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Six Top Movies to Watch Out for in 2019

Movie enthusiasts are already gearing up for an exciting 2019. The film studios have begun to release trailers for their upcoming releases and excitement is building among the film-going public. Some of the films are already being talked about for film awards by Springbok mobile players and other movie aficionados.

Some of the upcoming 2019 films to watch out for include:

six movies to watch in 2019

What Men Want

In 2000 Mel Gibson starred as Nick, a chauvinistic male executive who suddenly gained the ability to hear what the women around him were thinking. Nick’s first instinct is to try to rid himself of this curse but he starts to realize that he can manipulate women by using the ability to read their minds to his advantage.

In the 2019 sequel, What Women Want, sports agent Ali Davis (Henson) is passed over for a promotion at her agency. Soon after that incident, she experiences an accidental knock on the head and suddenly finds that she has the ability to hear men's inner thoughts.

Ali begins to use this newfound ability to try to understand what it takes to succeed in a "man's world". Her ultimate aim is to outsmart her co-workers in a race to represent an up-and-coming basketball star. The question is, while Ali's new power is helping her get ahead, could it also be putting other important parts of her life at risk?

This is a feel-good comedy that gets a little raunchy at times but is basically a good film for the entire family.

Lego Movie 2

The 2014 Lego Movie was the surprise hit of 2014 for the younger set. That computer-animated adventure comedy film followed Lego characters around as good Lego guys battle the Lego villains to save the world.

The new movie picks up where the old one left off. Bricksburg is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland but Emmet, the hero of Lego Movie, must prepare to defend his hometown and his friends against new invaders. The movie includes many of the elements of the first film including characters, intergalactic action, Duplo intervention and royalty. When the evil Watevra Wa-Nabi launches an attack designed to take over the universe, Emmet and intergalactic hero Rex Dangervest team up to do battle to defend friends, family and fellow Bricksburg citizens.

The technology and imagination of Lego Movie 2 promise to be everything that Lego Movie delivered and more.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

This is the third -- and ostensibly final chapter -- of DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon trilogy. The first How to Train your Dragon film of the series followed a hapless young Viking who sets out to hunt dragons and learns that there are more to dragons than he assumed when one of the dragons becomes his friend.

How to Train Your Dragon 2, which came out in 2014, focuses on the characters Hiccup and Toothless who discover an ice cave where hundreds of wild dragons live. They encounter the mysterious Dragon Rider and embark on a battle to protect the peace.

The 2019 film, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, takes the viewers into the peaceful dragon utopia which Hiccup is trying to create. Toothless, however, discovers an untamed, elusive mate which draws away the Night Fury, causing danger to mount. Hiccup's reign as village chief is tested and he must join with Toothless to save their kingdom.


Tom Hanks wrote the screenplay and has the starring role in this WWII drama about Commander Ernest Krause, a naval commander who is charged with leading a convoy of 37 Allied ships across the North Atlantic while they elude pursuing German U-boats. The movie is based on the book, The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester, a nautical war novel that explores a career Navy officer who embarks on his first wartime mission. Krause must lead the captains of the other vessels who are younger and junior to him in rank but who have already seen battle. He fears that he is unsuited to combat and, as he sets out on a battle of wits against the Germans, he must battle his own self-doubts and feelings of inexperience and inferiority.

The tale moves past the crossing, which concludes successfully, as Krause’s skills are acknowledged and he is given command of 'The Greyhound', a navy destroyer. Like the book, the movie illustrates the struggles that the Navy encountered during the Atlantic war, especially the exhaustion brought on by constant tension and vigilance. The movie also touches on the problems of early radar and the difficulty experienced due to poor communications between the High Command and the fleet as radio operators struggled with HF Radio and early manual cryptography.

Avengers: Endgame

The coming year won’t be devoid of superhero movies and the new Avengers film promises to be one of the best. Following hot on the heels of the highly successful 2018 Avengers: Infinity War – Part I comes Avengers: Infinity Wars – Part II, titled “Endgame.” The storyline of the Endgame movie revolves around the attempt to bring resolution to the conflict between Thanos, the Mad Titan, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The war has been raging since the last episode and now Hawkeye, Ant-man, and Tony of Lost in Space are joining the fray.

Superhero movie fans will likely find Endgame to be quite satisfying as this movie marks the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “phase three”.


It’s one thing to make a live-action movie with human actors and inanimate objects but Dumbo adds animal characters to the mix in a heart-stopping remake of the Disney 1941 classic about a baby elephant who can fly, the people who are ready to exploit him and his friends who stand with him.

The movie follows the original storyline faithfully but adds new elements that give viewers a highly engaging and compelling movie experience.

2019 promises to be an exciting year for movie fans of any genre.