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Talking Movies Reaches 400 Episodes with Spling!

Spling's segment on Fine Music Radio, Talking Movies , has reached its 400th entry. The bi-weekly additions of Talking Movies are straightforward reviews for three movies out at the time of release, fitting into a tight 6 minutes. You can catch them at 8:20 AM on Fridays and 8:15 AM on Saturdays. They dispense insightful, unpretentious and direct looks at the films, providing an ideal service in this modern landscape of glut when it comes to choosing what's worth watching.

400 talking movies episodes

A contemporary problem with being recommended a film is the game of roulette you play in hoping you'll be able to find it somewhere to watch. Lately, with streaming services being the main source of our entertainment, Spling has adopted the helpful approach of highlighting films from an array of different streaming platforms and channels, leaving no movie fan behind.

The show has been running for almost 8 years. An argument could be made that anything that provides, time after time, for this long, is something of an institution. When listening on FMR 101.3, every one of the instalments starts with those familiar notes from the American Beauty score, and signs off with the mantra “Don't WING it, SPL!NG it!”.

You can catch up on the latest Talking Movies episodes, presented as podcasts at splingmovies.com or check out archived episodes. Many of the films covered on Talking Movies receive longer form written reviews, but the archived entries supply transcripts of Spling's brief takes, if you prefer.

This 400th entry covers: News of the World , which stars Tom Hanks as a civil war veteran who reads the news from town to town, and must escort a young immigrant girl raised by Native Americans across the country to her family, in a largely frank western. He has excellent chemistry with co-lead girl, but Hanks, in typical fashion for his recent films, carries.

Next, sure-handed political drama Official Secrets; the true story of a British whistle-blower who leaked information to the press about an illegal move designed to sanction the 2003 invasion of Iraq, starring Kiera Knightly, and directed by South Africa's own Gavin Hood.

And lastly, a documentary called One Child Nation , uncovering insights into the reality of living under China's oppressive one-child policy, policing the intimate lives of the Chinese citizenry, which director Nanfu Wang has had the unique experience of once being a part of. From this unique position, the film takes a powerful biographical perspective, making it the best film on this edition of Talking Movies .

We look forward to number 500, the 10 year anniversary of Talking Movies with Spling, and every episode till then.