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Kunjanimation 2012, South African Animation Film Festival


Animation South Africa and The French Institute of South Africa are proud to announce the imminent launch of Kunjanimation 2012, the only national event exclusively dedicated to animation. This event is organized as part of the France – South Africa Season 2012 & 2013 with the support of Wesgro and the NFVF. This initiative aims to showcase and celebrate South Africa's emerging talents, while building bridges with the industry abroad.

Skate soccer, destined for the Paralympics?

Skate soccer won’t be featured at this month’s Paralympics, but a new documentary aims to raise the profile of the bruising new sport. Rollaball will tell the story of The Rolling Rockets, an inspiring team of Ghanaian polio survivors who are pioneering an extreme sport combination of skating and soccer.

Coach Albert K. Frimpong explains, “The first game of skate soccer was in Lagos, Nigeria, but it’s now spread throughout West Africa. We played our first international game recently against Nigeria and are hoping to host an Africa Cup of Nations next year.”

'Spud 2' ...The Madness Continues!

The big screen adaptation of the second Spud book - Spud: The Madness Continues – is coming soon to a cinema near you! The highly-anticipated sequel to 2010’s Spud will be released on 21 June, with a special pre-release screening scheduled for 12 June. Check out Spling's movie review for Spud 2: The Madness Continues!

Spud 2 The Madness Continues

Following the remarkable success of the first film, producer Ross Garland couldn’t wait to get the second novel in John van de Ruit’s hugely successful series, on film. “The first film did really well, topping the box office during the summer holidays in 2010. The movie has also received significant international interest, with sales to the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Scandinavia, Turkey and the Middle East,” says Garland. “We’ve had significant support from a pool of local investors for the sequel, illustrating South Africa’s strong affection for the Spud series”.

Encounters Film Festival 2012: Pina

is a documentary tribute to Pina Bausch, an influential choreographer and performer of modern dance. The dance documentary, directed by Wim Wenders, was scheduled to start shooting, but Bausch's unexpected death almost derailed the project completely. Wenders was going to scrap the documentary, but completed it after her dancers convinced him to turn Pina into a tribute, without its title star. Pina was shot to be released in 3D and includes some of her most famous dances. The documentary is experimental, employing loose editing and portraits of her dancers presented with voice-overs for their brief appearances and interviews. While this choice is quite alienating, it also adds to the enigma of Pina and composes a more elemental and emotional undercurrent.

The documentary is an artwork in itself, delivering outstanding performances, showcasing Pina's soulful dance rhythms. Her Expressionist form of dance is captivating and delves into some dark corners of the human condition with her dancers, who wouldn't be out of place in a David Lynch film. The surreal currents of their movements, the beautiful back drops and the raw power of Man set against nature evoke such a rich emotional response from the audience. Their movements are translate into visual poetry... moving from fluid to jerky motions, always controlled, each with its own texture and story.

Encounters Film Festival 2012: The Island President

The world is becoming increasingly aware of climate change and global warming thanks to the valiant efforts of politicians like Al Gore, whose film An Inconvenient Truth, became a figurehead for the S.O.S. message that the world is in crisis. Leonardo DiCaprio added his weight behind The 11th Hour, another film that echoed Gore's sentiment, giving even more exposure to a matter that is becoming more than just doing your recycling and buying organic produce.

The eye-opening documentary, The Island President, brings global warming back down to earth. We're confronted with the crushing reality of an honest, kind and gracious man who has been imprisoned, beaten and persecuted in an effort to topple the dictatorial political regime in his country in favour of a democratic government. That man is not Nelson Mandela, his name is Mohamed Nasheed, whose low-lying country, The Maldives, is facing the first real threats of extinction as rising sea levels are beginning to take back the land.

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