performances, nostalgia and chemistry! Like: Trainspotting

THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS (10PG, 132 min) - A solid 7! An elegant and visually mesmerising tearjerker, powered by a first-class cast yet restrained by pacing and characterisation. Like: Pride & Prejudice

HEIDI (PG, 115 min) - A solid 7! A cute, faithful, old-fashioned, entertaining and wonderfully crafted adaptation of the beloved family favourite. Like: Heidi (1993)

BRIDGET JONES'S BABY (13L, 123 min) - A solid 7! While a bit clumsy, it remains a fun, fresh, romantic, funny, star-studded and welcome sequel. Like: Bridget Jones's Diary

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (16 V, 133 min) - A solid 7! While it doesn't live up to the original, it still has enough stars, fun, charm and popcorn thrills to sizzle. Like: The Magnificent Seven

BLAIR WITCH (16 HLV, 89 min) - A solid 7! While essentially a remake, this dark, terrifying woodland horror thriller is fresh, suspenseful and unsettling. Like: Blair Witch Project

TESS (DLSVSV) - A solid 7! An excellent lead performance drives this beautifully shot, gritty, poetic and sparse character portrait drama. Like: Dis ek Anna

DENIAL (7-9 PG, 109 min) - A solid 7! What this compelling, intriguing and timely holocaust courtroom drama lacks in cinematic finesse it makes up for with strong performances. Like: The Holocaust on Trial

MISS SLOANE (13 LS, 132 min) - A solid 7! A brilliant performance from Jessica Chastain lifts this dense, complex and interesting political thriller. Like: Christine

SHEPHERDS AND BUTCHERS (16V, 106 min) - A solid 7! A sharp cast compel this hard-hitting, haunting and slow-burning 1980s South African court room drama. Like: Dead Man Walking

INDIGNATION (13LS, 110 min) - A solid 7! While slow, it's an immersive, heartfelt and well-written coming-of-age period drama elevated by solid performances and great co-lead chemistry. Like: Cafe Society

LABYRINTH OF LIES (13V, 124 min) - A solid 7! While formulaic and uneven, powerful lessons and beautiful cinematography lead the way in this well-acted and moving period drama. Like: Remember

SECRET LIFE OF PETS (PG V, 91 min) - A solid 7! Simple, lightweight and yet still amusing, beautifully animated, charming fun for the whole family. Like: Kung Fu Panda 3

OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL (13HV, 99 min) - A solid 7! This creepy and immersive 1960s horror sequel has strong performances, genunine scares and palpable dread. Like: The Conjuring 2

SPLIT (13V, 117 min) - A solid 7! A creepy, macabre and fiendishly playful horror thriller elevated by McAvoy's wildly entertaining performance. Like: Red Dragon

LIVE BY NIGHT (16LV, 129 min) - A solid 7! While sporadic; fine performances, elegant cinematography and immersive production values steep us in this crime saga. Like: Public Enemies

BLOOD FATHER (16LV, 89 min) - A solid 7! Gibson delivers in this simple, familiar, yet action-packed, entertaining and silly throwback chasedown thriller. Like: Get the Gringo

SENSE OF AN ENDING (13LS, 108 min) - A solid 7! While meandering, it remains a dense, thoughtful and compelling mystery drama adaptation driven by a strong cast. Like: A United Kingdom

MAGGIE'S PLAN (13, 98 min) - A solid 7! A stellar cast overpower scattershot storytelling in this alternate, neurotic Woody Allen style New York "romcom". Like: Mistress America

KONG: SKULL ISLAND (13V, 118 min) - A solid 7! Eye-popping visuals, breathtaking cinematography and an A-list cast bolster this spectacularly entertaining monster adventure. Like: King Kong

ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE, THE (13, 126 min) - A solid 7! A quietly powerful and heroic true story and a nuanced and moving performance from Chastain guide this handsomely mounted war drama. Like: Alone in Berlin

BEAUTY & THE BEAST (PG V, 123 min) - A solid 7! While not as charming, this faithful adaptation is powered by a first class cast, lush production design and nostalgic music. Like: Beauty & The Beast

THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS (10-12 PG LV, 136 min) - A solid 7! More mayhem and family values in yet another spectacular and entertaining albeit silly FF sequel. Like: Fast and the Furious 6

KALUSHI (16 LPV, 108 min) - A solid 7! While flawed, it remains an authentic, colourful, fierce, visceral, impassioned and important political biopic. Like: Run