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"These new release capsule movie reviews are for films currently on circuit. Use the /10 rating, quick overview and similar movie title to gauge expectations."

20TH CENTURY WOMEN (13DLS, 120 min) - A solid 7! Strong performances and a nostalgic mood propel this affable and uplifting coming-of-age comedy drama. Like: Almost Famous

A DOG'S PURPOSE (10-12 PGV, 120 min) - A flat 5! A touching, wholesome, family-friendly movie for dog lovers or a cloying, manipulative, melodramatic mess. Like: Max

ALIEN COVENANT (16 HLV, 122 min) - A satisfactory 6! An uninspired and ultimately disappointing Alien sequel, subpar and content to revel in its own mediocrity. Like: Prometheus

ALL EYEZ ON ME (16 DLPV, 140 min) - A flimsy 4! A good-looking, well-acted yet largely underwhelming and surface-skimming biopic of a revered pop culture icon. Like: Straight Outta Compton

AMERICAN PASTORAL (13LS, 109 min) - A flat 5! While promising and full of talent, it's stunted by slow pacing and disconnected by contrived scenes. Like: The House of Sand and Fog

ASTERIX & OBELIX: MANSIONS OF THE GODS (7-9 PG, 85 min) - A satisfactory 6! Familiar, funny and entertaining for the whole family, the new Asterix is just fine, in spite of so-so animation. Like: Asterix the Gaul

BAYWATCH (16 LNV, 117 min) - A third-rate 3! Even Johnson's charm can't save this crude, dumb, uninspired albeit star-studded attempt at "parody". Like: CHIPS

BEAUTY & THE BEAST (PG V, 123 min) - A solid 7! While not as charming, this faithful adaptation is powered by a first class cast, lush production design and nostalgic music. Like: Beauty & The Beast

BEFORE I FALL (13LV, 98 min) - A satisfactory 6! While familiar and even predictable, this entertaining YA mystery drama is buoyed by a strong lead. Like: Groundhog Day

BEYOND THE RIVER (7–9PG, 111 min) - A solid 7! a powerful message underpins this well-acted, determined, stirring and crowdpleasing sports drama. Like: Invictus

BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK (16 LV, 113 min) - A satisfactory 6! Hyperreal visuals jar in this flawed yet heartfelt, star-studded and thoughtful war drama. Like: The Book Thief

BLEED FOR THIS (13, 120 min) - A solid 7! Teller carries this inspirational yet cliched underdog boxing biopic with a compelling performance. Like: Hands of Stone

BOSS BABY, THE (PG, 101 min) - A satisfactory 6! While subpar by Pixar standards, this silly, lightweight animated comedy works for the whole family. Like: Megamind

BYE BYE MAN (16HV, 96 min) - A flimsy 4! While spooky fun at its best, this uninspired horror is riddled with genre clichés, poor acting and weak writing. Like: Candyman

BYPASS (13, 90 min) - A flat 5! A thin script undermines a promising cast and noble intentions in this painless medical thriller. Like: Extreme Measures

CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS (PG, 89 min) - A solid 7! Crisp animation, waves of nostalgia and potty humour rule in this zippy, playful and faithful adaptation. Like: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

CARS 3 (PG, 107 min) - A solid 7! While sweet-natured, fun, poignant and visually compelling, this much improved sequel is aimed at kids. Like: Cars

CASE FOR CHRIST, THE (7-9PG, 112 min) - An excellent 8! While flawed, it remains a well-acted, compelling, thoughtful and intriguing faith-based investigative drama. Like: Risen

CHIPS (16 LNV, 101 min) - A flimsy 4! While this buddy cop movie enjoys good chemistry, it's messy, vulgar and at odds with the original TV series. Like: Let's Be Cops

CIRCLE, THE (7-9 PG L, 110 min) - A flimsy 4! While the ideas are haunting, intriguing and timely, the execution of this star-studded thriller is frustrating, choppy and dull. Like: Antitrust

CHURCHILL (7-9 PG, 98 min) - A flat 5! A towering performance from Cox and some beautifully photographed moments can't save this diffused and underwhelming biopic. Like: Iron Lady

COLLIDE (13V, 139 min) - A flat 5! Electric pacing and full throttle action rule in this star-studded and mindlessly entertaining autobahn thriller. Like: Jack Reacher - Never Go Back

DENIAL (7-9 PG, 109 min) - A solid 7! What this compelling, intriguing and timely holocaust courtroom drama lacks in cinematic finesse it makes up for with strong performances. Like: The Holocaust on Trial

DESPICABLE ME 3 (PG V, 90 min) - A satisfactory 6! Another colourful, zany and mostly funny animated sequel that will entertain and appease fans of the family series. Like: Minions

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LONG HAUL, THE (PG V, 92 min) - A flimsy 4! An all-new cast work through juvenile humour in this harmless and unfunny family road trip comedy. Like: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING (10, 96 min) - A satisfactory 6! A sweet young adult romance, preposterous and melodramatic at times, yet buoyed by strong performances. Like: The Fault in our Stars

FATE OF THE FURIOUS, THE (10-12 PG LV, 136 min) - A solid 7! More mayhem and family values in yet another spectacular and entertaining albeit silly FF sequel. Like: Fast and the Furious 6

FENCES (10-12 PG, 139 min) - A solid 7! Two strong co-leads power this dense, slow-moving and timely domestic drama stage play adaptation. Like: Loving

FOUNDER, THE (10-12 PG, 115 min) - A satisfactory 6! A compelling performance from Keaton drives this competent and callous coming-of-age case study drama. Like: Jobs

FIFTY SHADES DARKER (16LNS, 118 min) - A third-rate 3! A lack of co-lead chemistry, clunky dialogue and a bland story make this trashy film series dumber and duller. Like: Fifty Shades of Grey

FIST FIGHT (16L, 91 min) - A flimsy 4! A talented cast and great energy is channeled into a coarse, hostile and thin concept comedy remake. Like: Three O'Clock High

FREE FIRE (18LV, 90 min) - A satisfactory 6! A stellar ensemble drive this cheeky, stylish, violent yet insubstantial fixed location shootout crime thriller. Like: Reservoir Dogs

GET OUT (16 HLV, 104 min) - An excellent 8! A smart, entertaining, thought-provoking and unsettling comedy horror thriller that toys with social tensions. Like: The Cabin in the Woods

GHOST IN THE SHELL (10-12 PG V, 106 min) - A satisfactory 6! Dazzling visual effects and a solid ensemble root us in this brooding, immersive and stylish sci-fi thriller. Like: Blade Runner

GIFTED (7-9 PG, 101 min) - A solid 7! Heartfelt performances drive this competent, touching yet predictable and formulaic family drama. Like: Little Man Tate

GOING IN STYLE (10–12PG L, 96 min) - A solid 7! A stellar trio and a refreshing heist concept make for a charming, good-natured, fun and entertaining caper. Like: The Bucket List

GOLD (13 DL, 120 min) - A satisfactory 6! An entertaining and energetic lead performance powers this curious yet trashy and underwhelming adventure drama. Like: The Wolf of Wall Street

GREAT WALL, THE (13V, 104 min) - A satisfactory 6! Action-packed and visually compelling, this over-the-top ancient mash-up is pure popcorn fun. Like: Ran, Starship Troopers

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 (10-12 PG V, 137 min) - A solid 7! While the novelty is lost, this action-packed, entertaining and eye-popping sequel is stuffed full of charm and fun. Like: Guardians of the Galaxy

HIDDEN FIGURES (7-9 PG P, 127 min) An excellent 8! A solid cast and captivating true story power this crowd-pleasing and spirited biographical drama. Like: The Help

HOLLARS, THE (7-9 PG L, 88 min) - A satisfactory 6! While predictable and familiar this quirky indie dramedy gets by on its charming and stellar cast. Like: Little Miss Sunshine

HOUSE, THE (16 DLV, 88 min) - A flimsy 4! A talented cast and a good concept are wasted on a dark, manic, thin and underplayed satirical comedy script. Like: Get Hard

HUNTER'S PRAYER, THE (16LV, 91 min) - A flat 5! A bland, formulaic and straightforward Luc Besson-style crime thriller diversion set in Europe. Like: Taken 2

IN DUBIOUS BATTLE (16LV, 113 min) - A flat 5! Franco's Steinbeck adaptation is dull, overlong and underwhelming, despite solid cast and noble intentions. Like:

JACKIE (13 DV, 100 min) - A satisfactory 6! Portman's outstanding performance guides this somewhat alienating yet atmospheric and intimate character study of an icon. Like: Parkland

JAGVELD (16LV, 103 min) - A flat 5! While far-fetched and tonally inconsistent, this gritty and resourceful outback crime thriller is entertaining and visually compelling. Like: Desierto

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 (16V, 120 min) - A solid 7! Much more of the same bloody, brooding, stylish and enjoyable '90s revenge-fueled action death dance. Like: John Wick

KALUSHI (16 LPV, 108 min) - A solid 7! While flawed, it remains an authentic, colourful, fierce, visceral, impassioned and important political biopic. Like: Run

KEEPING UP WITH THE KANDASAMYS (7-9 PG DL, 95 min) - A flat 5! A predictable, pedestrian concept comedy driven by a fun spirit and the cast's natural charms. Like: Bride & Prejudice

KING ARTHUR (13HV, 126 min) - A flat 5! Ritchie serves up a chaotic, kinetic, messy, stylish and sacrilegious reworking of the classic Arthurian legend. Like: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

KONG: SKULL ISLAND (13V, 118 min) - A solid 7! Eye-popping visuals, breathtaking cinematography and an A-list cast bolster this spectacularly entertaining monster adventure. Like: King Kong

LA LA LAND (127 min, 7-9 PG) - An excellent 8! A charming, entertaining, moody, nostalgic and well-acted musical romance drama. Like: Singin' in the Rain, Mulholland Dr.

LAST FACE, THE (16LV, 130 min) - A third-rate 3! Contrived, overwrought drama, flat performances and flimsy dialogue sink this dismal aid worker romance. Like: Beyond Borders

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, THE (PG, 105 min) - A solid 7! Ridiculously silly, beautifully animated and loaded with quickfire jokes, this Lego Movie spin-off is good fun for the young at heart. Like: The Lego Movie

LIFE (16 HLV, 104 min) - A satisfactory 6! Immersive visual effects and great tension is undermined by a thin sci-fi script and a half-hearted ensemble. Like: Europa Report

LION (10-12 PG, 120 min) - An excellent 8! A miraculous true story and sharp lead performances drive this uplifting, heartfelt and restrained drama. Like: Slumdog Millionaire

LIVE BY NIGHT (16LV, 129 min) - A solid 7! While sporadic; fine performances, elegant cinematography and immersive production values steep us in this crime saga. Like: Public Enemies

LOGAN (16 LV, 138 min) - A solid 7! While violent, this is an unconventional and entertaining superhero film, driven by strong performances. Like: Terminator

LOVING (7-9 PG, 124 min) - An excellent 8! Sensitive performances and steady, nuanced film-making contribute to a deeply affecting historical drama. Like: Fences

MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (13 LV, 135 min) - A near-perfect 9! An honest, authentic and wistful coming-of-age drama replete with heartfelt performances and slice-of-life humour. Like: The Edge of Seventeen

MISS SLOANE (13 LS, 132 min) - An excellent 8! A brilliant performance from Jessica Chastain lifts this dense, complex and interesting political thriller. Like: Christine

MUMMY, THE (13HV, 111 min) - A flimsy 4! While big, dark and spectacular, it amounts to a special effects-laden, dumb and miscast blockbuster. Like: Gods of Egypt

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS (16VNL, 117 min) A solid 7! Strong performances, great suspense and surreal visuals elevate this stylish and experimental thriller. Like: Trance

ODYSSEY, THE (10-12 PG, 124 min) - A satisfactory 6! While rich in colour, visually stunning and encompassing a wonderful 30-year career, this biopic lacks storytelling focus. Like: The Jacques Cousteau Odyssey (TV)

ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENICE (16 LNS, 95 min) - A flat 5! This star-studded action-comedy caper attempts to breathe life into an unfunny and messy script. Like: The Last Boy Scout

OUTCASTS, THE (10-12 PG V, 94 min) - A flat 5! While pretty good fun, it amounts to a rather bland, cliched, forgettable and simplistic teen comedy. Like: The Clique

PARIS CAN WAIT (7-9 PG, 92 min) - A satisfactory 6! A beautifully photographed, charming, diverting, sumptuous yet slight and inert romantic comedy travelogue. Like: Under the Tuscan Sun

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: SALAZAR'S REVENGE (13HV, 129 min) - A flat 5! A watchable rehash of a sequel that coasts on Bardem's star quality, thrilling visual effects and an epic score. Like: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

POWER RANGERS (7-9 PG LV, 124 min) - A satisfactory 6! While predictable and subpar next to Marvel, it's a fun, silly and fairly entertaining romp. Like: Chronicle, Breakfast Club

PROMISE, THE (13V, 135 min) - A satisfactory 6! A sharp cast are squandered in this beautifully filmed epic as a soap opera love triangle set against horrific genocide. Like: Doctor Zhivago

RED TURTLE, THE (PG, 80 min) - An excellent 8! A quietly powerful, sparse, surreal and thought-provoking animated survival adventure. Like: Tintin, Castaway

RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER (16V, 105 min) - A satisfactory 6! Explosive visuals, typical mayhem and star quality carry this frenetic and mindless actioner. Like: Resident Evil: Retribution

RESURRECTION OF GAVIN STONE, THE (PG, 91 min) - A satisfactory 6! This faith-based feel good comedy drama is charming and touching enough to please its target audience. Like: Me Again

ROUGH NIGHT (16DLS, 97 min) - A flat 5! While star-studded, this tonally-challenged comedy is scattered and sputters over the finish line. Like: Bridesmaids

RULES DON'T APPLY (10-12 PG LS, 127 min) - A satisfactory 6! Beatty's performance adds zest to a lightly enjoyable and nostalgic yet muddled Hollywood tale. Like: Hail, Caesar!

SALESMAN, THE (10-12 PG L, 123 min) - An excellent 8! A suspenseful, complex and compelling domestic drama turned revenge thriller with fine performances. Like: A Separation

SENSE OF AN ENDING (13LS, 108 min) - A solid 7! While meandering, it remains a dense, thoughtful and compelling mystery drama adaptation driven by a strong cast. Like: A United Kingdom

SILENCE (16V, 161 min) - An excellent 8! A fascinating, thought-provoking, unsettling and meditative historical drama... beautifully filmed with fine performances. Like: Of Gods and Men

SLEEPLESS (16LV, 95 min) - A flat 5! A talented cast and good premise are wasted on a visually compelling, yet cliched and forgettable crime thriller. Like: The Cold Light of Day

SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE (PG V, 90 min) - A flat 5! While more true to the spirit of the Smurfs, this colourful animated tale is bland, predictable and punny. Like: The Smurfs

SONG TO SONG (16NS, 128 min) - A flat 5! Light on character and story, this beautiful, existential, experimental and star-studded wander is long and testing. Like: Knight of Cups

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING (10-12 PG LV, 134 min) - An excellent 8! An enthralling, funny, playful and fresh superhero reboot with a sharp script and a strong cast. Like: Ant-Man

T2 TRAINSPOTTING (16DLSV, 116 min) - A solid 7! While it doesn't quite recapture the original's spirit, it thrives on the characters, performances, nostalgia and chemistry! Like: Trainspotting

TABLE 19 (10-12 PG V, 87 min) - A flat 5! This awkward wedding comedy features a strong cast, who struggle through a weak and scrappy screenplay. Like: License to Wed

TESS (DLSVSV) - A solid 7! An excellent lead performance drives this beautifully shot, gritty, poetic and sparse character portrait drama. Like: Dis ek Anna

THEIR FINEST (13, 117 min) - A satisfactory 6! A nostalgic, sweet, enjoyable and rousing romance comedy drama carried by sharp performances. Like: The Zookeeper's Wife

THINGS TO COME (13, 102 min) - An excellent 8! Huppert's extraordinary performance drives this delicate, heartfelt, perceptive and quietly powerful coming-of-age drama. Like: Elle

THIS BEAUTIFUL FANTASTIC (PG, 92 min) - A solid 7! A delightful, heartfelt and whimsical modern fairy tale brought to bear by strong character performances. Like: The Lady in the Van

TONI ERDMANN (16LNS, 102 min) - A solid 7! Sharp co-lead performances drive this awkward, absurd and funny coming-of-age fly-on-the-wall dramedy. Like: About Schmidt

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT (10-12 PG LV, 151 min) - A flimsy 4! Incoherent plotting and a thin screenplay undermine this typically flashy CGI fest turned assault on the senses. Like: Transformers 2

VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS (10-12 PG, 137 min) - A flat 5! While star-studded and visually spectacular, this sci-fi comedy adventure is clumsy, scattershot and tonally inconsistent. Like: Jupiter Ascending

XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE (10-12 PG LV, 107 min) - A flat 5! A series of explosive and over-the-top action set pieces and daredevil stunts curated by Vin Diesel, nothing more. Like: Point Break

WARRIOR'S GATE (10-12 PG V, 108 min) - A flimsy 4! A silly, lightweight and mindlessly entertaining multi-genre action-adventure aimed at teens. Like: Forbidden Kingdom

UNFORGETTABLE (16SV, 100 min) - A flat 5! A sharp cast improve this slick, silly, watchable yet underwhelming and campy potboiler. Like: When the Bough Breaks

WAKEFIELD (16L, 109 min) - A solid 7! A powerhouse performance from Cranston drives this dark, hypnotic and unsettling character study dramedy. Like: Chuck

WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES (13V, 140 min) - An excellent 8! Strong performances reinforce brilliant visual effects in this spectacular and epic sci-fi action-adventure. Like: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

WHOLE TRUTH, THE (16LV, 93 min) - A satisfactory 6! While it circles Grisham terrain, it makes for an entertaining yet lacklustre procedural courtroom thriller. Like: The Gingerbread Man

WONDER WOMAN (10-12 PG V, 141 min) - An excellent 8! Gadot's winsome performance drives this fresh, fun, earnest and spectacular period piece superhero actioner. Like: The Dark Knight

ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE, THE (13, 126 min) - A solid 7! A quietly powerful and heroic true story and a nuanced and moving performance from Chastain guide this handsomely mounted war drama. Like: Alone in Berlin