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5 Steps to Get Ready for 'Bingeing with Spling' this Halloween

This year's played like a horror movie and according to an article in Psychology Today, horror fans have handled the pandemic much better than others. To get into the trick-or-treat fun of the annual celebration, join Spling for the next Bingeing with Spling watch party and movie night festival event. SPL!NG has teamed up with FrightFan.TV to bring you two horrors... psychological horrorThe Cleaning Lady and dark romance comedy Videoman, which will be playing as a double feature. Check out the trailers...

Prefer to hear all about it? Listen to this interview Spling did with Sara-Jayne King on CapeTalk.

In addition to the double feature, we're screening It's Complicated, a horror comedy short film as a curtain raiser, having a local horror author Joan De La Haye read a bedtime story at midnight, a bunch of Halloween music and loads of special guests. We'll kick things off with Marc van de Meulen's multi-screen cover of John Carpenter's Halloween theme, then when it comes to the evening's proceedings... local gothic industrial metal band, Terminatryx, will be introducing their music videos, which will serve as book ends for the night.

The Cleaning Lady, Videoman, It's Complicated - Bingeing with Spling

In-between screenings Spling will be interviewing special guests: Stelio Savante, Joan De La Haye and Grant de Sousa. We also have The Cleaning Lady's Rachel Alig and Jon Knautz, who will be giving us more detail on their experiences of making the psychological horror. Besides movies, music and special features... we're all going to be chiming in across social media, Spling's going to be giving live commentary and as host will be getting people excited for a great evening of entertainment!

Here's how to get ready for the Halloween movie night festival!

1. Put a big red X or circle your calendar for Halloween, 31 Oct at 6:30pm.

2. Follow /SplingMovies and /FrightFanTV socials to stay tuned for updates.

3. Join the official #BingeingWithSpling watch party group on Facebook and/or WhatsApp.

4. Charge your phone, laptop and get your snacks ready for the big night!

5. Add some Halloween cosplay into the mix and invite your friends to join in the watch party fun!