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Spling's Galileo Pick of the Week: Amelie

Spling's Pick of the Week - Amelie at Kirstenbosch


Amélie is a quaint, quirky and luminous French art house romance drama that is cherished by almost everyone that sees it. Delicately counterbalancing sentimental and whimsical, this film is the reason people take their garden gnomes and keepsakes on holiday. Audrey Tatou's magical and unforgettable performance has made her Amélie in everyone's hearts and minds. The trinket box tone and intimate cinematography keep us up close and personal with a charming, spirited and offbeat character, who never ceases to amuse and amaze us.

Many would say "it's so French" and they wouldn't be wrong! Encapsulating Paris from chimney tops to fresh produce stands makes it a quintessential French film. While cute, it navigates between roses and thorns to deliver a naive and uplifting romance story that will reignite the child-like innocence inside of everyone, making us want to believe in magic and perform random acts of kindness more readily.

This French art house classic is showing under the stars at The Galileo Open Air Cinema.