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Terminator: Dark Fate - The Bravest Sequel Of Them All

In our day and age, we are surrounded by movie sequels and remakes. Somehow, Hollywood seems to have lost the ability to produce high-profile movies based on original scripts (or the studios' hunger for profits may have hampered their will to try anything new) and now all we seem to see are remakes, sequels, prequels, and superhero movies (that were tried and tested at the time when they were mere comic books). More often than not, though, these remakes and sequels are unworthy of the original - while they may seem a good idea at first, they almost never manage to live up to the fans' expectations (not to mention the critics). This is why continuing the Terminator franchise seems like a bad idea - especially since we've already had several sequels made by several studios that all failed. But the people behind Terminator have done something never seen before (well, almost, because the Highlander franchise already tried it once): erase history and start with a clean slate.

Terminator: Dark Fate

The sequels that should have never been

The first movie in the Terminator franchise, together with the two "Conan" movies, turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a household name, the new archetype of an action hero. His rendition of the killer cyborg sent from the future was so perfect that his role in the sequel, made seven years after the original, a safe bet. Terminator 2: Judgment Day was the sequel that was better than the original, an instant cult classic that won four Oscars, five Saturns, a Hugo, two BAFTAs, and pretty much every other award it could. It spawned a TV series, comic books, video games, novels, and countless other forms of media. And three sequels (so far).

The first sequel, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, was visually impeccable but was an utterly forgettable movie, adding little to the overall story arc (not to mention the fact that it was a bit forced). The second sequel, Terminator Salvation, finally took viewers into the war-torn world of the future, mixing up things a bit - for example, John Connor was not the fearless leader depicted in the previous films - but couldn't win them over thanks to its flawed storytelling. Finally, Terminator Genisys - which was, otherwise, a decent movie - rebooted the entire timeline from the first film onwards but failed to please the series fans (and the critics). It was originally planned as the start of a new trilogy - but the trilogy was silently scrapped.

The new timeline

James Cameron regained the rights to the Terminator franchise this year - and even before that, he announced that he will finally finish his original trilogy. To this end, he will "erase" all the failed sequels and start with a "clean slate" - he will continue where he left off with Terminator 2. Cameron worked on the movie as a producer, leaving the directing duties in the able hands of Tim Miller, the creative genius behind the first Deadpool movie. We'll finally have the chance to reunite with more of the faces from the original movies: aside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton will also reprise her role as Sarah Connor. There is no word on whether John Connor will even be in the film (except for a few scenes where he will appear as a child).

Cameron revealed that, while the film will be enjoyable on its own, he plans it to be the first part of a trilogy - that is, of course, if it does well enough at the box office. Otherwise, he didn't reveal too much about its story. Given Cameron's track record (he wrote the screenplay for Terminator and T2, Rambo II, Aliens, The Abyss, and Avatar, among others) we can hope that it will finally be a Terminator movie we'd be proud to watch. We'll see on November 1st this year.