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3 Family-Friendly Movies for Animal Lovers

If you love animals, you know there are a host of movies out there. Whether you're being introduced to an issue affecting them in a challenging documentary or watching a heartwarming family film, these critters have the power to inspire us to see the world differently or simply melt our hearts.

Charming or majestic, big or small, cuddly or dangerous... these creatures are adored by those who care for them, those who make films about them and the people behind games at 22Bet mobile. Whether you're into wildlife, pets or anything in-between here are three crowd-pleasing movies about animals for the whole family.

Family Friendly Movies for Animal Lovers

Mia and the White Lion

Mia's family buys a big cat farm in Africa, where Mia (Daniah De Villiers) finds her new friend - white lion cub Charlie. Mia and the White Lion is an inspiring and eye-opening family movie from French director and screenwriter Gilles de Maitre about wildlife and true friendship against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes of the African savannah. The lead performer, a rare lion cub named Thor, grows up in front of the audience and under the watchful eye of famous zoologist Kevin Richardson.

City girl Mia, along with her parents and older brother, move against her will from London to South Africa, where their family acquires a lion farm. Yearning for her former life, Mia finds solace in her new friendship with adorable white lion cub. When Charlie grows into a handsome young lion, the girl's father agrees to give him to trophy hunters for a generous reward. Upon learning of this, Mia runs away from home with Charlie and embarks on a long journey across Africa to deliver her friend to the safe preserve of Timbavati.

Turner & Hooch

Police Detective Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) knows no boundaries when it comes to in his attempts to maintain a calculated lifestyle. He's the complete opposite of Hooch, a dog that was raised in a dysfunctional environment where there was no concept of decent behavior or discipline.

Found at the scene of the crime, Hooch is now a silent witness to a murder and newly orphaned as the victim was his master. Detective Turner, who is investigating the crime, has no choice but to take the dog into his custody as evidence and a witness at the same time. The consequences of his newfound partner will turn Turner's entire household and life upside down. Hooch is easy to please but in an effort to find a common language, the detective and his key witness soon discover the beginning of a beautiful albeit slobbery friendship.

The Wolf and the Lion

A young girl, Alma (Molly Kunz), becomes devoted to an adorable lion cub and a wolf cub. Their little family lives happily away from society, but everything changes when Alma's secret is revealed and circumstances threaten to break the bond and separate her from her precious animals.

Alma is a talented pianist who studies classical music and hopes to get a prestigious position at a conservatory. When tragedy strikes in her family, the girl travels to the place where she grew up to attend her grandfather's funeral. In the thick forest surrounding the house, Alma meets a tiny she-wolf and begins to take care of her. One day the heroic girl witnesses a small plane crash with with a lion cub on board that was being taken to the circus. Alma picks up the little lion and raises it with the wolf cub. The idyllic life of this unusual family comes to an end when circumstances separate the girl and her animals. Now, in order to find a home again, they all have to pass a difficult and wonderful path full of trials and difficulties.