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16th South African Horrorfest Goes Virtual

For fifteen years the South African HorrorFest film festival and Halloween event have graced the screen with every kind of thrill and chill at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town.

The Covid pandemic has forced the 16th edition online, but we want to keep the cinema spirit alive and host at least around half a dozen movies at our favourite cinema venue. The line-up includes: local trip Fried Barry, the unbridled Sky Sharks, two sneak previews of new cinema releases and two documentaries. These are Rocky Horror 45, looking at the legendary movie musical's legacy and a look at the late Wes Craven's notorious, but undeniable early movie in The Last Word on the Last House on the Left.

The South African Horrorfest 2020

The Virtual Horrorfest Edition - Ghost in the Machine

This year we're bringing horror fans a mammoth online edition of our freaky film festival in collaboration with local horror streaming service Frightfan.TV. The upside of this virtual edition means around half of the SA Horrorfest line-up will be accessible to anyone around the world! The Bloody Parchment event and dress-up will also be online this year.

Over 40 titles take you through the gamut of subgenres, with vampires, killer dolls, mutants, zombies, possession, gore, very bad men and evil minds, supernatural forces, Troma and Full Moon madness, alien possessed psychos, a different take on the Japanese kaiju movie, horror filmmaking documentaries, fantasy-, sci-fi- and comedy elements, and even flying sharks controlled by zombie nazis!

Feature Films

The festival period will stretch across Halloween season and beyond, from Wednesday 28 October to Friday 13 November, giving you enough time to catch as many movies as you can handle! The bulk of movies, most having their African premieres, will be accessible across the full duration of the festival with some more limited releases.

Short Films

The 5 exciting feature-length Shadow Realm short film collections come from all around the world with some rare submissions from Tunisia, Kuwait, Myanmar, Iran, Turkey, Republic Of Korea and Malaysia.

Classic Silent Film Soundtrack Performance

One of the festival highlights each year is The Makabra Ensemble's new original live soundtrack performance to a classic silent film. Since it's the centenary of legendary German Expressionist film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the film will be streamed with the live soundtrack performance from the 2007 SA Horrorfest with live musician footage added in an extra on-screen window.


Single on-line tickets are R50 each with a full festival pass only setting you back R600 (resulting in around R12 a ticket!). Both booking and viewing can be accessed at Frightfan.tv. You can book tickets for cinema screenings via Quicket.co.za.

Naturally, the movies in the Horrorfest line-up are for mature audiences only. Get the full line-up and more information at www.horrorfest.info